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Article Plagiarism Checker

Article Writing: Using an Effective Article Plagiarism Checker

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Articles are used in different platforms, have different types and formats but have only one goal, to give useful information to people. No matter how much we say that we are not a writer or whatnot, it is really inevitable for any of us to escape writing one of these.  Thus, it’s really important to all of us to know about a thing or two about article writing. Whether you are a student, teacher, part of the media or one of the professionals in the business world, you will certainly need to know how to effectively create an article. But of course, let’s define article first, get to know its types and formats and why do we need to use an article plagiarism checker.

Article Plagiarism Checker

Article 101: The Basics

Article, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary is “a nonfictional prose composition usually forming an independent part of a publication (such as a magazine)”. It came from the Latin word “articulus” which means a division or joint. An article can either be formal or informal based on where you will use it and the type of audience you are targeting. Most of the time, these articles are created from the writer’s opinions and understandings of a certain fact. Though this is really an inevitable task for any one of us, we could not deny the fact that there are times that we would choose not to do it. It is one of those “easier said than done” things in life. It’s pretty normal to see or read long articles on books and the internet. We must admit that most of the time, we tend to take advantage of these things. It is not until we’re the one doing the thing before we realize how hard it is to do.

The Art of Writing

Writing is simple, but putting your thoughts into words while making sure that your goal message is delivered to your audience clearly is complicated. Whether you need an article for a magazine, newspaper, school paper or journals, it’s just all the same. However, blog contents and online articles are also recently being a trend. It has become a special feature that every website must have. Aside from providing informative contents, it also has become an effective tool for online marketing. Websites need blogs to introduce their brand, products, and services to people. However, with a lot of data and information on the internet, do you believe that your work can astound everyone else’s? Thus, here are some of the most highly-recommended writing tips for you to develop a hyperefficient article that will astound on the internet.

The Art of Writing Articles

1.    A reader-friendly article

Just like what has been mentioned before, articles will be about the writer but created for the readers. Thus, make it a point to make sure that it is a reader-friendly article, but how? Simple. Think like a reader and writer as one. For example, would you want to read a large paragraph right at the opening? As a reader, would you spend time and effort to read a long paragraph just to know if that certain article would really help you? As a tip, make sure to start your article with a short but concise and catchy introductory paragraph. Start your blog with a maximum of three sentences, catch your audience attention and prove to them that your article is worth reading.

2.    Easy to the Eyes

Some articles add and use images to make them visually appealing.  However, another way to make your article easy to the eyes is by shortening your paragraphs. Try to see it for yourself, once your paragraph reached six up to eight sentences, look at it. Do not deny the fact that it really looks heavy to the eyes. Chances are, one look and your potential readers might literally back out from reading your article. Shortening your paragraph making it fast to read will surely attract readers. It is not just appealing to the eyes but your readers will definitely appreciate the fact that they feel accomplished every time they finish reading one paragraph. In the end, they will be just drawn into it until they reached the ending. It’s definitely a win-win situation for the both of you if that happens.

3.    Like a Love Letter

Well, as much as the old notion goes, keep your article “short and sweet” like a love letter.  This is definitely like the previous step, the difference is, the one that you should shorten is your sentences. Keep it simple. A thirty-word sentence might give your reader a hard time to breathe. Maximize it to at least fifteen to twenty sentences. Do not include those unnecessary words that do not help your sentence. This will not just give your readers the time to breathe but it’s also one way to avoid further grammatical mistakes. You might feel that your article would not be beautiful without those adjectives but you should not forget that “simplicity is beauty” too.

4.    Substance

Who wants to be called their works as “nothing”? Sometimes, no matter how useful your article may be, it may be really boring because it does not have substance and character. Harsh but true. There are so many articles on the internet, most of them are like this one, sharing tips, and ways but people do not usually take interest in reading them. These kinds of blogs use tons of words to share facts and information but they really do not have any meaning.     It seems like they are called as an article for the sake of being an article. Remember to add personality to your works, who knows? Your readers might share the same humor as you?

5.    Share Stories

If you are writing an article as a blog, why don’t you try to share your story? There are lots of blogs nowadays, it’s really impossible for someone to truly create something originally hers without consulting Google and other sites for references. So what would you do to make your article original? Share your own story and your own perspective. Tell a story or an experience in connection with your topic. Capture your reader’s attention through your own. You can recommend, or suggest (like what I’ve been doing right now) and just connect it to your topic. This would not just give you legit original writing but your article will feel humane and entertaining too.

6.    Practice, practice, practice

Whatever craft you may be into, we all need to practice. No one can be good as perfect within overnight. Nothing valuable can be really achieved in a rush. If you have doubts about your writing, the only thing you could do is to continue writing because giving up is never an option. Whether writing is your craft or not, there will be a point where you will need to write. Before publishing or being contented with your work, try to do it with your best.

7.    Write, Just Write

Some are afraid to write and we could not blame them. This is really a bit risky job or profession to take, most importantly, that the internet is now full of information. How can you be so sure that your article will interest a reader or that your work is original? But you know what? Leave out all those thinking, say what you need to say, write facts and share your story. Be yourself and write it out.  After all, what can be more original than you?

* These are the basics of the art of article writing. However, there are an additional three more tips if you really want your article to help your website to boost visits and generate sales.

8.    Customers First

As suggested before think about your audiences first. Before you think of making a profit out of your potential customers, make sure to help them first. Engage with your potential clients by providing contents that are helpful to them. Writing is a powerful way to market but you can only be successful with these if you assure your customers that their betterment is the top of your concern and not their money.

9.    Effective Keywords

If you really want to boost your online business, make sure that you know about a thing or two in SEO and the use of keywords. Powerful keywords are the terms, words or phrases that your potential customers search in Google to find what they need. Enrich your article with those to make sure that they will find your article in the pool of contents on the internet.

10.     Use an Article Plagiarism Checker

If you still have doubts about your works, know that there are some helpful tools to assure you that your work is great and worthy of being published. Article plagiarism checker is being on trend nowadays. But what’s with this article plagiarism checker? Well, aside from the obvious that it scans your article to make sure that it’s 100% genuinely yours and not someone else’s, it also gives your clients, teachers and every one an official record that you did a fine article.
Originality is one of the top characteristics of an article. How would it be interesting if it’s just like any other else? Thus, if you are looking for one trusted and legit article plagiarism checker, here’s another tip for you.

Article Plagiarism Checker

11.    Visit Web Analyx Website Analyzer

If you really want a highly-SEO-friendly article and an original one at that, make sure to visit Web Analyx Website Analyzer and try their on-site plagiarism checker. This tool is created by experts. With access to several big databases, this tool provides an accurate plagiarism report. Also, aside from this amazing tool, you can also find several helpful online tools here perfect for online marketing.

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