What is a Chatbot: 10 Excellent Benefits Chatbot Has to Offer

What is a chatbot

If you’re active online, I can guarantee you that you have already encountered a chatbot. 

In fact, a study revealed that 1.4 billion people interact with chatbots regularly. You might think that it is still not as large as the number of users of other communication methods, yet it is still significant. And, most importantly, its number of users is constantly growing. 

Brands can no longer rely on traditional service approaches to satisfy their clients in today’s digitally driven environment. Chatbots are at the head of a new consumer experience enabled by technological advancements.

The adaptability of these digital assistants is one of their main selling points. Chatbots may frequently be tweaked and sculpted to meet the specific demands of your business. A well-designed chatbot may thus assist in lowering service costs and functioning as an effective member of your support staff.

Chatbots are assisting as more services migrate to the digital realm, particularly customer assistance. This is made feasible by advances in artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

This means that chatbots are no longer just a waste of time; they are now workers. You can design a chatbot that seamlessly serves your agents and consumers across channels with a clear vision and rigorous preparation.

If you’re wondering what is a chatbot and how it functions, you’ve come to the correct spot. In this guide, we cover: 

  • What is a Chatbot
  • Brief History of Chatbot
  • How Chatbot Technology Works
  • Different Types of Chatbots
  • Why Chatbots are Valuable for Businesses
  • Benefits of a Chatbot for Businesses
  • Limitations of Chatbot

What is a Chatbot


A chatbot is software that imitates and processes human conversation on a basic level. When an individual interacts with a chatbot, it is almost the same as interacting with a human agent. Chatbots are utilizing a wide range of written and spoken input techniques to provide an accurate and relevant response to the customer. 

Chatbots are intended to answer common and routine inquiries and questions automatically, so the user does not have to wait before getting a response. This technology uses information stored in a database to analyze the input by a user and select the best-preset response. A particular type of chatbot incorporates artificial intelligence algorithms to enhance the chatbot service over time. 

The functionality and intelligence of chatbot technology will vary based on the sophistication of the program and the context in which it is employed. 

Chatbots have traditionally been employed in customer service to expedite support conversations, but their applications are fast-growing. Small companies and organizations now employ chatbots to improve customer service and create a more productive work environment.

They’re so common in the digital business world that they’ve earned a variety of monikers, including virtual assistants, digital assistants, virtual agents, conversational agents, and others.

Brief History of a Chatbot

chatbot history

Joseph Weizenbaum, a computer scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), invented and built the first chatbot in 1964. ELIZA is the term given to the first one chatbot created. The computer software is supposed to simulate human interaction by processing natural language.

If we compare ELIZA to today’s AI-powered chatbots, she was rather primitive; it relied on a simple pattern-matching algorithm to give a sense of understanding but was unable to provide real context for the events it was asked to explain. However, defining the standard for how users interact with customer care chatbots, virtual agents, and virtual assistants today lays the groundwork for the future of human-machine communication.

Since the creation and introduction of ELIZA, several computer scientists have been working on developing their own version of a chatbot. Chatbots first gained widespread attention in 2009, when WeChat, a Chinese communication business, released its more sophisticated chatbot. The debut opened the path for WeChat to win the hearts of many users and establish itself as one of the most successful social media platforms in the world.

Furthermore, in 2016, several social media platforms began to include chatbots into their social messaging apps as a feature. Due to the fact that artificial intelligence is becoming more advantageous for many individuals, chatbots are becoming increasingly popular and useful.

At the moment, chatbots are considered to be a reliable tool for companies and organizations. It aids them in their interactions with current and prospective consumers and clients. Because of the capability of Artificial Intelligence, chatbots are also getting more and more useful.

How do chatbots work?

Chatbot technology is usually powered by artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning. An ideal chatbot should be able to respond to all types of questions without the aid of a human customer service representative. But how does a chatbot function?

Bots work on the most fundamental level by evaluating text or voice data input, determining the most appropriate response, and communicating that decision with users via a chat interface. In addition to being integrated into a number of major chat messaging systems (such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Whatsapp, and others), chatbot technology may also be utilized as a standalone platform.

Machine learning and rules-based chatbots are the two kinds of chatbots that are now available.

Ass the name indicates, rules-based chatbots function in accordance with a set of predefined rules. This is a more straightforward chatbot since it just answers specific queries by pulling responses from a database of previous responses. The bottom line is that the intelligence of a rules-based bot is only as good as the data set from which it can learn.

On the other hand, AI chatbots make use of machine learning and are programmed to read natural language rather than just following instructions. This indicates that children will be able to understand and comprehend more complex communication. They also develop more intelligence due to their interactions with others, as they learn what questions to ask and what responses to anticipate.

Different Types of Chatbot

chatbot types

Chatbot technology has progressed to the point that it may be impossible to distinguish between the various functions and capabilities of different bots. As previously stated, there are two sorts of chatbots: linguistic (rules-based) and machine learning (learning via experience) (AI).

It’s important to note that the chatbot industry is always evolving and adapting to shifting customer experience trends and changing consumer expectations and corporate needs.

Rule-Based Chatbots

Rule-based chatbots are often referred to as decision-tree bots or decision-tree bots. As the name indicates, they adhere to a set of guidelines. Through these criteria, the chatbot learns about and becomes acquainted with the kind of issues that it will be able to address.

Flowcharts and rule-based chatbots are used to plan out talks in the same manner. They do this in anticipation of a customer’s inquiry and the manner in which the chatbot should respond to that question.

Rule-based chatbots may be configured to utilize simple or sophisticated rules depending on users’ preferences. However, they will not be able to respond to any questions that do not fit within the scope of the rules. Interactions with these chatbots do not impart any knowledge to them. Furthermore, they will only behave and perform in the environments in which you have educated them.

This kind of task-oriented bot is capable of responding to simple requests with a limited number of variables. While they use natural language processing to help with conversational interactions, their abilities are limited. They converse with consumers and make decisions about their next steps using if/then logic. Because of this, firms may employ them to provide continuous customer service.

Most of us have interacted with this kind of bot in the past, whether we were aware of it or not, whether it was on social media or on a company’s online shopping website. Using this form of a bot, a firm may increase the control and flexibility of its customer care teams while simultaneously enhancing the productivity of its human customer service agents by addressing common questions.

Despite the fact that rule-based bots have a less flexible conversational flow, the precautions they provide are equally beneficial. You may be more assured about the experience you will get from them, but chatbots that depend on machine learning are less predictable in their interactions with you.

Another advantage of a rule-based chatbot is that it:

  • They are typically easier to train (less expensive)
  • They are easily interfaced with older systems
  • Streamline the transition to a human agent.
  • They are extremely accountable and safe
  • They typically include interactive components and media 
  • are not limited to text-based interactions

AI (Conversational) Chatbots 

Virtual or digital assistants are names that are often used to characterize chatbots that are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Their interactions are more engaging, tailored, and data-driven than those provided by rules-based bots because they use modern technology.

In contrast to interacting with a rules-based chatbot, when a customer connects with an artificial intelligence chatbot, the experience is more conversational. The bot becomes more contextually aware in response to data patterns and artificial intelligence algorithms over time. It mimics human behavior by using natural language understanding to communicate with the user.

Because of the application of predictive intelligence and advanced analytics, this bot may be able to tailor interactions based on user profiles and prior behavior. The bots may even learn about the user’s tas, initiate conversations with them, and forecast what they want. Alexa from Amazon, Google Assistant from Google, and Apple’s Siri from Apple are three instances of intelligent artificial intelligence bots that you may already have in your home.

It has taken a long time and a lot of work for chatbots to get to where they are today. The task of programming a computer to understand and comprehend human speech is a challenging one. Human speech is complex and complicated, and it is very difficult to reproduce it mechanically.

Conversational bots can understand and emulate human speech and behavior because they use a variety of fundamental natural language ideas. Consider the following example to see how it works in further detail:

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Using natural language processing (NLP), you may figure out what someone is saying by breaking down their sentence structure, examining their grammatical mistakes, understanding idioms and other components of speech, and finding patterns. Humans typically use multiple terms to describe the same idea in everyday conversation; natural language processing (NLP) allows bots to identify this and respond appropriately.

Among the most essential processes involved in natural language processing are the processes of understanding and producing.

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU). NLU allows the bot to understand the user’s purpose by leveraging linguistic aspects such as lexicons, synonyms, and more nuanced themes. When used in conjunction with rules and algorithms, natural language understanding (NLU) identifies fragments of speech to grasp what the user is attempting to do.
  • Natural Language Generation (NLG). NLG is a kind of artificial intelligence. As soon as the bot comprehends what the user seeks to do, it must translate its answer from machine code to understand human communication. Bots may now deliver individualized answers in addition to pre-programmed responses thanks to NLG (the kind used by rules-based bots). For the chatbot to offer an answer based on autonomous deep learning, it may use NLG.

AI chatbots may engage in sophisticated talks with users and provide realistic, nuanced responses that replicate human speech via the use of NLU and NLG, among other technologies.

An artificial intelligence chatbot may perform various duties and responsibilities to a customer’s requests within a dialogue window.

The bot may, for example, fill out a form, suggest a product or service, upsell, or even organize an appointment with a customer. Moreover, artificial intelligence chatbot applications may be integrated with third-party or backend software systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM), to perform more complex operations and tasks.

In order to provide the most human-like interaction possible, artificial intelligence chatbots seek to mimic human behavior. Although this is the case, 40 percent of people don’t care whether they get assistance from a chatbot or a human person – so long as they receive it.

Understanding the client’s request and responding to them with a personalized and precise response is unquestionably the key to good customer interaction, regardless of where the request originates from.

Hybrid Chatbots

A hybrid model combines the greatest features of both types of chatbots.

Users can benefit from rules-based chatbots and AI-powered bots using a hybrid chatbot. They enable conversational systems, a clear operating system, and a consistent bot personality. Simultaneously, they employ machine learning to enable smarter and more sophisticated interactions by utilizing data and AI algorithms.

Businesses that use a hybrid strategy can escape the restrictions of utilizing a single technology and enjoy more flexibility and speed of development to improve the client experience.

Chatbots Best Features

Chatbot Features

Chatbots, in general, offer various valuable features. Here are some chatbot’s best features.

Conversational and Smart

Chatbots are capable of understanding the intent of users (even when the communication is complicated) and providing the correct information in response. Furthermore, it has the ability to recognize and interpret colloquial speech, as well as slang and ignorance. A number of chatbots are also capable of learning from their interactions with customers, allowing them to give a better and more fulfilling customer experience.

Furthermore, the bot’s critical memory enables it to reuse information in order to provide contextually targeted assistance and the most humanlike engagement experience imaginable. Chatbot systems that can manage all of this while also offering multi-language support are in high demand among businesses.

As an additional benefit to businesses, chatbots have the potential to enhance the internal knowledge management of their organizations. They provide access to all of the information, data, and expertise that the organization has.

Chatbots save workers time by eliminating the need to spend hours searching through documents or using software and tools to get data and solutions to important concerns. They may be as simple as a FAQ bot, which is what they are. Conversational AI systems that are more complex, on the other hand, may retrieve data from a variety of tools that are used across the company.

Emotionally Adaptive

Your chatbot must be configurable to fulfill the aims of your business and your customers’ needs since it is a representative of your organization. The chatbot solution should be easy to use, adaptable to your organization’s needs, and able to react quickly to changing business demands and requirements.

It is necessary for a chatbot to have emotional intelligence. It is presently a fundamental component of any artificial intelligence-powered chatbot in use today. A customer’s personality qualities should be researched, and the representative should understand their tone and mood. When interacting with customers, a chatbot must be totally capable of establishing the appropriate tone depending on their emotional state. Therefore, a chatbot will be equipped with the essential capabilities to give customers a highly customized user experience.

Replika is one of the most illustrative examples I can provide. However, even though it is not a firm that supplies chatbot software, it perfectly replicates the emotions of real people. It has been specifically designed to provide comfort to persons suffering anxiety or loneliness, among other things. Chatting with the bot reveals that the artificial intelligence system at the backend can present you with an emotionally intelligent conversational experience.

Multichannel Capabilities

The chatbot app you choose should have omnichannel capabilities, which will allow users to switch between devices and internet-based applications at any time of the day or night. Get to know your customers on their terms, and you will see increased levels of engagement and customer satisfaction. Ensuring the bot is compatible with online and mobile applications and a range of operating systems is part of this process (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux).

In order to maintain the thread of the discussion, the user should be allowed to switch between channels (for example, Facebook Messenger and live website chat).

Analytics and Data

Companies may modify their goods and services to meet the expectations of their consumers with the aid of bots that collect and analyze specific client data. Additionally, data from client inquiries, replies, and other information enables bots to deliver more tailored assistance to customers.

Incorporating current interactions and comments into machine learning algorithms may help enhance future talks by providing information such as geolocation, interaction channels, and purchasing history to boost future discussions.

Hybrid Model

As previously stated, solely rules-based or machine learning chatbot models have limits. As a result, a hybrid strategy that incorporates the best characteristics of both models enables organizations to deliver optimized customer care by leveraging data insights via a consistent bot personality that is aligned with company objectives.

Chatbots and human agents can also be combined, allowing the chatbot to deliver instant replies that agents can alter. This saves them from having to type everything from scratch and hunt for pertinent information while providing a personal touch.

Why Chatbots are Valuable for Businesses

why chatbots are valuable

Customer service, marketing, and sales teams are busy in today’s fast-paced environment. Surprisingly, modern marketers have time to breathe to meet consumer expectations and continually improve their customer experience.  Fortunately, AI chatbots can streamline business operations and improve the customer experience by interacting in a personalized, accurate, and timely manner. Chatbots are popular with users because they provide quick, easy, and simple solutions to questions.

AI chatbots allow enterprises to deliver personalized customer service. Better engagement, in turn, leads to important customer information that can be used to understand consumers better and develop as a business.

Chatbots always provide the right answer. In addition, you can use NLP, storage, and analytics to tailor your support to the needs of your specific user. Combine Live Agent’s best help features  (conversational and intelligent understanding) with machine learning technology (data, speed,  accuracy) for streamlined support to ensure consumers get the best answers every time. Offers.

The chatbot integrated into the contact center system is an ideal channel for solving customer support issues, providing general advice, and performing numerous day-to-day activities.

Benefits of a Chatbot for Businesses

chatbot limitations

A chatbot is very beneficial both for your brand and for your consumer. It offers various valuable benefits that can help you make your corporate task easier and more convenient. Here are some of the key benefits of using a chatbot. 

Benefits for Customers/Users

Here are the key benefits of chatbots for customers or users. 

24/7 Availability

This advantage is mutually exclusive. Chatbots are becoming mobile information terminals for late-night shopping and people with busy appointments. Customers can start discussions at any time and respond at the right time. 

Waiting a few minutes for the next available operator is not a resolved issue, but chatbots are most likely to fix it. Maintaining a 24-hour system keeps providers and customers in constant contact. Of course, this reward is proportional to the effectiveness of the bot. Even if it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a bot that can’t answer simple consumer questions isn’t worth it. The main focus is on how chatbots are well aware of and address consumer concerns. Finally, 24/7 availability can be offensive if the bot is unavailable due to security concerns or maintenance.

Instant Response

A human customer service operator can only interact with a client one at a time, which means they can only answer one question. However, a chatbot can respond and engage with multiple interactions simultaneously. In fact, the number of clients a chatbot can hold is limitless. With the power of cloud storage and artificial intelligence, clients can get an instant response to their queries. 

Relaxed conversation

One of the principal reasons consumers prefer talking to a bot instead of a customer representative is that it is easier to talk to chatbots. It is not because they are good interlocutors, but because there is less pressure to get involved. 

Customers can skip the paperwork and use candid answers when talking to bots. It may be considered rude in live chat, but it improves the performance of keyword-dependent bots. If you can skip greetings, goodbye, and thank you notes, the conversation will be much faster and easier for your customers. 

Chatbot exchange will also be more fun. Try sprinkling humorous provocations and jokes on your scripts when creating a bot persona. Of course, if it fits your business image.

Easily accessible

Customers don’t ask questions immediately while browsing or actively seek customer service, which helps make contact information readily available. 

User experience designers have found it difficult for visitors to navigate websites that label pages using obscure marketing terms. If it takes too long to answer, you run the risk of losing your customers. 

Chatbots are essentially on every page of your website and often sit vaguely in the corners. If the customer wants to talk directly to the agent about your product, they can transfer them immediately. 

Reducing the number of steps a customer needs to talk to you increases the chances of maintaining their interest.

For Businesses

Here are the key benefits a chatbot can offer to businesses. 


In today’s highly competitive business environment, the need for a robust customer service department continues to grow. The powerful chatbot implementation allows businesses to respond to large numbers of customer inquiries in a relatively short amount of time. 

Implementing a chatbot requires some capital investment, but significantly less than the traditional customer service model, including infrastructure, payroll, training, and many other resources. 

According to a survey, companies spend about $ 1.3 trillion each year responding to inquiries from about 265 billion customers, and chatbots show that companies can save up to 30%. Chatbots help businesses optimize costs without compromising the quality of customer service. Here are some other cases where chatbots help businesses cut costs. 

  • Chatbots automate everyday business processes and allow customer support teams to focus on more complex requests. 
  • Systematically expand chat support during peak hours to provide quality support and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Enable some new customer service models to add brand  value and credibility

Allow Businesses Provide Contextual, AI-Driven Support

Contrary to the general belief that the main advantage of chatbots is to answer questions and provide customer support, chatbots can provide value-based contextual support that can significantly benefit your business. 

The  AI chatbot uses data to provide users with a personalized experience. These chatbots don’t just answer pre-programmed questions that all customers experience in exactly the same way.


Chatbot analysis allows companies to analyze how well their bots work for successful business results and sales. It also gives you in-depth insights into how people interact with your business and what they want. 

The chatbots have a flexible approach that allows businesses to serve their customers on almost any platform. It is easy to adapt chatbots to different platforms and integrate them into your existing IT infrastructure.

Chatbots also can assist you in financial analytics such as banking and crypto investment

Optimizes Customer Engagement And Sales

Customer loyalty is essential to growing sales and retaining customers, and chatbots are a great tool for doing this. 

Studies show that companies that successfully interact with their customers can increase their spending by almost 20% to 40%. The flexible structure of these chatbots makes them very easy to integrate into other systems and enhances customer loyalty. 

A good example of this is online booking. As soon as the customer communicates with the chatbot and shows interest in the booking, the chatbot will take the customer to the booking page to complete the sale. 

This quick and easy experience will make your customers happy and happy. In addition, the programmed nature of chatbots makes them sound more natural and humane, making the customer experience more positive and enjoyable.


Regardless of the industry, chatbots are beneficial to businesses and industries today. In particular, some industries are likely to revolutionize AI-based chatbots. Here are some of the industries that use chatbots:

  • Healthcare. There are a couple of values of chatbots within the healthcare enterprise, including reserving appointments, refilling prescriptions, and sending clinical details. Additionally, those chatbots also can offer clinical help to sufferers to display their fitness periodically and remind sufferers to take medicines. 
  • Banking & Financial Sector. Chatbots provide a great manner to revolutionize the closely transactional sports of banks and monetary institutions. Chatbots’ blessings in banking answer consumer questions on online banking and give them facts about account opening, card loss, and branches in numerous locations. 
  • Education. There are numerous blessings of chatbots in education, inclusive of sensible tutoring structures and customized studying surroundings for college students. Additionally, chatbots can also examine a student`s reaction and how properly they examine new fabric or help coach college students by sending them lecture fabric inside the shape of messages in a chat. 
  • HR. Implementing chatbots in HR and recruiting can assist in a couple of methods to automate every recruiting method stage. From trying to find candidates, comparing their skills, and informing them if they’re certified for a selected task posting, the use of chatbots are many. 
  • Retail. Another critical enterprise for chatbot packages is retail and e-commerce. For instance, corporations can use retail chatbots to reply to consumer questions simultaneously as they keep online, imparting extra personalized product recommendations, streamlining the income method, or supporting clients looking for a product, locating an order, and charging for it, and tuning the delivery.
  • Travel and Tourism.  Chatbots are very popular in the travel and tourism industry. Travel industry chatbots can answer booking questions by providing visitors with information about getting there and current weather conditions.

Lead Generation

Chatbots can ask necessary and relevant questions, convince customers, and quickly generate leads. This will help the conversation flow in the right direction and increase conversion rates. 

Besides generating leads, another advantage of chatbots is that they certify leads through identified KPIs, including timelines, budgets, relevance, resources, etc., and avoid time-consuming processing leads. 

Limitations of a Chatbot

Ai Chatbots

Many businesses utilize chatbots to optimize their brand’s customer engagement, automate customer service processes and provide a quality and efficient user experience. However, due to some limitations of the advancement that powers them, businesses can not utilize chatbots to their fullest potential. 

Businesses typically use a rule-based chatbot due to their capability to provide efficient and always-available customer service and engagement. But, this type of chatbot can not provide a rich conversational interaction, which is necessary to keep customers engaged and satisfied. 

Since it limits the engagement potential and the bot’s capability to assist the users. For example, once a user has reached a certain level of complexity, they cannot return to the discussed topic, ask qualifying questions, or address the issue. The lack of escalating capabilities of human agents can be frustrating to customers.

Furthermore, machines are devoid of feeling. Customers may find this very difficult since they do not get the same level of empathy and understanding that they would receive from a real person. That being said, we now have artificial intelligence bots that can be programmed to have a personality and respond with empathy and emotion to certain messages.

The Gartner Group anticipated that by 2020, 40 percent of first-generation chatbot/virtual assistant programs released in 2018 would have been discontinued. Considering this, why aren’t many firms investing in powerful machine learning chatbots that can engage in deeper, humanlike conversations with customers?

There are a variety of causes behind this. To run and maintain their systems, artificial intelligence bots need massive quantities of training data as well as highly competent humans. A machine learning bot is not a sentient creature, and the notion that it is is just not accurate. Furthermore, since they work as a black box, it might be tough for specialists to act if anything goes wrong with the bot model.

The following are the most significant limitations of machine learning bots:

  • Collecting and categorizing training data, which is essential for the development of an artificial intelligence chatbot application, is time-consuming and expensive.
  • Continuous review, continuous maintenance, and optimization of their knowledge base are all required of them. It might be difficult, if not impossible, to keep track of each and every bot communication and to analyze the interactions.
  • Their failure to comprehend the customer’s behavior or request carries the possibility of dismissal. In addition, since they are constructed from snippets of conversations and other resources, pure machine learning systems might have inconsistent personalities.
  • The norms and legislation governing data protection might provide difficulties when it comes to keeping, accessing, and deleting the information that chatbots acquire and need in order to operate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about chatbots besides “What is a Chatbot?”.

Are chatbots new?

No. The use of conversational chatbots has been around for many decades. Multiple efforts to create a chatbot that accurately resembles human interaction have been made in the past, all of which have been failed. The first-ever chatbot was created in 1966 by MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum and was named ELIZA. It was supposed to converse with humans in the role of a therapist and was built in 1966. ELIZA was followed by the development of various chatbots, including PARRY in 1972 by American psychiatrist Kenneth Colby, Jabberwacky in 1988 by developer Rollo Carpenter, Dr. Sbaitso in 1992 by Creative Labs, and ALICE in 1995 by Richard Wallace, all of whom were inspired by ELIZA.

What information sources will the chatbot use?

This access to company data, whether from your current knowledge base, website, internal databases, existing documents, reservation systems, shipping information, product inventories, or other sources of information, is critical for a chatbot to work effectively and to provide value to users.

Then, after you’ve identified which data sources will be required to answer the question posed, you can figure out how the bot will access each data source so that it can engage with the user in a meaningful manner. Will you be required to make your existing sources accessible to those who need them? Is there a public API that you may use?

How long does it take to create a chatbot system?

It is dependent on the level of intricacy of the client’s specifications. Our current record for building a basic bot is 4-6 weeks for an average-sized bot. However, in more difficult cases, such as those in which the client’s needs are unclear or when many stages of construction are required, it may take up to 2-3 months.

What kind of inquiries should the chatbot be able to respond to?

The most common consumer queries and use cases are addressed by chatbots, which are programmed to reply to them. It is critical to understand these questions before moving on to other functions and dialogues later in the process.

Don’t forget to make a list of all the frequently asked questions and prioritize them according to the volume and complexity of each needed answer.

Do I need to have coding skills to create my own chatbot?

On the nerDigital chatbot marketing platform, there are no coding skills or training necessary to construct a chatbot that meets your needs and expectations. Choose your bot’s goal and create bespoke processes in minutes using BotBuilder.

By using the nerDigital chatbot marketing platform, you can easily develop a chatbot by selecting from a range of templates that are accessible for various businesses such as automotive, e-commerce, and utilities, among other things. Edit the template and replace the default conversation flow with your own custom discussion flow for the chatbot.

What are the core functions of a chatbot?

There are several methods to make use of chatbots, including the WhatsApp Chatbot, which is discussed below.

In addition to giving clients a prompt answer, you can utilize a chatbot to do the following:

-Provide basic product information
-Provide shipping/delivery information
-Provide updates to the latest news stories
-Provide details on ongoing promotions, deals, discounts, and offers
-Make an appointment and more.

Are all chatbots based on AI?

As previously stated, we distinguish between two kinds of chatbots: rule-based chatbots and artificial intelligence-based chatbots.

With a rule-based chatbot, prospective user questions and possible responses are predefined in advance of the chatbot’s deployment. The chatbot will not help answer a question if it is posed in a way that has not been previously specified.

Chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence, as opposed to rule-based bots, can understand and process natural language. This is accomplished via the use of Natural Language Understanding  (NLU). Chatbots that are powered by artificial intelligence may learn semi-automatically.

How do bots improve the customer experience?

Bots improve the customer experience by providing your customers with the rapid answers they need on their terms, at any time and from any location. According to Gartner, bots are your queue busters and central automated centers of information, thanks to their capacity to deliver 24/7 customer care and handle a nearly endless number of consumer inquiries simultaneously.

Taking it a step further, if your bot is unable to answer a customer’s question, it will immediately send the consumer to an agent who can – while also passing along the transcript to assist the agent in contextualizing the encounter. Customers will not fall through the gaps if no channel pivoting is in place. That’s again for the consumer experience.

What security concerns are there with bots?

There are no special security problems with chatbot technology distinguishing it from any other system. The technology itself is no less safe or secure than any other platform, although you may have industry-specific standards (such as HIPAA or FEDRamp compliance). As long as your website and technology stack is set up securely and you ensure that your customers’ data is protected, there is no need to be concerned about security breaches caused by a robot.

Having said that, not every bot platform conforms to the same set of guidelines (just like other software). In the event that you have special needs, include your IT staff in the process and ask difficult questions before selecting a bot provider.


The chatbot market is growing at a rapid pace. Chatbots and artificial intelligence technologies will continue to augment human talents by automating time-consuming operations or answering frequent requests, allowing human agents to devote their time to strategy and more complicated duties rather than responding to common requests.

Customers and businesses may benefit from a revolutionary communication experience that is quick and accurate as chatbots grow and become increasingly capable of conducting more nuanced discussions. Furthermore, advances in natural language processing and machine learning will result in more complex artificial intelligence algorithms, which will enable businesses to provide more personalized and unique customer experiences to their customers.
Suppose this article does not suffice all the things you want to learn about ‘what is a chatbot,’ feel free to contact us. We will be glad to tell you more information about what is a chatbot.

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An Imperative Guide for Google Business Chatbot: 5 Benefits of Why You Should Use Google Business Chatbot

Google Business Chatbot

The value of internet presence and online visibility is no more a secret of being a pillar of success for businesses, whether small or big. The Internet makes it easier for people to be connected and aids them in discovering brands and services that might interest them or they need. 81 percent of internet users use the technology to discover products and services they need. This data clearly shows how valuable an online presence is for businesses as it opens the door to reach a wider audience. 

Creating and maintaining relationships with existing and future consumers, particularly online, has never been more critical for organizations. Having a digital presence for your company is critical to its long-term growth and profitability. An online poll performed by Salesforce discovered that consumers depend on their research before making a purchase or setting an appointment with a business for service before making a purchase or scheduling an appointment with a company for service.

Having an online presence can also offer businesses in many ways besides reaching a wider audience. For instance, a digital presence is a great foundation for building a reputable brand image. It is entirely free to sell your business on the internet and on social media sites like Facebook. The problem is that this only gets you so far before you have to start involving yourself in paid advertising and targeted advertising. Having a digital presence has the advantage of allowing consumers to locate your company from thousands of miles away with a single click of a mouse.

As a result, your company needs a strong digital presence to attract new consumers and maintain existing ones. Whether you are beginning from the ground up or renovating an existing one, your company’s success depends on your ability to establish a digital presence.

If you have yet to have an online presence, there are several platforms you can start from, and one of the best among those is Google Business. Having a Google Business profile will enable you to have a robust online presence. Google also recently introduced its new feature –Google Messaging. This feature will help businesses and consumers to interact without leaving the search engine, making communication more accessible. 

Alongside introducing this feature, you can also automate your Google Messaging processes through a Google Business Chatbot. Google Business Chatbot can help you answer recurring customer inquiries, helping you save time and capital. 

But, before diving deep into Google Business Chatbot, let’s first tackle several important things regarding Google Business. Continue reading to learn more. 

Introduction to Google Business

Introduction to Google Business

Undoubtedly, Google is the most-visited online page. Data shows that Google has a share of up to 92 percent in search results. Most searchers and online visitors resort to the search engine giant to search businesses and websites. 

This fact only shows how valuable it is for brands to be visible on Google. Unblamably, this is one of the important factors why many organizations and businesses have their Google business profile. Setting up a Google Business Profile is a critical step for businesses, big or small, to expand their reach and generate more leads. 

Recently, Google revealed that their famous Google My Business would be transforming this 2022. Among these changes is the Local Listing’s new name. It will now be referred to as “Google Business Profile.” Alongside its new alias, Google will also be introducing new features and improvements. 

But, before we dive deep into these features and improvements, let us first know what Google Business is. 

What is Google Business? 

Google Business

In addition to Search and Maps, Google Business Profile is a simple-to-use tool that allows companies and organizations to manage their online presence throughout the Google network. You may authenticate your company and change your business information to make it easier for clients to discover you and tell them your story.

Google Business Profile is a free service provided by Google to help businesses find online. It enables you to give information about your company, including its location, services, and goods, as well as photographs of your company.

It’s a free method to enhance your exposure across all Google services, and you should take advantage of it! The information from your Google Business Profile may display in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping, as well as other Google products.

Google Business Profile is only accessible to enterprises with regular touch with their clients or consumers. Companies with a physical presence (such as a restaurant or shop) and businesses that offer services by meeting with customers in other places are included in this category (like consultants or plumbers).

If you simply have an online company, you’ll have to rely on other Google products such as Google Ads and Google Analytics to keep things running smoothly.

Why Google Business is Valuable to Your Brands

google Business Values

In the absence of a Google Business Profile, you are losing out on the possibility to create more traffic and business while also distinguishing yourself in Google’s search results pages.

Setting up your Google My Business page is one of the most straightforward and cost-effective methods to ensure that your company is easily accessible on the internet. More and more search queries are becoming geographically specific, and Google’s algorithms have been tweaked to consider user intent as well.

Almost certainly, you’ve performed a Google search for something like “restaurants near me,” and if you have, you’ve seen that Google provides a list of three locations where you may dine depending on your present location, as shown below. The three companies that have shown as a result of your search query have a Google My Business page, which means they are one step closer to gaining your business.

If these restaurants did not have a Google My Business profile, they would not have shown in the search results. Consider the implications of this in your company’s context, regardless of the product or service you are offering. What are the benefits of local searches for your company, and what opportunities can you lose out on if you don’t have one?

Since Google updates its algorithms continuously, you must have a Google My Business listing and optimize it regularly if you want to be seen in local searches.

You can control how your firm appears in Google search results with Google Business Listing. If clients find your business on Google or search for phrases relating to your goods or services, for example, it guarantees that they get appropriate information about your organization.

Google My Business may assist you in the following ways:

  • Obtain a listing for your company in Google’s Local 3-Pack 
  • Reach and engage with your target market 
  • With a strong corporate profile, you can establish your authority
  • Earn customer trust and loyalty
  • Increase the amount of traffic and sales
  • Learn more about your company’s operations

According to Net Marketshare, Google is responsible for around 80 percent of all searches. In other words, your target market is reliant on the first page of Google to locate the items and services that it is looking for. That is why registering for a Google My Business account is so vital.

With all these wonderful benefits Google Business can offer your brand, it is a big loss on your part not to have Google Business Profile. Suppose you have not set up your Google Business Profile yet; we got you covered. We will walk you through the procedure for having your Google Business profile.

How to Set-Up Google Business Profile

How to Set Up Google Business

Let’s get down to the process of creating a Google My Business page.

Step 1: Create Your Business’s Google Account

The first step to setting up a Google business Profile is creating a Google Account for your business. If you already have an account for your business, you can skip this step. 

To create a new account, head to the Google Account page. If you already have an account signed in, click on your account icon and add a new account. 

Step 2: Add/Claim Your Business

To set up your Google Business account, go to the Google Business homepage and click on “Manage Now.” If your company does not appear on Google, search for it to check if it has already been added, or click on “Add your business to Google” if it does not appear.

Note: If your company’s name is the same as the name of another business in your locality, be careful not to unintentionally claim their business name from the list that may appear.

If your company does not currently have a Google My Business profile, you may create one by entering your company’s name as it should appear in your Google My Business profile.

Step 3: Specify Your Business Location

To specify your business locations, click “yes,” then input your firm’s address. Specifying your locations will ensure that you are visible on Google Maps and Google Search engine. 

Step 4: Add the Area of Scope of your Service. 

If you provide services to your consumers rather than having them come to your company, choose “Yes” to add your service area.

If customers come to your company site for sales or service, choose “No” and skip this step.

After selecting “Yes,” you’ll need to add cities within your service region to ensure that individuals looking from those locations find your company. Before choosing “Next,” you may add as many places as you wish.

Step 5: Categorize Your Business

Add the category that you believe most accurately describes your company. You may search for a few phrases to see what is accessible and which you believe would work best for you. This affects the search phrases your company may appear on Google, so ensure that they are relevant. You may easily change this later, but selecting your company’s most closely related category is better.

Step 6: Add the Contact Details of Your Business

While Google considers this step optional, clients must contact you and locate your website. This step requires you to provide your primary business phone number and website.

Step 7: Verify Your GoogleBusiness Account

Google offers several options you can verify your Google Business Profile. 

  • Mail Verification. Using this process, Google will mail a postcard to your preferred address. The postcard contains a code that you must input into the Google verification tab. 
  • Phone verification. This verification process is only available to selected businesses. If your business is eligible for this verification and you opt to, Google will call your registered phone number and tell you your verification code. 
  • Email verification. Similar to phone verification, this process is only available to selected niches. In this process, Google will send you your verification code through your registered email. 
  • Instant Verification. This verification is only available to businesses with existing Google Business Profile and are simply adding a new business location.

Regardless of the method you chose to verify your account; this process is required to complete your Google Business Profile setup process. 

Now that you already have a Google Business Profile, you may want to know several things you can do with your Google Business Profile. Read on to discover the 7 best things you can do with your Google Business Profile.

6 Things You Can Do With Your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile Uses

Having an effective Google My Business (GMB) page is essential if you want people to find your local business online. In addition, having a verified and complete profile notifies Google that you are an established business, boosting the probability that your firm will be mentioned in relevant local searches in the future.

Most local business listings comprised your name, address, and phone number when Google released its local business listings feature in 1998. There is a lot more information in local Google results now. The Google My Company platform has evolved into a strong tool for increasing the online presence of your local business. Upon reading this post, you may be shocked by some of the things you can do with Google My Business optimization that you were not previously aware of.

1. Google Post

Google Post

Event posts, offers, and news may now be published straight to your Google My Business page on Google Search and Google Maps, thanks to a new Google My Business tool called Google My Business Posts. When someone searches for your company on Google, your posts will appear in the Knowledge Panel.

They are designed to seem similar to social network postings, and they may feature photographs, videos, and a call to action button that directs visitors to your company’s official website. When a user clicks on a post, it expands into a bigger, more attention-grabbing box that contains a news feed of your most recent posts, as well as other useful information. Each Google Post will appear in search and map results for seven days after publication.

Google Posts are a fantastic method to make your company stand out from the competition. Using them to advertise current sales and specials, launch new goods and services, lure more people to events, or share great material are all possibilities (like blog posts). Not only can this assist you in gaining more exposure, but it may also assist you in improving your SEO marketing by boosting your content and attracting more organic visitors to your site. In addition, Posts enhance your client experience by offering relevant, current information to anybody looking for your company on the internet.

2. Book Appointments

Your consumers will find it simpler than ever to conduct business with you thanks to Google’s new appointment booking feature, which is available right from your listing. Depending on the nature of your company, there are two options for doing this.

Google establishes a direct connection with your third-party reservation services in certain company categories, such as hotels and restaurants. Your Google My Business dashboard will display a Bookings tab if you’re qualified for it. Make your choice from one of the Google-approved scheduling providers, and you’ll be able to include an eye-catching Book Now button on your listing.

If you don’t have access to the Bookings tab, you can still use an Appointment URL (found on the Info tab) to encourage customers to take immediate action. If you utilize an online tool to assist you in arranging appointments, this is a fantastic choice. At the absolute least, you may provide a link to your company’s main contact page to make it a bit simpler for interested parties to get in touch with you.

3. Google Messaging

Live chat is becoming more popular for organizations to communicate with prospects and provide excellent customer support. It is possible to allow consumers to message your company directly by including a texting-enabled phone number in your listing information.

Simply ensure that the phone number can receive SMS messages and that someone is available to respond to messages as soon as they arrive during office hours. Customers will see your average response time; therefore, responding quickly is essential. You can make things easier by including an automatic welcome message available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While messaging on Google My Business may not make sense for everyone, it may be an excellent alternative if you have a limited number of customer care representatives available to handle live phone calls.

4. Preview your Business

This one may not seem to be a big deal, but it is a recent adjustment to how Google My Business listings are indexed. Google removed the ability to create your description from earlier search engine versions, most likely owing to spammy or keyword-stuffed descriptions posted by companies.

Google is still reviewing these descriptions, so make sure you submit useful material according to their criteria, or Google may delete your information. 750 characters are allotted for descriptions, and only the first 250 of those characters appear in the Knowledge panel, so try to put the most important information first. A link cannot be included in the description, either.

It’s important to note that Google may create brief descriptions and snippets about your company that you will be unable to modify. The hotel category has no business descriptions since Google will automatically generate your hotel details if you provide your information. Unfortunately, Google will not modify any of these descriptions unless they include inaccurate or misleading information.

5. Include Videos

When optimizing Google My Business listings, one of the most effective strategies is incorporating visuals. Firms that have photographs get 42 percent more inquiries for directions and 35 percent more click-throughs to their websites than businesses that do not have pictures.

Right now, Google is enabling video, which provides you with even more opportunities to offer visually appealing material. Uploading videos to your listing is permitted up to a maximum length of 30 seconds in duration. 720p or better resolution and less than 100 MB in size are sufficient requirements.

Videos are a terrific method to demonstrate, rather than just tell, people about your company and your products and services. Distribute films that explain what your company is all about, demonstrate your goods, and showcase your best work to potential customers.

6. Dashboard Within Search Results

Dashboard within search result

Speaking of frequent monitoring, Google aims to make it as simple as possible for company owners to evaluate their listings and keep them up to date with the most recent information available. Currently, they’re experimenting with a feature that will display a Google My Business dashboard directly inside search results.

Using Google to search for your company name is simple if you’re signed in to a Google account with administrative access to your Google My Business directory. A shortened dashboard will appear at the top of the search results page, allowing you to quickly make tweaks and modifications while seeing your most recent stats and insights. This dashboard is solely accessible to you; your customers will continue to view the Knowledge Panel on the left-hand side, as they have in previous versions.

For those experiencing difficulty or just do not have the time to devote to creating and maintaining their Google My Business account, we recommend that you look into the Google My Business listing services we provide. We would be delighted to assist you with your Google My Business SEO needs.

Google Business Automation

google Business Automation

Have you ever had a work-related issue? Where you send an email for approval, and it sits for weeks because the person who is supposed to review it is unavailable or has so many requests to approve that they don’t know which one to accept first? Then it is time to set up Google Business Automation. 

Manual data processing wastes a lot of time, but business process automation allows you to save time and focus on expanding your organization. You can track every item of work being done at your company with a single click of a button without having to scream at anyone. 

Must automate Business-related chores in today’s hectic schedule to save time and money. Google Business Automation enhances operating stability while also increasing efficiency and speed. Running a firm without a system is analogous to driving a car without an engine, which you can push but not ride or scale.

What is a Google Business Chatbot?

business messages chatbot

When people look for answers to their problems, hoping to buy something or complete a task with one of our numerous products, they turn to Google Business Chatbot. 

We realize how crucial it is for brand encounters to be personalized, helpful, and straightforward at Google Business Chatbot. Customers may engage with virtual agents who understand, interact, and answer naturally with powered Google Business Chatbot. 

Google Business Chatbot also mixes intelligent automation with the opportunity for customers to chat with live operators when necessary. This method saves both you and your customers valuable time and money. Google Business Chatbot also allows organizations to distribute its human customer service representatives to handle other needs while googling business chatbots handles many client inquiries in the background. 

Should You Use Google Business Chatbot?

google Business chatbots uses

The Google Business Chatbot is a machine learning system that can speak with humans and give relevant content or suggestions. They can learn by machine learning or by following a set of instructions. A chatbot that operates on rules has limited capabilities. It’s designed to react promptly. The intelligence of the bot is defined by its design.

A Google Business Chatbot that uses machine learning, on the other hand, performs better since it has an artificial brain. The bot understands not only orders but also language. As a result, the user does not need to use precise terms to receive accurate or meaningful results. Furthermore, the bot learns from its encounters with humans and can handle similar scenarios in the future. As it converses with more individuals, it effectively becomes smarter. 

There are numerous benefits to having a google business chatbot on your website, and investing in one will not be a mistake. Here are some of them.

1. Google Business Chatbot is Capable of Dealing with Multiple Customers Simultaneously. 

Employees who work in customer service can handle three or more customers at a time. It might place a lot of pressure on your employees, especially if many people are interested in what you’re selling. It also diverts your employees’ attention away from more pressing duties. 

You can rapidly serve an unlimited number of website visitors with a chatbot. Google Business Chatbots are designed to respond to questions quickly and satisfactorily. It enhances your customer service while freeing up time for other important duties. 

2. Google Business Chatbot is Available at All Times. 

Things will change for the better if your company begins to grow. You might, for example, require a 24/7 customer service crew at some point. However, it can be pricey, and you’ll have to undergo a separate employment process. 

On the other hand, Google Business Chatbot is inexpensive and simple to set up on your website. They’reThey’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for as long as your website is live. Google Business Chatbot can respond quickly. Furthermore, even if it cannot answer a query, it can notify support and inform the potential consumer that someone will contact them. 

3. Google Business Chatbot is a New Way to Reach Out to Potential Customers.

Use Google Business Chatbot to boost consumer interaction on your website as soon as they arrive. Set them up to send out timely recommendations and offers, as well as assist consumers in locating what they’re looking for. 

Additionally, you may use Facebook Messenger to integrate google business chatbot into your company’s page. Users can send you messages and engage with the bot connected to your website when you run promotions on Facebook. It can give your new consumers basic information or make product and service recommendations. 

4. Google Business Chatbot is a Great Way to Raise Brand Awareness. 

You’ll almost surely keep a bot once you’ve tried it out. These programs come with a variety of functions. For example, you can utilize sentimental analysis to maintain conversational skills and empathize with responses. It can help your chatbot better represent your brand to users. 

Google Business Chatbot can have personalities, which you can utilize to represent your company. By maintaining a consistent tone of voice in talks, this personality can earn clients’ trust. You can also alter the color to match your website. 

5. Google Business Chatbot has a Transferring Capability. 

Your employees may not communicate with all visitors to your website if it receives a high number of them. A google business chatbot can handle this tremendous demand by interacting with multiple individuals at once. 

For example, if your business offers delivery, you might put a chatbox on your website where clients can ask questions about your products and receive rapid answers. They can then place orders, make payments, and track their deliveries. It makes your firm effective even if you only have a few personnel to handle many consumer demands.

How Can Google Business Chatbot Help You Leverage Google Business?

google Business Chatbot Benefits

Customer communication must be timely for sales, marketing, or support. It is where Google Business Chatbots may shine, as they can automate client communication and greatly enhance support. 

When developing strong client relationships, a Google business chatbot could be useful. Your organization may create deep bonds with website users by engaging and talking with them. By implementing chatbots, you can meet marketing goals, increase sales, and improve customer service. 

Make a Strategy for Conversational Marketing. 

Conversational Marketing is all about leveraging the power of real-time customer interactions to convert leads. It can assist your company in creating experiences and cultivating consumer relationships. 

When organizations utilize google business chatbot for marketing, they can effortlessly communicate with customers via customized messaging and intelligent chatbots, increasing conversion rates. 

Some of the advantages of employing a conversational marketing strategy are as follows:

  • Engage more leads – Allowing users to start discussions on your website rather than asking them to fill out forms first allows your organization to engage with more leads. 
  • Improve Customer Experience – Conversational marketing aims to reduce the number of customers that have negative encounters with customer service lines. 
  • Reply to Consumers Individually – While googling a business chatbot isn’t one of the most well-known examples, they can make it easier to respond to individual customer questions and bypass the typical fixed lead funnel stuffed with marketing activity. 

Must Meet Customer Expectations. 

Customers want quick answers to any problems or inquiries they may have. Since google business chatbots are becoming more intelligent, businesses can automate routine interactions and meet customer expectations. 

Customers won’t have to wait for human agents to engage with automation as one of the chatbot use cases, which will improve their experience with the business and add to retention. 

Employ these tips to help you use Google Business Chatbot to exceed your customers’ expectations: 

  • Successful Targeting – By using google business chatbot to convey visual material and provide information about products, offers, and discounts, for example, you can assure effective targeting and increase consumer engagement. 
  • Personalized Experience – Using a google business chatbot to provide a personalized experience to customers across numerous touchpoints can significantly influence sales and version rates. 
  • Proactively Interacting – Google business chatbot can proactively interact with customers, provide quick responses, and achieve higher open rates than email.

Boost Customer Participation. 

The Google Business Chatbot can help businesses increase client interaction to new heights. Additionally, this assists you in avoiding giving them irrelevant information.

If you respond to customers in a relevant and timely manner, they will stay on your website longer and continue the dialogue. 

Tips on How to Use Google Business Chatbot to Increase Client Management: 

  • Customers want one-on-one interactions quickly, and a chatbot can help you achieve that goal while also improving their experience with your business.
  • Google Business Chatbots are intelligent to assess responses based on the customer’s details and history, connecting personally and driving dialogues. 
  • Your company can utilize chatbots to provide customers with quick, real-time responses and avoid losing them to competition. 

Google Business Automation with nerDigital’s Chatbot Marketing

nerdigital Google Business Automation

nerDigital, a leading SaaS platform, has launched a powerful and intelligent chatbot marketing function to assist businesses in automating their customer engagement duties. It has a powerful dashboard where you can access and manage all of your customer support engagements in one location, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.

With nerDigital chatbot marketing solutions, you can intelligently answer your Google Business customers. As a result, even after your business hours have passed, you may continue to engage with your clients and potential consumers.

Furthermore, Google Business Automation might help you save money. You can save money by not hiring additional customer service workers and putting it toward more vital causes.

If you want to know how to respond to Google Business automatically, keep reading.

How to Effectively Use Google Business Chatbot

Google Business Chatbot best Practices

Google Business Automation are predetermined responses used to connect with consumers in various situations while maintaining transparency. It gives customers a better understanding of what’s going on, whether your agents are busy, out of the office, or on vacation. 

Even if a particular channel is unavailable at the time, automatic responses allow you to stay in touch with customers. When you are out of the office or busy, sending personalized messages is credibly beneficial because it provides satisfaction and a good brand experience. 

To manage client expectations and make them feel valued, businesses rely on providing good examples of automated reply messages. However, you must follow the basic concepts for developing effective auto-reply messages to enable instant communication. 

Let us go over the best practices in detail: 

Set clear expectations for customers. 

Achieving customer expectations helps one business build every customer’s trust. If you successfully manage their expectations, you will better exceed them. And as a result, you can build a long-term relationship with your customers, and because of that, some will become advocates. 

Customers frequently complain that auto-reply email or text messages do not include a time estimate for receiving replies to their questions. 

Here are some instances of automated messages that clients may get. 

“We will contact you as soon as possible.” 

“Thank you for getting in touch with us.”

Our representative will call you as soon as possible.” 

Provide a variety of options for customers to get in touch with you. 

More than communication when it comes to connecting with customers. A purposeful effort to build relationships beyond the first transaction is known as connecting with your customers. It entails communication, but it also entails a great deal. 

One of the advantages of connecting with customers is that they are more likely to become repeat customers, essential to their success. Furthermore, keeping an existing customer is less expensive and more profitable than finding a new one. 

Customers who are in touch with you don’t need to be persuaded to return since they return because they want to. They may make more purchases and become brand ambassadors for your company, and it’s a big opportunity for your business. 

Businesses that send automated messages must ensure that their customers have other ways to contact them. As a result, clients can avoid making rash judgments and comprehend the following steps in the process. 

Pay attention to the tone of the language. 

It’s necessary to pay attention to the tone of the language since it can be difficult to convey tone, especially when communicating in writing. If someone is perplexed by the content of your communication, they will ask you follow-up questions. 

The tone of your language is an important part of your brand messaging. It encompasses a variety of factors of communication, such as the words used and the formality degree. Businesses can unify their communication by implementing a good language tone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Google Business Chatbot.

How can I keep the Google Business Chatbot’s chat button active?

All users of the business profile chat should react to messages within 24 hours after receiving them. If you don’t answer your messages within a day, we may remove the “chat” button from your business profile to protect the client experience. Make sure to designate the communication as spam if it is spam or poor quality.

What happens if you enable chat in the Google Business Chatbot?

Clients can contact you at any time if you have a chat enabled on your Google Business Profile by clicking the “chat” button. If you allow chat for your business, you may see a “request booking” button on your Business Profile on Search in some categories. For example, in Google Business Chatbot, you’ll receive notifications for incoming messages, and you can modify the automated welcome message that customers receive when they message you.

Is My Google Chat Visible to Others?

The information you share on Chat is only visible to you and the people you are chatting with. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to send and share files in Chat. Google Business Chatbot respects your privacy. We only have access to your personal information if you permit us or if the law requires it. Keeping you secure online entails preserving your data and maintaining your privacy.

How do I access my Google Business Chatbot?

When you use your desktop browser to access Google Business Chatbot, you may notice a “messages” button on the left side menu. When you click on it, the message chat box tool opens. On the left, you can see your customers, click on them to open the chatbox, and then answer their messages.

What can the Google Business Chatbot help you with?

Google Business Chatbots are customized accounts to which you may send messages that connect you to Chat services like seeking up information, organizing meetings, and doing chores. The bot may view your email address, avatar, and other basic information.

What can the Google Business Chatbot help you with?

Google Business Chatbots are customized accounts to which you may send messages that connect you to Chat services like seeking up information, organizing meetings, and doing chores. When communicating with this Google business chatbot, the bot may view your email address, avatar, and other basic information.

How might the Google Business Chatbot help you sell more?

Using your chatbot for branding can increase consumer engagement and keep them interested, resulting in increased conversions and sales. Waiting for a human to answer can also utilize the chatbot for sheer enjoyment.

How can I set up Google Business Chatbot to respond automatically?

Go to the “chatbot structure” tab and click “make a new” to construct a needed condition that will start an auto-reply or a series of messages. Then select one of the two possible forms of chatbot.

Why don’t you delete the nasty feedback?

When someone makes a critical comment or review about your business, you have the opportunity to shift the dialogue and improve it. They didn’t make a quiet promise to never do business with you again and to tell their friends about you.

How can I disable Google Business Chatbot’s Auto-Reply feature?

Yes, you may disable the auto-reply feature in the Google Business Chatbot. Simply click the three lines in the upper right corner to enter the menu. Choose “Settings” beneath the message area, then “Auto-Reply” as the top choice. It is the section where you may personalize your response. Simply input your chosen response and then click “OK.”

Take Away

Google Business provides the online presence every business should have. It offers businesses equal opportunities to reach a wider audience and heighten their revenue. Google Business listings also provide an opportunity for businesses to learn more about their niche and find a way to grow their business through Google Analytics. This valuable feature helps businesses look at their statistics and learn from them. 

Though Google Business, as it is, is already an excellent tool that can help you and your brand achieve success, there are still particular ways to complement it and enhance your customer engagement processes on the platform. Among these enhancements you can make is employing a Google Business chatbot. 

Google Business Chatbot is a valuable tool that helps you automate your response to several customer inquiries. Employing a Google Business chatbot allows you to provide exceptional customer service on Google Business. Moreso, it also solves the issue of missed leads due to unresponded customer queries when your customer service is unavailable. 

Suppose you need a Google Business chatbot builder; there’s no need to look further than nerDigital’s chatbot marketing solution. Nerdigital’s chatbot marketing allows you to visually build a chatbot for various channels, including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. It also features an omnichannel dashboard, allowing you to manage and access your inboxes from various channels in a single user-friendly dashboard. Should you still have more queries, contact us today! We will be delighted to walk you through our chatbot marketing solutions. You may also check our collection of blogs about chatbot marketing which may help you learn more. 

Ultimate Guide to Google Business Messages Chatbot: 3 Best Reasons Why Your Brand need a Google Business Messages Chatbot


Google Business Messages Chatbot assists customers in obtaining information about a company’s services, checking product availability, store locations, making reservations or bookings, evaluating the customer’s experience with the business, and a variety of other tasks. You can use this technology with Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Text Messages, Hangouts, and other popular chat apps. 

When using Maps in 2018, Google offered a means for customers to contact companies directly via message. Today, Google expands this service to allow users to contact brands directly from their Maps and search results. It’s also possible to integrate it into the platforms of brands.

The user experience is seamless and efficient. Brands that have implemented Google Business Messages Chatbot are seeing incredible results in their customer care scores and conversation rates. 

But first and foremost, let’s go through the fundamentals. This article will discuss the benefits of incorporating a Google Business messaging chatbot into your Google My Business customer engagement operations.

What is a Chatbot

For some of us, the Chatbot may already be a familiar face. But, if you’re unfamiliar, here’s a quick rundown. 

A chatbot is a rule-based chatbot that communicates with clients through various media. There’s something for everyone from WhatsApp Business to Facebook Messenger to live chat on your website. You can use a chatbot to collect consumer information and respond to simple support questions. 

Benefits of using a Chatbot


Using a Chatbot will allow you: 

  • Satisfy Customers – The customer receives immediate assistance. There was no need to wait or be transferred between channels or departments. 
  • Improve Accessibility and Response Time – Chatbots are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and always respond quickly. 
  • Time-Consuming – Duties like answering commonly asked inquiries and obtaining client information, saving money and time.

3 Best Reasons Why Your Brand need a Google Business Messages Chatbot

3 Best Reasons Why Your Brand need a Google Business Messages Chatbot

It’s good to have an additional (digital) worker manage all the repetitive work when your team requires all their time and effort to focus on critical issues. Here are the three ways that Chatbots can accomplish this. 

Respond to often requested questions. 

Customers that find your business on Google Maps are more than likely to visit you. However, they have a few questions before they get in the car. And most of the time, the questions are straightforward. For example, what are your business hours? 

It takes a long time to answer these types of inquiries repeatedly. Chatbots, on the other hand, maybe trusted with it, 

The chatbots detect the inquiry and respond with relevant information. 

Among the often asked questions are: 

  • Hours of operation
  • Products that are currently available 
  • Policies on returns

Use dynamic content to handle support requests. 

Your Chatbot can help you with simple support questions by using dynamic material. 

Content that varies based on client information is referred to as dynamic content. Do you recall those “personal” emails you get? 

“Hello [customer name],” I say. 

It is an example of dynamic content in action. 

The Chatbot may assist your customer with the following tasks by using dynamic content:

  • Information on the status of your order.
  • Problems with the product. 
  • Information on the product.

By requesting information, you can collect leads.

A chatbot may also quickly capture client information, allowing you to register leads quickly.

Consider the following examples of consumer data: 

  • Year of birth 
  • Address of your residence 
  • Number to call 
  • However, you should additionally order information, such as: 
  •  Favorite product 
  •  Size and quantity 
  • Time for pick-up 

Why is Google Messages Chatbot Valuable to Your Brand?

Here are some reasons why is Google Messages Chatbot is Valuable to your Brand:

Why is Google Messages Chatbot Valuable to Your Brand

Customer Interaction assisted by Google Business Messages Chatbot

Google Business Messages Chatbots work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and, depending on how they’re set up, can even answer questions when you’re not available to do so. This type of bot formulates an SMS message normally, responding as if it were a genuine human response, using a combination of automated processes, speech recognition, and machine learning algorithms.

Assume a new topic is presented into the dialogue that the Chatbot is unfamiliar with. It will either transfer the query to a single operator or deflect it with a different result in that event. It all relies on how it’s programmed, though. The bot’s reaction complexity is determined by its underlying program and the information it has access to. The bot’s configuration will save data from a chat for future use.

The Google Business Messages Chatbot Features a Management System.

Customers can contact customers without contacting them personally by providing real-time help, similar to an interactive conversation with a salesman in a physical business. A well-designed chatbot may hold conversations with thousands of people simultaneously, answering their queries, offering special coupons, limited-time deals, or anything else you want to convey. 

Companies can use established technologies on social media platforms like Facebook to directly offer products and services. Small but vital tasks like scheduled appointments, checking your emails, pulling data for you, and most importantly, providing relevant messages to your family, friends, and customers are all done precisely with little potential for error. It will completely combine your entire digital life into one area, allowing you to quickly access and automate various operations. 

They communicate with clients frequently and courteously, eliminating the unpleasantness that cold calls can create. Provides a solid foundation for sending out notifications and promoting innovative goods/processes. Chatbots are already being used by businesses like Fast Food and Dominos to schedule parcel delivery.

The Google Business Messages Chatbot Service is free.

Implementing a cross-platform app or hiring workers for each task is more costly and time-consuming than implementing a fully functional chatbot. A single citizen can only manage one or two persons; anything more is difficult for the employee. Employing agents 365 days a year and increasing assistance can be too expensive for a business. It will not only save you money on labor expenditures, but it will also keep you from having to deal with difficulties caused by human error. Virtual agents, according to Chatbots, can help organizations save up to 30% on costs. 

Google business messages chatbot save money for businesses and easily satisfy various demands, depending on the user demand. The costs of keeping them up to date were quite modest when they were created. According to industry data, chatbots are expected to handle 90% of all clients’ questions within 5 years. It means that by 2022, they will have saved $8 billion in business costs. 

Google Business Messages Chatbot increased Sales and Engagement. 

It’s critical to keep people connected with your company, which is why businesses are increasingly turning to chatbots for social media marketing. Engaging clients on social media can boost sales by up to 40%, with Facebook having the highest success rate for inviting current customers to share their positive experiences.

Google business messages chatbot’s adaptable nature makes it simple to link them with different channels to increase engagement. An interaction with a consumer who has made an internet reservation is a basic illustration. The bot can direct the customer to an online shopping cart and complete the transaction with a happy customer. 

Natural sound humor can be programmed into them, appearing more human. It puts clients at ease and improves their overall experience with your company. When communicating with a consumer, no false email, fake names, or fake last names are used; instead, you get all the customer’s real information through the messenger chatbot. Google business message chatbots are used by businesses to obtain clients’ insights and proactively communicate with them. Email marketing has an open message rate of only 3%, but chatbots have an open rate of over 80%. And as I previously stated, they use push notifications or new offers to keep existing customers engaged with relevant brands and items. 

The Google Business Messages Chatbot can Learn About the Habits of Your Customers.

Another key advantage of Google Business Messages Chatbots for enterprises is the potential for client behavior. The questions, issues, and popular products covered in chatbot encounters could provide valuable information to your company’s plan.

For example, you might adjust your content approach to your client’s questions and concerns. You can learn what inspires your clients and what problems they face. As a result, you’ll be able to create content that elicits appropriate replies.

It can also apply these insights to your product portfolio. Popular products, for example, can be identified and displayed prominently in your store. It’s also conceivable that your clients will ask for items that aren’t currently available in your catalog. You can add the products to your selection in this case.

What is Google Business Messages Chatbot?

Google Business Messages Chatbot is a smartphone conversational communication channel created by the search company. Customers will contact companies obtained from Google Search and Google Maps. Customers can communicate a service without actually visiting the company’s website in this way. It could also be connected to Google Business Message Chatbot, and Google is working on expanding the number of places where Business Messages are available. 

What are Google Business Messages Chatbot’s Advantages?

You may be wondering what advantages Google Business Messages Chatbot might provide to your company. Let’s look at the five advantages. 

Google Business Messages Chatbot's Advantages

When consumers are in a crisis, the Google Business Messages Chatbot can help.

It will let your clients contact you from various sources, including Google Search and Google Maps. They don’t have to visit your website first. Instead, they can message you directly through Google Search or Google Maps’ chat suggestion button. It means there’s one fewer step to interacting with you, and thus one fewer road back to getting in touch with you. 

Use Google’s Strong Engine to your Advantage.

Google is a global giant with billions of searches. When we need to know something, buy new appliances, or get help with something, we all go to Google. And now they’re allowing (possible) consumers to contact you directly through their search engine. Consider the advantages of utilizing this strong search engine. 

The Google Business Messages Chatbot Integrates to Give a High-Value Solution that is Seamless.

Using the API, Google Business Messages Chatbot can be easily linked with any messaging provider or platform you already use. It may be utilized to automate your communication and make communicating with customers easier and quicker. You may also link it with other services like voice and chatbots to improve the client experience. 

Rich Media is Used Extensively by the Google Business Messages Chatbot.

Rich media capabilities like images, carousels, smart reply chips, and the ability to link chatbots are available through Google’s Business Messages Chatbot. A fantastic tool for improving customer service and providing customized on-demand assistance. 

Make the Most of your Customer Support Time with the Google Business Messages Chatbot.

You may manage many chats at once with Google Business Messages Chatbot. You can also compose up to five welcome messages to start conversations with your consumers. 

How to View and Respond to Messages Sent to you via your Business Profile?

Through Google Business Profile, your customers can contact you in real-time. You can answer questions, tell your story, and improve the number of people that visit your store. Chat is most effective when it is a two-way conversation between your business and its clients. Follow the chat guidelines to give your customers the greatest possible experience.

5 Fantastic Benefits of Google Business Messages Chatbot for your Business


Customer communication must be time for sales, marketing, or support. It is where Ai-powered chatbots may shine, as they can automate client communication and greatly enhance support.

35% of customers want more businesses to employ chatbots to strengthen their communication strategy and provide a better customer experience. 

With so many chatbot business benefits to achieving, you should start automating client communication and ensuring a hassle-free customer journey at every step along the road right away. 

Here are the 5 benefits of Google Business Messages Chatbot for your business: 

Google Business Messages Chatbot Increases Customer Engagement.

Chatbots can help businesses increase client engagement to new heights. Can use user data to drive engagement, which can then amplify through usage.

Furthermore, bots may deliver consistent responses, allowing you to avoid providing irrelevant information to your consumers. If you respond to customers in a relevant and timely manner, they will stay on your website longer and continue the dialogue.

Increase the Number of Leads that Google Business Messages Chatbot Generates.

Bots have progressed to the point where they can communicate with customers personalized throughout their journey.

Chatbots can help your business create leads by supporting customers in making quick decisions.

AI bots can employ a pre-programmed quiz to entice users to fill out a form and generate leads, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Reduce Customer Service Costs

Investing in a chatbot is an investment in lower customer service costs.

Chatbots allow you to save money otherwise spent on additional support workers.

A company can save money in a variety of ways by using chatbots:

  • Salaries
  • Training
  • Infrastructure
  • Similarly, AI chatbots can help with customer service in various ways.

Furthermore, by delivering a simpler and more seamless brand experience for customers, bots save a substantial amount of money and offer value to the bottom line.

To Gain Insights, the Google Business Messages Chatbot Should Monitor Consumer Data.

Chatbots are a useful tool for tracking purchasing trends and evaluating consumer behavior by monitoring user data.

This data can help businesses sell their products in new ways and reach a wider audience.

We can also use bots to collect simple questions to improve products or optimize websites.

Use of chatbots for consumer data best practices: 

  • Construct customer profiles – Chatbots can collect customer information such as name contact information and create a profile.
  • Send push notifications – By sending regular and timely push alerts to existing consumers, bots can help keep them engaged.
  • Brands that deploy AI-powered bots can give customers product information and relevant content recommendations.

Ensure the Google Business Messages Chatbot’s Scalability.

One of the main considerations for any customer-centric company should always be the capacity to scale service.

It will also withstand any traffic increase during the holiday season or peak hours by enabling scalability.

It is where chatbots may help: they ensure that your company can manage discussions during busy hours without having to hire more support staff or provide training, for example.

How might chatbots assist you in scaling your support?

  • Customer support chatbot templates can help you boost your company’s efficiency without adding additional fees or resources.
  • No matter what time it is or how many customers are contacting you, AI-powered chatbots can manage thousands of chats and respond to each query instantly.
  • With chatbots, you can scale assistance and handle a high volume of chats without increasing business expenditures.

Get ready with the Google Business Messages Chatbot.

People’s communication is gradually changing thanks to chatbots like Google Business Messages. They’re transforming customer service, sales, marketing, and engagement in various industries. To get the most out of bots in lead generation, customer analytics, onboarding, and customer care scalability, your company will require a strategy.

Identifying the areas of concern, on the other hand, is just as important as deploying chatbots to accomplish the intended business outcomes. With so many advantages for organizations, ignoring the trend and not integrating a bot sooner rather than later would be a mistake.

6 Reasons Why You Need to Use Google Business Messages Chatbot


In 2016, chatbots were all the rage. Some claim chatbots are the next big thing after websites and applications because more and more chatbots are successfully assisting various businesses in doing their jobs more efficiently.

But why would people choose chatbots over websites and apps that can do the same thing? Today, we’ll try to answer that question.

The First Reason is that People Want Fewer Apps.

People nowadays use applications to meet unique demands. App marketplaces have exploded in popularity over the last seven years, with apps for everything from shopping to travel to socializing to dating to delivery services to music. It’s great to have so many options, but recent figures show that users aren’t installing new apps as frequently as they used to.

It isn’t to suggest that consumers have ceased using applications or that overall app downloads have decreased. However, we must acknowledge that there are apps for almost everything and everyone available nowadays. Many people don’t see the need to add additional apps to their lives.

As a result, whenever we consider creating a new app, we must consider who will use it. People want to obtain information and complete chores more quickly, but applications don’t always meet their needs. For example, if you want to book a flight right now but don’t already have a travel app, you’ll need to spend some time downloading one. Users also don’t want to download an app every time they book a flight, purchase shoes from a new store, or read a new magazine. It’s inconvenient to have to move between a variety of apps on your mobile device.

However, here is where chatbots excel: you don’t have to download them, and they can handle your problems with less effort. To use a chatbot, you have to search for one within a messaging app and then start speaking with it.

The Second Reason is App Development Has Become a Difficult Business.

As we’ve already noted, people are getting tired of installing new apps, which provides businesses with something to consider. If we Google “app downloads statistics,” most of the time, we’ll discover statistics that show app downloads are safe. However, there aren’t many apps in the top 100.

We must also remember that apps are not websites, and they must be updated regularly. New OS versions are launched every year, and if you don’t upgrade your software, it will become unsupported on the most recent devices, and users will abandon it. Must modify designs to keep up with the latest trends. Failure to change an app’s design can cause users to abandon it over time. Apps can only live if they are constantly monitored.

You might have a chance if you’re willing to compete against all existing popular apps and accept that the road ahead isn’t easy. The good news is that you won’t have to compete with the app store’s most popular apps. There’s a better way to do it. Chatbots allow you to start a business where consumers already spend most of their time — in a messaging app.

The Third Reason is Messengers are Used More than other types of Apps.

As we just mentioned, connecting with people who already spend most of their time is the quickest method to build your internet business and attract a larger audience.

Messaging apps that used to be just for sending text messages and photos have evolved into whole platforms with their developers and apps. People worldwide are starting to use messaging apps to connect with brands and chat.

Chatbots take care of the tasks for you. Customers can, for example, go to your store’s website or download the app to purchase a pair of shoes. They may, however, get the same result by just conversing with a bot. It is conversing with a human, but it adds value to a business because bots respond rapidly and to many clients. However, you may wonder why you need a chatbot when you can connect with customers yourself. We’ll look at a few reasons why chatbots are a great way to communicate with customers.

The Fourth Reason is Your Business Can Scale With Chatbots.

Bots are easier to scale than apps or websites. Let’s have a look at a few examples. Assume you’re a corporation that provides a service, such as selling shoes on Facebook. Your clients are more likely to contact you over Facebook Messenger. At first look, it appears that conversing with multiple consumers simultaneously and informing them about your business is not difficult. It’s simple to speak with a few people, just like you do with your friends and family daily.

But what if a hundred people message you at the same moment, each with a different question? You could hire humans to interact with your consumers, making things easier for you; however, why hire people when you can create a chatbot? You may program a chatbot to learn what your consumers ask and respond intelligently. This automated system enables your company to handle more consumers than before.

Bots make our mobile experiences easier because dealing with a few chatbots is much easier than dealing with a slew of apps. When you don’t utilize a chatbot for a while, it gets buried in a stack of older messages. 

The Fifth Reason is Efficiency in Terms of Cost.

Google Business Messages Chatbots enable small businesses to perform services more efficiently and cheaper than developing native apps. Even if a larger company has the resources to develop a specialized app, a more cost-effective and accessible chatbot alternative should be considered.

Aside from the challenges of designing an app, it must be tested, refined, and then submitted to app stores for approval before customers can use it. App upkeep may be both expensive and inconvenient. Keep in mind that apps require ongoing investment to remain viable.

Chatbots, on the other hand, is much more straightforward. You don’t have to bother about app development because third-party chat apps are available. All chatbot feature updates can be done on the backend using continuous integration.

The Sixth Reason is More Sales and Better Marketing.

Google Business Messages Chatbots assist in purchasing goods and services, ordering meals, managing money, discovering relevant material, booking hotels and flights, and so on. As you may have noticed, Chatbots can be useful in any sector. They may assist you in streamlining your company’s operations and improving marketing and sales.

By informing all of your customers about sales or new products, chatbots can assist you in promoting them. When sending the same message to all of these clients by email, posting on your website or Facebook won’t help you raise engagement nearly as much.

Chatbots assist in resolving this issue by serving as personal assistants to each consumer. When chatbots first interact with customers, they collect data to tailor their responses to the individual Customers can use these chatbots to assist them in choosing products, processing payments, entering shipping addresses, and finalizing orders.

Ordering a product with a chatbot takes a fraction of the time to order with a human, and your customer never has to leave the chat.

What Is Google Business Messages?

business messages

Consumers resort to Google for answers when they have questions. Consumers use messaging when they want to have quick and convenient communications. 

There is. Google search and Maps, Google Business Messages offers brands a full communications solution across Android devices.

Google Business Messages Chatbot is a mobile conversational channel that integrates entry points from Google Maps, Search, and brand websites to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences.

Our Google Business Messages Chatbot will greet you at the start of the session. You may ask a question or send an emoji at any time. You can expect one of our conversation professionals to reach out to you right away.

Google’s Business Messages Chatbot Features

Consumers may purchase, ask inquiries, and conduct secure financial transactions within the messaging discussion. Customers may also easily access order tracking, refunds, and customer care concerns.

Google’s Business Messages improves customer service by including capabilities such as:

  • Product pictures and carousels that broaden the discourse to encourage purchasing, scheduling, and upselling
  • Suggested responses that allow customers to answer with a single button press
  • Typing indicators, delivery confirmations, and reading receipts keep talks flowing.
  • The ability to share and receive emojis, high-resolution photos, and videos personalizes the interaction.

Businesses will see a rise in customers using messages instead of contacting their contact center for pre-sales and post-sales support since consumers prefer messaging to calling their contact center. Business Messages integrates with a company’s digital customer care infrastructure smoothly.

5 Characteristics of Effective Messages in Google Business Messages Chatbot 

business messages chatbot

Whether you’re interacting with staff, vendors, or consumers, making sure you’re sending out effective communications is critical to your company’s success. To guarantee that your business communication is on target, ensure it incorporates the five qualities of effective messages in the Google Business Messages Chatbot listed below. 

1. Persuasion with a Clear Purpose

Effective messages aim to enlighten, convince, or interact with the intended audience. they should tailor the message to the degree of knowledge, potential reaction, and relationship with the composer of the audience. Unless you must address closely related concerns concurrently, it’s preferable to keep each communication to one major subject. The media utilized to deliver the message will also be determined by having a defined purpose in corporate communication. 

2. Utilizes Appropriate Channels 

It’s also crucial to select the best medium for delivering the message. May used email to communicate with big groups, whereas face-to-face contact is better for smaller groups. Written communication is best for formal communication that requires documentation, such as employee reviews or policy changes. 

The sender is responsible for determining which outlet is best for a given message. A video presentation advertising a corporate social, for example, is a creative and enjoyable way to get employees excited, yet using video to announce a tragedy in the CEO’s family may appear insensitive. The media should enhance rather than distort the message’s aim. 

3. Accuracy at a High Level 

Business communication necessitates a high level of data reporting accuracy. Clear dates, facts, resources, and schedules are all characteristics of great business messages, and they should all be double-checked for completeness and clarity. Instead of saying “the corporation uses premium opportunities to build on ideas,” state “our team employs the best resources to help our business thrive.”

4.Messages that are Complete

Only until the messages are complete can they be written, and verbal communication is effective. Google Business Messages Chatbots that give part of the narrative are likely to perplex recipients and fail to engage them in the way they were intended. To ensure that business communication is thorough, ensure it addresses all of the following questions: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Employees, vendors, and business partners can only act on messages if they are given the full breadth of the messages. 

5. Characteristics that Attract Attention 

Whether it’s business communication for venture capitalists or security personnel, people only pay attention to what interests them. Short, engaging, and to-the-point messages are the most effective. Because most individuals will not find every message intriguing, good business messaging should include innovation. Messages that are summarized and condensed are more likely to be read while emphasizing concepts of significant interest will inspire comment and action.

What is Google Business Messages Chatbot, and how does it work?

Google Business Messages Chatbot is a mobile conversational channel that lets Android users contact businesses through various Google entry points, such as Google Search and Google Maps. Businesses can provide rapid, efficient, and personalized customer support because of the platform’s numerous features and easy accessibility. 

Like other rich messaging channels, it has advanced capabilities such as high-quality videos and photos, suggested replies, and location sharing. Customers can use the platform to ask inquiries, obtain support, make purchases, and more.

What is the Advantage of Google Business Messages Chatbot?

The main advantage of the Google Business Messages Chatbot is that it can substantially reduce the volume of calls received by your live operators, allowing them to focus on higher-priority engagements. Without Google Business Messages Chatbot turned on, the click-to-call option in search results encourages people to call your company.

What is the Significance of the Google Business Messages Chatbot?

In the day-to-day operations of a company, a google business messages chatbot is critical. Giving out a clear business message can help personnel work correctly and achieve the company’s objectives.

Google Business Messages Chatbots assist your organization in improving its products and services by providing detailed, actionable records of your customers’ most pressing issues. The likelihood of selling is linked to the amount of data provided by the customer, and chatbots can help increase the rate of data collection.

Chatbot apps improve customer experience by streamlining interactions between people and services. At the same time, by lowering the normal cost of customer support, they provide firms with new options to boost customer engagement and operational efficiency.

How does Google Business Messages Chatbot work?

Chatbot appears in Google Business Messages as special users labeled Chatbot. Chatbots can participate in chat rooms and respond to direct messages just like people. On the other hand, only view messages directed at them when they are mentioned in a chat room or sent a direct message. 

In essence, Google Business Messages Chatbots benefit businesses by handling large workloads in three key areas: marketing – obtaining new leads, connecting with current customers, etc. Chatbots are growing more popular as a result of their financial advantages. At scale, chatbots give individual connections to an infinite number of people.

Are the Google Business Messages Chatbot’s conversations private?

It’s a wonderful method to improve customer service. Customers anticipate reactions in the digital era. If a brand does not react to a message within 24 hours, Google will hide the messages button, pushing brands to emphasize customer care and answer queries swiftly.

What should I do if a Google Business Messages Chatbot responds to me?

On your desktop browser, you may notice a “Messages’ ‘option on the left side navigation when you log in to Google My Business. When you click on it, you can see your customers, click on them to open the chatbox, and then answer their messages.

Can Google Business Messages Chatbot send messages to users?

Yes, but only people who have messaged your Facebook Page beforehand. These emails will be delivered to your Inbox. Even if they like your Page, you won’t be able to send a message to someone who hasn’t messaged it first.

What is the best way to make Google Business Messages Chatbot?

For corporate users, Google has relaunched GSuite as Google Workspace, making Google Chat an intrinsic part of the Workspace experience, including communicating with colleagues and clients. 

It’s simple to interact with your team and communicate with new clients using Google Chat. You can install chat as part of your Business Profile to answer potential clients who want to communicate using Google Maps and other Google Apps, or you can add it to your Gmail inbox to access all of chat’s capabilities directly in Gmail.

Is it possible to get instant feedback?

You’ve probably encountered it yourself. You write an email to customer service or wait in a long phone queue. With the help of a chatbot, you can cut down on unnecessary wait times.

Users receive immediate responses to their questions. When asking straightforward questions about the company’s offerings or the status of a purchase, speaking with a human employee is rarely necessary. Without waiting for feedback, the consumer has fixed his or her problem in a matter of minutes. It not only frees up your customer service staff but also improves client happiness.

Is it possible that this will help you with your information search?

The amount of information or product portfolio on a website might quickly become overwhelming. A user will frequently have to search for a long time and navigate a convoluted menu to find their desired information.

Google Business Messages Chatbots are significantly more capable than humans of dealing with massive amounts of data. In seconds, they may search a database for the information they need and make it available to the user. It saves the user a lot of time and anxiety while looking for information and allows them to have a stress-free purchase experience.

Final Words

The Google Business Messages Chatbot is a mobile conversational channel that brings together entry points from Google Maps, Search, and brand websites to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences that delight customers and drive business results.

Consumers will find Business Messages in many more locations on Android in the coming months, including within apps and during calls. Build customer trust by displaying estimated wait times and answers to frequently asked questions, and improve customer service by allowing customers to speak with a live person. Rich features like carousel recommended replies and photographs can help you increase loyalty, purchase, schedule appointments, and upsell. Brands may use Business Messages on Android smartphones and Google Maps on iOS to get a comprehensive business messaging solution.

Without question, Google is a fantastic way for businesses to broaden their reach and become more prominent online. The internet giant is paving the door for great commercial prospects. It’s no surprise that many successful companies, institutions, and brands have chosen to be present on Google.

With statistics and feedback, Google Business Messages Chatbot may help redirect calls to chat, enhance sales, and improve customer happiness. Our team and partners can help firms establish a conversational marketing strategy if they need more hands-on guidance.

If you require a chatbot solution to link your customer service with Google Business Messages Chatbot, nerDigital’s chatbot solution is the way to go. They have a tool for omnichannel automation. It means you may automate customer assistance across various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, and others. To learn more, please Contact us  immediately.

5 Best Ways to Integrate Google My Business Chatbot in your Marketing

Google My Business Chatbot

Undoubtedly, people who prefer to reach brands, organizations, and businesses have shifted from personal communication to virtual. This means that people, nowadays, are becoming more fund of reaching businesses through instant messaging. In a recent study conducted by Google, it is revealed that customers no longer want to phone the dealership, send emails, or fill out a form to make their purchase. Instead, people primarily rely on instant messaging, like Facebook messenger and Google My Business Messaging, as their preferred contact mode between purchasers and brands.

This could be the primary driver of Google groups to introduce a new feature: Google My Business Messaging. This tool will allow consumers to communicate with brands that interest them. On the brand owner’s part, this tool enables you to communicate with clients who have found your company listing on Google Search directly via a chat window.

Many firms construct a Google business listing, which is also known as a Google Business Profile, as part of their efforts to improve their exposure on Google. As a business owner or someone in charge of marketing operations for a company’s website, you should be aware that just establishing a Business Profile does not provide you the entire control over that profile’s content. In order to make your Business Profile a successful SEO and lead-generating channel for your company, you must improve your administration of it and your understanding of its features and functions.

The question is: How can you take total control of your Google Business Profile? That is, in addition to establishing a free Business Profile, you must also register a second free Google My Business account in order for your Business profile to be visible to the public.

In this post, we will walk you through the important things about Google My Business and Google My Business Chatbot. Read on to learn more. 

What is Google My Business

Google My Business

Through Google My Business, you will have access to tools that will allow you to maintain and improve your Business Profile on Google, among other things. To better understand what Google My Business is and how it works, let’s first define what a Business Profile is for the sake of this explanation.

When someone searches for your company on Google, the Business Profile is the search phrase that Google uses to find you. Google Maps and Google Search local results may also display business profiles if they are optimized for search engine optimization (SEO).

Creating a Company Profile is a simple process that anybody with legitimate business information may complete. Simply providing Google with your company name, location, and category is sufficient, and after Google has confirmed the information, they will establish a profile for that specific area. Consumers will then be able to leave reviews, photographs, and other comments on the company page, as well as ask questions.

Having learned that your company profile may exist independently of a Google My Business account, you can go on to the next step. It should also be mentioned that regardless of whether you made your own company profile or not, you do not have the ability to change the information shown or the reviews collected by the site.

This is when having a Google My Business account comes in handy. The free Google My Business account enables you to maintain and improve your company’s online presence by allowing you to modify it and add new features.

Why Businesses Should Have Google My Business Profile

Google My Business Profile

Nowadays, you can market your product or service more quickly and easily than ever before, thanks to advancements in technology. As reported by Seek Engine Watch, 50 percent of customers who use their mobile phones to search for local businesses wind up visiting one of their establishments. When you consider that practically everyone today has a smartphone, can you fathom the amount of potential sales you might generate just from organic search and Google My Business?

It is critical to understand that setting up, authenticating, and correctly optimizing your Google My Business account is a significant opportunity. You should make use of this tool to the best degree possible.

What more does GMB have to offer you? Here are two of the additional advantages of Google My Business.

1. It helps your business to show up on maps.

Whenever you search for a location on Google, do you take notice of the highly visible map and a list of company names that display right at the top of the page? Local Pack is the name of this feature, and there are two important reasons why you should pay attention to it.

First and foremost, it is very visible. When people search for a business using the Google search engine, a significant amount of businesses are taken up by the Local Pack on page one of Google search results. It is the first thing that every Google user will view after typing in their query.

Without listing on Google My Business, it will be quite impossible for your brand to show up on the first page. This, of course, impacts your leads as a significant portion of your potential clients are searching for a business of your niche through Google. 

Second, it provides users with the ability to see the information they need at a glance.

The Local Pack is a section of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that lists the relevant locations to your search. A slew of other pertinent details is also provided, including the location of the place on a map, its phone number in case prospective customers have any queries or want to make a fast reservation, shop hours, and even the company’s star rating if one is available for public display. It is a handy item for both the company and the consumers.

According to Moz, the Google My Business page is the most important element in deciding local pack results. So, if you want to interact with your target audience — in this example, the individuals who live in your service area — making sure that your web information is accurate, up to date, and optimized via Google My Business might be beneficial.

2. It allows users to review your business

The importance of client feedback should never be underestimated, particularly when it comes to search engine results. Consequently, if you want your business to appear prominently in search results, adopting Google My Business to make it simple for your clients to write positive comments about your company is a need. Here are some other reasons you need customers to submit reviews on your website.

When making purchasing choices, many people depend on customer feedback. Online customer evaluations can impact as many as 93 percent of buyers. These little blocks of text are true customer testimonials; the corporation did not pay these individuals to advertise its product or service. They are seen as more credible, and many people trust what they say.

People are becoming more and more used to reading customer evaluations before deciding on a local company. Because consumers like reading reviews, search engines rely on them to rank search results. If you can effectively use this Google My Business tool, it has the potential to have a significant influence on your company.

It is important to have positive reviews. Additionally, they function as free and trustworthy advertisements for your goods or services, in addition to improving your search engine rating. According to research, a product with numerous favorable evaluations is more likely to be tried out by buyers than a product with many negative ones.

Internet reviews are trusted in the same way that personal recommendations are trusted. The greater the number of good customer evaluations you get, the greater your prospects of generating leads and boosting sales are. The evidence supports this assertion: there is a favorable relationship between customer reviews and sales.

Even the finest firms receive bad feedback. If it occurs to you, deal with it professionally. Don’t take these critiques too seriously. Instead, put them to use to make your product or service even better. When used appropriately, negative reviews may give valuable information that can be used to promote your company’s goals.

Customer reviews provide company owners an insight into how their consumers perceive their brand. Consumer perception surveys help you see how your goods or services are being received by customers, which methods should be maintained, which things need to be changed, and which areas need improvement.

Whether positive or negative, reviews may assist you in better understanding what your customers think. Consider them from a logical standpoint and take them into account.

Google My Business is Cost-Effective

As previously said, Google My Business (GMB) is a free business listing on one of the most popular search engines on the internet, bringing your company in front of many prospective clients. In addition to GMB, several additional well-known directories are available online for other sectors. On the other hand, these ads often come with a cost, whether a monthly fixed charge or a yearly premium.

Your Google My Business page provides prospective customers with quick and simple access to your business hours, phone number, website, and directions with the touch of a button—all at no cost to you. Your free Google My Business page also provides clients with an inside peek at your company by providing information on your busiest hours as well as customer reviews. Every dollar matters if you are just starting or have a restricted budget. Having access to such a useful resource for free may free up your time and resources to devote to other endeavors and initiatives.

Google My Business Messaging: What it is and How does it Work

Google My Business Messaging

Having a Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) may be a terrific method for companies of all sizes to increase their brand exposure and attract more people to their establishment.

This free marketing tool from Google may be used to boost your search engine optimization while also presenting consumers with important information about your company. On the other hand, Google My Business may communicate with consumers directly.

Customers can easily reach out to your company and ask questions or express a problem with Google Business Profile’s messaging function, similar to Facebook Messenger. Furthermore, as shown by research, engaging with a company quickly increases consumers’ confidence in the brand.

What is Google My Business Messaging? To put it simply, it is a free messaging technology that allows clients to contact you in real-time, directly from your Google Business Profile profile.

In other words, clients will be able to contact your company straight from search results, rather than having to go to your website and seek an email address or phone number.

How does Google My Business Messaging Works?

Consider GMB Messaging to be a kind of instant messaging service.

Customers will be able to see a Message button on your Google My Business listing after you have enabled the Messaging function. It appears when your profile appears in Google Search and Google Maps, and it may be clicked to reveal further information.

Customers may directly communicate with your company and send you a message at any time of day or night with Google My Business Messaging.

If you haven’t already done so, see our guide to getting started with Google Company Profile to learn how to set up your profile and verify your business.

Follow the instructions in the following section to learn how to enable the Messaging function and manage messages on both desktop and mobile devices.

How to Set Up Google My Business Messaging

Let’s take a look at how to set up Google My Business Messaging now that you’re familiar with the concept. You will not have to spend a lot of time setting up this system since it is simple.

Opening your Google My Business listing is the first step in the process. Then choose Messaging from the drop-down menu. You will now be required to confirm the mobile phone number receiving the messages. And don’t worry, no one will be able to trace your phone number. No one else will be able to access it except for you.

After that, you must follow the instructions that will appear on your computer screen to complete the process. Also, don’t forget to include a question in your description. For example, consider the following question:

The communications from customers will display in your Google Business Profile under the heading “Messages from Customers.” In addition, you can create a personalized automatic welcome message that your clients will receive as they open the message bubble on their computer screen. This will assist you in making your consumers feel more welcome.

Another nice feature is the ability to exchange images with your customers and vice versa.

Benefits of Using Google My Business

Benefits of Using Google My Business

Yes, the setup is simple, and the features are completely free. All of the stuff is wonderful and everything. However, do you believe that these are the only advantages you will get from utilizing Google My Business? No, not at all. There are several advantages to utilizing Google My Business, as w andMy Business messaging that you can take advantage of. Let us have a look at some of them right now!

It Improves the Quality of Customer Service

It is critical to your company’s success to provide excellent customer service. If your consumers perceive you as helpful and nice, they are more likely to return and repurchase your goods and services. The higher the quality of customer service, the greater the number of repeat consumers.

The method through which Google My Business messages may improve customer service is straightforward. People now demand immediate responses. When they contact you, they expect to get a response as soon as possible. Google My Business message, on the other hand, has your back. If Google detects that you have not responded to the message bubble within 24 hours, it will erase the message bubble from your Google profile. It will also alert you that you must prioritize customer service and respond to communications as promptly as possible.

Increased Brand Awareness 

Google My Business messaging enables you to communicate with consumers more personally. As previously stated, you have the option of including an automatic welcoming message in your conversation. Customers may get a sense of your brand via this statement, which might represent your business’s look.

Consider the following scenario: if your messaging should also reflect that our brand is more pleasant and casual. Alternatively, you could want people to see you as a more serious brand. The tone of your letter should be more official and direct in this situation.

All of these will help to make your company’s brand more distinctive and distinct.

It enables you to expand your business.

More Google My Business messaging tools are on the way, so keep an eye out for them! Google is attempting to make improvements to its messaging service even further. It intends to add two additional message buttons to its website. “Request a quotation” and “Request a booking” are the buttons you’ll want to click on.

Customers will be sent to a form when they click on these buttons. These links allow them to obtain a price or make a reservation straight from the website. As a result, these features will save your consumers time and make their experience more convenient.

Another fantastic advantage you may get from the Google My Business messaging function is increased customer loyalty. CleverClicks has created a comprehensive essay on how Google My Business messaging may help to increase customer retention. As a result, increasing brand loyalty is another significant advantage you may have from using this technique.

Google My Business Messaging Best Practices

Google My Business Messaging Best Practices

If you’re new to all of this, you may be asking how you might utilize Google My Business messaging to communicate with your customers and prospects. If you continue with us, you’ll learn some fantastic new methods to use this resource. Let’s get this party started!

Have a Welcome Message

For companies, first impressions are vital to their success. As a result, creating a welcome message is critical for both you and your company. When consumers contact you, they will receive this message as the first thing they see on their screen.

You might take advantage of this occasion to express your appreciation for their decision to work with your firm or for reaching out. You may also inquire as to how you can assist them. Furthermore, you may tell them to contact you if they need to reach you outside of work hours.

Respond within 24 hours

As previously indicated, if you do not answer messages within 24 hours, Google will deactivate your message bubble. As a result, you should make every effort to react to communications as promptly as possible. A tragedy would be losing all of the wonderful advantages that Google My Business messaging offers because of a discrepancy in a message.

To prevent consumers from associating the message bubble with a negative customer experience, Google has disabled the function entirely. But don’t be concerned. You may reactivate the messaging function at any moment by simply turning it back on once again.

Additionally, when consumers look for your company, they will see how responsive you are to their needs. Your response time will be shown to them as one of the following options: a few minutes, a few hours, a day, or many days.

Turn On Notifications

If you have your notifications turned on, you will be notified whenever you get a new message. It is possible that being alerted will assist you in reaching the 24-hour response time requirement. As a bonus, it will assist you in maintaining your message bubble on your Google My Business page.

As a result, not only will you have your message bubble, but you will also be able to please your clients.

Keep Your Response Timely and Relevant

When consumers inquire about a refund, they want a transparent response. It is not appropriate to provide information about your new items or promotions in this situation. As a result, it would be great if you made a point of answering their queries straight and without deviating from the subject matter.

Keep the Message Short but Meaningful

When sending communications to consumers, avoid sending too lengthy or ambiguous messages. A fifty-word response when all they’ve requested is if you have a certain product in stock isn’t anything anybody wants to read. Your responses should be as concise and simple as possible.

As a bonus, if the consumer has any other questions, they may ask them at any moment after you have done addressing their initial query. Messages sent with Google My Business texting are completely free!

Share Graphics

Using graphics in your talks may make them even more entertaining. You may, for example, display images of your items or the colors that you have available. That may prove to be a more efficient and successful method of assisting clients and answering some of their queries in the future.

Continue Conversation Outside Google My Business

You may be required to ask clients for their personal information at some point. Furthermore, you are unable to do so using Google My Business communications. This breaches Google’s message rules, which prohibit such behavior.

If this occurs, you might notify your consumer that you will continue your chat on another platform. Customers’ trust in your brand will grow due to this, and they will feel more secure due to the process. Consequently, it is a win-win situation.

Utilize a Chatbot

Chatbots are a powerful technology that can help you optimize your customer service and engagement through Google My Business.

Google My Business chatbot can assist you in many ways, leading you to generate more leads for higher revenue. Besides that it can benefit your brand, the Google My Business chatbot also provides a positive experience to your customers, leaving a good perception of your business. This, in the long run, impacts the loyalty of your consumers to your brand. If consumers are satisfied with your customer service, they are more likely to repeat their purchase from you. 

In the following section, we will walk you through important things you should know about the Google My Business chatbot. Continue reading to discover more.

Google My Business Chatbot

What is Google My Business Chatbot

Now that Google Business Messages is integrated with Google My Business Chatbot, you may use it to answer all of your incoming messages. When you use this channel, it will be much simpler for you to get in touch with prospective consumers early on – even before they visit your website.

To top it all off, you can employ a chatbot to interact through Google Business Messages even quicker than you already are. With the help of a chatbot, you can enhance accessibility, timeliness, and overall client satisfaction levels.

But first and foremost, let’s get this straight. In this post, we will discuss the advantages of employing a Google My Business Chatbot and getting started with them.

What is Google My Business Chatbot

A Google My Business chatbot is software that mimics and processes human interactions at the most basic level. When a person interacts with a Google My Business chatbot, the experience is virtually identical to dealing with a human agent. A Google My Business chatbot uses a broad variety of written and spoken input approaches to offer a precise and appropriate answer to the consumer.

Google My Business Chatbot is designed to automatically respond to typical and regular inquiries and questions, allowing users to avoid waiting for a response. This technique uses information stored in a database to assess user input and find the most appropriate pre-programmed answer. A specific chatbot integrates artificial intelligence algorithms that allow the chatbot service to become more effective over time.

When it comes to the functionality and intelligence of chatbot technology, it will differ depending on how sophisticated the program is and what context it is used in.

The use of Google My Business chatbot has typically been reserved for customer service to accelerate support discussions, but their range of uses is rapidly expanding. Small businesses and organizations are increasingly turning to chatbots to enhance customer service and create a more productive workplace.

It is because they are so widespread in the digital business sector that they have acquired many other names, including virtual assistants, digital assistants, virtual agents, conversational agents, and various variations on the theme of “assistants.”

Benefits of Using Google My Business Chatbot

Should You Use Google Business Chatbot

Having a chatbot is useful for your business and your customers. It provides a variety of beneficial advantages that may assist you in making your company work simpler and more pleasant. Here are some of the most significant advantages of using a chatbot.


It is becoming more important to have a well-developed customer service department in today’s highly competitive corporate world. Businesses can answer a high number of consumer inquiries quickly because of the available robust chatbot implementation.

Implementing a chatbot involves some upfront capital expenditure. Still, it is substantially less expensive than the conventional customer service approach, which includes infrastructure, payroll, training, and a variety of other resources.

An industry analysis found that businesses spend over $ 1.3 trillion per year responding to inquiries from approximately 265 billion consumers. Chatbots have shown that businesses may save as much as 35% of this cost by using them. Chatbots assist organizations in reducing expenses without sacrificing the level of service they provide to customers. Here are a few more examples of how chatbots may assist organizations in cutting expenses.

Chatbots simplify routine corporate operations, allowing customer service representatives to devote their time to more difficult demands.

Boost chat help during peak hours in a systematic manner to deliver high-quality service and increase customer satisfaction.

Allow certain innovative customer service approaches to increase brand value and trust.

Allow businesses to provide context-sensitive, AI-driven assistance.

Contrary to the widely held idea that the primary advantage of chatbots is to answer queries and give customer service, chatbots may also provide value-based contextual help that can be very beneficial to your company.

The artificial intelligence chatbot uses data to present consumers with a more customized experience. These chatbots don’t only respond to pre-programmed inquiries that all clients encounter in the same manner. They also provide personalized assistance.


Chatbot analysis enables businesses to assess how effectively their bots can generate profitable business outcomes and revenue. It also provides detailed information on how customers engage with your company and their desire.

A flexible approach is used by chatbots, allowing companies to serve their clients on almost any platform. Making chatbots compatible with numerous platforms and integrating them into your current IT infrastructure is a simple process.

Enhances Customer Engagement and Increases Sales

Customer loyalty is critical for increasing sales and maintaining customers, and chatbots are an excellent tool for achieving this goal.

According to studies, organizations that effectively communicate with their consumers might see an increase in their spending of about 20% to 40%. Customer loyalty is increased due to the flexible structure of these chatbots, which makes it extremely simple to incorporate them into other systems.

An excellent illustration of this is internet booking. Following any communication with the chatbot during which the client indicates an interest in the booking, the chatbot will direct the consumer to the booking page to complete the transaction.

Your consumers will be delighted again and over again by this fast and simple experience. Furthermore, since chatbots are pre-programmed, they sound more realistic and human, resulting in a more delightful client experience overall.

Lead Generation 

Chatbots can ask required and relevant questions, persuade clients and produce leads in a short period. This will assist in directing the discussion in the appropriate direction and increasing conversion rates.

Aside from producing leads, another benefit of chatbots is that they certify leads based on pre-defined KPIs, such as timeframes, budgets, relevancy, resources, and so on. They eliminate the time-consuming process of manually processing each lead.

5 Ways Your Brand Can Leverage Google My Business Chatbot

Google My Business Chatbot

It is crucial to be aware that the way you integrate a tool into your mission-critical processes impacts the success and benefits you might get using a specific tool. The success of a tool will always depend on how you use it. Even the most useful and accurate tool, without proper implementation, will be useless in achieving your goal. 

When using Google My Business chatbot, there are several practices that you should consider. Here are some of them.

 1. Use Google my Chatbot to Answer Common Inquiries

Answering common and easy inquiries is the main function of the Google My Business chatbot. And so, it is best to let your Google My Business chatbot handle these inquiries. Doing this will help you save time and resources since your human agent, or you can focus on more complicated inquiries. 

You can include frequently asked questions in your Google My Business chatbot, so you don’t have to answer these questions repetitively. You can also include keywords that will trigger your chatbot to answer certain inquiries to work more efficiently. Moreso, you may also use your chatbot to start a conversational flow to your consumers.

2. Do Not Disregard Human Agent

While it is true that chatbot excels in imitating human conversation and providing excellent customer service, it does not mean that human agent is no more needed. There will be times when the chatbot will not provide an accurate response to the consumers. This is when intervention from a human agent is crucial. 

There are still parts of customer service where a Google My Business chatbot cannot help and which human intervention is valuable. For instance, if the consumer complains about their previous purchase, it is best to charge the human agent. For sure, the consumer who has a complaint is highly emotional. In that case, it is best to answer these types of queries with empathy, which Google My Business Chatot lacks. 

3. Register Leads Using Google My Business Chatbot

You can also use the Google My Business chatbot to gather your clients’ information. You may ask your users to key in their non-confidential details, including name, address, email address, and phone number. 

If you ask why it is good to register customers’ information, you can use these details to know whom to target specifically. And, of course, these details will allow you to retarget an audience that has already shown interest in your brand. 

In addition, you may also use this information to build your contact list for your subscription programs, such as email subscriptions and SMS subscriptions. 

4. Set clear limits

When your customers message your Google My Business chatbot, it should be readily clear (either by notifying them directly or making it incredibly plain) that they are messaging a chatbot and not a real person. Customers should also understand what they may expect the bot to execute and what they should not anticipate the bot to achieve.

According to a study, when users have clear and acceptable expectations going in, they tolerate a failed chatbot engagement. Customers are more likely to feel irritated when a chatbot fails to understand simple requests or inquiries if it is impossible to discriminate between them and a real customer service agent.

5. Have a fail-safe plan in place.

Adapt a range of polite rejections and error messages to your needs. A better option than having the chatbot and the user go around in circles is to be upfront and explain that it doesn’t understand or can’t assist with a certain problem.

Along with fail-safe features, it is easy for customers to communicate with a real person when a chatbot cannot help them. Even if it cannot comprehend the nature of the customer’s problem, a well-programmed chatbot can typically direct the customer to the most appropriate customer service agent. Avoid making the customer listen to a long list of options, which wastes critical time, as with many automated phone answering systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Google My Business Chatbot and their corresponding answer. 

What happens to the messages from Google My Business?

Messages will display on your Google Business Profile if you have one set up. You’ll be notified when new messages are received. You can personalize the automatic welcome message consumers will get when contacting you. Having many persons own or administer your Business Profile allows them to engage in customer service.

What is the procedure for sending messages on Google My Business?

What is the Google My Business messaging system, and how does it work? Consider GMB Messaging to be a kind of instant messaging service. Customers will be able to see a Message button on your Google My Business listing after you have enabled the Messaging function. It appears when your profile appears in Google Search and Google Maps, and it may be clicked to reveal further information.

Is it possible to send RCS messages from Google?

As of November 2020, Google has finished its deployment and announced that RCS 
was now accessible in all nations worldwide. It is possible to use any of the greatest Android phones thanks to RCS being accessible via Google Messages, so you are not restricted to just utilizing a Pixel.

Is it possible to utilize a chatbot for Google Chat?

To connect to services in Google Chat and look up information, plan meetings, or complete tasks, you may use Chatbots in spaces or direct messages to connect to services in Google Chat and look up information, organize meetings, or complete tasks. Users inside your business, Google, or third parties may establish bot accounts for you to utilize.

Additionally, webhooks may be used to connect Chat with your business’s current operations. If there are server problems or adding a new employee to your corporate directory, webhooks might be used to send an alarm.

How does Google My Business Chatbot work?

A Google My Business chatbot is a system that responds to customer messages available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and, depending on how they’re set up, may even answer inquiries while you’re not there. Smart automation, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning technologies are used to build a text message in the manner of a normal human answer. The bot responds as if it were a genuine human response.

The chatbot will either direct the query to a human operator or divert the conversation by responding with a different answer if a concept unfamiliar is brought into the conversation. All of this is reliant on how the system is designed. The complexity of the bot’s responses is dictated by the software on which it operates and the data it has access to, among other factors. However, regardless matter how the bot is built, it will preserve information from a debate for later reference regardless of the configuration.

What is the best way to utilize a Google My Business chatbot?

Consider the following scenarios to illustrate what you can do with a Google My Business chatbot:

Qualify leads
Increase revenue
Respond to queries
Provide fast and efficient customer service

What is a rule-based Google My Business chatbot?

A rule-based Google my Business chatbot, as opposed to an artificial intelligence-based chatbot, utilizes a tree-like flow to help visitors with their inquiries. Essentially, this means that the chatbot will guide the visitor through a series of follow-up questions to arrive at the appropriate answer. It is possible to keep control of the discourse since the structures and answers have all been pre-determined.

Rule-based chatbots are most suited for smaller groups of people and straightforward inquiries, such as booking a table at a restaurant or enquiring about the hours of operation. There are several benefits to using this kind of chatbot, including the following:

-Because the chatbot does not need extensive training, the installation procedure is less time-consuming and less complicated.
-A lower price is often associated with simpler technology and execution. –
-By pre-defining the structures and replies, you may better regulate the chatbot’s behavior and responses.

How long does it take to create a Google My Business chatbot system?

The length of time it takes to construct a chatbot is determined by the intricacy of the client’s requirements. Creating and executing a basic SMS chatbot, on the other hand, typically takes 4-6 days. However, in more difficult circumstances, such as those in which the client’s requirements are unclear, or many building stages are required, it may take up to two months.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, Google is a great avenue for businesses to expand their reach and be visible virtually. The internet giant leads the way to provide great opportunities for businesses. There is no wonder why many successful organizations, entities, and brands chose to be present on Google. 

Besides already being an exceptional platform for businesses, Google is still introducing tons of handy features valuable to many brands, including yours. Among these features is the Google My Business Messaging, which allows consumers and businesses to communicate without leaving the platform. It will pave the way for instant engagement between your brand and consumers. 

Despite Google my Business Messaging being already a great tool for businesses to expand their reach and generate more leads, it still has some room for improvement. Among which is the automation using Google My Business chatbot. With a Google My Business chatbot running on your Google profile, you can ensure that your customer service is always available and efficiently respond to consumers’ inquiries. As a result, you generate more leads and higher revenue. 

Suppose you need a chatbot solution to integrate your customer service on Google my Business; there is no need to look further than nerDigital’s chatbot solution. They offer an omnichannel automation tool. This means you can automate your customer services on several platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, and more. Contact us today to learn more. 

Free Instagram Comments Automation Tool Towards Brand’s Growth: 6 Best Ways Instagram Comment Impact Your Business

free instagram comments

No overstatement can be made about the significance of interaction in the success of your Instagram Business account. It is at the forefront of your interactions with potential clients, who are likely to become committed customers, and it leaves a lasting impact. In order to achieve this level of client participation, excellent organizations are considered as being exceptional.

When it comes to interacting with a company on Instagram, there are two ways for people to do so: like a post and comment on it. However, although the first is more difficult to cultivate, the second should not be ignored. Keep in mind that free Instagram comments will be the first point of contact for visitors who are interested in learning more about your brand.

As increasing the number of likes and followers increases audience traction, you may wonder why it is vital to raise the number of comments on one’s posts as well.

Be mindful that comments are vital to increasing your company’s visibility on Instagram. Digital marketing is to develop your company’s online presence. Human, automated or free Instagram comments can be huge potential for company growth since they establish engagement loops, which help keep Instagram’s algorithms running smoothly. Their assistance might be invaluable in developing true connections with your target audience.

Setting goals for comments is crucial, just like it is for any other marketing approach if you want to understand how this component of Instagram engagement affects your brand’s presentation.

In this post, we will walk you through the following concepts: 

  • How free Instagram comments affect your brands
  • How to get more free Instagram comments
  • Additional Tips for Succesful Instagram Marketing
  • Should you Consider Instagram Automation?
  • Why nerDigital’s Instagram Automation?

How Free Instagram Comments Affect Your Brands


If you are marketing on Instagram, it is crucial to realize that free Instagram comments play an important part in your business growth. And there are many ways free Instagram comments affect your brand. Here are some of them. 

Free Instagram Comments Manifest your Authenticity and Reliability As a Brand

Comments on a large social media network, such as Instagram, establish your trustworthiness and genuineness to potential customers and followers.

Because of the number of comments, your products are grabbing attention and creating responses, inquiries, and opinions from your target audience. What you say in response to these comments demonstrates your customer interaction methods. As a result, the comment area gives potential leads and customers an insight into how you conduct your firm and handle customer relations with them.

Free Instagram Comments Impacts Your Customer-Base

As a consequence of their engagement, the audience that engages with your material the most becomes more apparent to your potential followers. As a result, an interested follower may be able to gain a sense of who your target audience is by looking at the individuals that comment on your blog articles the most often. Furthermore, Instagram’s algorithms use the data to determine your target audience demographics and push your post into the visibility of those who are most likely to fall into this target audience demographic range.

Free Instagram Comments Affects Your Brand’s Popularity

Instagram comments affects brand popularity

If your post receives a large number of comments, the visibility of your post grows accordingly, and it rises to the top of the Instagram algorithm’s list of trending posts. With the use of social media, you can tell your audience about how well-known your company is and how extensive your audience reach is by combining other indications such as the number of likes and the sort of comments made on your post. The number of organic interactions with your posts will rise when your posts begin to appear in the feeds of new audiences as a consequence of this.

Free Instagram Comments Build Your Brand Community

Entice site visitors to become enthusiastic fans of yours. Increase the likelihood that your Instagram followers will become your business partners or clients. Organic responses demonstrate that your brand is still alive. Followers do not want to be a part of or participate in a dead community, whether it is a duplicate hashtag, group, or discussion.

Maintain the momentum of the debate by commenting on and boosting up your posts. It is possible to bring back old posts into prominence, leave new comments on them, create topics and articles, trend them, and get traction by commenting on other people’s postings. The alternatives are almost limitless in this situation. New comments, as well as new followers and likes, indicate more interaction. This not only brings new followers to your profile but also demonstrates how relevant your older postings are still today.

Your Response to Free Instagram Comments Shows Your Brand’s Personality

Even if you opt to auto-respond, the dialogues that take place in the comments section of your article provide your readers and prospective customers a good indication of the kind of brand you are and what you stand for. The way you adapt your replies, the language and tone you use in responding to various comments, and the triggers you use to do so may help your audience connect with you, which can lead to conversions and sales from your company, among others other things.

Suppose you pick your words wisely and answer to comments in a timely manner, depending on what objective you are attempting to accomplish with your postings. In that case, you will almost certainly see a significant increase in favorable feedback.

How to get more free Instagram comments

How to get more free Instagram comments

Instagram, which has more than 1 billion monthly active users, is the second most popular social networking platform behind Facebook in terms of engagement. Because the Instagram algorithm is always changing, social media marketers need to remain on top of the latest developments and establish an effective Instagram strategy. A way that will increase the number of people who follow you, increase your engagement rates, and encourage people to post more comments on your content.

Simply said, the greater the amount of engagement you get on your posts, the greater the number of Instagram likes you will acquire. When more people interact with your Instagram account, the algorithm interprets this as a sign that they are more likely to remain on Instagram, as seen by their likes, comments, and follows.

In such cases, the visually attractive social media platform will most likely want to improve your visibility — for example, by including your post in the hashtag browser or on the explore page, among other things.

It’s possible that posting regularly is insufficient, but you may employ various strategies to boost the number of comments, likes, and followers on social media posts. Never buy free Instagram comments; this method is completely ineffective. We’re going to get some true input from actual users. Here are some tips for increasing the number of comments on your Instagram postings.

Make Use of Related Hashtags

use related hashtags

It may be beneficial to your business to use Instagram hashtags connected to your goods or services to build a community around your company and obtain more free Instagram comments. Another way to rank higher in micro hashtags and enable people to discover you is via the hashtag browser – you may not be using this browser, but trust me when I say that many Instagram users do.

The use of hashtags in your content has been demonstrated to increase organic traffic by a factor of twenty. Instead of identifying your material with the hashtag #shoes, which has almost 20 million posts on Instagram, try adding the location of your firm to the hashtag to narrow it down and make it easier for people to find you.

Using a hashtag relevant to your geography and specialty, you may promote your brand to those interested in your product or service in your chosen place.

Make Use of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a fast and simple way to communicate with your followers and obtain more free Instagram comments than other methods. Why?

This is mainly because your most engaged admirers will look there when your profile picture appears at the top of their Instagram feed.

Another reason is that Stories have several excellent features that enable you to communicate directly with your audience. You may create polls, ask and answer questions, analyze people’s views about something, conduct a quiz, and do various other activities.

This tool is a fantastic way to leverage social media to promote your business and create a community of committed followers while staying within your budget. Stories are also featured in the hashtag browser and on the explore page, so you may want to include some hashtags in your content to make it more visible to those who do not already follow you.

Include Your Posts in Your Stories and On Social Media

Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of this strategy, and with good reason. Because of Instagram’s algorithm, it is getting more difficult to appear in the news feeds of your followers’ friends and family.

It follows that you should also share your regular feed posts to your Stories. This will assist you in getting your post discovered by more people, which will ultimately assist you in generating more comments on Instagram.

You may share your Instagram Stories posts by following the steps outlined in this article.

  • Go to your feed posts and read them.
  • Click the share arrow in the lower-left corner to share a page.
  • Select “Add a post your Story” from the drop-down menu.

Interact To Comments

Comment On Others’ Posts If you want to get more real comments on your Instagram posts, just responds to those already posted. It is nearly probable that the number of comments on your postings would more than triple.

Increased involvement and exposure on Instagram are correlated with more comments. If that isn’t enough, you can always ask people questions inside their comment threads, leading to meaningful conversations.

And what if you run a large Instagram account or a large number of Instagram pages, and you get hundreds of comments every day?

It will surely be challenging to respond to all of the comments while also juggling between tabs on the computer. In order to avoid this, it’s always a good idea to use an intelligent application that can automatically react to comments on your Instagram posts and Stories. That is what nerDigital Chatbot Marketing is all about, but there is more to it than that.

Additional Tips for Succesful Instagram Marketing

instagram bot message

The following Instagram marketing strategies can assist you in revving up your Instagram strategy, whether you’re just starting started or you’re a seasoned veteran of the platform.

1. Switch to a Business Profile

Obviously, if you own a company, the choice to convert your personal Instagram account into a corporate profile should be straightforward. Regardless of whether they perceive themselves to be a company, any professional Instagrammer should have a business presence on the platform.

Even though some believe that the Instagram algorithm prioritizes personal accounts over corporate profiles, this is a critical step in the process. The majority of sophisticated Instagram administration solutions are only available for commercial accounts.

Instagram has acknowledged the paradox of the issue and is presently experimenting with Creator Accounts for serious influencers; nevertheless, everyone else, with the exception of casual personal users, should have a business profile on the social media platform.

2. Leverage Instagram Insights

As the name implies, Instagram Insights delivers a wealth of information on the operations of your Instagram account, which is really valuable. When you go into Instagram Insights, you can see many information about your account, including important metrics like impressions and engagement data.

It provides you with specific demographic information about your followers, which will assist you in determining whether or not you have advertised your Instagram account to the appropriate categories of individuals, i.e., the same types of people as your target clients (or whomever else you target in any marketing goals).

Instagram Insights also provides you with information on each post you create. It displays any impressions and engagements that have occurred. It also showcases your most popular pieces over a period of time, which might provide you with inspiration for how to repeat their success.

There are also various alternative Instagram analytics tools accessible to match your demands and requirements. Some are completely free, while most others need a paid membership.

3. Don’t Make Your Posts Too Salesy

The most common error that many businesses make is to manage their Instagram account as if it were a traditional sales channel. The vast majority of the postings they publish are advertisements for their product.

These postings are mostly of little use to anybody. The vast majority of users will ignore them, and the Instagram algorithm will rapidly find their lack of popularity, pushing future posts from the company farther down the queue in the process.

Never lose sight of the importance of this. Generally speaking, people do not go into their Instagram or other social media profiles to purchase your goods. It is important to them to keep in touch with family and friends, occupy themselves, and learn new things on Instagram since they have limited free time.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that you cannot add a clickable link in a typical Instagram post. If you want people to go on to your website from a salesy piece, they’ll have to be committed to doing so.

You may, however, include some product teasers into your overall posting strategy. People will welcome you talking about your product in some of your postings, as long as you emphasize the product’s advantages. Product teasers may be used to generate interest in your product without making an effort to offer it directly to customers.

You may offer complimentary things, such as free apps that simplify purchasing your items. Your posts must be low-key and non-intrusive. You may also think about delivering discounts in the form of a coupon code.

There are several companies that have had great success with Instagram postings that include goods from their product line. Fashion, cosmetics, and food are examples of industries where this is extremely effective. You may publish visually appealing images of your goods without including any sales material.

don't make your post too salesy

4. Time Your Posts

Contrary to popular belief, the evidence does not support the notion that the more content you share on Instagram, the greater your chances of being successful are. If you overpost on Instagram, you may cause others to get irritated. There is little use in writing an article if it is not going to be of any use to anybody else.

The study was examined by CoSchedule, which revealed that the optimum times for B2C companies to post on Instagram were 8 a.m., 1 p.m., and 9 p.m. Their B2B research was comparable to ours, although their top periods were 12-1 pm, 5-6 pm, and 8-9 pm on weekdays and weekends, respectively. They discovered that Friday was the most effective day to publish.

Importantly, they discovered that most companies should limit themselves to a single post each day on Instagram, with consistent use of a single filter on each post.

5. Learn From the Right Metrics

One of the most important applications of Instagram for any organization is as a tool for achieving business objectives. As a result, you must choose the appropriate Instagram analytics to meet your objectives. You’ll be able to see how effective you are at accomplishing your Instagram objectives in this manner.

Instagram Analytics is available to every company that has a business presence on the social media platform. As previously said, the more professional-priced programs will provide you with even more data than the free versions.

It is critical that you avoid being enslaved by arbitrary measurements. For example, you shouldn’t pay too much attention to your account’s raw amount of followers. In and of itself, they aren’t really important to your company. The pace at which your followers are growing is significantly more important. Furthermore, engagement rate data will almost always prove to be more helpful than raw engagement counts in most cases.

6. Leverage Audience-Generated Contents

If you’re struggling to come up with new content for your Instagram account, you may ask your followers to help you out with it. User-Generated Content (UGC) has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years, and it’s only going to continue to grow.

Using a custom hashtag that is relevant to your audience, you may encourage your followers to share relevant photographs using that hashtag, which you could then regram to the rest of your followers.

If you offer to tag your followers in your regrams, many of your fans will be glad to assist you in creating content.

Of course, when selecting posts to regram, make sure that they are in keeping with the overall style and tone of your Instagram account. It is not enough to just regram every mention of your company or every usage of your unique hashtag.

7. Advertise

As with Facebook, after you have created a Business Profile, you will be able to run sponsored advertising on Instagram in a manner similar to that of Facebook. You may be a little more daring with your sponsored advertising than you can with your organic postings, but you don’t want them to seem too much like banner advertisements.

The primary benefit of having sponsored advertisements is that you may target individuals who are not currently fans of your existing page. As with Facebook advertisements (which are all managed via one interface), you have a great deal of targeting flexibility, and you can go extremely specific with your targeting. Your adverts should ideally be targeted to Instagrammers who are the most representative of your target clients. If you haven’t previously done so, this would be an excellent moment to start developing consumer personas.

Your advertisements should be placed in front of the kind of individuals who are most likely interested in your goods if you have properly targeted them. However, even these individuals do not use Instagram as a shopping platform. Your sponsored advertisements must capture their attention and have relevant material to be effective.

One alternative method of creating sponsored ad content is to reuse your most successful posts (as displayed in Instagram Insights), with minor adjustments to the content to reflect the more focused demographic, as illustrated in this example.

If you have more than one target demographic, you may send out various sponsored advertisements to each individual audience segment, which would be more effective.

Should You Consider Instagram Automation

should you consider instagram automation

Instagram, which has more than a billion active users, maybe a powerful channel in your digital marketing plan if used properly. However, attaining success on Instagram might take a significant amount of time. Instagram automation tools may help you save a large amount of time, but they also have certain disadvantages.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing these tools to be more productive on social media to assist you in making your decision.

The majority of firms will discover that using automation technologies may significantly increase their outcomes and return on investment. However, putting too much reliance on them might backfire.

Achieving maximum effectiveness while using Instagram entails more than simply publishing an image with a commentary every now and then. In order to grow your Instagram following and interaction, you must also devote time to a variety of additional activities, such as the following:

  • Creating and uploading stories
  • Responding to comments and direct messages
  • Following other accounts
  • Commenting on other posts
  • Liking posts
  • Tracking mentions
  • Keyword management
  • Finding prominent users to collaborate with

Performing all of these operations might easily take up several hours each day, which is why Instagram automation solutions are in such great demand right now.

After some initial setup, automation programs can take care of a lot of these activities for you, which may save you a substantial amount of time.

These technologies often have built-in filtering capabilities, allowing you to interact with smaller target audiences effortlessly. For example, you might opt to follow people solely from a certain region, or you could choose to follow all users who follow a specific account automatically.

Why Use Free Instagram Comments Auto-Reply Tool

why use instagram auto-reply tool

It is important that you give your full attention to the comments on Instagram. They are, in fact, a more meaningful kind of participation than just clicking “like.” The act of commenting on an Instagram post displays a greater degree of interest on the part of the follower. As a result, free Instagram comments are seen as a “hotter” source of information.

On the e-commerce front, Instagram, and especially Instagram Shopping, is making inroads. Commentaries on Instagram have become as authoritative as reviews on Tripadvisor as a consequence of this phenomenon. Additionally, more than 88 percent of Instagram users read consumer reviews before making a purchase on the platform. Your prospects will be more confident in you if you respond to their comments and demonstrate that you are both attentive and reliable.

Furthermore, replying to free Instagram comments may quickly become a competitive advantage in terms of organically referring your work to other people. An Instagram post that receives a positive reaction is virtually guaranteed to have a higher organic reach than one that does not. You enhance your visibility, get new fans, and broaden your business opportunities as a result.

In addition, keeping an active presence in the free Instagram comments section helps you to retain control over your online reputation. As you may be aware, “Nature abhors a vacuum,” as the saying goes. Ignoring comments on social media enables misinformation to spread. Your brand is also seen in an uninterested, maybe untrustworthy light. Most crucially, it is portrayed as difficult to approach.

Besides helping you save time, free Instagram comment automation tool also assists you in more ways. Here are some of them:

  • You make the audience who left comments on your article feel noticed and valued by acknowledging and thanking them.
  • You can easily increase the amount of interaction that each of your posts gets in a matter of days.

It is more likely that you will appear in the top posts when people search for hashtags associated with your posts if you get more engagement on your posts (engagement being defined as comments and Likes) and if you earn more interaction on your posts more quickly.

The greater the number of your posts that get high rankings for their respective hashtags, the more prominent you become. The greater your visibility, the greater the number of individuals who will visit your channel and, hopefully, opt to subscribe to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Instagram marketing and Free Instagram Comment Automation.

Is it possible for the Instagram Auto Comment Bot to automatically follow or unfollow other Instagram users?

Instagram Automation from nerDigital does not enable the automatic following or unfollowing of other Instagram users. In addition, our platform does not allow you to receive comments on your postings. Instead, using our free Instagram Comments Auto Reply Tool, we assist your company in responding to comments on Instagram.

Is it possible to turn off Instagram’s automatic comments?

Instagram auto comments may be easily turned off if they are not working for you after attempting to make use of the service yourself. You may be able to immediately discontinue the service; however, this is dependent on the software you are using. With nerDigital Chatbot Marketing, you may turn off your Instagram automation for free, and this will not interfere with any other services to which you are subscribing at the same time. In addition, you will not be charged any further costs if you do it in the future.

Should I respond to comments left by bot on my post?

No. Keep in mind that you are using an automatic comment response on Instagram in order to give a better customer experience for your followers. And when we term “customer,” we’re referring to actual people who have purchased our products. It is impossible to gain anything by answering using bots. The recommendation is to keep such remarks hidden instead.

Is it possible to use chatbots on Instagram?

Yes. Instagram allows you to interact with chatbots. It was reported earlier this year that company accounts on Instagram may now create a chatbot to assist them with tasks that aren’t very fascinating, such as answering typical customer concerns. Users’ comments and story responses may be automatically responded to by the Instagram chatbot, which is one of the many things it can perform for them.

What exactly are Instagram bots attempting to accomplish?

Instagram bots are widely used, and they may be used in a variety of ways, according to the user. You can program your Instagram chatbot to execute some of the same tasks over and over again, such as answering frequently asked questions and showing clients how your company operates. It is possible to save time by using an automated tool since you may utilize a chatbot instead of conversing with individuals one-on-one.

What is the benefit of having a chatbot on Instagram for businesses?

Instagram Chatbots may now be used to automate Instagram DMs (Direct Messages) as a result of the release of the Instagram Business API, enabling companies to provide consumers with a more convenient and accurate experience.
Businesses are increasingly enticed to use this platform because of the advances it delivers in marketing, growth, customer interaction, and sales abilities, among other areas of expertise.

What role do Instagram chatbots play in your business’s growth?

Instagram does not have a direct impact on the increase of your Instagram following. But it does more than that, it allows you to automate the majority of your everyday chores, such as answering consumer questions and replying to comments on your Instagram photos and stories. As an added security measure, Instagram chatbots are not permitted to establish a conversation with an unfamiliar user. Users must first send a message to your chatbot before the bot may engage in a discussion with them.

Is it illegal to use Instagram chatbots?

No. The use of an Instagram chatbot does not constitute a violation of any national or international laws. Instagram does not, in addition, violate any of the Community Guidelines in any way. What an Instagram chatbot is, is simply a tool that helps you automate your conversational operations on the social network. The fact that it doesn’t automatically like, share, comment, or follow another Instagram account means that it has no effect on Instagram’s reputation as a safe space. In addition, chatbots are not permitted to send messages to random Instagram users. A user must begin the discussion or remark on a phrase that will cause the bot to respond in order for it to operate.

Is the Instagram bot safe to use?

Yes. The Instagram chatbot is completely risk-free to use. The use of a chatbot on Instagram will not result in the suspension of any accounts. You may, however, be banned and your account terminated if you use the chatbot to breach any of the Instagram Community Standards.

Is it necessary for me to be a programmer in order to establish an Instagram Chatbot?

No. Instagram automation tools, such as nerDigital, may assist you in the creation of an Instagram chatbot with little to no coding knowledge required. In addition, our Instagram Automation solution provides templates that you can use to automate your Instagram DM answers as well as your free Instagram comments responses. Building an Instagram chatbot and other types of chatbots does not need advanced coding expertise. All you have to do is make use of the appropriate chatbot software.

Quick Round-Up

You’re already doing all you can to create fantastic content for your Instagram feed, attract new followers, and maintain relationships with existing followers. In the event that consumers contact you, adopting automation is only a continuation of your efforts to provide them with a pleasant experience.

Recall that your customers will very certainly become brand ambassadors, evangelists, and your most outspoken online advocates as a result of their interactions with you. Responding to their messages in a timely manner is an important component of providing them with the experience they expect. This easy strategy may also be used to reinforce the positive image that current followers already have while also impressing prospective followers.

Enhancing your Instagram presence in any way that you can is a no-brainer—automated chatbot responses give a shortcut to all of the advantages listed above, as well as additional perks.

Perhaps the most important factor in any successful company is timely and timeless consumer involvement. Automation may help you deliver superior customer service in a straightforward and cost-effective manner. NerDigital’s automation solution enables you to give excellent customer support while also creating sales chances and streamlining operations, all of which will save you money in the long run. To find out more, please contact us immediately.

Instagram Bot Message: 5 Best Tips on Best Tips on Leveraging Instagram Business

instagram bot message

When it comes to marketing, Instagram is an exceptionally powerful tool that you can utilize to develop your business. Creating an Instagram business account is one of the most efficient methods to use this social media network for your marketing efforts.

Instagram, which is anticipated to have 2 billion users by December 2021, is one of the most popular social networking networks. It is constantly developing new services to assist companies in thriving. These services range from data collecting to product sales. Businesses may utilize Instagram to display their products and services, increase sales, and promote their brand.

The potential for scaling Instagram DMs (direct messages) and having more meaningful connections with your Instagram followers is huge. This is especially true for big brands, influencers, and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. Instagram auto-reply solutions are the answer to some of the platform’s most visible commercial gaps, as well as a way to take advantage of those opportunities.

Consider all of the unread comments on your posts, as well as the missed opportunities to connect with fans who are sharing your brand in their Instagram Stories. However, there has been a stumbling block until now: the lack of an Instagram tool to accomplish these activities.

So, after a few years of Instagram cracking down on some automation tools in an effort to make the site more authentic, the pendulum is starting to swing back the other way. The Instagram bot message allows businesses to automate their customer engagement activities inside Instagram. 

The difference this time is that Instagram has complete control over what is allowed on the site, and more advanced Instagram automation capabilities are on the way.

By the end of this article, you’ll learn the following: 

  • The value of Instagram Marketing to Businesses
  • Best Reasons Why Your Brand Needs to Be on Instagram
  • Tips on leveraging Instagram Business
  • Automating Instagram Messages through Instagram bot message

Instagram as a Business Channel

We can see from the data that Instagram is no longer used only for personal purposes. It has evolved into a worldwide platform that enables marketers to personalize their content, attract fresh talent, promote goods, and encourage their target audience to take action.

Furthermore, Instagram users are not only active but they are also engaged. The platform’s active users visit the site daily and spend an average of 7 hours each week exploring content and connecting with their social networks and companies, according to data from ComScore.

Instagram may also assist you in raising awareness of your company and introducing new items. Every month, 130 million Instagram users interact with material related to commerce. In addition to allowing you to advertise your business and product in a friendly and real manner, Instagram also enables you to sell to your clients without being pushy.

Even after reading all of these Instagram data, you may still be unclear about where to begin your journey. At first, the platform may seem a bit scary, but as time passes, you’ll come to understand just how effective it is for developing your company’s brand.

If you haven’t understood how to create an Instagram Business Account yet, you may want to read our guide on creating an Instagram Business Account

Why Should Your Brand Be On Instagram?


The photo-sharing network Instagram, which has more than two billion users worldwide, is a terrific location for companies to reach and attract new clients, as previously said. Statistics also reveal that users spend an average of 53 minutes on the website, making it the second most frequented online platform, only behind Facebook, according to the data.

Instagram users are not only active on the platform but they are also involved with companies and goods via the site. As a result, the platform is advantageous to enterprises.

Instagram has a substantial competitive advantage over other social media networks since it is largely a visual platform. Instagram is the most effective platform for showcasing content for companies that earn from the design of their goods or the provision of services that result in a clearly visible end product.

This social media platform allows for content creation via video, photos, and graphics. Nonetheless, your marketing strategy will ultimately determine what kind of content to produce and how often it will be updated. Establishing a list of priorities for your goals and, more importantly, your target audience before entering into a new social media platform, no matter how well it works for everyone else’s firm, can assist you in staying on track and focused on your goals.

Instagram has evolved over the past few years from being a platform for exhibiting one’s wealth or achievements to being a great tool for companies to market themselves and their products and services. Instagram has the potential to influence your organization in four distinct ways positively.

1. Increased Consumer Awareness of the Brand

It is highly successful at generating brand visibility, and Instagram marketing is no exception. It is estimated that this social networking site assists people in finding new products and services by a staggering 83 percent of members. What’s more, folks have a higher degree of trust in the firms that are marketed on Instagram than they did before.

According to 74 percent of people who use Instagram, users feel that firms with Instagram accounts are relevant and popular, and they believe that they are popular. On the other hand, prospective customers tend to disregard brands with an Instagram account.

2. A higher rate of engagement


When it comes to preserving customer relationships, social media platforms are one of the most powerful tools available. You may gain feedback from your audience via likes and comments. Still, you can also interact with them through interesting content, inform them of special promotions, and other activities through social media platforms.

Consequently, Instagram is even more successful than other social media networks in increasing customer connection. Compared to Facebook posts, Instagram photographs often get 23 percent more engagement than Facebook posts, although Facebook has more than twice the number of active users as Instagram.

3. Increased Revenue


As previously said, the Instagram audience is keen to engage in business transactions with brands. Approximately 11 percent of social media users in the United States make purchases on Instagram, indicating that the network has a large buying following.

Instagram users know that this oddity helps businesses make the most of their platforms. For customers to make purchases straight from Instagram, the platform offers a full set of features and functionalities. Links in Instagram Stories, shopping tags, advertising, and other features are examples of what I’m talking about here. More information may be found on the Instagram website by browsing through the whole list.

4. Extend the reach of your company

Instagram broadens the reach of your business by enabling you to define your target market more precisely. Because of the targeting capabilities of Instagram Ad Manager, this is an option that you should consider considering. In accordance with your requirements, you may use them to target the most relevant audience based on demographic data, preferences, and behavior, among other criteria.

Even better, Instagram advertising management provides you with a wide variety of remarketing options from which to pick. Not only can you produce more high-quality Instagram leads when you use Instagram advertising, but you can also effectively move leads from other marketing channels through the sales funnel when you use Instagram advertising in combination with it.

To determine the efficacy of your adverts, you may use Instagram’s analytics tool. You can keep track of outreach, total campaign spending, the number of transactions done, the cost per transaction made, conversions, and various other vital data using the platform.

Best Tips on Leveraging Instagram Business

Many companies are under the impression that they must be present on every social media site… and they lose sight of the big picture. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

Because Instagram is so different from other prominent social media platforms, it necessitates the development of a unique marketing plan. Begin by defining the distinctive style that will distinguish your company.

1. Establish your Instagram objectives.

Before you begin posting on Instagram, ask yourself (or your team) the following question: Why are you on Instagram in the first place? Regardless of how popular the platform is, your response should not be, “… because everyone else uses it.” You must have a clear objective and set of goals in order to be successful on Instagram in the long term. Only then will your time, energy, and monetary commitment be justified.

There is no correct response in this situation. You could want to utilize your Instagram feed to promote and sell your items to clients, similar to how Anthropologie uses its account. (This is one of the reasons why many e-commerce and physical items firms are on Instagram.)

Whatever the reason, make a point of defining your Instagram objectives first thing in the morning. What’s more, guess what? Instagram may be used for a variety of purposes – you can post product photographs while also sharing user-generated material, for example (UGC). It’s less about the sort of content you share and more about the reasons for why you share them, according to the study. If you understand why you are doing something, you can figure out how to quantify your success and utilize Instagram Analytics tools.

2. Identify the demographics of your Instagram target audience.

Before you begin marketing on Instagram, you need to identify the target group you want to attract. If you have other marketing tactics in place, you may rely on them to ensure that your efforts are as consistent as possible. Consider aspects such as age, location, gender, income, hobbies, motivations, and pain points before deciding on a job.

You’re not sure where to begin? Keep an eye out for popular events and trending hashtags relevant to your company. Take a look at who is using and interacting with these hashtags, and then look at their profiles to learn more. You may also have a peek at the people that follow your rival. Instagram makes it simple to identify and target your target demographic.

3. Carry out a market research study to determine your competitors.

Following the identification of your Instagram audience, do competitive research to identify what other marketers in your sector are publishing on the platform.

In the event that you already know who your top rivals are, start by looking through their Instagram accounts. If not, try searching for phrases relating to your company and industry to see if you can discover any similar stories.

Rapidly audit linked accounts to discover which posts are receiving the most interaction, which popular hashtags they’re using, what their captions are, how frequently they publish, and how quickly they’re increasing their following. While building your account, you may use this information as a starting point for comparison.

While reviewing your rivals’ material, keep an eye out for any possibilities that may have gone unnoticed. Including unique content in your marketing mix can help your company stand out from the competition.

4. Create an editorial calendar for your publication.

An editorial schedule may save you time and help you better manage your Instagram presence and profile. Make a list of different Instagram post types and schedule your captions, hashtags, and publishing timings in advance to avoid last-minute scrambling.

A fantastic spot to keep track of any important events that you want to promote on your Instagram accounts, such as new product launches or special promotions, is your editorial calendar. An editorial calendar helps you keep an eye out for possibilities that arise in real-time, rather than trying to come up with content at the last minute.

5. Establish a recognizable brand on Instagram by being consistent with it.

Content that is random or disconnected might confuse your viewers and can result in you losing followers. Maintaining a similar brand look throughout your Instagram account can help to avoid this.

Consider your company’s brand personality when determining what this looks like for you. What are the core values of your company? What would your consumers and staff say about your company’s brand? Are you a risk-taker, a kid at heart, a grim realist, or an adventurer?

Those three characteristics define Apartment Therapy’s brand identity, and the account embodies all three of those characteristics as well. In an ideal situation, brand aesthetic aids in the recognition of your brand, such that someone may see your photo in their feed and immediately recognize it as yours… without ever seeing your name.

Instagram Bot Message: New Way to Leverage Instagram Business

As have mentioned earlier, Instagram DM is a golden opportunity for brands to establish a more meaningful and larger scale of connections to prospects and customers. However, many businesses face challenges in maximizing the conversion of the opportunities presented in the photo-sharing networks. Thanks to Instagram automation tools, including Instagram bot messages and automated comment replies, businesses can now ensure that most opportunities, if not all, will not be neglected. 

But, what is Instagram automation, and how these automation tools can contribute to the success of your business? Don’t worry, cause we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more about Instagram automation and several automation tools. 

Instagram Automation: What Is It and How It Can Help Your Business


Instagram automation refers to the method of managing your Instagram account with the use of third-party software and tools. This might include things like scheduling postings, commenting, reporting, and other activities. Instagram automation is usually accomplished via the use of bots.

If the phrase “bot” causes you to think of the term “spam” quickly, you aren’t far off the mark.

It’s been a couple of years now that Instagram has been battling against inauthentic behavior from bots. This has included the deactivation of various Instagram automation tools and bots that were found to be in violation of Instagram’s best practices. Although not all Instagram automation programs are spammy, it’s crucial to note that some are. It is true that the automation tools that are used for scheduling posts, finding the proper hashtags, and other tasks are wonderful solutions to automate your Instagram marketing efforts.

Though Instagram automation tools can be detrimental to your brand’s image, automating Instagram processes still present itself as a wonderful opportunity to maximize conversions of leads. In addition, Instagram automation is only detrimental if it is spam and violates the community standards presented by the photo-sharing network. 

Some of the valuable and safe-to-use Instagram automation tools are: 

-Instagram chatbot (Instagram bot message)

-Instagram automated comment reply

-Instagram post scheduler

In addition, Instagram automation tools present various benefits to brands, including yours. Here are some of them. 

  • Save time. 

Like any other social media strategy, Instagram takes effort to develop and maintain. Marketers must provide Instagram content worthy of their target audience’s attention to get their followers. In addition, obtaining insights and determining what is effective requires time and effort. You’re probably juggling it on top of several other social media networks as well.

The good news is that Instead of manually responding to discussions, Instagram Automation tools may assess your audience’s preferences and provide material that they are most interested in. You won’t even have to worry about them responding to chats or scheduling Instagram posts on your behalf. Spend a little time upfront, and you’ll save a lot of time in the long run.

“Not only does this assist in increasing reach within the social media community, but it also assists us, the agency, in managing our workload. Additionally, reducing time results in a more cost-effective client account for us. We like to spend our time in thinking rather than performing administrative activities.” — Sarah Keeble, Verb Brands & Communications

  • Generate reliable insight. 

Improve your insight by making it better, quicker, and more dependable. Another benefit of adopting Instagram Automation is that it reduces the likelihood of human mistakes. 

The majority of agencies and marketers manually review their Instagram data to get insights. Not only can delegating that task to an automated technology result in more insights in less time, but the conclusions you make will be less susceptible to human mistakes.

  • Obtain genuine followers

It’s no secret that increasing your Instagram follower count might be difficult to achieve. Many variables influence a user’s choice to click on the “follow” button on a website.

According to our research, users who engage in meaningful interactions with a brand on Instagram are more likely to follow the firm’s account. When you automate such interactions, you may do it at a large scale and steadily increase your follower count over time.

However, it is important to note that you should avoid using automation to get fictitious followers. While having thousands of phony followers may seem impressive on the surface, it is unlikely that you will get the interaction (or product sales) you want from your Instagram marketing approach.

  • Increase Sales. 

Today’s customers have an “always-on” attitude toward the process when it comes to purchasing. That day when people would go into a shopping mall with a list of items they wanted to purchase, it is long gone. Instead, individuals use social media to find new products—and often wind up purchasing goods that they did not want to purchase as a consequence of seeing them on Instagram or other social media platforms.

(This is one of the reasons why Instagram is introducing new eCommerce capabilities such as Instagram Shops.) Every month, more than 130 million users interact with shopping postings.)

Instagram Automation lets you deal with the stream of inquiries you get via Instagram Messaging in a more efficient manner. Automated responses may be configured to answer queries about goods, upsell other things, and lead customers through the checkout process.

The following section will discuss the two commonly used  Instagram automation tools: Instagram bot message and Instagram Automated Comment. 

Instagram Bot Message


Instagram bot messaging, generally known as an Instagram chatbot, is an automation technology that supports a dialogue between a person and a machine.

Instagram bot message will send particular messages to Instagram users through direct messaging, depending on the information they enter in the input field. If you send a single word or a frequent phrase to the Instagram bot message through a direct message, it will respond with an automatic response from the bot. The use of this convenient feature may be quite beneficial in offering rapid replies to your audience when they have a simple query or in supplying them with detailed information depending on their requirements. Furthermore, they are sent immediately, allowing your followers to get responses even when you are not online.

Users may contact you 24 hours a day and still get the answers they’re seeking regarding your brand, goods, and services, making using an Instagram bot message a more convenient and effective way to operate a company overall. You may take advantage of this chance to raise tremendous exposure for your business, improve sales, and provide a superior customer service experience to your customers.

There are a plethora of ways in which Instagram bot message might be advantageous to your company. They can assist you with a variety of tasks, including

  • Instagram users will find it simple to communicate with your company directly by connecting with them while exploring the platform and clarifying their questions. This alternative assists your business in increasing their client satisfaction rate while also increasing their sales.
  • It enables marketers to communicate with consumers in the manner they want using messaging platforms.
  • Help your customers clear up any questions they may have about your goods and be available to them at all times, resulting in improved customer service.
  • Because Instagram bot message assists consumers in handling their issues in real-time, customers are more likely to connect with the companies they follow.
  • Brands can simply run surveys, get feedback on their goods and websites, and make improvements as a result.
  • Customers who use personalized message systems in Instagram bot message are more likely to go to the next level with confidence, enhancing lead generation, nurturing, and overall service quality.
  • Customers may communicate with brands in any language and have their questions answered on a 24/7 basis, wherever in the world.
  • Expand your firm into new market sectors without having to worry about finding enough employees to manage the influx of new customers.
  • Instagram bot message can handle enormous amounts of inquiries simultaneously without causing delays, making mistakes, or losing patience.
  • It lowers total customer support expenses by lowering the number of executives required to respond to consumer inquiries and complaints.

Instagram Comment Automated Reply


It is important that you give your full attention to the comments on Instagram. They are, in fact, a more meaningful kind of participation than just clicking “like.” The act of commenting on an Instagram post displays a greater degree of interest on the part of the follower. As a result, Instagram comments are seen as a “hotter” source of information. 

On the e-commerce front, Instagram, especially Instagram Shopping, is making inroads. Commentaries on Instagram have become as authoritative as reviews on Tripadvisor as a consequence of this phenomenon. Additionally, more than 88 percent of Instagram users read consumer reviews before making a purchase on the platform. Your prospects will be more confident in you if you respond to their comments and demonstrate that you are both attentive and reliable.

Furthermore, replying to Instagram comments may quickly become a competitive advantage in organically referring your work to other people. An Instagram post that receives a positive reaction is virtually guaranteed to have a higher organic reach than one that does not. You enhance your visibility, get new fans, and broaden your business opportunities as a result.

However, if you are receiving a large number of commentaries per Instagram post, it will be hard for you or your customer engagement division to respond to these comments. This is when Instagram comment automated reply comes in handy. They allow you to respond to comments automatically and simultaneously. 

For instance, nerDigital’s Instagram automation tool allows you to respond to comments automatically via DM. The tool will automatically message the commentator with the content you set depending on the keyword. You may also leave a reply to their comment, informing them that you message them. This will show other audiences that you are responsive to most inquiries, leaving a good first impression. 

If you need to understand more about why it is important to respond to all comments (unless the comment is malicious or spammy), here are some best reasons responding to Instagram comments is crucial for your brand’s growth. 

Comments Often Result Converted to Sales. As said before, comments are the best leads. Product-related comments often lead to sales. Customers will buy from your brands if you answer quickly to their inquiries. These comments demonstrate an interest in your goods, but they must first explain. If you do not respond promptly to these inquiries, you risk losing them and losing sales to your competition.

Encourage Brand Loyalty. Engaging with your clients is essential if you want them to purchase from you again. We value our comments’ feedback, favorable or bad. They will see you as a good brand, increasing their faith in you. Because of this, people are more inclined to use your brand anytime they need a product. Excellent customer service also encourages sharing. Satisfied users are more inclined to share your content with their followers. They may also recommend your businesses to their peers, which is an excellent source of new clients.

Comments Foster Trust. Visitor credibility increases with the number of comments on your blog. Responding to comments increased visitor trust. Your followers will trust you more if other companies remark on your Instagram posts. As a consequence, customers will engage with your brand more often. Long-term, this means more money.

A brand’s popularity increases its following. Were you aware that the loudest companies have the most fans? This will help your company’s brand grow.

Why is Instagram so popular?

Because Instagram has increased the flexibility of mobile phones, the majority of people use phones to take images.

Can the Instagram Auto Comment Bot automatically follow and unfollow other Instagram users?

Instagram Automation by nerDigital does not enable auto-following or unfollowing other Instagram users. Furthermore, our site does not provide comments on your content. Instead, we use our Instagram Comments Auto Reply Tool to assist your company in responding to comments.

Is Instagram open to chatbots?

Yes, Instagram allows the usage of chatbots. This year, company accounts may create an Instagram bot message to assist them with mundane tasks like answering frequent consumer concerns. The Instagram bot message can automatically react to users’ comments and story responses.

What are Instagram bots attempting to accomplish?

Instagram bots are popular, and they may be used in a variety of ways. You can program your Instagram bot message to perform things like answering frequently asked questions and teach clients how your company operates. Using an automated tool can save you time because you may utilize an Instagram bot message instead of talking to individuals one-on-one.

Is it safe to employ an Instagram bot?

Yes. It is absolutely risk-free to utilize the Instagram bot message. No accounts will be suspended for using an Instagram bot message. However, if you use it to violate any of Instagram’s Community Standards, you may be banned and your account deleted.

Should you respond to Instagram bot comments?

No. Remember that you’re using an Instagram automatic comment response to create a better client experience. And when we say “customer,” we mean actual people. You will gain nothing by using bots to react. Instead, such remarks should be hidden.

Is it necessary to remove spam comments on Instagram?

Yes. You will not profit from spam comments. Furthermore, spam comments on Instagram are often rude and violate community standards.

Is it advantageous to leave comments on your own posts?

No. Not unless the utterances are in response to anything spoken by another individual. Instagram and Facebook are working to improve their capacity to recognize genuine interaction. This would be the simplest manner of trying to rig it… and hence people would perceive it as not genuine participation.

How can you figure out who someone on Instagram has the most in common with?

Navigate to the profile tab (the person symbol) in Instagram’s bottom right corner. You will see “Least Interacted With” and “Most Shown in Feed” at the top if you have the option.

Should you respond to comments on Instagram?

Responding to comments on your Instagram images has a purpose other than being kind. Responding to comments may also help increase the number of people who find your page, attract paying advertisers, and encourage more people to interact with your content.

Final Words

Instagram is a great place for many businesses to expand their reach and grow sales. The platform has proved that businesses can provide a safe and secure avenue to improve their processes and reach in the past few years. However, since over a billion users use Instagram, a brand’s growth in the platform often comes with challenges and missed opportunities. 

Thanks to Instagram automation tools, businesses can now reduce their missed opportunities. These tools allow businesses to automate their Instagram tasks, making them more convenient to execute. In addition, these tools are also proven to help businesses in various ways. 

As have mentioned earlier, two of the most valuable Instagram automation tools are the Instagram bot message and Instagram comment automated replies. These tools are greatly helpful in optimizing your customer engagement processes. They have also been deemed a powerful tool in increasing leads and revenue. 
Suppose you need to learn more about Instagram automation or learn more about automation tools; we will be glad to talk to you and help answer your questions. Contact us today and learn more.

5 Great Reasons Text Message Chatbot Is a Game-Changer

text message chatbot

Excellent client interaction and support are the foundation of any successful brand. They have the ability to increase consumer loyalty as well as sales. And every successful firm understands this and uses it as a strategy to expand its operations continuously.

Human professionals have always handled customer involvement. However, when the volume of consumer inquiries increases, the procedure becomes rather overwhelming and may place a strain on the company. On the other hand, human resources is not a fully automated system that can efficiently answer all of those inquiries.

This issue is fortunately addressed by chatbots, which are a contemporary and reliable answer. Chatbots are computer programs that simulate human discussions by using a database that already exists. Customers’ involvement with chatbots, especially text message chatbots, is becoming more popular among business owners, looking for ways to give subscribers a positive customer experience.

A text message chatbot, or chatbot that communicates with customers through text messages, is one of the most widely used forms of business automation. It assists businesses by answering the vast majority of their customers’ inquiries and providing them with replies. It is a fantastic technique in improving client interaction that does not need the use of any third-party applications at all.

Even if a text message chatbot has automated the process of consumer interaction, this does not imply that a person is no longer required in the process. Human assistance is still required in many situations. In spite of this, a text message chatbot is quite useful when dealing with recurring many consumer contacts simultaneously.

In this article, we will walk you through the following concepts:

  • What is a Text Message Chatbot 
  • How Brand’s Can Use Text Message Chatbot
  • What are the Benefits of Using a Text Message Chatbot 
  • Tips on Using a Text Message Chatbot

What is a Text Message Chatbot

what is a text message chatbot

A text message chatbot, typically referred to as an SMS chatbot, is a software program that automatically responds to and sends text messages to those who engage with it. It is most often used for text messaging. With the help of a text message chatbot, you can create an interactive marketing channel that improves customer communication, delivers bulk text messages, raises consumer conversion rate, and does a variety of other tasks.

Because text messages are immediate and accessible, a text messaging chatbot is a scalable tool that can be used by a wide range of organizations of all sizes and sorts. With the help of this solution, it is able to send bulk messages to a group of people. A text messaging chatbot’s personalization and customization are also rather basic, allowing you to start an engaged discussion with your consumers without having to refer them to a website or another application. Most significantly, text messaging chatbots are very engaging, making them ideal for distributing promotional material and sales updates through text messages.

Additionally, a text messaging chatbot enables you to increase consumer engagement by sending text messages to them. As a result, clients may get an update on their order or make a transaction. Additionally, you may automate your text messaging chatbot by programming it with artificial intelligence-powered replies, which will allow users to ask queries and obtain quick information without having to go through any other communication channels.

How Brand’s Can Use Text Message Chatbot

text message chatbot uses

One of the best advantages of having a text message chatbot is its flexibility. There are plenty of ways brands and organizations can use a text message chatbot. Here are some of them. 

1. Raise Funds and Donations

Organizations can use a text message chatbot to raise funds and ask for donations from individuals. Across many nations, this method of raising funds for health-related organizations, such as foundations that fund scientific research into cancer and other comparable areas, is quite popular for raising funds.

Among the charity organizations that often utilize text messages and text message chatbots to generate finances through donations are the following organizations:

  • No Kid Hungry is an organization that works to ensure that children have access to nutritious meals in sufficient quantities.
  • In response to the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, the Jewish Federation of America
  • The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) (ASPCA)
raise funds and donations

Another prominent text message chatbot application for fund-raising is the Humane Society of the United States campaign. It was discovered that after sending a simple reminder through a text message, respondents were 77 percent more likely to donate. The Red Cross is another organization that has sought donations using SMS text messages.

2. Send Automated Welcome Message

In the minds of your audience, automatic welcome messages for business leave a lasting impression. This allows people to remember and appreciate your warm and fuzzy greetings while also furthering the perception of your company’s image.

Automating your “welcome committee,” which consists of the various messaging applications, might make your life simpler in the same way that other monotonous activities are being eliminated from our lives. In place of personally greeting every new subscriber, everyone who registers up for an event, and everyone who opts into your newsletter, you can set up your greeting message to be sent automatically. This will save you time and effort!

Automatic greeting messages also ensure that the message reaches its intended recipient when the required action is done since the message is sent in real-time. You also have the ability to choose the content of the message, customize it, and put together the optimal combination of factors to win over your consumers.

Here are some suggestions for creating an automatic welcome message:

  • Don’t forget to include a short description of your company after your message, or weave a self-promotional plug into the message early in the message if you’re feeling particularly confident about it.
  • Don’t be monotonous! No one appreciates a nasty greeting or a generic rip-off of your old greeting card collection.
  • Personalize it by adding some aesthetic components. Add some personality and spice to your presentation that your audience will like.

Send Out Event Notifications and Invitations

Since text messages have a 98 percent open rate, they are a great way to send out event notifications and invitations to consumers. However, sending bulky messages can be tiring and costly. This is why text message chatbots are valuable when it comes to notifying and inviting subscribers to participate in an event. 

A text message chatbot can automatically send out bulk messages notifying your subscriber list about your brand’s upcoming event. This will help you save money from sending individualized text messages per subscriber. It will also help you save a considerable amount of time since the process is automated. 

Manage Appointments and Deliveries

Customers can easily manage their appointments, deliveries, and purchases using an automated text messaging service. Clients may be reminded about their meetings through automatic booking reminders, and you can give self-service alternatives so that they can confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointments without the need for an agent. 

Additionally, you may alert consumers of their delivery time frame and offer them the choice to adjust their delivery time window. If the consumer wants further assistance, you can even provide the opportunity for them to continue the SMS chat with a live representative.

Collect Payments

Reminding clients to make payments by text messages is an excellent method to communicate with them and urge them to complete a transaction. By using automated text message reminders, you can increase the percentage of your brand’s ‘promissory notes’ conversions while using 60 percent less agent resource than was previously possible. 

Customers may make mobile payments fast and easily using a text message chatbot without leaving the text message they have been receiving. Message payments may be made over secure channels using the service provider of your choice. Customers are also automatically identified and verified by our ID & Verification system, which employs cutting-edge technology to minimize the danger of fraudulent behavior. This enhanced customer experience provides the consumer with the assurance that their information is secure.

Send Satisfaction Surveys

text message

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys is a great approach to get useful input that can be used to enhance the overall customer service experience. Sending surveys through text messaging may result in much greater response rates than sending surveys via other means. 

Sending automatic, customized surveys to your consumers is made possible by a text message chatbot. Customers may reopen SMS messages at any time, as opposed to online chatbots, allowing them to simply re-engage and complete surveys whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them to do so.

Whatever the purpose of a text message chatbot is, it is crucial to understand that the personality of the message is critical in virtually all of these situations, as we’ve shown above. And sending emails might be risky for security reasons, such as when a code is required to validate access to our bank account, which is common.

The last point of observation leads us to a decision. Despite the rapid advancement of text messaging technology, it is difficult to imagine a scenario where an SMS would be a viable alternative.

At least in Europe, the current trend is in the other direction. For sensitive services such as banks, confirmations through a temporary code are required, and SMS is the only means to contact the user without running the risk of causing a security breach to occur.

To sum up, the key to their success can be traced to several variables, including the fact that users nowadays are hooked to written communication, the personality of this kind of media, the poor quality of internet connections in certain locations, and worries about security.

Finally, despite the development of new cutting-edge technology, text message chatbots are still a long way from being depleted of their fuel. This underappreciated marketing technique will very probably surprise us again in the future, and it should be a permanent fixture in the marketing toolbox of any customer-focused organization’s arsenal.

What are the Benefits of Using a Text Message Chatbot

Benefits of Using a Text Message Chatbot

Besides automating your text message customer engagement processes, a text message chatbot can offer more value and functionality to your brand. Perhaps, the vast range of benefits it can offer to businesses can be rooted in the persistence of SMS as a channel of communication. Unlike leads through the website and social media, your leads don’t have to be online so that you can engage with them. 

Here are a few of the other benefits a text message chatbot can offer your business. 

Make your Customer Service Available 24/7

As we all know, providing excellent customer service is the most critical aspect in achieving success. Having customer service available 24/7 with immediate responses, regardless of whether your company operates globally or locally, significantly influences your clients’ happiness and desire to purchase. In contrast to the majority of consumers who are constantly placed on wait as operators attempt to connect you with a customer service center, chatbots never tire of responding to their directions.

They may be available to work and interact with audiences at all hours of the day, every day of the year. This feature enables enterprises to perform more tasks while saving time by responding to frequently asked questions about their products and services without waiting for customers. While a chatbot cannot completely replace real-time customer service in certain situations, it may be used to enhance it so that real-time staff can give full service without putting clients in a poor mood by making them wait for extended periods.

Thousands of prospects may be reached for free at once using this method, and they never have to visit your mobile website! It is possible to move prospects from the top to the bottom of the funnel with a chatbot if you do it correctly. With all of the integrations into Messenger Chatbot, you can essentially replace the website experience entirely. 

Help your Brand  Save Costs

The traditional way to offer 24/7 customer service is by hiring more human agents. This, of course, puts a burden on your company as it is laborious and costly. It also requires you to train them to provide exceptional customer service. But, with a chatbot, your brand can offer an always-available customer service without hiring additional staff and spending a large amount on labor and training. Yes, you have to invest in creating and implementing your text message chatbot, but it is more practical compared to the cost of hiring additional human agents. It can give your company a higher return on investment (ROI).

You can create and implement a text message chatbot for a fraction of the cost and time it takes to develop a cross-platform application or hire workers for each activity. Managing more than one or two individuals at the same time is a difficult problem for a single person, and it is far more difficult for an employee. Hiring agents to work 365 days a year and increasing resources to assist clients with simple questions might be prohibitively costly for a company’s budget. Not only will you save money on personnel expenditures, but you will also prevent the complications that might arise as a result of human mistakes.

According to Chatbots Magazine, employing virtual agents may help firms save up to 30 percent on administrative costs and increase productivity.

Chatbots enable businesses to save money while also being readily customized to satisfy a variety of requirements, depending on the user application. Keeping them up to date was minimal when they were constructed. According to an industry study, chatbots would handle 90 percent of all customer inquiries over the next five years. This implies that they would have saved $8 billion in corporate expenses by 2022.

Solves Bucket Leaks

Solves Bucket Leaks

For a long time, bucket leaks have been a major source of worry for many organizations. It is a simile for the experience of losing a client. However, although finding a solution to this problem is difficult (if not impossible), a text message chatbot and other chatbots ensure that the bucket remains filled despite the leak. Chatbots do this by guaranteeing that new customers and leads are accumulated over time.

A text message chatbot functions as a knowledgeable virtual customer representative who is constantly accessible to talk with your prospective customers on the phone or over the internet. Because the answer is automated, customers are more inclined to continue a discussion knowing that they would not have to wait for a certain length of time to respond to their concerns. Because of this, they are more likely to make a purchase and become a loyal client in the long run.

Optimizes your Customer Service

With text message chatbots, you can give a more engaging and one-of-a-kind consumer experience. A text message chatbot may gather information from your customers instead of having them fill out an online form. Evidently, clients despise filling out forms, which may result in their everlasting loss of company loyalty. Text message chatbots, as opposed to forms, make the process of collecting information more engaging, which is something that customers clearly enjoy. Text message chatbots do not have a facility for submitting information requests. It is instead dependent on the way in which the customer behaves during the dialogue that they bring them up.

Using a text message chatbot to collect information from your clients is more efficient and less invasive than using forms. You may thus replace your forms with a text message chatbot in order to create more leads and increase your revenue. Furthermore, you will not need to transfer your visitors to a website or a different application in order to gather information. Consequently, customers find it more comfortable to slip their information into a discussion than filling out a form on the website.

Most importantly, if your consumers have any problems with their purchase, they can just text your text message chatbot, and they will get a response as soon as the message is received.

Higher engagement and sales

Higher engagement and sales

The importance of keeping consumers connected with your brand cannot be overstated, which is why more and more businesses are turning to chatbots for SMS marketing. Engaging consumers with text messaging has been shown to enhance sales by as much as 40% in certain cases.

Because text message chatbots have such a flexible framework, it is very easy to optimize them for various channels and increase your brand’s engagement. As a simple example, you might recommend that your text message subscribers follow you on social media and sign up for your email newsletters. You may also use your text messaging chatbot to deliver links to your consumers and make product offers.

They may be trained to make a natural-sounding tone, making them seem more human-like to the user. Customers will feel more at ease as a result, and their overall experience with your company will be more positive.

Since you are receiving all relevant information about the consumer via a text messaging chatbot, there should be no use of fictitious e-mail addresses, false identities, or false last names while conversing. Chatbots are used by businesses to acquire insight into their customers and to communicate with them in a proactive manner. Email marketing has an open rate of just 3 percent, but chatbots have an open rate of up to 98 percent! They also keep current clients engaged with fascinating brands and items by sending push alerts or introducing them to fresh promotions.

Tips on Using a Text Message Chatbot

Text Message Chatbot Tips

Here are some of the best practices in utilizing a text message chatbot.

Determine the questions frequently asked by your customers

To develop an effective chatbot, first identify the common problems users encounter and the common misunderstandings they have while interacting with your product or service. You may use a brief survey or feedback from your customer care staff to gather information for analysis inside any marketing platform you currently use.

If your clients or prospects have a question that a human cannot answer, a FAQ chatbot can assist them. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) bots deliver well-structured replies regarding your company’s brand, goods, or services and may assist in directing clients to the right website pages at any time of day. In most cases, they are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

User-friendly Q&A chatbots serve the same purpose as FAQ bots by responding to user questions. Apart from providing rapid responses, these bots significantly improve the user experience by studying user queries and retrieving information that is related to past searches. Personalized talks tailored to each user’s specific requirements take place.

Re-engage customers

You may be acquainted with Facebook’s 24+1 rule, which states that you may send a personal one extra message after the first 24 hours of communicating with them. A push notice should be sent to the user when this is utilized to re-engage them and refresh that window, which is often the case.

With SMS, the restrictions are more flexible since there is no 24+1 constraint (but we should still avoid spamming individuals). In order to get a user to finish the experience, re-engagements should be planned ahead of time. It is recommended that you follow a one-hour, 23-hour, and three-day cadence for this; however, you may also follow up with your consumers in the future if you have anything fresh to share with them. 

Is it possible that you’ve added a new vendor and are now able to handle consumers who were previously ineligible for your services? Don’t be afraid to reach out. Is there a limited-time offer going on in a certain state? Those who utilize the service should be targeted. The advantage of having a discussion over SMS rather than on Facebook or your website is that you have the opportunity to re-engage these individuals indefinitely after the conversation has ended. As a result, consider innovative approaches to accomplishing this goal.

Make sure the chatbot isn’t too chatty.

Overwhelmingly, businesses are focused on making their chatbots more pleasant or conversational, in the same way, human customer service representatives would be. Customer responses to increasingly realistic chatbots, it turns out, aren’t always overwhelmingly positive. For starters, it blurs the line between people and machines, and, as previously said, it might lead to unrealistic expectations of chatbots in certain cases. 

Furthermore, consumers like it when their chatbots sound like talking to other people. Being forced to acknowledge that you’re speaking to a computer when it sounds so much like a real person might be unsettling. So just focus on developing a quick and effective bot while maintaining a neutral yet welcoming tone.

Allow the Chatbot to handle the most frequently asked questions.

Chatbots are particularly effective at freeing up human customer care workers by handling simple concerns. When designing a chatbot for your company’s customer service requirements, take into consideration the concerns and inquiries that your customers are most likely to phone in with. If your chatbot is capable of recognizing and responding effectively to the most commonly asked queries, it will be significantly more useful than anything else you can put in place.

Have a fail-safe plan in place.

Adapt a range of polite rejections and error messages to your needs. A better option than having the chatbot and the user go around in circles is for the chatbot to be upfront and explain that it doesn’t understand or can’t assist with a certain problem.

Along with fail-safe features, make it as easy as possible for customers to communicate with a real person when a chatbot is unable to help them. Even if it is unable to comprehend the nature of the customer’s problem, a well-programmed chatbot can typically direct the customer to the most appropriate customer service agent. Avoid making the customer listen to a long list of options, which wastes critical time, as is the case with many automated phone answering systems.

Send segmented campaigns.

send segmented campaigns

The term “segmented campaigns” refers to the process of breaking down large client lists into smaller groups based on common characteristics such as age, geographic area, interests, purchase history, and so on. Having identified and segmented your target audiences, you can program your text bot to send specific, targeted messages to individual groups that are intended to capture their attention and pique their interest, resulting in increased customer engagement and consumers who are more motivated to respond to your messages. In contrast to email, you do not want to send out a single message to all of your subscribers at the same time.

Use emojis cautiously.

When creating your text bot, it’s recommended to avoid using too many emoticons in the responses. While emojis may assist you in communicating your message in a pleasant and conversational manner, overusing emojis can reduce the impact and clarity of your message – not to mention the fact that using too many emoticons might come off as unprofessional at times. To avoid the overuse of emojis, it is recommended to configure the bot to use just a few strategically positioned emojis regularly.

Send more interesting SMS by including MMS and rich media.

Text bots don’t simply deliver text messages; they may also transmit multimedia communications, such as movies, GIFs, and music. Text bots are becoming more popular. Multimedia messaging service (MMS) may enhance the texting experience for consumers and is typically faster and more convenient than sending text messages since MMS just needs a single media file. Make a schedule for your bot to send MMS messages whenever you believe it’s most convenient, but keep in mind that they need more bandwidth to transmit, receive, and open than plain text messages. Feel free to check out this home theatre power managers guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because not everyone is acquainted with text bots, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most often asked questions, along with their associated answers, to help clear things up.

Are text bots and chatbots the same thing?

They both provide the same duties in that they provide automatic answers and assist the implementation of targeted marketing campaigns. While text bots exclusively interact via written messages, chatbots communicate through both written and vocal discussions (e.g., Siri and Alexa) instead of human communication.

Is it possible for humans to take over text-based communication from a bot?

They have the ability to do so. Users may keep a watch on chats and intervene if necessary by selecting the “take over” option in most text bot services. You may also instruct your text bot to forward any conversations about which it does not have information to a human agent.

How does a text message chatbot works?

Bots that respond to SMS messages are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and, depending on how they’re set up, may even answer inquiries while you’re not there. Smart automation, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning technologies are used to build a text message in the manner of a normal human answer. The bot responds as if it were a genuine human response.

The chatbot will either direct the query to a human operator or divert the conversation by responding with a different answer if a concept unfamiliar is brought into the conversation. All of this is reliant on how the system is designed. The complexity of the bot’s responses is dictated by the software on which it operates and the data it has access to, among other factors. However, regardless matter how the bot is built, it will preserve information from a debate for later reference regardless of the configuration.

What happens when you send a text message to a bot?

In the event when a user texts an SMS chatbot, the bot will read and evaluate the content of the text. It will respond to a specific message in accordance with the keywords that have been discovered on the message in question.

The discussion will escalate to a live human agent whenever the chatbot determines that the inquiry is too sophisticated.

What is a text message chatbot?

An SMS chatbot is a conversation buddy that operates on the text-messaging platform and is fully automated. It facilitates the exchange of information between a person and a computer. When you use chatbots, you are not interacting with a live person but rather with a computer.

What is the best way to utilize a text message chatbot?

You can use a text message bot to:

-qualify leads
-increase sales
-provided automated responses to common questions
-provide customer assistance

What are the benefits of text messaging chatbots to the customer experience?

Text message chatbots enhance the customer experience by giving your customers the quick answers they want on their terms, at any time and from any place. Bots are becoming more popular. In the words of Gartner, bots are “queue busters” and “central automated centers of information” because of their ability to provide 24/7 customer service and manage a virtually infinite amount of client requests at the same time.

A step further, if your bot is unable to answer the customer’s inquiry, it will quickly transfer the client to an agent who is able to do so – while also sending along with a transcript that will help the agent contextualize the interaction. If there is no channel pivoting in place, customers will not fall through the cracks in the system. Again, this is for the benefit of the user experience.

How easy is it to build a text message chatbot?

In the case of our text message chatbot solutions, the process of developing a custom SMS chatbot is rather basic. There are no complicated steps involved; just choose an SMS provider such as Twilio, link your chatbot to your nerDigital SMS channel, and set up a process to begin speaking with your present and future clients.

When will the chatbot escalate the situation to a human representative?

There are several instances in which an automated chat fails to satisfy the customer’s needs. In these types of circumstances, human help is very necessary.

It may be required to escalate the situation to a human agent to ensure a seamless client changeover when a customer:

-Requests a phone call or video call from the user.
-Asks the same question over and over again.
-A question that the bot cannot answer is sent to the user.

Is it necessary for me to have coding abilities in order to construct my chatbot?

On the nerDigital chatbot marketing platform, there are no coding skills or training required in order to develop a chatbot that fulfills your goals and expectations. nerDigital is a company that specializes in chatbot marketing. BotBuilder allows you to specify your bot’s purpose and construct custom procedures in minutes.

In order to quickly and simply create a chatbot utilizing the nerDigital chatbot marketing platform, you must first pick one of the many pre-built templates available for a variety of companies like automotive, e-commerce, and utilities, amongst other things. Unique conversation flows for the chatbot should be added to the template and replaced with your custom conversation flows for the bot.

Quick Round-Up

Text bots are a terrific tool when set up properly. They may increase your communication with clients and develop great ties with them. Automating your client interaction process provides rapid communication and frees up your human resources to undertake other useful duties.

Suppose you want to use a text message chatbot in your marketing tools, no need to go farther than the chatbot marketing solutions supplied by nerDigital. They provide different marketing automation, including SMS and WhatsApp automation. Contact us now to learn more.

Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best Chatbot Platform for Your Business: 5 Best Chatbot Platform

chatbot platform

The way organizations connect with their customers—whether it be for support, marketing, or sales—is changing fast, and the usage of chatbots has surged by 92 percent since 2019.

Chatbots have emerged as a critical component of any customer service strategy. They allow teams to expand their efforts and offer assistance around the clock while enabling agents to concentrate on discussions that need a human touch in order to be genuinely effective. Customers trust bots for basic encounters but prefer to talk with a human agent when dealing with sensitive or difficult situations.

If your brand is considering a chatbot, it might be overwhelming for you and your team to start. However, before diving deeper into the actual process of crafting your chatbot, you might want to consider choosing the best chatbot platform for you. Choosing the best chatbot platform for your business and team is a crucial part of the success of your chatbot implementation. 

Luckily, we have this guide for you. Here, we cover the following:

  • What is a chatbot platform?
  • Why does your business require a chatbot platform?
  • Chatbot Platform’s Salient Features
  • How to Choose the best Chatbot Platform 
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Continue reading to learn more.

What is a Chatbot Platform? 

what is a chatbot platform

The aspect of communication, over the last few decades, has changed dramatically. With the introduction of several advancements, alongside constant innovations, exchanging thoughts, ideas, and information is becoming more and more instant. Smartphones, wearables, and the Internet of things (IoT) have totally transformed the communication environment. As digital artifacts have gotten smaller, the computational power has increased. As a result, many individuals and groups, including brands and businesses, are expected to be more efficient in providing customers with reliable and fast customer communication services.

Customers no longer want to be confined by the communication means an organization has selected for itself. They want to communicate with technology on a variety of days. This entails expanding their means of reaching out and communicating to customers. Reaching customers through a single channel of communication or interaction is no longer a good idea.

However, expanding your band’s means of engaging with consumers comes with several challenges. First, you need to define which channels will be best for your brand and your customer’s necessities and requirement. Also, expansion of the customer engagement process of your brand entails hiring an additional workforce, which requires a considerable amount of time, effort, and monetary investment. Because time will come, your current number of human agents can no longer assist all the customer inquiries and queries. 

Luckily, a conversational chatbot may help resolve these challenges by enabling clients to simply ask for anything they need across various channels, from any location, at any time of day or night—it gives way to the constantly increasing popularity of chatbots, chatbot platforms, and chatbot marketing. 

Chatbot marketing is becoming more popular among firms these days. Data predicts that the number of companies using Facebook Messenger to exceed 40 million by 2022, with 300,000 active chatbots. Chatbots enable brands to provide an engaging conversational experience to their customers and visitors, may it be through voice call, chat, or text message. In able to create a chatbot, a company must first create a robust back-end that should feature tools such as data mining, machine learning, and natural processing. This, of course, entails an arduous and complex creation process. 

But, you can bypass most of the arduous process of constructing your own chatbot by utilizing a chatbot platform. Several firms have built a chatbot engine that brands can use for free or for a small fee to allow users to design their own chatbot programs. It is really simple to construct basic chatbot features since almost every engine has an extremely straightforward graphical user interface. Engines, back-end apps, and chat platforms are all components of a typical checkbook architecture.

Because of the platform, developers and companies can pay bots without having to worry about knowing how to code. Despite the fact that artificial intelligence is at the heart of a chatbot platform, it also provides a user-friendly dashboard with all of the essential modification and configuration options.

When dealing with chatbots, it makes things much more convenient. Their programming libraries are very easy to use since they already include the whole infrastructure as well as common communication capabilities in a single package. Terms can simplify the development of chatbots, allowing developers to spend more time addressing significant business problems rather than learning communication protocols and resolving technical infrastructure challenges.

Creating an effective chatbot without any coding skills is now relatively straightforward, thanks to platforms such as nerDigital, MobileMonkey, ManyChat, and other similar ones.

Generally speaking, a chatbot platform is a tool that enables marketers to design and operate chatbots for multiple messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

The use of chatbot systems allows businesses to automate a variety of touchpoint interactions with their customers, such as ticket booking, order placement, sharing of updates and news, and so on.

Why does your business require a chatbot platform?

Why does your business require a chatbot platform

Chatbot platforms enable brands to create a chatbot without knowing to code. Businesses can quickly, efficiently, and easily build an automated customer engagement service using chatbot platforms. But besides that, there are more reasons why brands and organizations should consider using a chatbot platform to create their own chatbot. Here are some key reasons your business requires a chatbot platform. 

Chatbot Platform Provides Valuable Chatbot Tools

Creating a chatbot does not only require a visual chatbot platform. There are still plenty of tools necessary for a chatbot creation and maintenance process. If you are to create a coded chatbot (which means you’ll not use a third-party chatbot platform), you will have to take care of these tools, which will require you more time. This is when a chatbot platform comes in handy. A chatbot platform provides you with all the necessary things to make your chatbot implementation successful. 

An effective chatbot platform provides a collection of tools for developing chatbots for a variety of messengers – all in one location. Using this method, you will not have to experiment with several chatbot builders in order to develop a chatbot for Facebook, Telegram, or WhatsApp. Furthermore, an all-in-one chatbot platform offers a single customer support staff that can assist you with the setup and operation of your chatbots across all of the messengers that you use.

Chatbot Platform Helps You Identify The Best Messaging Media for Your Brand

Chatbot Platform Helps You Identify The Best Messaging Media for Your Brand

Each brand is unique. And so, there is no particular customer service medium or tactics that are best for all brands and businesses. While a particular way of communicating to and reaching customers is effective for one brand, it may not be the same for the other brand. Despite being in the same niche, the same tactics may not be practical for two brands. It is a primordial reason why each business must understand their brands and customers’ necessity. 

It assists you in identifying the most qualified messengers for your company. In order to identify which media — such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram — is the most efficient for your audience, you can use a chatbot platform to evaluate the productivity of chatbots for multiple messengers. After that, you will be able to concentrate all of your efforts in one location, which is very useful if your company operates on a limited budget.

Chatbot Platform Makes Multichannel Marketing Easier to Manage. 

Marketing in multiple channels is not new to businesses. Perhaps, every great business understands that leveraging as many as possible marketing channels also tantamounts to generating more leads and higher revenue. And also, it is the basic way of reaching more audiences and decreasing the cases of lost opportunities. 

In order to develop a successful multichannel marketing strategy that saves time and money while also building interactions with the audience, users need a chatbot platform to assist them. Chatbots may help you generate new leads for your company by engaging with them regularly. Furthermore, having an additional marketing channel enables you to shift your current audience across channels, giving more value and a more tailored experience.

Many chatbot platforms feature omnichannel capabilities, allowing marketers, customer services, proprietors, and chatbot builders to save time. It also allows them to manage and maintain their inboxes from different messaging channels in one robust platform. This further allows them to save finances since it eliminates hiring multiple channel managers. 

Chatbot Platform Allows You to Track The Effectiveness of Your Marketing Efforts.

Data is what drives businesses to make better decisions and identify crucial factors for the brand’s growth. Without analytics, it will be hard for businesses to determine which marketing tactics and medium will work best for their brand’s benefits. This, of course, means lost opportunities for more leads and higher revenue in the world of businesses. Thankfully, a chatbot platform is equipped with tracking and analytic tools that can help you learn more about your marketing tactics and channels. 

With a wide variety of data, you can simply monitor the effectiveness of any chatbot you have in your system. The number of messages sent and opened, as well as the number of redirections to your website, are the most important metrics for evaluating the performance of a chatbot. Some providers present these data in the form of a click map.

Best Chatbot Platform Features

Best Chatbot Platform Features

When it comes to communicating with companies, customers want nothing less than excellent experiences. When considering the usage of a chatbot platform to assist corporate communication, it is important to evaluate the essential elements of the chatbot platform that will allow it to offer conversational experiences to the users of the platform.

1.  Visual Flow Builder

Building a chatbot should be a simple and painless process. It is made feasible by the visual flow builder, which also allows for zero-code bot development. Consequently, a bot can be created immediately on the platform using a drag-and-drop chatbot builder, which allows for quick and easy bot creation.

If your company’s needs are straightforward, the visual flow builder may be the best option. Using a simple UI, you can manage your situations and create a strong bot without coding skills.

With the visual flow builder, you can automate handling a wide range of client concerns and guarantee that discussions are as smooth as possible. It also assists you in fine-tuning your bot’s operations and improving its overall performance in response to user input.

Here are some reasons your chatbot platform should have a visual flow builder functionality?

  • Conversation bricks that can be dragged and dropped may be used to construct tales without the need for technical expertise or coding abilities.
  • Choosing from various bot answer types and activities will guarantee a positive chatbot experience.
  • It is possible to personalize the bot design to meet the individual company requirements.
  • A virtual assistant with the capacity to offer answers and automate fixes for common situations will always be a simple and straightforward project to undertake.

2. Omnichannel Messaging Support 

Brands that implement an omnichannel strategy see a 91 percent increase in year-over-year client retention compared to the rest of the industry.

Chatbots with omnichannel messaging support capabilities may be readily integrated into various channels, such as a website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms, to provide consumers with a seamless experience.

Using chatbots to provide omnichannel messaging assistance may help companies better understand the interests and preferences of their consumers, and it can also make it easier for your agents to utilize previous interactions to drive future discussions with customers.

Here are some of the reasons the omnichannel messaging support feature is significant in the success of your chatbot.

  • Chatbots may be created quickly and efficiently across channels, eliminating the need to integrate them to provide consumers with a consistent experience manually.
  • Customers are no longer necessary to repeat themselves since chatbots may give contextual help by providing relevant facts based on their previous interactions.
  • Businesses may use omnichannel support to give better solutions or collect customer feedback.

3. Chatbot Marketing  

chatbot marketing

Chatbots are incredibly sophisticated tools that may assist you in automating your marketing. They may assist in the promotion of goods and services as well as the smooth progression of clients through the sales funnel.

Making orders, organizing meetings, monitoring orders, giving updates and news, and a range of other marketing tasks are all made possible via chatbots in marketing.

Chatbots may assist in segmenting an audience as well as in completing orders without the need for users to visit a website directly. They are useful in gathering information to obtain insight into the target audience’s demands and move prospects through the sales funnel.

Here are some best practices in chatbot marketing.

  • Consider the material that will be included in your chatbot, as well as the queries that your customers most commonly ask.
  • Avoid having completely open-ended talks in order to avoid any form of misunderstanding and improve the customer experience.
  • Increase the amount of data your bot has to respond to clients’ individual demands in a more customized manner and increase the return on investment (ROI).

4. Chatbot Analytics 

Chatbot analytics may assist you in getting to know your consumers better and making data-driven decisions. Using this tool, a company may better know its clients and make more informed business choices.

With the chatbot analytics function, you can get useful insights and regularly evaluate all of the chat discussions your bot is involved in. Additionally, it may assist you in determining the correctness of replies delivered by bots to clients.

By developing a good chatbot strategy, you will be able to analyze the effectiveness of your bot and estimate the development of your company. To make data-driven choices and get a deeper understanding of the customer experience, you may use chatbot analytics to measure essential KPIs for your bot.

The following are the most important chatbot KPIs to measure your chatbot performance:

  • The total number of users is as follows: It is possible to track the overall number of users engaged with chatbots to get insight into how many consumers interact with your chatbot.
  • Bounce rate measures the number of people who visit a website and then depart without engaging with your chatbot or other interactive features.
  • Interaction rate – Tracking the interaction rate KPI will assist you in determining how engaged users are with your chatbot during chats.
  • To get insight into the circumstances when the bot cannot measure the user request and deliver a meaningful solution, the fallback rate (FBR) will be calculated.

5. Chatbot Customization

Customizing the bot may provide a better sense of how the bot will communicate by allowing the user to choose the tone, style, and language that the bot will use. Your bot will become more credible in the users’ eyes. The widget customization may be beneficial in two major ways:

Branding – The bot persona may be programmed with the key message of your company to engage consumers in a more customized way.

Messaging – You may put up pleasant welcome welcomes to start a flow of dialogues with your guests, as well as lead them through the product and service information.

It is critical to customize your chatbot widget to represent your brand personality and gain client confidence. By personalizing the chatbot’s avatar, you may improve the entire experience for your customers. In addition, you may pick the bot name appropriate for your company’s purposes, such as the support bot.

Here are some areas of a chatbot that you should consider customizing.

  • Display Name. The display name of your chatbot should accurately represent your company’s personality.
  • Tagline. Chatbots may be given the appropriate tagline corresponding to the company’s unique requirements.
  • Avatar. Different bot avatars will be available to choose from, each of which will have a distinct vibe that people will like.
  • Channel. You have the option of choosing whether the chatbot will be active on the web or on the Facebook channel.
  • Bot Accuracy Levels. It assists you in selecting the query that corresponds to the accuracy level percentage-wise in a percentage-based manner.
  • Set priority of bots and human agents. You may choose the preferred option that best meets your company’s needs and then prioritize bots and human agents to ensure flawless communication between the two parties.
  • Set trigger events — In this section, you can choose triggers for the chatbots to use in a variety of circumstances. The chatbot will commence discussion based on the trigger that has been chosen.

6. Natural Language Processing

Chatbots are able to comprehend and reply correctly to your communications because of Natural Language Processing (NLP). When you start a message with “Hello,” it is the natural language processing (NLP) that informs the chatbot that you have sent a normal greeting, which in turn enables the chatbot to harness its artificial intelligence skills to come up with a suitable reply. In this situation, the chatbot is likely to answer with a welcome of its own to the user.

A chatbot cannot properly distinguish between the replies “Hello” and “Goodbye” if it does not have access to Natural Language Processing. “Hello” and “Goodbye” will be nothing more than text-based user inputs to a chatbot that does not employ natural language processing. Natural language processing (NLP) is used to offer context and meaning to text-based user inputs so that artificial intelligence (AI) can provide the most appropriate answer.

Advanced NLP may even deduce your communications’ meaning based on their tone. You can be asking a question or declaring something, for example. This may appear inconsequential at first glance, but it may significantly influence a chatbot’s capacity to engage in a fruitful discussion with a user.

A key difficulty when it comes to chatbots is the fact that consumers have a blank slate when it comes to what they may say to the chatbot, which can be quite frustrating. When trying to forecast what users will say or not say, there is a good chance that you may encounter dialogues that you could never have imagined in your wildest thoughts.

While Natural Language Processing (NLP) will not perform miracles and guarantee that a chatbot reacts accurately to every message, it is strong enough to make or break a chatbot’s success. Never undervalue this crucial and frequently ignored part of chatbots’ functionality.

How to Select the Best Chatbot Platform for Your Brand

how to select the best chatbot platform

The chatbot platform you choose must be in line with your company’s objectives as well as client expectations and desires. Investing in the appropriate technology from the beginning will simplify the customer experience and increase long-term consumer loyalty to your company. 

Here’s our selection process guide to help you sort things out in selecting the best chatbot platform for your brand or business. 

1. Identify your Brand’s Requirements

Every company has its own set of organizational goals and objectives, which are unique to that company. This means that the chatbot you choose must be relevant to the demands of your company. While one brand’s method of connecting with and reaching consumers may be beneficial, it may not be the same for another brand’s communication and outreach. Despite being in the same category, the same approaches may not be appropriate for two different businesses. It is the most fundamental reason why any company must understand their brands and the needs of their consumers.

There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” strategy with a chatbot. In order to pick the most appropriate chatbot for your company, you must first analyze your customers’ journey, learn about their existing user experience, and identify their most pressing pain issues. In accordance with all of these considerations, you may have a chatbot that is particularly developed to meet your company’s objectives.

Whether you want a chatbot for a specific campaign, self-service engagements, generate leads, efficiency and increase productivity, automation, or discussions, addressing the true requirements of your consumers in advance can help your company achieve success in a variety of areas.

2. Identify your Communication Channels that Require a Chatbot

Your audience pool will grow as your business grows, and you will see that your clients are dispersed over a variety of various digital channels. However, regardless of whatever channel your consumers use, they still want a flawless and hassle-free customer experience from you.

When selecting a chatbot for your website, ensure that the same chatbot is also suited for other digital platforms, such as social media, mobile applications, and voice channels. This contributes to creating and maintaining a comprehensive brand experience and the retention of users’ attachment to the brand.

3. Assess if the Chatbot Platform Features a Natural Language Processing

It is not enough to just design a chatbot for your company’s needs. It should also be appropriately trained to recognize and respond to user intent in order to provide meaningful responses. The communication they conduct with consumers should seem to be genuine and as though it is taking place between two actual people. Only if your chatbot development platform has Natural Language Processing (NLP) and voice capabilities will you be able to do this.

A chatbot’s ability to perceive, remember, and continually learn from the data acquired is critical for it to adapt in response to the demands of the consumer. It is possible to utilize Machine Learning to increase the bot’s efficiency and have it reply more naturally than before.

Also vital is that the tone of your chatbot is appropriate for the situation. (See also: Your chatbot is a digital extension of your company’s identity. It’s similar to the voice that greets your clients when they visit your website. Therefore, it should have a speaking tone that is consistent with the overall aesthetics of your company brand. Furthermore, the bot should recognize its users and, if necessary, adjust its vocabulary and tone to correspond to unique people and certain items.

4. Check if the Chatbot Platform Provides Analytics

When establishing a chatbot for your company, make certain that you have unrestricted access to a graphical user interface that will enable you to evaluate the effectiveness of the chatbot in question. This allows you to get analytical information about your chatbot’s discussions with your consumers. Identifying and resolving your customers’ pain points is another way to determine whether the bot effectively satisfies their demands.

Following the introduction of a new chatbot, it is critical to gather metrics in order to enhance the bot’s productivity. Even though metrics vary depending on the kind of company and the nature of the chatbot, the following are a few to keep an eye on for all types of chatbots:

  • In-Message. the volume of messages sent by the customer within a certain period. Understanding the number of interactions between the consumer and the bot is critical to determining the interaction on one side of the equation. On the other hand, it may conceal flaws such as the bot not comprehending the discussion and the user being compelled to repeat its queries to a third party.
  • Retention Rate. It refers to the proportion of users who come back to the chatbot after a certain length of time. This measure may assist you in determining the amount of involvement and provide you with further information about your customers’ preferences.
  • Goal Completion Rate. This is the proportion of successful interactions that have occurred via a chatbot. 

Whether or not the user would suggest the chatbot to a friend or colleague is measured in the fourth category, user satisfaction (example: the customer will rate the chatbot experience responding through exit survey)

When considering whether or not to implement a price model based on chatbot performance, metrics are the most important factor to consider.

5 Best Chatbot Platforms 

5 best chatbot platform

1. nerDigital Chatbot Solutions

Conversational interfaces (chatbots) are available from nerDigital, one of the top marketing solutions platforms. In addition to having an amazing user interface, nerDigital Chatbot Solutions has a user interface that is both intuitive and easy to use (UI). It also has flow customization, which allows you to design an artificial intelligence-based discussion pattern that the system will utilize to give a positive client experience.

It is also a one-stop marketing platform that allows firms to do all of their mission-critical duties from one location. Sales, appointments, lead nurturing, data collection and relationship building can all be accomplished via a single comprehensive chatbot platform.

Along with WhatsApp automation, the business also offers other types of automation, such as Messenger Marketing Automation, Instagram Automation, Email and SMS Automation, and others.

It’s now possible to visually design engaging chatbots in a matter of seconds utilizing the nerDigital Chatbot Marketing templates and their Visual Chatbot Builder, which has a simple drag-and-drop interface.

However, the most appealing feature of nerDigital Chatbot is many apps and services with which it can be integrated. nerDigital provides connectivity with a variety of platforms, including Zapier, Active Campaign, PayPal, WooCommerce, and others.

Customer communication was made easier with the help of the agent bot Aivo, which was created in 2012. Agentbot is one of the solutions they provide. Agentbot enables marketers to develop conversation flows like other bots, but it does it with artificial intelligence.

2. Agentbot

Agentbot is distinguished by its user interface, which is visually appealing. It’s uncomplicated, with an easy-to-use design decision tree to guide you through the process of quickly designing the most effective conversation flow possible.

Agentbot also assists in the progression of conversation flows based on the participation of clients with the system. You may train your bot (using artificial intelligence) to offer better responses to customer inquiries and even integrate unique elements such as GIFs into your responses.

When it comes to reporting and analytics, Agentbot shines, which is a vital component in the development of agile enterprises. It provides a plethora of analytical data that can be linked directly to user interactions, which is quite useful.

Statistics on the kinds and quantities of interactions, the average time spent on the chat, and qualitative comments on your discussions are all included in these reports (think successful and incomplete interactions).

You may also combine your application with a range of other apps. The ability to create custom API connectors is also accessible; however, their list is not as wide as many would want it to be. Agentbot can now be integrated with a variety of platforms, including Zendesk, Salesforce, Zapier, and Genesys.

3. ChatCompose

ChatCompose is a chatbot tool equipped with the functions common to robust chatbot tools of the same caliber. In order to better predict what your audience is searching for and, in cases when their searches are a little off, what they were trying to communicate, the platform is equipped with artificial intelligence and natural language processing capabilities.

It also contains an autocorrect feature, an intelligent tool that works in conjunction with its natural language function to make it simpler to determine the meaning and intent of the user’s words. However, apart from AI and NLP, these technologies are rendered ineffective without intelligent integrations, which ChatCompose offers in spades. It’s compatible with the most popular messaging, support, and social networking services, so you’ll have no trouble using it with WhatsApp.

Consider the situation in which you need to give your audience different ways to engage with your organization. Then, ChatCompose can integrate with your CMS, CRM, Mailchimp, SendGrid, Slack, and event processing payments, as well as having voice recognition to handle phone calls and other communication channels.

Besides that, ChatCompose gives a plethora of tools to aid customers in understanding and to put their goods into action. In addition, the platform enables access to a number of use cases, including answering queries, lead generation, customer support, making bookings, and creating surveys, among others.

4. SnatchBot

SnatchBot has quickly established itself as the go-to chatbot solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Its front-end and back-end capabilities distinguish it as a good choice. This means that it may be employed in a number of ways, which is something that only a few bots are capable of.

A wide variety of features is also included in this package. Some of our favorite applications include sentiment analysis, automatic speech recognition, sharing, and collaboration (allowing you to build your chatbot alongside colleagues). The option to transfer platforms (from website chat to Telegram, for example) and the capacity to pass over conversations to live agents are all included as well.

Finally, but certainly not least, Snatchbot provides extensive analytics. The query performance may be measured by query type and platform, and the results can be compared to your key performance indicators (KPIs).

However, although our list offers a variety of drag and drops features that make them easy to use, we identified one additional feature that will be a blessing for busy marketers. A bot store is included with SnatchBot. It’s jam-packed with template bots that you can purchase and utilize in your ecosystem, saving you hours of time spent designing conversation flows from the ground up.

The functions outlined above are mostly front-end functions; however, SnatchBot can do back-end tasks as stated before. For instance, reading and writing databases, scraping data from the web, connecting to APIs, copy-and-paste operations, filling out forms, moving files and directories, and logging in and out of online and corporate applications are all examples of what is possible. Also included are computing, document extraction, reading emails and attachments, and gathering social media information.


Landbot.io features a user-friendly interface and the ability to create WhatsApp chatbots using a drag-and-drop interface. Uber, LG, T Systems, Ernst & Young, and L’Oreal are a few large corporations that use it. One aspect of their offering that attracted our curiosity was their use of rich media. Using video, images, GIFs, and other material in their scripts to enhance the customer experience, brands can easily deal with them and seamlessly include them into their scripts.

Landbot.io, like other bots, enables you to develop integrations that assist in the collection of real-time information. Another set of connections includes Mailchimp, Zapier, Slack, Google Analytics, Sendgrid, and Salesforce.

Their ability to exploit circumstances to generate hyper-personalized, fluid relationships is something they also take great pride in. In addition to providing humanitarian help, Landbot.io is a bot-building platform that allows users to engage in real-time chats. You can take over client chats at any moment, which is quite beneficial if you want to deal with a hot new lead right away.

A tool with as many capabilities as this one will be difficult to come by, so make use of it while you can. Landbot.io provides you with a variety of new ways to communicate with your target audience. Consider the possibility of running tailored advertising using intricate criteria to identify the most appropriate audience for a certain product. In addition, by establishing conversational opt-ins for your business account, you may increase the number of people who subscribe to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions on a chatbot platform.

What is a chatbot platform?

Generally speaking, a chatbot platform is a tool that enables marketers to design and operate chatbots for multiple messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

What is the best chatbot platform?

Honestly, there is no such thing as the best chatbot platform. It is simply because each business is unique and has varying necessities. However, we suggest you check our list of best chatbot platforms. 

1. nerDigital Chatbot Marketing
2. Agentbot
3. ChatCompose
4. Snatchbot
5. Landbot.io

What are the benefits of using a chatbot platform?

Here are a few of the key benefits of using a chatbot platform. 

Chatbot Platform Provides Valuable Chatbot Tools
Chatbot Platform Helps You Identify The Best Messaging Media for Your Brand
Chatbot Platform Makes Multichannel Marketing Easier to Manage.
Chatbot Platform Allows You to Track The Effectiveness of Your Marketing Efforts.

What are chatbots used for?

In addition to giving clients a prompt answer, you can utilize a chatbot to do the following:

-send  basic product information to users
-Provide shipping information
-share latest news stories
-update subscribers with discounts and active promos
-create a schedule

Can I make a chatbot without a help of a chatbot platform?

Of course, you can create a chatbot without a help of a chatbot platform. However, it requires a necessary depth of coding skills. The process is also arduous since you have to do more things besides the actual chatbot.

Is a chatbot platform free to use?

Not all, but there are chatbot platforms that you can use for free. nerDigital chatbot solutions are one of those. It allows you to create a chatbot for free. 

However, more advanced features, including omnichannel inbox, require a subscription.

Is it easy to create a chatbot in a chatbot platform?

Yes, creating a chatbot using a chatbot platform is relatively easy since it does not require you to code. It is why many businesses are resorting to chatbot platforms for their chatbot requirements.

Can I run a chatbot created using a chatbot platform in multiple channels?

Yes, you can use the chatbot you created in multiple channels. Make sure that the chatbot platform you use does support omnichannel capabilities.

How does chatbot work?

Using rules-based chatbot software, you may automate the execution of predetermined activities based on “playbooks” that you create on the back end of the user interface. Rules-based chatbot technology works similarly to a virtual assistant in that it may operate depending on click actions, such as “Yes” or “No,” or by detecting a specific term or combination of phrases.

Final Notes

Chatbots are an extremely efficient way of engaging with customers. They are always available and are reliable in providing customers with the details and information they need. It will take no time that most businesses have integrated this technology to achieve better, quicker, and more efficient customer engagement and services.

Many businesses are still hesitant about leveraging this wonderful advancement. Many proprietors believe that chatbots are only for big companies who can afford to create their own chatbots, but this is entirely untrue. Many businesses should learn that there is an effective way of creating a chatbot–by using a chatbot platform. 

Chatbot platform makes it possible for small to large companies to create an automated messaging channel (though chatbot) without having to know to code. It will allow them to create and integrate chatbot solutions to their companies’ customer engagement processes without going through the arduous processes and investing a large amount of money. 

And so, creating a chatbot isn’t as complex and expensive as most people perceive it. Customer care and support operations may be streamlined and automated using the appropriate chatbot platform. You can also give your customers a quick, efficient, and beneficial experience by leveraging the appropriate chatbot solutions.

Chatbots are here to stay, so get to work on developing your own. Contact us if you need more help regarding the chatbot creation process and more information on the chatbot platform. It is a pleasure to walk you through more things about our chatbot marketing.

Easiest and Best Way to Create Chatbot for Instagram │nerDigital’s 3-Step Instagram Automation

chatbot for Instagram

In December 2021, Instagram announced that the platform had already surpassed two billion users. And according to data, 83 percent of the users are faced with brands and products through the social media platform. Furthermore, as much as 50 percent of these users follow through with their transactions. These numerical figures show how Instagram has become one of the valuable avenues for businesses to reach more customers and build their brand.

And when it comes to successful Instagram marketing, engagement is a crucial factor. Brands on Instagram have to respond to their queries and inquiries efficiently and sufficiently for many consumers. This gives a straining weight for many businesses as they have to put extra effort into optimizing their customer service. Luckily, there is a simple yet robust solution to this problem–a chatbot for Instagram. 

In this guide, we will cover:

  • Introduction to Instagram Marketing
  • Instagram’s Valuable Features for Businesses
  • Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement
  • What is a Chatbot for Instagram
  • Why Should You Use Chatbot for Instagram
  • How to Create Instagram Chatbot
  • Best Ways to Use Instagram Chatbot

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

As previously mentioned, Instagram is a great place for businesses to reach and attract more customers as the photo-sharing platforms homes more than two billion users globally. In addition, data shows that users spend an average of 53 minutes on the platform, making it the second most visited online platform, just behind Facebook. 

Besides being active on the platform, Instagram users are also engaged with brands and products. This makes the platform valuable for businesses.

Because Instagram is primarily a visual medium, it has a significant competitive edge over other social media networks. For businesses that profit from their products’ design or services that result in a clearly evident final result, Instagram is the greatest medium for displaying their material.

Creating content for this social media platform can be done using video, images, and illustrations. Still, your marketing plan will ultimately define what kind of material to publish and how often to post them. Prioritizing your goals and, more significantly, your target audience before launching into a new social media platform, no matter how well it works for everyone else’s company, will help you stay on track and focused on your objectives.

Instagram has developed over the last several years from being a platform for showcasing one’s riches or accomplishments to being a useful tool for businesses to promote themselves. Instagram may have a beneficial impact on your company in four different ways.

1. Increased Brand Awareness

Instagram marketing is quite effective for increasing brand exposure. A whopping 83 percent of users admit that this social networking site aids them in discovering new items and services. Even better, individuals have a greater level of confidence in the companies that are promoted on Instagram.

Users believe companies with Instagram profiles are relevant, and they believe they are popular, according to 74 percent of those who use them. Brands that do not have an Instagram account, on the other hand, are more likely to be ignored by prospective consumers.

2. Higher Engagement Rate

Higher Engagement rate

Social media platforms are one of the most effective tools for maintaining client interactions. In addition to allowing you to get feedback from your audience via likes and comments, they also let you engage them with compelling content, alert them of special deals, and more.

As a result, Instagram is even more effective at increasing client interaction than other social media networks. Instagram photos often get 23 percent higher interaction than Facebook posts, despite the fact that Facebook has more than twice as many active users as Instagram.

3. Higher Revenue

As previously indicated, the Instagram audience is eager to make transactions. Instagram has a massive purchasing audience — 11 percent of social media users in the United States purchase on the platform.

Instagram allows companies to make the most of their platform since they are aware of this quirk. Instagram provides a comprehensive collection of capabilities that enable users to purchase directly from the platform. Links in Instagram Stories, shopping tags, advertisements, and other elements are examples of this. Take a look at the entire list on the Instagram website for more information.

4. Expand Your Business’ Reach

Expand Business Reach

Instagram expands your brand’s reach by allowing you to specify your target demographic more accurately. Thanks to Instagram Ad Manager’s targeting features, this is an option that you should consider exploring. You may use them to target the most appropriate audience based on demographic data, interests, and behavior, among other factors, according to your needs.

Even better, Instagram advertising management gives you a plethora of remarketing choices to choose from. In conjunction with Instagram advertising, you can not only generate more quality Instagram leads, but you can also efficiently move leads from other marketing channels along the sales funnel as well.

Instagram’s analytics feature enables you to track the effectiveness of your advertisements. You can keep track of outreach, overall campaign expenditure, the number of transactions made, the cost per purchase made, conversions, and other important metrics.

Instagram’s Valuable Features for Businesses

Instagram Valuable Features

As a business-oriented social media platform, Instagram and all of its features may be leveraged for marketing objectives, whether you’re trying to purchase advertisements or promote organically. It is also worth noting that you will not be required to invest a single penny in promoting your brand on Instagram. With all of its fantastic features that lend themselves to marketing, Instagram marketing couldn’t be simpler. Here are some of the fantastic features of Instagram that are valuable for businesses and marketers. 

Video posts

Looking back at the past, video advertisements are only for big and wealthy company’s. Small businesses can now promote their brand through video advertisement thanks to Instagram’s video posts feature. This feature allows anyone (literally) who has a decent camera and a basic knowledge of video anything to market their brand through a video. In fact, an estimated 81 percent of businesses use video to promote their products and services.

When it comes to generating engagement, video is a fantastic tool. It also allows you to present more sophisticated, in-depth material that cannot be expressed in a single picture or series of Stories. Initially restricted to 15 seconds, video postings now enable companies to publish long-form, high-production-value movies of up to 1 minute in length, which generates a great deal of interest and interaction. Instagram videos may be scheduled in the same way that ordinary Instagram posts can be, mostly via the use of third-party applications.

According to research, customers are more likely to purchase a product online if they first see it in a video. As a result, utilizing Instagram video to demonstrate your items in action might be an effective approach to enhance the return on your Instagram marketing investment!

Additionally, Instagram videos that communicate your brand’s message or expose your company’s culture are an excellent method to establish trust with your followers and potential consumers. Make sure that the initial few seconds of your video are intriguing so that you may capture people’s attention before they click away from your video. It is an excellent approach to educate your target audience about your company. 

Instagram Stories

The Stories feature on Instagram is one of the most useful improvements to the platform. Stories over here are more or less the same as Snapchat, in that users have the option to upload video clips to their tale, which is available for around 24 hours until it is permanently deleted. You have the right to watch the narrative material as many times as you like within the time frame of 24 hours from the moment of purchase. This kind of story will display as little circles on the top of followers’ news feeds. Before you begin utilizing these Stories, you may want to familiarize yourself with the available capabilities.

The video recording will be limited to a maximum of 15 seconds and no longer. Meanwhile, the picture will be shown for a maximum of 10 seconds. You may also post an endless number of stories to the feed. 

Furthermore, you may communicate with others directly via tales. If you continue to slide down on the camera screen, you will be able to unlock films and photographs from your personal camera roll. You have the right to see material from your camera roll that has been saved within the past 24 hours.

You even have the ability to keep track of the overall number of views you received and the specific people who saw your material.

You may change your Story settings in your current IG settings. Select news from certain users’ feeds, hide stories from other users’ feeds, and change who can react to your direct message if you so like. You must review the Instagram video specifications to learn more about ad sizes and other important alternatives.

Stories Highlights

Instagram Stories are a fantastic feature, but they are only available for 24 hours at a time. Users indicated a wish to save some of the finest tales they created for later use, which is in keeping with the transience of Stories that made them so popular. Because of this, Instagram introduced the Stories Highlights feature. This allows you to store your favorite articles and keep them on your account for as long as you wish without losing them. Because Instagram stores your Stories Highlights at the top of your profile page, they are visible to your followers as well as everyone else who views your profile page.

There are a variety of methods to take advantage of this function in order to promote your business. Storytelling may be used to promote goods and events, provide information about your company, and highlight particular items and events. Stories that include quizzes are also a wonderful way to educate followers about your company while gathering information about their preferences and purchasing habits. Please keep your most successful stories in mind so that you can continue to drive people to them, and ideally, take the action you want them to do as a result of their viewing.

Professional Dashboard

Instagram’s Professional Dashboard feature, which will be available in January 2021, will enable you to monitor your performance, acquire professional tools, and expand your company on the platform. Using social media analytics, you may get valuable insights into how your company is engaging with its followers and when you should publish your content depending on when your target audience is online. There are additional tools for creating branded material, as well as tips and tactics that you can use to keep your company flourishing on Instagram.

To get the most of this feature, follow these Professional Dashboard suggestions:

  • Learn from others. In the Professional Dashboard, you will discover a section where you can get advice from other material creators on creating the greatest and most engaging content for your target audience.
  • Sell your products. If you haven’t already, there’s a section on your page where you can quickly put up your items so that potential and existing consumers may purchase them directly from your social profile. You can tag shoppable things in your posts and stories after you have set up your store, making it that simpler to sell to your followers once you have set up your store. (See this page for more information on social shopping!)
  • Determine the best time to publish content. The “Most Active Times” portion of the “See All Insights” section will assist you in capturing your audience at the most advantageous moment. Posting around fifteen minutes before the appropriate time for that day will result in the highest level of interaction.

Push Notifications

In order to keep consumers interested and returning to your content, Instagram marketers may use push notification capabilities.

Despite the fact that this would need a great deal of clever marketing, it makes sense to send out a reminder to your followers to enable push notifications for your feed. One way is as follows:

In order to avoid missing out on the offer, make some noise about a limited number of discount coupons or exclusive material you will release ‘in the next few days and encourage your followers to sign up for push alerts to not lose out on the deal. They are almost certainly not going to turn off the push alerts anytime soon.

What is a Chatbot for Instagram?

What is a chatbot for Instagram

A chatbot is a virtual consultant that responds automatically to requests based on triggers such as keywords or particular actions taken by the user. Chatbots are also used to deliver mass messages and gather information about clients, which is then stored in a CRM system coupled with the chatbot.

Instagram chatbots may be quite valuable to your company in a variety of ways. They can assist you with the following:

  • Increase customer loyalty by providing users with instant answers to their queries all the time. And so, it also helps you increase your sales because you don’t make your customers wait and they instead choose your competitors; increase sales because you don’t make your customers wait, and they instead choose your competitors.
  • Enhance client retention by sending out useful reminders and announcements; reduce internal resource consumption by eliminating the requirement for a large number of employees to handle orders and respond to recurrent incoming messages.
  • The use of chatbots makes operating a company much more convenient. You may entrust your mundane procedures to them, and your resources can be allocated elsewhere.

Why Should You Need a Chatbot for Instagram

Why Should You Need Chatbot for Instagram

If you look at Instagram, you can probably already see some useful ways these chatbots will assist you. They will save you time and will assist you in providing excellent customer service.

However, how Instagram is now constructed, chatbots can completely transform how you interact with the platform. They will significantly boost your ability to connect with your consumers as well as your possibilities to engage with them.

In addition, there are also many things about Instagram that suggest why your business needs a chatbot for Instagram. Here are some of them: 

  • In a single month, Instagram has more than 1 billion active users, which is more than Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social networking platform combined.
  • 63 percent of Instagram users log in at least once a day, according to the app.
  • In 2020, Instagram users will spend an average of 28 minutes every day on the platform.
  • Every day, two hundred million Instagram users interact with at least one business account on the platform.
  • Every month, one hundred thirty million Instagram users click on shopping posts, according to data from Statista.
  • Eighty percent of Instagram users use the platform to keep up with the latest fashion trends for buying. If you’re there on the stage, it will be in your favor to speak out.

Besides this thing about Instagram, utilizing a chatbot for Instagram can also bring your business countless benefits. Here are a few of them: 

  • It will be effortless for Instagram users to directly reach brands by interacting while browsing Instagram and clarifying their doubts. This option helps the brands to improve their customer satisfaction rate and enhance sales.
  • It helps brands be available to customers in their preferred way on messaging platforms. 
  • Help your customer clarify all doubts regarding your products and assist your customer 24/7, leading to better customer service. 
  • Instagram chatbots help customers resolve their queries in no time, making customers engage more with the brands. 
  • Brands can easily conduct surveys, take feedback for your products and pages, and improve accordingly. 
  • Personalized messaging systems in chatbots help the customers take them to the next level easily with confidence, which improves lead generation, nurturing, and quality of service.
  • Brands can interact and solve customer queries in any language on a 24/7 basis across the globe. 
  • Scale business to new market segments without worrying about workforce to handle incoming requests.
  • Chatbots can handle large numbers of queries simultaneously without delay, with no error, and with patience. 
  • It reduces overall customer support costs by reducing the number of executives needed to handle queries.

How to Create a Chatbot for Instagram with nerDigital


Using the nerDigital’s simple yet robust chatbot tool, you can automate your Instagram DMs without coding. Here’s a detailed guide on creating a chatbot for Instagram.

STEP 1: Link your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook Business Page.

You must first link your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook account to be able to automate your Instagram comment answers.

Select Instagram from the Settings drop-down menu on your Facebook Page after navigating to your Instagram Business profile.

You may link your two Instagram accounts by clicking on Connect account under the “Connect to Instagram” tab.

STEP 2: Integrate your Instagram account with your nerDigital account.

Now that your Instagram Business Account is already linked to your Facebook account, you can now link the account to your nerDigital’s Chatbot Account.

If you yet have a nerDigital Chatbot Marketing account, you can quickly create one by signing up using your Facebook account.

Once you are already logged in or signed up, click the “Settings” button on the menu list on the left side of the dashboard. Then, head to the “Channels” tab. Click the “Instagram” option to expand the bar. Finally, click the “Connect to Instagram” button to complete the process. 

The webpage will automatically look for an Instagram Business account connected to your Facebook account. If you have multiple Instagram account connected, you may select the Instagram page you want to automate. You may also connect and automate both.

Important Notes:

  • In order to avoid spam, make sure your Instagram account is set to Business or Professional. Instagram accounts that are not Business accounts are unable to be accessed using the API.
  • Your Instagram account must be connected to the Facebook Page you created in nerDigital Chatbot Marketing and linked to your bot.
  • It is not possible to have group threads (conversations that include more than two persons).
  • The Instagram Comment function does not support Instagram Ads and Instagram TV.
  • Private Instagram user accounts are not accessible by Instagram bots, which means they cannot be identified by their name or profile photo. It will be added to your list of subscribers, but the person will not be identified by name.

STEP 3: Automate Your Instagram Processes

Once you have successfully connected your Instagram Business Account to your nerDigital dashboard, your next step is to customize your Instagram automation. 

You may further enhance your chatbot for Instagram through the following functions: 

  • Frequently Asked Questions: A compilation of questions often asked by your consumers, together with their corresponding solutions, is referred to as a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) list.
  • Flow. A flow-based chatbot follows the predetermined conversational flow, which implies that the dialogue has already been planned out. When a customer begins a conversation, the chatbot guides them step-by-step through the conversation flow chart.
  • Intentions and entities. You may also enhance the response of your chatbot using the FAQs with intentions to handle certain system elements, such as date and location, as well as general questions. It will also allow the chatbot to deal with bespoke entities in the future.
  • Keywords. When it comes to presenting your customers with a default but correct answer, the keyword is an important component to consider. It will assist artificial intelligence in determining which answer should be sent to the consumer.

Best Ways to Use Chatbot for Instagram

Automate Instagram Processes

One of the greatest advantages of having a chatbot for Instagram is its various applications. Here are some of the best ways to use your chatbot for Instagram. 

1. Share Links

Instagram has been a great avenue for link sharing. Since the photo-sharing platform allows you to pin a single link on your bio, you can avoid dropping link one every post. Additionally, it encourages you to be more creative when writing the captions for your posts. It is for this reason that the link traffic from Instagram is of excellent quality. On the other hand, bots may help you improve the efficiency of your link-sharing operations on Instagram. Using an Instagram chatbot to facilitate link sharing without impacting the quality of the referral traffic is a promising strategy.

You’ll be able to utilize the bot tool to have your audience enter a keyword in a post comment, and the bot will activate, allowing them to communicate with you directly. If you design a flow, you may give them the link immediately, request their email (which you can get via integrations), ask them a question to be sure this is the link they want or do whatever else you want.

As an alternative to instructing your viewers to click on the link in your bio, you may instruct them to leave a comment on your article using a particular word in it. This will cause the Instagram chatbot to open up and begin a discussion with the specific person who has done this to activate it. Alternatively, if you do not have a swipe-up link in your Instagram Stories, you may add a CTA that instructs people to direct message you with a certain phrase or word, and the same thing occurs, taking them to the link.

2. Delegate Repetitive CX Task to Chatbots

Chatbot’s expertise is dealing with repetitive inquiries and answering frequently asked questions. You may train your chatbot for Instagram on certain aspects of your brand, enabling it to respond to a wide range of typical inquiries. 

As mentioned, if you want your chatbot to handle the repetitive CX tasks, all you require is to set a Frequently Asked Questions and its corresponding response. Some chatbots can identify a question, regardless of the typographical errors and variations. 

You might find training a chatbot arduous and laborious, but in reality, it’s as easy as compiling a spreadsheet with a list of questions and answers.

3. Offer Exclusive Rewards

One thing is for sure: if people don’t use your Instagram chatbot, it won’t be very good or help them at all. To get people to use your Instagram chatbot, you could give them a discount. This will help you get the right amount of Instagram engagement sales.

Giving your users a reward will also help you build a positive brand reputation. Customer experience is often used to make recommendations. As a result, your brand will be seen by a lot of people.

4. Track Campaigns

You can also use your chatbot for Instagram to keep track of your Instagram campaigns and ads. You can see how many people entered your giveaway, how many people requested a discount code, and how many people signed up for your email list or came to an event. The bot will let you see and track all of these chats, so you can figure out which promotions are best for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about chatbot for Instagram.

Does Instagram allow chatbots?

Yes. Instagram lets you use chatbots. Instagram announced this year that business profiles can now make a chatbot to help them do things that aren’t very interesting, like answer common customer questions. Automatically responding to users’ comments and story replies is one of the things the Instagram chatbot can do for them.

What do Instagram bots trying to do?

Many people use Instagram bots, and you can use them in many different ways. You can let your Instagram chatbot do some of the same things repeatedly, like answer common questions and show customers how your business works. Using an automation tool can save time because you can use a chatbot instead of talking to people one-on-one.

Why should businesses need a chatbot for Instagram?

Because of the introduction of the Instagram Business API, Instagram Chatbots may now be used to automate Instagram DMs (Direct Messages), allowing businesses to give customers a more convenient and accurate experience.

It is more tempting for businesses to utilize this platform because of the enhancements it provides in marketing, growth, customer engagement, and sales skills, among other things.

Are there any free Instagram bots?

Yes. Various chatbot marketing platforms offer free Instagram automation, including nerDigital’s Chatbot marketing. You may create your free chatbot for Instagram using nerDigital’s chatbot platform for free.

Are chatbots illegal?

No. Chatbots are not illegal. Chatbots are different from Instagram bots that generate fake likes and comments. Chatbot for Instagram is a marketing tool to automate your engagement processes on the platform.

How do I connect my Instagram to a Facebook page?

Step 1: Go to your Facebook page’s “Settings.” 
Step 2: Select “Instagram.” 
Step 3: Click “Connect.”

Is it required to connect my Instagram Business profile to my Facebook page when creating a chatbot for Instagram?

Yes. Your third-party service can not access your Instagram Business account if it is not connected to a Facebook Page.

Is the Instagram bot safe to use?

Yes. The Instagram chatbot is completely risk-free to use. The use of a chatbot on Instagram will not result in the suspension of any accounts. You may, however, be banned and your account terminated if you use the chatbot to breach any of the Instagram Community Standards.

Is it necessary for me to be a programmer to establish an Instagram Chatbot?

No. Instagram automation tools, such as nerDigital, may assist you in the creation of an Instagram chatbot with little to no coding knowledge required. In addition, our Instagram Automation solution provides templates that you can use to automate your Instagram DM answers, as well as your Instagram comments responses. Building an Instagram chatbot and other chatbots does not need advanced coding expertise. All you have to do is make use of the appropriate chatbot software.

Final Words

With the potential to improve your customer service and sales and make your and your team’s lives simpler, you should consider Instagram chatbots. Don’t waste time sending and receiving messages back and forth – automated message flows are just as personable and efficient. They allow you to concentrate on genuine business objectives rather than mundane administrative tasks.

Create chatbots for any purpose with our code-free bot builder, which is simple to use and intuitive. We offer a comprehensive knowledge base that contains full instructions on developing and maintaining your bots if you get stuck.

Create a conversational chatbot on Instagram and integrate it with your other social media platforms to maximize your reach. You may also design bots for messaging apps such as Telegram, WhatsApp, VK, and Facebook using nerDigital. You can obtain the greatest outcomes you desire using our omnichannel chatbot solution. 
Suppose you need to learn more; feel free to contact us. It is a desire to walk you through the important things and topics about chatbot marketing.

The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Chatbot: 7 Instagram Chatbot Best Practices

Instagram Chatbot

Today’s society has become increasingly connected with the advent of social media messaging platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Chatbot. In the past, it could take days, if not weeks, for people to communicate through letters. However, we can now instantly send messages to other people from anywhere in the world with a few clicks of a button. 

Instagram has noticeably become one of the most consistently growing social media platforms over the years. At its most basic, Instagram is a social networking app that allows its users to share pictures and videos with their friends.

Once a user takes a picture, they can choose from dozens of Instagram filters to transform images in a way comparable to old-fashioned Polaroid photos. The app allows users to create personalized profiles. It can be connected to existing social networking profiles like Facebook and Twitter, meaning users can share their pictures across platforms.

The arrival of the Covid 19 Pandemic has effectively forced us to become more physically distant from one another. But this event has also made us more reliant on these services to stay connected. 

By the end of 2020, Instagram saw a dramatic increase in users. Analytics revealed that the number of Instagram users increased by roughly 200 million between 2019 and 2020 alone. This surge in their user base will make for a total of over 1 billion users in 2020. 

The consistent growth of Instagram affects the field of social media messaging and opens opportunities for e-commerce among its user base. Many users are using Instagram as businesses are now witnessing the power of WhatsApp to generate leads and increase ROI by serving as an effective connection between consumers and businesses. 

Instagram Business Accounts 

Instagram is a powerful marketing platform that you can utilize to expand your brand. Creating a business account on Instagram is one of the most efficient methods to use this platform for your business.

To create an Instagram business account, you must first create a personal account and convert it to one. When setting up Instagram for your business, you have the option of creating a new business account from the start or converting an existing account into a business account. Employing high-quality photographs, properly using hashtags, and replying to comments are all simple ways to make the most of Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with an estimated 2 billion users by December 2021. From gathering data to selling things, Instagram constantly develops and launches features to assist business owners in flourishing on the photo-sharing social media site. Businesses can showcase their products and services, increase sales, and promote their brand on Instagram with the correct marketing methods.

How to Create an Instagram Business Profile

If you’re new to Instagram or want to start a business account from scratch, the procedures to get started are simple. What you must do is as follows:

  1. Install the Instagram mobile app for iOS or Android and choose “Create New Account.”
  2. Select a username for your new Instagram business account.
  3. Include your phone number or email address (or use the contact information from another existing account)
  4. Choose Complete Signup.

Your Instagram profile has now been created. You’ll be set up as a personal account by default, so here’s how you upgrade to a business account.

  1. In the app’s lower right corner, navigate to your Instagram profile.
  2. In the top right corner, select the menu option.
  3. After selecting “Settings,” scroll to “Account.”
  4. Select “Switch to Professional Account” from the list of alternatives.
  5. Swipe through the features of the Professional account and choose Continue.
  6. Select a Category from the available options for your brand.
  7. Choose “Business” as your account type on the subsequent screen.
  8. After reviewing your contact information, click Next.
  9. Connect your Instagram account to your current Facebook business page, or create a new one.
  1. Install the Instagram mobile app for iOS or Android and choose “Create New Account.”
  2. Select a username for your new Instagram business account.
  3. Include your phone number or email address (or use the contact information from another existing account)
  4. Choose Complete Signup.

Your Instagram profile has now been created. You’ll be set up as a personal account by default, so here’s how you upgrade to a business account.

  1. In the app’s lower right corner, navigate to your Instagram profile.
  2. In the top right corner, select the menu option.
  3. After selecting “Settings,” scroll to “Account.”
  4. Select “Switch to Professional Account” from the list of alternatives.
  5. Swipe through the features of the Professional account and choose Continue.
  6. Select a Category from the available options for your brand.
  7. Choose “Business” as your account type on the subsequent screen.
  8. After reviewing your contact information, click Next.
  9. Connect your Instagram account to your current Facebook business page, or create a new one.

Steps In Converting A Personal Instagram Account To A Business Profile.

Now that you understand the distinctions between Instagram account types let’s go over how to create an Instagram business account from your current profile step by step.

  1. Tap on Settings from your current profile in the mobile app.
  2. Account should be clicked.
  3. Select Switch to Professional Account.
  4. Select Business (interested in Creator accounts?).
  5. Examine the contact details for your company.
  6. Connect your Facebook account or create a new one for your company.
  7. That’s it! You are the happy owner of a brand-new Instagram business account!

Instagram for Business Best Practices

Instagram Business best Practices

Whether through posts, Instagram Stories, or advertisements, there are multiple potential marketing tools you can use to your advantage on Instagram. Now that you’ve learned how to build your business profile, here’s how to use Instagram to promote your business.

1. Share professional-quality photos.

Since Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, brands must share professional and quality content. If you want to succeed in advertising on Instagram, it is pivotal to ensure that the images you are to share are of high quality and are engaging. There are tons of online and offline photo editing tools that can help you create a visually pleasing photo for your Instagram feed. 

The Instagram application also comes with several handy features that you can leverage to take your photos to the next level. After selecting the photo you want to upload, you will be prompted with various photo-enhancing tools, including preset filters and adjustment tools. 

Lastly, do not forget to include engaging captions and related hashtags. These are a must to widen your posts’ reach. 

2. Take Advantage Of Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories is one of the main selling points of the application. This feature allows you to share photos, texts, videos, and even links, which will eventually be inaccessible after 24 hours. It is a great opportunity for your brand to share content that contains time-limited and exclusive offers.

When you utilize stickers for questions, sliding bars, and polls, you can simply communicate with your users and collect feedback. Some accounts utilize the questions sticker to arrange an Ask Me Anything, which is a fun and engaging method to answer questions from your followers.

If you want your Stories to stay on your profile to bring attention to your brand rather than disappearing after a day, Stories Highlights will stay on your page unless you manually delete them.

3. Time Your Content

Although the Instagram algorithm is continually changing, one constant has emphasized engagement. When your audience is most engaged, posting at the correct times may increase exposure and interaction.

The idea is to publish your content when consumers are most engaged and likely to engage with it. However, the precise best hours may differ based on several factors, including your location, what business you are in, and how your audience interacts.

4. Interact with other Instagram users.

How Instagram Chatbot Works

Like any social media network, it’s essential to communicate, interact, and engage with your followers on Instagram. Here are some ways to interact with your customers and potential customers on Instagram. 

  • Liking. One of the simplest and easiest ways to engage with other users is by liking their photos. Instagram offers two ways to like the photo: double-tapping the photo or hit the heart button below the post. 
  • Commenting/Replying. Unlike simply “liking” a post or comment, commenting and replying is more interactive and is, in fact, valued more by your audience. Replying to comments on your posts, may it be negative or positive, offers your brand several valuable benefits, which we covered in our guide on replying to Instagram comments
  • Mentioning. You can use the @ symbol, much like on Twitter, to tag other users in your post captions or your Instagram comments.
  • Tagging. Before you submit your content on Instagram, you may add tags. You may do this by clicking Tag People before sharing your photo and then touching where you want the tag to appear in the image. The app will then ask you to enter the person’s name you want to tag for it to look for their account. Once you’ve tagged other users in your photo and shared it, other users may touch it to see who’s been tagged.
  • Direct messaging. Navigate to the homepage and click the button in the upper right corner. You may use this function to send private instant messages, movies, and images to other users. Tap the Plus button in the upper right corner and choose Send Message, Send Photo, or Send Video. Once your message has been sent, you and the receivers can message back and forth. Before they can access your DM, individuals who aren’t currently following you will be asked if they want you to send them photographs, videos, or messages.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, planned to integrate Instagram messaging on its messaging platform, Facebook Messenger. This would allow users to connect with their followers on Facebook and Instagram through a single application.

5. Make Use of hashtags.

On Instagram, hashtags are your closest friends. They aid in the visibility of your content in the hashtag search results as well as the Explore pages of users who have watched or interacted with comparable material. As a result, hashtags on Instagram are an excellent strategy to increase content discovery and overall brand visibility.

Make use of niche-specific hashtags and industry-related hashtags to help you target the correct audience. Choosing the most popular hashtags on a global or regional scale may result in your material getting lost in the shuffle–targeting meaningful hashtags relevant to your product or service is more likely to get your content in front of potential buyers. Remember to include branded hashtags to attract user-generated content (UGC).

Hashtags such as #selfie (a picture of yourself), #tbt or #throwbackthursday (old photos), and #nofilter (a photo that hasn’t been heavily edited with filters) are popular on Instagram. Still, just because they are popular, it doesn’t mean that they would work on your brand or business. It’s a good idea to observe other accomplished brands or even personal users and bloggers in your industry for examples and inspiration on what hashtags you should utilize.

Although Instagram permits a maximum of 30 hashtags in a remark or post, which many people think is excessive, it’s crucial to focus quality over number. Instead of spamming hashtags in your postings, using fewer hashtags might result in higher-quality answers.

Once you’ve gained a better grasp of hashtags, you may use trial and error to determine which ones are appropriate for your brand or business. It’s also a good idea to design a unique hashtag for your company or an event you’re throwing in order to stand out from the crowd and establish your own personality. Customers may follow along with one of your events even if they cannot attend in person.

6. Advertise on Instagram.

Organic brand exposure on social media might be more difficult than ever with how busy the platform is. While Instagram outperforms other major platforms, an Ignite Social Media investigation discovered that just 14,100 of 150,000 followers would see an organic post in their feed.

Paid advertisements can help you increase your exposure and promote your Instagram account. Paid targeting may extend your material’s reach beyond the current audiences that see it in their organic, algorithmically provided content and help you reach new prospective customers.

Target highly relevant visitors who are likely to be interested in your product and content with paid adverts. Using various extremely fine targeting options, Instagram advertising helps you get your brand in front of the appropriate individuals. This implies you may gain new followers as well as consumers.

Even if you don’t want to spend on sponsored advertisements regularly, make it a part of your plan when launching a new campaign or expanding the reach of your account.

7. Sell products on Instagram.

In November 2020, Instagram added the Shop tab, allowing users to explore and buy items from companies straight from the app.

Your name, billing information, shipping address, and email address are the only things needed to complete a purchase. Facebook, Instagram’s parent firm, will keep that information for future purchases. Payments may be made with Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Paypal, or American Express.

Small companies may also use Shoppable posts to sell things on Instagram. A company profile generates a product catalog that is linked to its account. The product is then tagged in the same way a person is tagged in a regular post. To publish a shoppable post, you must have a business profile and sell actual things that meet Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce standards. You may build your catalog using BigCommerce, Facebook, or Shopify.

What Are Instagram Chatbots?

What are Instagram Chatbots

If you’ve ever used or engaged with messenger marketing tools (or chatbots) on a Facebook page, these Instagram bots are essentially the same concept. BUT, there are far more restrictions on Instagram right now than there are on Facebook – and Facebook has lots of restrictions.

When you talk about Instagram chatbot, generally speaking, they are a tool used to create automated responses. These bots will send specific messages to Instagram users via direct messaging based on the input they provide. It may consist of something as simple as a single word or a common phrase that, when sent via DM, will trigger the automated answer from the Instagram chatbot. This handy feature can be super helpful in providing quick responses to your audience when they have a simple question or providing them with specific information based on their needs. What’s more, they are given instantly so your followers can get answers even when you aren’t online.

Instagram has 1 billion active users each month. And an estimated 500 million users are using Instagram stories daily.

What is even better about using Instagram for your business is that its user base consists mainly of young people. 71% of the roughly one billion users are aged 35 years old or under.

In addition, about half of Instagram users usually follow at least one company, so it’s an extra incentive to use it as a means of promoting your brand or business.

But perhaps the most important reason why you should consider joining Instagram and creating a business profile is that around 80% of users decide whether to buy a product or service using the platform.

With that many people using Instagram every day and users deciding whether to buy a product or not, you should take advantage of this social media platform to set up an online branch of your business.

What’s more, having an Instagram Chatbot would make it more convenient and efficient to run your business because users can message you 24 hours a day and still get the answers they’re looking for about your brand, products, and services. You can use that opportunity to get massive awareness for your brand, increase your sales, and deliver a better customer service experience. 

However, behind the advantages of a marketing tool is the exemplary practices. Read on to discover the best ways to use an Instagram chatbot. 

Instagram Chatbot Best Practices

Instagram bot best practice

Here are some ways you can leverage Instagram Chatbot in your Instagram Marketing. 

1. Let Instagram Chatbot Handle Link Sharing

Keeping a single link in your bio is an excellent way to avoid dropping links in every post. In addition, it also helps you to be creative in your post’s captions. It is the reason link traffics from Instagram is of high quality. However, you can further optimize your link-sharing activities on Instagram through bots. The Instagram chatbot can open up the flood gates for link sharing without adversely affecting the quality of the referral traffic.

You’ll be able to use the bot tool to have your audience put a term in a post comment, and it will activate the bot, opening up their DMs. Depending on how you create the flow, you may send them the link right away, request their email (which you can gather through integrations), or ask a question to ensure this is the link they want or anything else.

Instead of telling your audiences to click the link in your bio, you can tell them to comment with a specific phrase on your post. This will trigger the Instagram chatbot to open up and start a conversation with that particular user. Or, if you do not have a swipe up link in your Instagram Stories, you may include a CTA which says to direct message you with a specific phrase or word, and the same thing happens, sending them that link.

However, you must also be prepared to design and maintain the Instagram chatbot flows. If you want to send a different link with each post, you’ll need distinct keywords to trigger each answer, which you’ll need to keep updated and maintained in your chatbot management platform. So, although this is quite cool and useful, it will also need some back-end work to ensure the chatbot’s accuracy alongside the engagement’s success. 

2. Reward your Instagram Chatbot Users with Discount Coupon Codes

One thing is for sure, your Instagram chatbot will not be successful or any help if users do not utilize them. To encourage users to use your Instagram chatbot, you may provide an exclusive discount to them. This will help you get an ideal amount of Instagram engagement transactions. 

Providing an incentive to your users will also help you build a good brand image. Customer satisfaction is often translated into recommendations. This recommendation will give your brand a high number of visitors, further build your brand image. 

3. Let Instagram Chatbot Respond to Repetitive Inquiries

A chatbot’s bread and butter is dealing with frequently asked questions and recurrent inquiries. An Instagram chatbot may be taught on certain topics, allowing it to answer a variety of sophisticated questions.

You only need to construct your FAQs and then teach the Instagram chatbot. This is where you instruct the Instagram chatbot which types of queries reply to certain answers; the chatbot will then begin to grasp various question variants and spelling problems utilizing AI and machine learning.

This may appear intimidating to some. In truth, it’s as simple as putting together a spreadsheet with a list of questions and answers.

4. Use Instagram Chatbot to Guide your Customers Through Process. 

Instagram Business Account

Every brand has routine procedures that they must walk clients through. Whether it’s changing a password, checking order status, or anything as specific as explaining how to fill out their dog rescue form.

While these processes are necessary for any customer care department to operate, they are not where human agents should spend their time.

When assisting consumers with difficult or emotional concerns, agents perform at their best. Machines perform best while doing repetitive tasks.

So, why not capitalize on each other’s strengths?

An Instagram chatbot can assist with the long-winded, repetitive operations, allowing human agents to focus on individuals who truly want assistance.

This implies that those who only need a few tips get them right away, while others who have more significant questions get treatment sooner.

Creating your current operations precisely using an Instagram chatbot’s conversation builder is also possible. It’s simple to convert every step you’re now taking into a chatbot discussion.

5. Build a Memorable and Exciting Band

Instagram Chatbots are more than just a sales or service tool for the forward-thinking.

They’re a tool for positioning a company as eccentric, communicating a brand’s basic ideas, or building trust via exchanging advice and information.

This is the moment in the article where we must utilize ‘that term,’ but try to think outside the box for a few minutes. Consider partnering with a fitness company attempting to position itself as a lighthearted choice. This brand aims to keep the world fit but recognizes that coming to the gym isn’t always the most pleasant experience.

The Instagram chatbot may make fun of itself in front of its trainer. You may also design tales that encourage your fans to interact with the chatbot for workout advice.

The list could go on and on since there is so much opportunity for imagination.

A single Instagram chatbot may significantly increase a business’s reach and appeal while also working to boost brand image.

Imagine if each marketing campaign you launched had an ambassador who could interact with every single person who viewed it. Not only does this boost the overall efficacy of the campaign, but the added element of interactivity also helps businesses stand out from the crowd.

6. Social Listening

Another really useful feature of the Instagram chatbot is its ability to set up a bot to launch every time someone mentions your bot or account in an Instagram story at any moment. 

Because Stories are only viewable for 24 hours, the bot can guarantee that your team responds to any remarks. You may configure the bot to react with a thank you message or enter a discount code such as “thank you.” 

Also, suppose you were hosting a giveaway where Story posts were required as a condition of participation. In that case, the bot could be the automatic acknowledgment of submission, reminding users of the giveaway rules and when the winner would be revealed.

7. Track Campaigns

You can also utilize your Instagram chatbot to track your Instagram campaigns and adverts. You may track the number of giveaway entrants, discount code requests (versus code sales conversions), and email registrations or event sign-ups. The bot will allow you to monitor and track all of these chats, allowing you to decide better which promotions are most beneficial to your company.

How Instagram Chatbot Works? 

Instagram chatbots

In the case of Instagram automatic answers, it all starts with the creation of an official API, which is a type of digital bridge that connects various software programs. That’s what Facebook just enabled, allowing chatbot professionals like nerDigital to offer our service to Instagram users.

nerDigital Chatbot customers may now apply the same convenience to the chat feature on their Instagram profiles, in addition to employing automatic answers on their websites and other social media platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp.

Everything is simple to set up on nerDigital’s powerful chatbot solution platform. You simply submit the wording corresponding to the inquiries you expect to get on Instagram, and nerDigital handles the rest.

Self-learning chatbots utilize AI-powered algorithms to identify questions and pair them with the most relevant response. They have a high degree of accuracy and are adaptable enough to handle multiple versions of the same question.

Furthermore, anybody who has automatic answers set up on all of Facebook’s social media platforms—Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram—can utilize nerDigital to consolidate client conversation history in a single inbox, simplifying communication and account management.

It means that, due to nerDigital, you can receive and answer direct messages and receive alerts about comments and mentions from all three networks (and more) in one spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions on Instagram Catbot.

Does Instagram allow chatbots?

Yes. Instagram allows chatbots. Earlier this year, Instagram announced that business profiles can now make an Instagram chatbot to help them automate repetitive tasks like answering typical customer queries. The Instagram chatbot can automatically respond to users’ comments and story replies.

What are Instagram bots trying to do?

You may use Instagram bots in plenty of ways. You may let your Instagram chatbot handle repetitive tasks like answering frequently asked questions and walking customers through the routine process of your business. It may sound simple, but utilizing the automation tool is truly valuable for many businesses, considering the time you can save if you employ a chatbot.

How do you spot bots on Instagram?

Here are some of the indications that an Instagram user is utilizing a bot: 

-Following a large number of other accounts in comparison to their own
-Engagement metrics are high, yet followers are minimal.
-Erratic engagement figures (some posts lots, others none)
-There have been a lot of views but no comments.
-When you follow, you will receive an automatic direct message.
-There is a lot of activity in brief spurts.
-Massive followings, but no engagement
-Their followers are all inactive, lack avatars, or are from far-flung corners of the globe with no relevance to the account.

Can bots on Instagram be private?

Putting your account private while utilizing a chatbot will disable the bot from working. So, it is not possible to set an Instagram chatbot private. However, once you set your Instagram account public again, your Instagram could work again.

How many bots are on Instagram?

According to a study, 95 million existing Instagram accounts are bots and fake.

How do Instagram chatbots affect your growth?

Instagram does not directly affect your Instagram following growth. Instead, it helps you automate most of your routine tasks, including responding to customers’ queries and responding to comments on your Instagram posts and stories. In addition, Instagram chatbots cannot initiate a conversation with unknown users. Users must message your bot first before the chatbot can have a conversation with them.

Are Instagram chatbots legal?

Yes. Using an Instagram chatbot does not violate any national and international law. In addition, it does not violate any Community standards by Instagram. An Instagram chatbot is merely a tool to automate your conversational processes in Instagram. It does not automatically like, share, comment, and follow another Instagram account, so it does not affect Instagram as a safe place. Chatbots are also not able to send messages to random Instagram users. They will only work if a user initiated the conversation or commented a phrase that triggered the bot.

Is Instagram bot safe?

Yes. The Instagram chatbot is safe to use. Using a chatbot on Instagram will not lead to the banning of accounts. However, if you use the chatbot to violate any of the Instagram Community Standards, your account may be banned and removed.

Do I need to be a programmer to launch an Instagram Chatbot?

No. You can use a no-code Instagram automation tool, like nerDigital, that can help you create an Instagram chatbot easily. Our Instagram Automation solution also offers templates, which you can use to automate your Instagram DMs’ responses and replies to comments. You don’t need good coding skills to build an Instagram chatbot and other chatbots. You just need to use the right chatbot tool.

Last Words

You already do all possible to generate amazing content for your Instagram feed, acquire new followers, and connect with current ones. When customers contact you, using automation is merely a continuation of your effort to create a pleasurable experience for your customers. 

Remember, your clients will most likely become your business’ brand ambassadors, evangelists, and your most vocal online supporters. Automatically responding to communications, they send you is a crucial part of the experience they anticipate. It’s also a simple approach to reinforce the favorable image that existing followers already have while also impressing new ones.

It’s a no-brainer to improve your Instagram presence in any manner you can—automated Instagram chatbot answers provide a shortcut to all of the benefits stated above and more. 
Perhaps, timely and timeless customer engagement is the key behind every great business. Automation provides you with a simple and effective solution to better customer service. NerDigital’s automation solution helps you provide quality customer service alongside generating sales opportunities and streamlined processes that will help you save money. Contact us today to learn more.