How to Reply to Instagram Comments Effectively: 6 Excellent Tips to Leverage Instagram Comments

How to reply to Instagram Comments

Engagement is pivotal in the success of your Instagram Business account. It is at the forefront of your interaction with your potential customers, probably loyal customers, and leaves the initial impression that lasts. This is the very reason why great businesses are known to have excellent customer engagement. 

When it comes to Instagram, there are two ways visitors typically engage with a brand: merely liking a post or commenting under the content. While the first one is hard to nourish, it is important not to disregard the latter. Remember that Instagram comments will be the first avenue for visitors to know your brand. 

And so, displaying a good brand image through your Instagram comments engagement is vital in enticing visitors to be customers. In addition, it also helps your brand leave a pleasurable post-purchase experience to your past consumers. As a result, they are more likely to make a purchase again in the future, or better; they will become your loyal customer. 

If you’re new to Instagram Marketing, you might have wondered how to reply to Instagram comments effectively. If so, this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss things to remember when replying to Instagram comments. We also shared some tips on leveraging Instagram comments for your business growth. 

Why Should You Reply to Instagram Comments?

Instagram comments

Instagram comments are worthy of your undivided attention. They are, in fact, a more meaningful type of involvement than a “like.” Commenting on an Instagram post demonstrates a higher level of interest on the follower’s part. That is why Instagram comments are perceived as a “hotter” lead. 

Instagram, particularly Instagram Shopping, is progressively establishing itself in the e-commerce market. As a result, comments on Instagram are equivalent to reviews on Tripadvisor. In addition, over 88 percent of Instagram users examine customer comments before purchasing. Responding to remarks reassures your prospects by demonstrating that you are both attentive and dependable.

Furthermore, responding to Instagram comments may also rapidly become an advantage for natural referencing your content. An Instagram post that elicits a response is almost certain to have a better organic reach. You increase your exposure, acquire new followers, and expand your business options.

Lastly, being engaged in the Instagram comments area allows you to maintain control over your online reputation. “Nature abhors a vacuum,” as you may be aware. Ignoring social media comments invites rumors. You also project a picture of a brand that is uninvolved, maybe untrustworthy, and, most importantly, difficult to approach.

How to Reply to Instagram Comments Different Types

Instagram Business

Here are the several types of Instagram comments your brand will typically receive and how to handle them professionally. 

Praise and Compliments

Praise and compliments are the most typical comments you will receive (unless your brand provides unpleasant service). And as mentioned earlier, every comment (unless spam) deserves your immediate attention. 

Responding to positive comments promotes a pleasurable impression from new visitors. It helps you manifest a sincere and encouraging brand image. In addition, commenters typically enjoy the attention a brand gives them. In return, they share your brand’s posts among their followers. 

Responding to positive comments also promotes brand loyalty with your customers. It means that they are more likely to make a repeated transaction in the future. 

Most importantly, responding with words of gratitude or appreciation to positive comments makes your followers happy and valued. As a result, they are more likely to interact again with your Instagram content. This will further optimize your Instagram Discovery Page placement as Instagram’s algorithm places high regard on posts with high engagement and interaction rates. 

Here are some ways how to reply to Instagram comments that are pleasurable. 

  • Hi, we’re so glad you love our product! 🤩
  • Thanks for love 💗💗
  • It’s our favorite too. Have you tried (another service/product)? We think you’ll love it too😉
  • So happy to hear that 😊✨💗

If the comment is just emojis, you may also reply to their comment with emojis too. Matching your audience’s energy creates a personal connection and demonstrates that your responses aren’t bot-like and are genuine.


Some comments on your particular posts do not carry any particular emotions. These comments are neutral since they are neither positive nor negative. It means that these comments are not praising your brand in any way, but are not criticizing your brand as well. 

Though they are neither positive nor negative, they are still beneficial. It benefits your brand by boosting your organic reach since the algorithm regards them as engagement. 

You are not obligated to answer if the individual simply mentions or tagging a friend or responds to another comment. On the other hand, if the comment is in response to a question in your article, you can just “like” it. We also propose that you respond to long-form remarks that need writing for the customer. This is especially true for Instagram comments that are “slice of life.” Make a point of beginning your response with a thank you: “Thank you for sharing your story/experience,” “Thank you for this testimony,” and so 

Constructive Negative Feedback

Although reading a critical comment is never enjoyable, you should always see the value of this form of criticism. Constructive feedback is a goldmine of knowledge. They will help you better understand your buyer personas so that you can address their wants. So pay attention to the actual language used by your audience in the negative comments. The bad Instagram photo remark might be about one of three topics, each of which requires a different form of response:

  • Form-focused remarks. Perhaps the individual pinned a misspelled word, an unsuitable image, or a broken link. Correct the error and express gratitude to the individual who brought it out. It is a great opportunity for your brand to locate errors you have not noticed. If you are to provide an incentive, make sure that you will not get overboard, as this may entice other users to leave criticism on your posts. 
  • Product Issues Concern. With this type of negative comment, responding as soon as possible is crucial. Still, you should remain discreet and professional. Determine the root of the problem methodically. Even if the issue is on the user’s side, try to maintain a polite demeanor. Though you can resolve the issue through DMs, you should still reply to the actual comments. This way, you can show your other viewers that your brand is responsible and professional in resolving your product or service issues.
  • Customer Service Feedback. In this scenario, you can send the individual a private message and alert them in the comments area. You may also remind them that they can also reach you via other customer service forms, including calls, text messages, and email. Of course, it is still crucial to reply to their comments. 

Justified Aggressive Negative Comments

Negative remarks, once again, should demand your undivided attention. You must be really responsive in order to prevent this sort of statement from becoming a negative buzz or a catastrophe. Be compassionate, truthful, and open. Don’t be scared to confess and apologize if you’re incorrect. Respond like a human, not as an abstract thing. Make yourself available to handle the situation as soon as feasible.

Some firms will not hesitate to make a commercial gesture. Yes, this is a daring option that will get you points, but you must be alert. Don’t make up for it quickly to avoid an outpouring of false statements. It is up to you to strike the correct balance.


Besides feedback (whether positive, negative, or neutral), you may also receive queries through the comment section of your posts. With this type of comment, it is also crucial to be timely with your response. You should make sure that you can reply as soon as possible. 

This type of comment has the most potential to be converted into a purchase, as it manifest that a particular user is interested in your product or service.

Unlike offline forms of customer service such as text messaging or call support, customer service through Instagram comments is complicated. Remember that you are competing with your competitors on Instagram face-to-face. This means that your potential customers are also aware of your competitors and may send queries to your competitor.  So, it is more likely that your potential clients will choose the one that will give better customer service. Customers typically relate the activeness of a brand in engaging with prospects to its credibility and ability to provide a pleasant customer experience. 

Hence, actively answering users’ queries on the comment section is pivotal in generating leads. It also helps you manifest a pleasant brand image to other visitors. Lastly, this simple way of actively engaging with your customers strengthens your brand’s loyalty.

How Instagram Comments Help Businesses Grow

nerdigital chatbot

If you are marketing on Instagram, it is crucial to realize that comments play an important part in your business growth. And there are many ways Instagram comments can help your business grow. Here are some of them. 

Comments Help Build Trust

The more comments you get on your posts, the more credible you are to the visitors. In addition, responding to comments also heightened the trust of your visitor. 

Other company brands commenting on your Instagram account will help you appear trustworthy in the eyes and minds of your fans. As a result, they will be more inclined to interact with your brand. This will result in more income in the long run.

The more popular the brand, the more followers it has. Remember what was stated before about the most vocal businesses having the most followers? This is due to the fact that a large number of Instagram users will be able to view your comments, which cements your presence in their thoughts. Following and commenting on prominent business Instagram profiles will help your company’s brand flourish.

Comments are Often Converted to Sales

As mentioned earlier, comments are the best form of leads. Comments that ask questions regarding your product often lead to a sale.

If you are abrupt in responding to these queries, these customers are more likely to purchase from your brands. These comments show that they are interested in your product, but they have to clarify first. If you are not timely with your response to these queries, chances are you will lose them, and they will opt to purchase from your competitors. 

Comments Promote Brand Loyalty

If you want your customers to buy again from you in the future, continuously engaging with them is the key. Responding to their comments after purchasing (may it be negative or positive) means a lot. They will perceive you as a credible brand which improves their trust in your brand. As a result, they are more likely to refer to your brand whenever they need a product that you offer. 

In addition, providing excellent customer service promotes sharing. When users are satisfied with your brand’s engagement, they are more likely to share your post with their followers. They may also refer your brands to their friends who have the same interest, which is a good source of potential customers. 

How to Get More Comments on Instagram

Instagram automation

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is the second most engaging social media site behind Facebook. With the Instagram algorithm continuously evolving, it is critical for social media marketers to stay up and develop an efficient Instagram strategy. A method that will grow your followers, raise your engagement rates, and encourage people to leave more comments on your material.

To put it simply, the more involvement you receive on your posts, the more Instagram likes you will receive. The algorithm sees it this way: when more people connect with your Instagram account, their likes, comments, and followers indicate that they are more likely to stay on Instagram.

In such instances, the aesthetically appealing social media platform will most likely desire to increase your exposure — inside the hashtag browser, on the explore page, and so on.

Posting on a regular basis may not be enough. However, you may employ several easy tactics to increase the number of comments, likes, and, eventually, followers. Never attempt to purchase Instagram comments; that technique is utterly pointless. It’s time to receive some genuine feedback from real users. Here are some techniques to drive more comments on your Instagram posts. 

Use Related Hashtags

Using Instagram hashtags related to your products or services might help you establish a community around your business and receive more Instagram comments. It is also easy to rank higher in tiny hashtags and allow others to find you using the hashtag browser — you may not be using this browser, but believe me, many Instagram users are.

Using hashtags in your content has been shown to improve organic traffic by 20 times. Instead of labeling your content with #shoes, which has almost 20 million Instagram posts, consider adding your company’s location to the hashtag to limit it down and help people find you.

You may advertise your brand among interested individuals in your designated location by using a location-and-niche-specific hashtag.

Leverage Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a quick and easy method to interact with your followers and receive more Instagram comments. Why?

It is partially because your most engaged fans will glance there when your profile image comes at the top of their Instagram feed.

Another reason is that Stories contain several great features that allow you to connect with your audience directly. You may make polls, ask and answer questions, assess people’s feelings about something, run a quiz, and more.

This feature is an excellent approach to use social media to grow your brand and cultivate a community of devoted followers. Stories are also displayed in the hashtag browser and on the explore page, so you may put some hashtags there to make your material more apparent to individuals who do not follow you.

Feature Your Posts in Your Stories

This technique has lately gained popularity, and for a good cause. It is becoming increasingly difficult to appear in your followers’ news feeds due to Instagram’s algorithm.

As a result, you should also share your normal feed posts to your Stories. This will help your post get noticed by more people, which eventually helps you generate more comments on Instagram.

Here is the process on how you can share your posts to your Instagram Stories.

  1. Go to your feed posts.
  2. Click the share arrow at the bottom left corner
  3. Select “Add post your Story.”

Interact To Comments

If you want more genuine comments on your Instagram postings, simply reply to those that have already been left. It would almost certainly treble the number of comments on your posts.

Greater comments on Instagram equals more interaction and visibility. If that isn’t enough, you can always ask individuals questions inside their comment threads and start genuine dialogues!

And what if you manage a huge account or many Instagram pages and receive hundreds of comments per day?

Responding to all of the comments and toggling between tabs will undoubtedly be difficult. That’s why it’s always a good idea to employ a smart tool that can automatically respond to comments on your Instagram posts and Stories. That is what nerDigital Chatbot Marketing is, but there’s more.

Instagram Automation with nerDigital’s Chatbot Marketing

Business profile

nerDigital, one of the leading SaaS platforms, introduces its robust and smart chatbot marketing feature to help businesses automate their customer engagement tasks. It features a robust dashboard where you can find and manage all the engagements made with your customer service platforms, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more, all in one place. 

Instagram Automation with nerDigital chatbot marketing solutions allows you to respond to your Instagram customers smartly. And so, you can keep on engaging with your customers and possible customers even it is past your business hours. 

Additionally, Instagram Automation also allows you to save money. Instead of hiring additional customer services staff (which you have to pay for their hourly labor), you can save the money to spend it on more important causes. 

Though Instagram automation allows you to cut costs in the workforce, it does not necessarily mean you do not need humans for customer service. Chatbots and automated processes still have limitations, which means human intervention is still necessary in some cases. 

If you want to learn how you can automate your Instagram comments response, continue reading to find out how to reply to Instagram comments automatically. 

How to Reply to Instagram Comments Automatically with nerDigital’s Chatbot Marketing

Instagram Automations enable Instagram Businesses to manage their Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) and Instagram Comments using a chatbot. Your Instagram Business Account must be linked to a Facebook Page for the Instagram automation to operate.

In this guide, I will walk you through the following steps on how to reply to Instagram comments. 

STEP 1: Connect Your Instagram Business Account to Facebook

Before you can automate your Instagram comments replies, you need to connect your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook account first. 

To connect your Instagram Business to Facebook, navigate to your  Facebook Page, click on Settings, and select Instagram.

Here, you can connect your two accounts by clicking on Connect account under “Connect to Instagram”:

STEP 2: Connect Instagram to your nerDigital Account


Once you already have your Instagram Business Account connected to Facebook, you may now link the account to your nerDigital’s Chatbot Account. 

If you don’t have an account yet, you can conveniently create one by signing up using your Facebook account connected to your Instagram Business account. 

To connect the Instagram Business account to nerDigital, go to “Settings” and select the “Channel” tab. Go to “Instagram.” Lastly, click the “Connect to Instagram” button. 

Important Reminders

  • Make sure your Instagram account is set to Business/Professional. The API cannot access Instagram accounts that are not Business accounts.
  • Your Instagram account must be linked to the Facebook Page that you linked to your bot in nerDigital Chatbot Marketing.
  • Group threads (conversations involving more than two people) are not supported.
  • The Instagram Comment feature does not support Instagram Ads and IGTV.
  • Instagram bots cannot obtain the name and profile image of a private Instagram user account. The individual will be added to your list of subscribers but with no name.

STEP 3: Create Instagram Auto Comments


Now that you have linked your Instagram Business account to nerDigital, the next step is creating the Instagram auto comment. 

Go to your nerDigital Chatbot dashboard, then select “Tools” on the left side of the dashboard. 

Here, you will see all the tools nerDigital Chatbot Marketing offers. Go to “Instagram Auto Comments.”

Then, click the “Add Post” button. 

You may now create your personalized Instagram Comments Automated Response. 

You may also select if a particular auto comment applies to all of your posts or only a particular post. 

Also, you may select whether the automated reply will be sent to all the comments or comments that match a particular rule only. 

Additionally, you may select the type of reply the bot will send to the commenters. You may choose from text response, product response, or flow response. 

Note that the bot will respond to the commenter via direct message. If you need to notify the user that you have messaged them through DM, you may also add a public reply, which allows you to reply to their comments. 

Instagram Auto Comment Best Practices

The success of any tool is highly dependent on the practices of the user. To ensure that your Instagram comment will be successful and can help you to the fullest it can, here are some of the practices you may consider employing. 

1. Respond to Everything Except to Bots and Spams

Even if the response is a simple “like” or an emoji, your brand should respond to every consumer feedback. Pay attention to your social media and email alerts so that you can respond to new comments as quickly and as helpfully as possible. This motivates your consumers to leave more comments, which leads to improved consumer trust, brand awareness, and, eventually, revenue. According to Forrester, 80 percent of customers connect with companies via social media. You’re missing out on a sizable market if you don’t reply to commentators.

Assume it isn’t viable for your organization, either due to a lack of staff bandwidth or because there are too many social media interactions to keep up with. In such a situation, nerDigital Chatbot Marketing’s Instagram Automation may help you regulate comments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with customized answers that fit your brand language.

2. Make it Personal

An automatic answer should always be kind and helpful. According to Hubspot statistics, 86 percent of customers prefer a brand personality that is true and honest on social media. You want to mirror your brand’s tone while also demonstrating that your channels are manned by genuine people who respond to user comments. Show some personality and use an emoji or two here and there – your consumers will appreciate your sincerity.

3. Address Sensitive Comments

Don’t be afraid to make delicate remarks. If consumers ask harsh questions, they should be treated the same way they would if they compliment your brand. As much as possible, be upfront, and if you disregard the remarks or inquiries, other consumers may begin to mistrust your brand’s objectives.

If, for example, someone directly asks you a sensitive issue about your pricing, where your products are manufactured, or how ecologically sustainable you are, be truthful. There are other means for people to learn the truth. If you’re honest, you’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s integrity and maybe convert a detractor into a customer connection.

4. Do Not Disregard Trolls or Comment Spam

If someone is harassing your brand on Instagram, don’t be hesitant to remove their offensive remarks or even block the person. Spreading misinformation, being extremely hostile, using profanity, leaving spam comments, or making baseless claims about your organization are all grounds for removing someone from your following list.

If left unchecked, spammers may swiftly destroy your brand’s reputation, especially because other consumers frequently skim through your comment threads, so don’t be afraid to take action. Learn about major social sites the spam filters, and comment settings. Both Facebook and Instagram have moderation features that allow you to ban certain keywords and hide incorrect comments, ensuring only authorized comments display on your profile. They also provide you the option of leaving closing comments if necessary, although we urge that you only do so in exceptional instances.

5. Use Your DMs

If a response to a query or remark on your page necessitates disclosing confidential details such as order numbers or other sensitive information, move the conversation to your Direct Messages (DMs) or email to preserve the comment author’s security. Order-related issues or queries that require a more detailed answer should be handled through your inbox rather than in the comment area. Simply write a message to the commenter noting that you’re transferring your discussion to your DMs, so the customer knows to check their inbox and any other followers who may come across the chat know you didn’t ignore them.

6. Use Social Listening to Improve Your Business

Your comments might teach you a lot about what is missing in a certain area of your business. If you’re getting many of the same inquiries regarding a certain product, you may edit your FAQs to address the issue rather than providing the same response dozens of times. If you discover that a large number of customers have complained about excessive hold times on your phone lines, you can prioritize extra help for customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Instagram marketing and Instagram Comments Automated Response.

Can Instagram Auto Comment Bot Auto Follow or Auto Unfollow other Instagram Users?

nerDigital’s Instagram Automation does not support auto-follow or unfollowing other Instagram users. In addition, our platform does not give your posts comments as well. Instead, we help your brand respond to comments through our Instagram Comments Auto Reply Tool. 

Can I Stop Auto Commenting On Instagram?

If you’ve tried utilizing Instagram auto comments and the service doesn’t work for you, it’s simple to discontinue. You can quickly terminate the service; however, this depends on the program you use. You may stop your IG automation for free with nerDigital Chatbot Marketing, and this will not interfere with any other services to which you are subscribed. You can also do it in the future without incurring any further fees.

Should you reply to bot comments on Instagram?

No. Remember that you are employing an automated comment response on Instagram to provide a better customer experience. And when we say “customer,” we refer to real humans. You can get nothing from responding with bots. Instead, it is recommended to hide such comments.

Should I delete spam comments on Instagram?

Yes. Spam comments will not benefit you. In addition, spam comments are often offensive and violate community standards on Instagram.

Can people see your Instagram comments?

Even if your profile is private, every remark you make on another person’s post will be accessible to everyone who follows them. You can, however, send a direct message to a person about a post. That contact is kept secret and is not apparent to outside observers.

Does commenting on your own post help?

No. Not unless the remarks are in response to the comments of another person. Instagram and Facebook are becoming better at measuring genuine interaction. This would be the simplest way to try to game it… so they’d know it wasn’t genuine participation.

How do you see who someone interacts with the most on Instagram?

Navigate to the profile tab (person symbol) in Instagram’s bottom right corner. If you have the change, you will notice “Least Interacted With” and “Most Shown in Feed” towards the top.

Should you respond to comments on Instagram?

Responding to comments placed on your Instagram photos has a function other than being kind. Responding to comments may also help more people find your page, attract purchasing advertisers, and encourage more people to interact with your content.

What should I reply to comments?

Your response to comments should depend on the comment itself. As already mentioned, we suggest replying to the comment the same way someone commented (unless you’re replying to queries and negative comments). In negative feedback, it is best to respond as quickly as possible and be as transparent as possible. Generally, we suggest that you should reply to comments kindly and politely.

Should I delete negative comments?

It depends. If the negative comment is justifiable or constructive, you should not delete the comment. Rather, take it as an opportunity to show your followers that your brand is responsible, and they can depend on you to resolve after purchase issues. However, if the negative comments are offensive and may mislead your followers, you should delete them.

Final Words

Instagram, for years, has been a powerful platform for many businesses. It helps proprietors to widen their reach and gain more customers. 

When it comes to marketing on Instagram, customer engagement is crucial. Your company may have the most visually appealing material on Instagram. Your plan might have the best Instagram posting schedule. However, if you are not engaging well with your potential customers, it will all be useless. 

We understand that soon enough, or perhaps now, interacting with your potential customers on Instagram (may it be on DM or comment) will overwhelm you. That is why we made a solution to help brands, including yours, automate their customer engagement tasks, including responding to Instagram comments. 

nerDigital’s Chatbot Marketing is a powerful automation tool that can prevent downtime in your brand’s customer service. If you wish to learn more, contact us today. Or visit us at

Unleashing Telegram Chatbot’s Power: 8 Valuable Telegram Chatbot Features for Businesses

Telegram Chatbot

Over the past few years, Telegram has been seeing constant and continuous growth as a messaging channel. In January 2021, Telegram proudly announced that the platform had reached over 500 million users, making it one of the leading messaging applications alongside Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. 

Notably, the most significant factor to Telegram’s enormous growth is its explicit effort to provide utmost protection and security to its users’ data. Telegram had introduced various valuable features, including direct private messaging, heavy security, secret chats, and more, that paved the way for Telegram’s first wave of adoption.

With the vast growth of Telegram, businesses also started to notice the new opportunity they could get by leveraging the messaging platform. Many proprietors believe that Telegram’s colossal growth is an excellent indication that using the platform can highly contribute to the growth and success of many businesses. 

In this article, we will introduce Telegram as a platform for businesses of all sizes and niches. Also, we will discuss how you can unleash the power of your Telegram through the Telegram chatbot. But before that, let’s get to know Telegram. 

Telegram: Not Your Ordinary Messaging Platform 

Telegram Bot

As previously mentioned, Telegram is one of the most secured social messaging platforms. This application focuses on providing users with a robust, secured and efficient messaging application. Despite its sophisticated aim, Telegram still managed to provide a user-friendly and straightforward interface. Unlike many other platforms, you can install Telegram on different devices and sync your data seamlessly. 

Telegram is also known as a feature-rich messaging platform. But, what sets the messaging app apart is that it does not push the features they offer to your face. The application uses one central messaging interface ( the message board). You can access other valuable features through the drop-down menu on the left of the interface. In addition,  it will also allow you to create new secret groups, chats, and channels. 

Let’s take a quick tour of what you can do with the Telegram app. 

Telegram Group

Telegram’s group messaging also works the same as other messaging platforms’ group features. However, Telegram allows up to 200 thousand members per group. If you think that managing such a group is impossible, think twice. Thanks to Telegram’s granular control feature, you can manage and control such a group without too much difficulty. 

Telegram groups are excellent for fostering community. You can add members one at a time or make the group link public. Telegram groups may also be made public and searchable.

Telegram Channel

Telegram channel is also like the telegram group, except that only the admins can send a message. However, admins can also allow subscribers to post by granting permission. It also has no restrictions, making the platform convenient for streaming information. 

Users can subscribe to a channel by searching within the application or accessing the channel through a link. Telegram channels with over one thousand subscribers are given access to channels analytics and posts. 

Telegram channel is best for sharing website content. You can share links of your online content to your channel and have your subscribers conveniently access them. 

Telegram Passport

Telegram Passport aims to stop identity documents to different places, which is an unsafe practice. Since Telegram uses end-to-end encryption for its cloud-based messaging, financial organizations can access the data from one central location. This makes the process of authentication safer for the users. 

Telegram first had a deviant following in some sectors of the financial services business. Since then, the firm has successfully expanded its user base outside this specific forte.

Telegram Business 

Telegram Bots

Since Telegram has no restrictions, running adverts on the platform reaches more audiences. Leveraging Telegram Group and Telegram Channel will help your business achieve higher engagement and reach more audiences. 

Though there is no obvious way to create a Telegram Business account, there are two you can use Telegram for your business. The first of which is by leveraging the Telegram Group and Channel. Besides that, you can also make use of Telegram Bot to aid you in many of your mission-critical business processes. Read on to find out how you can create your Telegram Bot account. 

How to Create a Telegram Bot

Although Telegram calls it a Telegram Bot, it is a Telegram Business account. Unlike the WhatsApp Business app, Telegram does not have a separate Business app. On the other hand, using the Telegram Bot allows you to build a branded Telegram account for your company. Here’s the step-by-step process on how to create a Telegram Bot. 

  1. Search BotFather in Telegram, then tap ‘Start.’
  2. Create a new bot by sending ‘/newbot’ command. 
  3. Specify a name for your bot.
  4. Give your Telegram Chatbot username. 
  5. Copy the access token of your Telegram bot.
  6. Paste the access token to your Telegram chatbot platform. 

Telegram Business Best Practices


Using Telegram for business is not the same as using email or SMS. Telegram is a private firm that has complete control over what is possible on the app. Telegram’s features are designed with the goal of delivering free, quick, and secure chatting in mind. Here are some of the best practices in using Telegram Business.

Locate Your Customers Using Your Telegram Account

Despite users joining up Telegram with a phone number, their primary identity is their Telegram ID; nonetheless, Telegram does not provide phone numbers or IDs to the messaging CRM via the Telegram Bot API. Just the name.

This implies that users’ data cannot be loaded as contacts into CRM through CSV. To become a Telegram contact, your subscribers must first message you. Telegram and other messaging app corporate accounts utilize this restriction to minimize spam.

There are, thankfully, features meant to encourage people to submit businesses first. Existing consumers can be offered chat links and QR codes to associate with brands on Telegram. However, the most devoted Telegram users may locate it through searching within the program.

Chat Links & QR Codes

When customers click on a chat link or scan a QR code, they are sent immediately to a conversation with your brand. Each Telegram Bot has a conversation connection in the format. As a result, your bot’s username should mirror your brand.

Chat buttons look fantastic on websites, social media accounts, and even in emails to consumers. The link is only functional when the Telegram app is installed on the device regardless of the limits.

When mobile users click on the link, they will be instructed to download the Telegram app. If they click on the desktop link, they will be sent to a page to start Telegram Web, but this will only function if the user has already seen the website.

Like Facebook Messenger codes, QR codes are another way to drive traffic to your account. Links, unlike URLs, may be used on offline sites such as actual storefronts. QR codes, like chat links, will only function with installed applications. Therefore place the Telegram logo above the QR code.

While Telegram does not include QR codes by default, they may be made using any QR code generator and the link. If you link your Telegram Bot to our corporate messaging platform, we can produce a QR code for you.

In-App Search

Unlike other business accounts for messaging platforms, you don’t need an official Telegram bot for your customers to look for your brand within the app. After you’ve built your bot, every user should be able to search for Telegram and send messages.

While in-app search may not create most of your traffic, it is the most probable route for customers to discover your brand. 

Message Customers

Sending messages to Telegram users is a simple process. While other corporate accounts of the messaging service limit when and what you can communicate, Telegram does not ban any brands.

1:1 Messaging

Because Telegram lacks a messaging window like other messaging applications, you may communicate with your subscribers at any moment after they become a contact. The most important thing to understand about Telegram messaging users is about sending or reading receipts.

Telegram personal accounts already have delivery, delivery, and reading status; thus, Telegram business accounts will have the same features. On the other hand, Telegram does not give message progress updates via the Telegram Bot API.

This implies that any corporate messaging platform to which you link your Telegram Bot will be unable to display whether or not your Telegram contacts have viewed your messages. You should be aware of another aspect to add gasoline to the fire.

Broadcast Messaging

Telegram, like 1:1 texting, does not limit broadcasting. Rich material such as photographs, movies, downloads, and messages may be sent to a limitless number of people. However, keep in mind that you must first persuade them to message you in order for them to become a contact.

Keep in mind that contacts can unsubscribe from your bot if they don’t like what you’re sending. You can’t do anything after they’ve blocked you. Even if you send them a new message, you will receive a message that says ‘Banned: The user has prohibited the bot.’

Last but not least, in order to send broadcasts, you must link your bot to a business messaging platform, just like you would with 1:1 messaging. As a result, ensure that the program you select supports streaming.

Telegram Chatbot

Telehgram Best Practices

Bots are third-party apps that operate within Telegram. Bots may be interacted with by sending messages, commands, and inline requests. HTTPS queries to Telegram’s Bot API are used to control your bots. It promotes communication between a human and a computer.

You’re no longer conversing with another person on Telegram; instead, you’re conversing with a machine. And the chatbot will respond to you automatically based on what you say or the questions you ask.

Telegram Chatbot Valuable Features

Telegram chatbot is unique in many ways. It offers various valuable features that make the experience (of you and your users) one of a kind. Let’s take a deeper look at some of them. 

Telegram Chatbots

Inline mode

One of the unique features of the Telegram chatbot is the inline mode. With this feature, your users may interact with your chatbot through inline queries directly from the text input field in any conversation.

If inline queries mode is enabled, users may call your bot by entering its username and a query in the text input area of any conversation. In an update, the question is transmitted to your bot. People may use this method to request material from your bot in any of their conversations, groups, or channels without having to send any messages to your bot at all. 

Inline chatbots support all sorts of Telegram content (20 in all). They may communicate stickers, films, audio, places, papers, and other media. Depending on the type of information, clients can show the results with vertical or horizontal scrolling. When a user taps an item, it is immediately transmitted to the recipient, and the input field is cleared.

Telegram Chatbot Payment

Telegram Chatbot Payments is a free and open platform that allows vendors to take payments from Telegram users for goods and services. Telegram does not collect payment information and does not charge a fee.

When creating a Telegram Chatbot, you may send specially formatted invoice messages to users, groups, or channels. If your bot supports inline mode, users may submit invoices to other conversations via your telegram chatbot, including one-on-one chats with other users.

Invoice messages include a product photo and description and a visible Pay button. You will be taken to a dedicated payment window within the Telegram client by tapping this button. Users can select a tip amount (if permitted by the seller) and input extra information such as shipping information, phone number, or email address on this screen.

The bot may provide numerous shipping choices for physical products based on the destination address. When ready, consumers enter their credit card information or select a previously stored card – and pay for the merchandise. Apple Pay and Google Pay are also supported by Telegram. Once the transaction is complete, the merchant bot can send a receipt message with shipping and delivery information.


Of course, traditional chatbots may be trained to recognize the human language. But there are occasions when you need more formal input from the user, and this is where bespoke keyboards come in handy.

When your bot delivers a message, it might include a customized keyboard with pre-programmed reply choices. Telegram applications that receive the message will show the user your keyboard. Tapping any of the buttons will send the corresponding command immediately. You may greatly ease user interaction with your bot in this manner.

For your buttons, Telegram now supports text and emoji.

Inline Keyboards and On-The-Fly Updating

There are instances when you would instead not send any messages to the chat. For instance, when your user changes settings or scrolls through search results. In such circumstances, you can utilize Inline Keyboards, which are built directly into the messages to which they belong.

Pressing buttons on inline keyboards, unlike bespoke reply keyboards, does not result in messages being transmitted to the chat. On the other hand, inline keyboards support buttons that operate behind the scenes: callback and URL buttons and switch to inline buttons. When you employ callback buttons, your bot can change its existing messages (or simply their keyboards) to keep the conversation neat.


Telegram chatbot commands allow you to communicate with your bot more flexibly. A command must always begin with the ‘/’ sign and be no more than 32 characters long. Users can also use Latin characters, numerals, and underscores in commands. Messages that begin with a slash are always forwarded to the bot (as are responses to the bot’s messages and messages that @mention the bot by username). Telegram applications will include:

  • When the user types a ‘/’, provide a list of available commands with descriptions (for this to work, you need to have provided a list of commands to the BotFather).
  • Tapping on a command in the list transmits the command right away. Add an extra (/) button to the input field in all interactions with bots. It will type a ‘/’ and display a list of instructions when you tap it.
  • /commands are highlighted in messages. When a user touches a highlighted command, it is transmitted all at once.

If there are numerous bots in a group, including bot usernames to instructions is possible to minimize misunderstanding. When commands are picked from the list of recommendations, this is done automatically. Please keep in mind that your bot must be able to process commands that begin with its username.

Privacy mode

Bots are commonly integrated into groups to supplement human-to-human conversation by giving news, notifications from external services, or extra search capabilities. This is especially true for professional groupings. When you share a group with a bot, you may find yourself wondering, “How can I be sure that my conversation history is not being  sold to my competitors?” “The answer is the private mode.”

When a bot is in private mode, it does not receive all messages sent to the group. Instead, it will receive only:

  • Messages beginning with a slash ‘/’ (see Commands above)
  • Replies to messages sent by the bot
  • Messages of Service (people added or removed from the group, etc.)
  • Messages from channels in which it participates

On the one hand, this allows some of us to sleep easier at night (in our tinfoil nightcaps), but it also allows the bot creator to save a lot of resources because they won’t have to process tens of thousands of meaningless messages each day.

Except for bots joined to the group as admins, all bots have privacy mode activated by default (bot admins always receive all messages). It may be turned off so that the bot receives all messages just like any other user (the bot will need to be re-added to the group for this change to take effect). We only advocate enabling this if it is required for your bot to function – users can always see a bot’s current privacy setting in the list of group members. Using the force reply option for the bot’s messages should be sufficient in most circumstances.

Deep linking

Telegram bots include a deep-linking mechanism that allows extra parameters to be passed to the bot on launch. It might be a command that runs the bot or an authentication token that connects the user’s Telegram account to their account on another service.

Each bot has a URL that launches a Telegram discussion with it — username>. You can add the start and start group arguments to this connection, with values up to 64 characters long.

Following a link with the start parameter will initiate a one-on-one chat with the bot, with a START button replacing the input box. If the start group argument is provided, the user is requested to choose a group to which they wish to add the chatbot. When a user approves the action (presses the START button in their app or selects a group to add the bot to), your chatbot will receive the message in this format: “/start PAYLOAD.” 

Telegram Chatbot Best Practices

Telegram Business

Here are 4 of the best practices in utilizing Telegram Chatbot to automate and personalize your Telegram experience.

Organize Your Day

Telegram chatbot allows you to use automation to organize your daily mission-critical tasks. You may use Alter chatbot to send notifications to your Telegram account, group, conversation, or channel. Bots can take notes, organize them, and provide textual reminders to ensure you don’t forget to finish a task.

Travel Assistance bots make traveling easier by leveraging your preferences to avoid searching for flights. Bots may get lodging and trip ideas by utilizing AI helper searches to determine what is ideal for you.

There are bots, such as ‘Eddy Travels,’ that can arrange business travel logistics from within a Telegram group conversation. You may also use bots to organize your business and workplace, such as planning group activities and scheduling attendees.

Optimize Your Accounts Security

Telegram is packed with several excellent security protection features, but it is an overstatement to say that it is safe from malware and unapproved content. Fortunately, there are bots for that as well. They are necessary for adhering to Telegram chatbot best practices.

Several Telegram chatbots can help you guard your account against unwanted and indecent information, as well as attempts to upload malware to your device. Bots in Telegram can prevent other bots from joining a group, filter content, check attachments, and regulate behavior.

Security and content management bots are useful if you use Telegram for business communication or keep things secret.

Other bots, such as ‘Dr.WEB,’ may examine any files and URLs delivered to your Telegram account to assure their safety.

Keep Track of Your Website

One of the most useful things a Telegram chatbot can do for you is to provide data directly from Google Analytics to your Telegram account. Don’t let this Telegram Bots excellent practice pass you by.

Consider having the number of visitors to your website messaged to you anytime you choose. Some bots even allow you to share specific information with friends and coworkers. Some bots may help you choose the optimal moment to use your own marketing or chatbots and improve their success.

Try utilizing Telegram analytics to obtain conversational analytics to monitor how many people read and react to your posts and to warn you of any unusual website traffic. Web scraping bots may also maintain track of other websites, such as the pricing of televisions from merchant pages.

Marketing and Growth

Telegram Benefits

One advantage of Telegram’s massive user base is its excellent platform for marketing your business. There is a bot for practically any marketing necessity, such as being able to send a picture, video, GIF, or text to any of your social media accounts straight from the Telegram app.

Bots can help your business expand by connecting to a wide range of external sources to answer any of your business trend queries or offer information on the most paid-for keywords in your area. Market research is vital for building a business, but data may be tough to get by.

Rather of bombarding your audience with e-mails, try utilizing a bot like ‘survey bot’ to publish polls on your social media channels and get data directly to your Telegram account.

Telegram Chatbot for All Types of Businesses

A Telegram chatbot is a third-party application that responds to certain commands. As a result, it can benefit firms with a repeated engagement process or particular repetitive duties. A telegram bot, for example, can gather leads, give customer care, send newsletters to current customers, display portfolios, manage marketing campaigns, or automate some conversations.


Over 500 million MAU on Telegram can help you develop a quick e-store where consumers can instantly receive bargains and products or services and purchase them in the first place.

You may provide clients with an exceptional purchase trip from order placement to delivery by providing regular SMS updates. For example, Amazon’s search and pricing bot are ideal for customers seeking the best price and product based on their needs.

Travel and Hospitality

What better location to have a bot for travel and hospitality than a messaging app where people make vacation plans? When you are not accessible to respond to inquiries, you may utilize your Telegram bot to function as a travel agent on your behalf. It will assist clients in obtaining the appropriate package and information about various locations.

You may also assist them in selecting the appropriate trip based on their budget and other preferences. A telegram bot can respond to their questions and provide information such as bookings, cancellation restrictions, and much more. Several studies have also shown that the conversion rate may be greatly increased by reducing conversion processes.


Using a Telegram bot, you may provide immediate support and medical attention to patients in the comfort of their own homes. For example, you may function as a virtual doctor, making visits and follow-ups quick and easy. As a result, it will assist them in organizing paths, contacting appropriate physicians, and much more. Not only may telegram bots be used to provide medical treatment, but they can also be used to educate people about misconceptions and incorrect medical procedures, which can make a significant difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Telegram Chatbot.

How does the Telegram chatbot work?

Telegram Bots, at their core, are special accounts that do not require an additional phone number to set up. Bots can be interacted with in two ways:

-Open a conversation with bots or add them to groups to send them messages and orders.
-Requests can be sent straight from the input area by entering the bot’s @username and a query. This enables inline bots to send the content directly into any chat, group, or channel.

Users’ messages, commands, and requests are routed to the software running on your servers. Telegram’s intermediate server handles all encryption and communication with the Telegram API. You connect with this server over a simple HTTPS interface that provides a streamlined version of the Telegram API. Telegram calls that interface our Bot API.

How are bots different from humans?

Here are some of the differences of Telegram Chatbots to humans: 

-Telegram bots have no online status or last seen stamp.
-Telegram chatbots have limited cloud storage. The server removes old messages. 
-Bots cannot initiate conversations with people. A user must first add them to a group or send them a message. Users may find your bot by searching the username of your bot. 
-Bot usernames always end in ‘bot.’
-When a bot is added to a group, it does not receive all the messages.

What can I do with Telegram Chatbot?

There are various things you can do with the Telegram chatbot. To name a few, you could use bots to: 

-receive customized reminders and notifications. 
-integrate with other external services
-Accept payments from Telegram users
-Create custom tools, including alerts, weather forecasts, translations, formatting, or other services.
-Build social services

What’s the difference between groups and channels?

Telegram groups are perfect for exchanging information with friends and family and collaborating in small groups. On the other hand, groups may grow quite big and sustain p to 200,000 people communities. You may make any group public, toggle persistent history to govern whether new members have access to previous communications, and assign administrators with specific permissions. You may also pin important messages to the top of the screen so that all users can view them, even those who have recently joined.
Channels are used to broadcast messages to huge groups of people. A channel can, in reality, have an infinite number of subscribers. When you post in a channel, the message is signed with the name and photo of the channel, not your own. Each message in a channel contains a view counter that is updated when the message, including forwarded copies, is seen.

How secure is Telegram?

Telegram is more secure than popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Line. The platform is built on the MTProto protocol, based on time-tested methods that make security compatible with high-speed delivery and dependability on poor connections. We collaborate with the community regularly to improve the security of our protocol and clients.

Is Telegram chatbot safe?

Yes. Telegram has a reputation for being safe due to several characteristics that indicate this. It, for example, provides end-to-end encryption and the ability to transmit self-destructing communications.

The site has also been utilized by persons who require private communications in the past. Protesters in Hong Kong, for example, used the service in 2019.

Telegram is also frequently touted as a more secure alternative to WhatsApp, making it an obvious first pick for many users seeking more security.

How many Telegram bots can I create?

Telegram does not specify the number of Telegram chatbot an account can create. But, as per many developers, one Telegram account can create up to 20 Telegram Chatbots.

What is Telegram Bot API?

Telegram Bot API allows you to connect your bots to Telegram’s system. Telegram Chatbots are individual accounts that do not require a separate phone number to set up. These accounts act as a user interface for programming executing somewhere on your server.
You don’t need to understand how our MTProto encryption protocol works to utilize it; our intermediate server will handle all encryption and communication with the Telegram API for you. You contact this server over a basic HTTPS interface that provides a streamlined version of the Telegram API.

How do self-destructing messages work?

All communications in Secret Conversations and media in private cloud chats can use the Self-Destruct Timer.

Press the clock icon (in the input box on iOS, top bar on Android) to start the timer, then select the appropriate time limit. When the message is shown on the recipient’s screen, the clock begins to tick (gets two checkmarks). When the timer expires, the message is erased from both devices. If a screenshot is captured, Telegram will attempt to send a notice.

Please keep in mind that the timer in Secret Chats only applies to messages sent after the timer has been set. It has no bearing on previous communications.

Final Statement

Telegram is now regarded as one of the most engaging smartphone applications, even better than WhatsApp. Telegram can aid you in boosting your other social media platforms, revenue, and digital marketing efforts. Because Telegram provides a network for like-minded people, you can quickly develop a community with your customer.

If you want to utilize Telegram as a marketing tool, it is best to leverage Telegram Chatbot. Telegram Chatbot is an effective and easy approach to engaging with your customers. Instead of letting your customer service staff handle all the customer service tasks, you can delegate the repetitive and common customer engagement services o your Telegram chatbot.

Suppose you need a robust and easy-to-use Telegram chatbot platform; no need to look further than the chatbot marketing solutions offered by nerDigital. They offer various marketing automation, including Telegram and WhatsApp automation. Contact us today to learn more. 

Understanding SMS Chatbot and SMS Marketing: 4 Best Chatbot Marketing Practices

SMS Chatbot

Behind every successful business is excellent customer engagement and support. They are capable of increasing customer loyalty and sales. And every great business knows this and uses this tactic to grow their businesses constantly. 

Traditionally, human specialists handle customer engagement. But, if the number of customers queries gets bigger, the process is somewhat overwhelming and may burden the company. And human resources is not an automated machine to handle all those queries effectively. 

Luckily, chatbots provide a modern and robust solution to this problem. Chatbots are digital programs that mimic human conversations using the existing database. Many proprietors are now employing chatbots, including SMS chatbot, to aid them in customer engagement and provide customers with a satisfying customer experience.

SMS chatbot, a chatbot using SMS as a channel, is one of the most integrated automation of businesses. It helps enterprises by handling most of the customers’ questions and responses. It is an excellent approach to optimizing customer engagement without using any third-party application. 

Sms chatbot may have automated the process of customer engagement, but that does not mean that a human is no longer necessary. Human intervention is still crucial. Nonetheless, an SMS chatbot plays a vital role in handling repetitive multiple customers engagements at once. 

In this article, we will walk you through the essential things you should know about SMS Marketing and SMS Chatbot. Read on to learn more. 

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is an acronym for “short message service marketing,” which uses text messages to provide clients with promotional messages, content, promotions, updates, and other information.

SMS marketing, like email marketing, is a channel that you own. This means you have complete control over who receives an SMS marketing message, what content is shared, and when it is sent. With text marketing, you have total control over the experience you deliver to your clients from start to end.

In addition to SMS conversations, you may send MMS (multimedia message service) messages to your customers. This sort of communication allows you to send messages that include photos, videos, or GIFs in addition to text.

Why Use SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has a plethora of advantages. Here are a few examples.

Increased open rates. SMS messages have an open rate of up to 80%, which is four times greater than email’s open rate (20 percent). This implies that 80 percent of the communications you send get opened and read by your recipients, increasing your leads for more income.

Trackability. Countless text marketing programs may be tracked and handled directly from your PC, providing you with more precise campaign information.

Direct Channel. SMS is one of the most immediate channels available; with a read rate of 97 percent within 15 minutes of transmission, you can be confident that your time-sensitive messages will be received fast. When combined with other popular channels such as email and social media, 45 percent of SMS advertising provides a profitable ROI of 50 percent.

Integration with additional channels. As with all other channels in the marketing mix, SMS must operate effectively together. SMS is an excellent stand-alone channel, but it can also be used to supplement and assist other marketing channels such as social media and email.

Several additional methods utilize SMS marketing to supplement or enhance your existing efforts. For example, the messages you send to your audience might inform them about future social media events. It may also be used to publicize your unique online bargains.

Boost Customer Engagement. SMS marketing is an excellent approach to improving how your brand interacts with its customers. According to Digital Marketing Magazine, 75% of customers prefer to receive promotional advertisements via text texts. It demonstrates that consumers are far more responsive to text messaging than other advertising forms.

SMS Marketing Best Practices

SMS Marketing Best Practices

SMS is a robust channel businesses can use to reach their loyal customers and potential customers. However, as with other marketing channels, its success and its extent to help a business depend on how they use it. Let’s take a look at the different best practices in SMS Marketing. 

1. Send Message Regularly but not Too Frequent

Many marketers are being enticed by the power of SMS Marketing to reach an audience and generate engagement. As a result, they send too many text messages within their subscriber list, which is a big SMS marketing mistake. Your consumer may have permitted you to send them text messages, but they can also easily shoes to stop their subscription. That’s why giving them the right amount of updates is crucial. 

Yes, sending regular text messages to your customers is advised, but that does not necessarily mean you have to do it frequently. Regularly sending text messages is not the same context as sending messages frequently. 

It is best to send a regular update or promotional text message to your consumers without getting overboard. Sending 2-4 messages per month is perceived as the ideal frequency of sending SMS to your customers. 

However, every business is unique. So, there are instances that this ideal no. of promotional or reminder text messages per month is not applicable. You should still consider your engagement metrics to determine how often you can send text messages to your consumers. 

2. Send Short but Meaningful Messages

One thing is for sure; no person likes reading lengthy promotional messages. So, it is vital to make your messages compact while still delivering the core of your message. You should send text messages that are concise yet sharp and provide value to your consumers. 

Relevance is still the key to a meaningful engagement. And lengthy messages tend to lose relevance. Not to mention that consumers receive long messages by batch. To ensure that your messages are meaningful and short, you can consider the following suggestions: 

  1. Avoid using abbreviations.
  2. Focus on producing a brief, powerful message.
  3. Do not include lengthy links. Shorten a link if it’s too clunky. 

3. Use SMS to Optimize Other Marketing Channels

You can also use SMS to complement and optimize your other marketing channels. It will help you drive visitors to your marketing channels, like social media, content, and email. You may send them text messages enticing them to subscribe to your email subscription. You may also send the links to your website contents to drive them to visit your website. Or, you may want them to follow you on your social media to be updated on your latest posts. The limit is endless. The core is to use SMS marketing as a standalone channel and complement your other channels. 

Likewise, you can also use your other channels to optimize your SMS Marketing. For instance, you can send an email to your email subscribers, convincing them to subscribe to your SMS campaign as well. 

This practice will help you generate new leads and help your business in the long run. 

4. Schedule Your Messages Wisely

For sure, not that many consumers are still awake at midnight. And so, sending promotional messages during these times is not a wise decision. 

You should consider several factors to determine the best time to send text messages to your subscribers. Consider the following factors in scheduling your text messages. 

  • What are you trying to promote? The time window in which you should deliver your communications is influenced by the content or product you are marketing. If you are promoting content on your website, you should deliver the advertisement to your subscribers when they have the time to read the information. Meanwhile, if you’re pushing a bargain, you should know when your subscribers are ready to buy. These easy choices have the potential to increase your ROI.
  • How do your customers engage? Knowing your consumers’ behaviors and previous activities is also essential in selecting when to deliver your SMS campaign. You may learn more about your subscribers by reviewing and evaluating the data from previous campaigns. It will assist you in determining the sort of marketing they are most interested in and the optimal time to distribute information to them.

5. Use MMS

You may also send your Multi-media Messaging Service (MMS) text campaign to your subscribers, in addition to SMS messages. You can include photographs, videos, and gifs in this form of communication. You may also type up to 1,600 characters. The campaign and the tone you want to establish will influence whether or not an MMS is acceptable, as well as what media to use.

Here are some of the most effective ways to employ MMS in text messaging marketing.

  • Send a sneak peek of new arrivals.
  • Send out special coupons to increase in-store sales.
  • Send an invitation to an in-store event.
  • Allow customers early access to sales.
  • Send a personalized message for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary.

6. Use SMS to Offer Exclusive Promo

Consider offering them an exclusive value that you do not offer through your other channels if you promote via SMS messages. This provides your subscribers an incentive to subscribe to and stay subscribed to your SMS campaign. Consider what is likely to happen if you give a value that they can also acquire through other channels to which they are already subscribed. Yes, they are likely to unsubscribe from your other channel and stay on the channel they believe is the most convenient for them. However, suppose you give exclusive offers, discounts, or content access to a particular channel. In that case, customers are more inclined to subscribe and less likely to unsubscribe after a certain period.

7. Automate Messages And Replies

One of the best practices in SMS Marketing is automating messages and responses through SMS chatbot solutions. Instead of letting your customer service employees handle all the SMS interactions, you can delegate some common and easy customer service tasks to an SMS chatbot. 

In addition to answering common and easy customer questions, chatbots can also initiate and keep the conversation going. It will allow your customer to reach you through SMS instantly and get the response they need, as long as the chatbot has manageable queries. Most importantly, it also prevents losing a customer due to slow response from customer service.

Continue reading to learn more about SMS chatbots. We covered all the necessary things you should know about them.

What is SMS Chatbot

SMS Chatbots

An SMS chatbot, sometimes known as a text bot, is a software application that automatically reacts to and delivers text messages to people that interact with it. A text bot can assist in the creation of an interactive marketing channel that enhances customer communication, sends mass text messages, increases consumer conversion rate, and other functions.

Since text messages are instant and accessible, SMS Chatbot is a scalable tool for many businesses of all types and sizes. This solution makes it possible to send mass messages to a list of contacts. In addition, personalizing and customizing an SMS chatbot is pretty straightforward, which allows you to start an interactive conversation with your customers without redirecting them to a website or another application. Most importantly, SMS Chatbots are highly-engaging, making them suitable for sending promotional content and sales updates. 

SMS chatbot also allows you to scale customer engagement through text messages. Hence, customers can get an order update or make a purchase. Additionally, you can also automate your SMS chatbot by programming it with AI-powered responses, which will enable customers to ask questions and retrieve instant information without using other channels. 

Types of SMS Chatbots

SMS bot

There are several SMS experiences you can provide your customers through several types of SMS chatbots. Here are the different types of SMS Chatbot:

Subscriptions SMS Chatbot

Subscription SMS Chatbot is an automated SMS service that provides your subscribers with a regular (not necessarily daily) update or content. Depending on the frequency you will set, the chatbot will automatically send a text message to your subscribers containing a promo, deals, or access to content. It is a great way to drive your consumers back, especially if you have noticed that they are engaging with your business less frequently compared to before. 

Notifications SMS Chatbot

Notifications SMS Chatbot is an automated SMS service that sends notifications to a particular customer regarding their purchase or appointment. For instance, a customer made an appointment with your company; the chatbot will send a message to the customer reminding them about their appointment. The message may contain a simple reminder or an option to cancel the appointment. 

This type of SMS chatbot is typically utilized by service companies, including dental and medical services. It allows them to finalize the appointment schedule on a particular day. Additionally, it automatically reminds the customers about a schedule and makes necessary changes before the actual date. 

Conversational SMS Chatbots

Conversational SMS Chatbot is a step forward from 2-way SMS. Traditional two-way SMS systems reply exclusively to certain words. Conversational SMS Chatbots use artificial intelligence to establish a real two-way conversation, with human support agents on hand to ensure that discussions do not stall if the AI is unable to answer effectively.

Conversational SMS Chatbots allow you to give automated customer assistance via chat and text without the danger of providing a poor customer experience due to a lack of solutions to handle actual client concerns. This allows you to communicate with consumers in the most comfortable method while also making life easier for your customer care employees.

5 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Have SMS Chatbot

Text chatbots

People are fond of sending text messages. In fact, they are even utilizing this communication channel to reach businesses and interact as a customer. This is only a preview of the many impressive reasons implementing an SMS chatbot in your marketing strategy is necessary. Here are more excellent reasons why you should have an SMS chatbot. 

1. SMS Chatbots are always available. 

As opposed to traditional means of engaging with your customers, an SMS chatbot is available 24/7. It allows you to initiate and keep a conversation even on weekends and late nights. In addition, it can handle multiple clients all at once. Perhaps, the number of conversations an SMS chatbot can handle at a particular time is limitless. The SMS chatbot is sure to handle these conversations without straining itself or affecting its efficiency. 

If your chatbot is unable to answer a query, consumers can be handed over to a human employee. Outside of service hours, a note can be left for customer support, which will respond by email the next business day.

The customer might be directed immediately to the live chat during business hours. In this example, the chatbot can answer all common customer support queries, freeing up a significant load for the customer service staff. A human employee can answer the most sophisticated queries.

2. People Prefer Communicating through Text Message

According to Digital Marketing Magazine, 75 percent of the audience prefer communicating with a company through text messages. This data shows that people are way more receptive to text messages than other communication mediums. It also allows companies to engage with the customer using the preferred channel without forcing them to install a third-party application. 

In addition, texting is an integral part of the everyday lives of people, especially young ones. Despite the prevalence of social media, people are still hooked up to the fact that many people can see and read text messages instantly, unlike other online messaging channels where they have to wait for the recipient to be online. By reaching your consumers through SMS, rest assured that your messages are delivered (and read) whether your consumers are online or offline.

3. SMS Chatbot can Answer All Customer Queries

SMS Chatbots help businesses save a lot of time and effort. Most of the time, customers are just inquiring. They ask questions about the recent updates and if a product is suited for this or that. These inquiries do not always convert to sales. Nonetheless, they are still significant as they can still help the business in the long run. 

In such circumstances, chatbots can relieve you of the burden of having to respond to everyone. You can’t just disregard queries because you’re not convinced they’ll lead to sales. So, chatbots assist you in processing these information requests, making customer engagement simple. An SMS Chatbot also makes things easier for the user on the other end. Your website contains most of the information about your company and its goods. However, sometimes the content is so significant that buyers do not want to read it all.

4. SMS Chatbot Foster Communication

Communicating between business and customers is essential, and implementing an SMS chatbot is the best way to foster communication. Since chatbots are accessible, your consumers can easily reach you and make a complaint or ask a question. Having an SMS Chatbot makes it possible for communication to happen regardless of the time and date. 

5. SMS Chatbot Makes Customer Experience Better

Sms Chatbots provides a one-of-a-kind and more interactive customer experience. Instead of having them fill out a form, you may employ an SMS chatbot to collect information from your consumers. As evident, customers hate filling out forms, which may result in losing them permanently. As opposed to forms, SMS chatbots make collecting information interactive, which consumers obviously prefer. SMS chatbots do not introduce an information request form. Instead, they bring them up based on the manner of a consumer throughout the conversation. 

Collecting information from your customers through an SMS chatbot is better and less intrusive than forms. Hence, you can utilize an SMS chatbot for replacing your forms and generating more leads. In addition, you do not have to redirect your users to a website or a separate application to collect information. As a result, users find it more convenient to drop their details through a conversation than fill out a form. 

Most importantly, if your customers have any trouble with their purchase, they may simply text your SMS chatbot and receive a response immediately.

6. SMS Chatbot Solves Bucket Leaks

Bucket leak has been a big concern for many businesses for a long time. It is a metaphor for losing a customer. While it is hard (maybe impossible) to find a solution to this issue, SMS Chatbot, alongside other forms of chatbots,  keeps the bucket full despite the leak. Chatbots do this by ensuring that by accumulating new customers and leads.

SMS Chatbot serves as your smart virtual customer representative that is always available to converse with your potential customers. Customers are more likely to continue to a conversation knowing that the response is automatic, and they do not have to wait for a certain period for the response to their queries. Hence, they are more likely to make a purchase and potentially be a loyal customer.

7. SMS Chatbot Can Help You Cut Costs

Implementing a chatbot can help you cut costs. Instead of hiring additional customer support staff, you can easily employ a chatbot that can assist your clients all the time. This will help you save the money you will spend compensating your staff.

Chatbots perform a variety of tasks. It might be challenging to respond to people’s concerns with clarity and patience. It is much more difficult when you realize how many staff there are. Chatbots allow you to complete this activity without having to spend thousands of dollars on pay.

SMS Chatbots Best Practices

SMS Chatbot Best Practices

There are a few things to remember in utilizing an SMS Chatbot to assist your consumers. Here are some of the best practices in SMS Chatbot implementation. 

Set clear boundaries

When your clients text your chatbot, it should be instantly evident (either by informing them explicitly or making it highly plain) that they are texting a chatbot and not a human person. Customers should also understand what they may expect the bot to perform and what they should not expect the bot to be able to achieve.

According to research, when individuals have clear and reasonable expectations coming in, they accept a failed chatbot contact. Customers are more likely to become upset when a chatbot fails to grasp seemingly basic requests or queries if it is difficult to discern between them and a human customer support person.

Let Chatbot Handle the Typical Queries

Chatbots excel at freeing up human customer service agents by resolving simple issues. Consider the issues and questions your customers are most likely to call in when developing a chatbot for your company’s customer service needs. If your chatbot can recognize and appropriately respond to the most frequently asked questions, it will be far more helpful than anything else.

Don’t Make the Chatbot Too Chatty

Too many firms are preoccupied with making their chatbots more pleasant or conversational, as human customer care employees would be. Customers, it turns out, don’t usually respond favorably to more lifelike chatbots. For one thing, it blurs the barrier between humans and computers, and, as previously said, it sometimes sets excessive expectations for chatbots. Furthermore, users like their chatbots to sound like bots. It’s frightening to realize you’re talking to a machine when it sounds so much like a real person. So simply concentrate on creating a speedy, efficient bot with a neutral but friendly tone.

Have a fail-safe

Make use of a variety of polite rejections and error messages. The chatbot should be straightforward and say that it doesn’t understand or can’t help with a specific issue than for the chatbot and consumer to go in circles.

In addition to fail-safe, make it as simple as feasible for the client to interact with an actual human when a chatbot cannot assist the customer. Even if it cannot grasp how to answer the client’s issue, a well-programmed chatbot can frequently link the consumer to the proper customer support representative. Don’t have the consumer listen to many selections, wasting valuable time, as many automated phone answer systems do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about SMS chatbots and marketing.

How does an SMS bot work?

SMS chatbots work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and, depending on how they’re configured, can answer questions even when you’re not present. This type of bot uses a combination of smart automation, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning applications to formulate a text message in a usual way, responding as if it were a real human response.

If a notion that the chatbot is unfamiliar with is introduced into the discussion, it will either refer the inquiry to a human operator or deflect with a different response. This is all dependent on how it is programmed. The intricacy of the bot’s replies is determined by the software it runs on and the data it has access to. However, regardless of how the bot is configured, it will save information from a discussion for future reference.

What happens when you text a bot?

When a user texted an SMS chatbot, the bot will analyze the content of the message. Depending on the keywords detected on a particular message, it will give a pre-determined response.

Once the chatbot realizes that the query is too complicated, the conversation will escalate to a live human agent.

What is an SMS chatbot?

An SMS chatbot is a text-messaging-based conversation companion that is automated. It promotes communication between a human and a computer. Typically, you will communicate with another individual using text messages. However, while using chatbots, you are not conversing with a human but with a machine.

How do you use an SMS chatbot?

Here are a few examples of what you can accomplish with an SMS chatbot:

-Qualify leads
-Increase sales
-Respond to questions
-Provide customer assistance

What is a rule-based chatbot?

A rule-based chatbot uses a tree-like flow rather than AI to assist visitors with their inquiries. This implies that the chatbot will assist the guest through a series of follow-up questions in order to arrive at the proper solution. The structures and responses are all pre-defined, allowing you to maintain control of the discourse.
Rule-based chatbots are ideal for smaller numbers and simple inquiries, such as reserving a table at a restaurant or inquiring about operating hours. Choosing this form of the chatbot has various advantages, including:
-Because the chatbot does not require considerable training, the installation process is faster and more straightforward.
-Because the technology and execution are more straightforward, the price is generally lower.
-You may better manage the chatbot's behavior and responses by pre-defining the structures and answers.

Who will be the chatbot users?

It is critical to keep your user in mind during the chatbot design process since it will help you define the correct chatbot features and functionality and construct human-like interactions. To develop a user-friendly chatbot, consider the following questions: What sorts of issues do your consumers want to solve? Are they more inclined to connect with your brand by text/messaging or voice? Do they contact you through your website, phone, social media applications, or another site?

Where does chatbot information come from?

Training a chatbot happens at a much faster and broader scale than human schooling. While typical customer care agents are given written instructions that they must follow to the letter, a customer support chatbot is fed a vast number of conversation logs. The chatbot can understand what sort of query requires what type of replies from those logs.

How long does the implementation of a chatbot take?

The time a chatbot implementation takes depends on the complexity of the client’s requirement. However, creating and implementing a simple SMS chatbot usually takes 4-6 days. However, in more complicated cases, such as when the client’s needs are unclear or need for many construction phases, it may take 2-3 months.

How easy is it to build my own chatbot?

With our AI-powered SMS chatbot solutions, creating your own SMS chatbot is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is choose your SMS platform like Twilio, connect your chatbot to your nerDigital SMS channel add a workflow to start chatting with your current and prospective customers.

When will the chatbot escalate to a human agent?

There are several cases where an automated chat cannot meet the client’s expectations. Human assistance is essential in these situations.
An escalation to a human agent may be necessary to guarantee a smooth client transition when a customer:
Makes a phone or video call request.
-Frequently asks the same question.
-Asks a query that the bot is unable to answer.

Final Words

SMS Marketing provides many organizations with the chance to increase audience engagement, which leads to increased revenue and return on investment. As a result, many marketers increasingly utilize this medium to elevate their marketing efforts. And the number of firms using this marketing approach will only grow soon.

In addition to SMS Marketing, SMS chatbots are also increasingly popular. When properly configured, SMS chatbots are a robust tool. They can help you enhance your consumer interactions and create great relationships with them. Automating a portion of your customer interaction process not only allows for real-time contact but also frees up your human employees to conduct other valuable duties.

Suppose you want to implement an SMS chatbot in your marketing tools, no need to look further than the chatbot marketing solutions offered by nerDigital. They offer various marketing automation, including SMS and WhatsApp automation. Contact us today to learn more.

A Comprehensive Guide to WhatsApp Chatbot: 5 Best WhatsApp Chatbot Platforms

whatsapp chatbot

Today’s virtual communication status proves how social messaging sites, including Facebook and WhatsApp Chatbot, have dramatically impacted non-physical communication. People, nowadays, are using social messaging platforms, more than anything else, as the channel of virtual communication. 

Notably, one of the constantly growing and expanding messaging channels is WhatsApp. The recently stand-alone channel was acquired by Facebook last 2014, which also marks the continual success of the messaging platform. 

WhatsApp is a free online messaging service that users may use to interact with their friends and family. Regardless of mobile device type, WhatsApp is utilized for group messaging, calls, and multimedia sharing. The program also allows users to communicate with one another globally. 

In the last two years, analytics shows that WhatsApp usage skyrocketed by 40 percent and is now delivering roughly 100 million messages each day. 

The continual and constant dramatic success of WhatsApp affects the field of messaging channels and opens opportunities in the field of e-commerce. Many businesses are now witnessing the power of WhatsApp to generate leads and increase ROI by serving as an effective connection between consumers and businesses. 

In this article, we will list and discuss the seven essential things you should know about WhatsApp and WhatsApp Chatbot. Continue reading

WhatsApp Businesses and WhatsApp API

WhatsApp Chatbots

As already mentioned, the dramatic success of WhatsApp in the field of virtual communication also has opened limitless opportunities for businesses. And this gives way for the development of WhatsApp Businesses and WhatsAPI- a new robust tool for businesses to connect and communicate to their consumers. 

The WhatsApp Business allows you to engage with your consumers, showcase your products and services, and respond to client inquiries. You may establish a catalog to exhibit your items and utilize unique capabilities to automate, sort, and reply to consumer communications using the application. This service is built with small businesses in mind. 

On the other hand, WhatsApp API, which stands for WhatsApp Application Programming Interface, is a tool for businesses to automate business-customer conversations and create WhatsApp chatbots for customer service and notification delivery. WhatsApp API is specifically catered to help businesses establish better and more responsive client communication. 

These new applications aim to small company owners and major corporations to make their lives easier. They quickly give vital company information to existing and future clients while also introducing new features to boost efficiency and productivity.

WhatsApp for Businesses Salient Features

WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp Business is a highly effective e-commerce tool. Thanks to numerous new features that the platform keeps on launching, WhatsApp is becoming a terrific shopping destination, especially during distant times. Let’s take a deeper look at the WhatsApp Business app features that you may use to your benefit.

Business Profile

Create a business profile that includes valuable information for your customers, such as your address, business description, email address, and website. Business accounts assist companies in gaining the loyalty of their customers. A business profile provides a recognizable “face” and identification to the company. To get a “verified” badge next to your company name, you must verify your account by submitting the necessary documents. This will allow WhatsApp to validate that your business is a legitimate business account. 

When fulfilling your Business profile account, be sure to include the following details. 

  • A brief description of your company
  • The address of your business
  • Contact details, including email address, phone number, hotline number
  • Website
  • Opening hours

Quick Replies

WhatsApp Business also comes with a quick response feature. These are regular messages that answer frequently asked questions. Quick answers allow you to save and reuse messages that you commonly send, allowing you to respond to frequently asked queries quickly. Simply pick “respond with message” from your email, make your edits, and presto – a new message with the modifications is sent.

WhatsApp Automation

To set quick replies:

  1. Tap More options > Business tools > Quick replies in the WhatsApp Business app.
  2. Tap the Add button.
  3. Tap Message to compose your message.
  4. Please remember that media files are not supported in quick replies on the web or desktop.
  5. Set the keyboard shortcut for your rapid reply by tapping Shortcut.
  6. SAVE the file.

To use quick replies as an attachment: 

  1. Open a conversation
  2. Click Attach > then Quick Replies
  3. Choose the desired quick reply. The message will appear automatically in the text entry area.
  4. You may either edit the message or just press the Send button.

To use quick replies from the text input field:

  1. Open a conversation
  2. Tap “ Message” then type “/”. This will show up all your quick replies, including default replies.
  3. Choose the desired quick reply. 
  4. You can edit the message or send it as it is. 

Automated Greeting and Away Messages

WhatsApp messaging brings people together. When WhatsApp users attempt to contact your firm for the first time, they will get a kind welcome on their screen! It’s the same as saying “Hello.” However, you may also opt to explain who is looking after them and ask if they have any concerns or difficulties. This way, each time they message you, they will get more acquainted with your organization through individualized conversation.

When your consumers try to call you after hours, an away message may be a terrific way to set the tone. Instead of just saying you’re not accessible after a particular time, you may give your customers a suitable, personalized answer that tells them who to contact for their needs at whatever hour it is.

You may also change your away status message to be sent after you leave the workplace. You can choose from Always send, Custom schedule, or After your work hours, as your away status.

Contact Label

Businesses have several types of contact. There are people with whom you work, people with whom you interact, and people with whom you must conduct business. It might be challenging to maintain relationships with everyone! You may arrange your contacts to avoid getting misplaced. You recall their names, email addresses, and the last time you communicated with them.

Labeling your contacts help you organize and find your catches and contacts quickly. You can customize labels with different colors or names and add them to an entire chat or particular messages within a chat.

To create a new label: 

  1. Launch WhatsApp Business.
  2. Select CHATS > More options > Labels from the menu.
  3. Tap Add, then input a label name and press OK.

Please keep in mind that you can create up to 20 labels.

To apply a label to a chat: 

  1. Launch WhatsApp Business.
  2. Hold down the conversation and then tap Label.
  3. Tap SAVE after selecting the required labels.

To apply a label to a message: 

  1. Launch WhatsApp Business.
  2. Hold the message down for a few seconds, then tap More options > Label message.
  3. Tap SAVE after selecting the required labels.

Note: Labels will appear stacked if numerous labels are applied to a particular message. 

To find labeled content:

  1. Launch WhatsApp Business.
  2. Select CHATS > More options > Labels from the menu.
  3. Select a label.

You may also view all labels linked with a discussion by tapping on a customer’s profile photo or group symbol from the CHATS screen.

To manage labels: 

Select CHATS > More options > Labels from the menu. Select the label you wish to manage by tapping it. You can make the following modifications:

  • To edit a label: go to More options > Edit label.
  • To change the color of a label: go to More options > Choose a color.
  • To remove a label: press it > More options > Delete label > YES.
  • To start a new broadcast: tap the label > More options > Message customers. To draft and submit your message, tap the checkmark. ( Note: You can not send a broadcast message using labels to a group.  A broadcast message prepared using labels will only be delivered to particular consumers.)

Message Statistics

Chatbot Solutions

WhatsApp for Business allows you to generate analytics of your conversation. These statistics will assist you in better understanding your customers’ involvement and experience. The function displays the number of messages sent, delivered, read, and received.

To access your statistics: 

  1. WhatsApp Business 
  2. Tap More options 
  3. Business tools 
  4. More options
  5. Statistics


Catalogs help you quickly engage with new consumers by giving them a handy way to browse all of the products and services your company offers. With catalogs, you don’t have to send each item, price, and description individually, as you used to. Everything is now simply gathered on your WhatsApp page, and you no longer need to refer your consumers to the website or elsewhere. It also allows you to easily keep your brand in front of more people in order to engage with them and make a purchase.

You may add information to each item in your catalogs, including the price, description, and product code. This is far more convenient for your consumers than asking you about each item individually or switching from WhatsApp to the website.

To add a product or service to your catalog: 

  1. Navigate to More options > Settings > Business tools > Catalog in the WhatsApp Business app.
  2. Tap Add new item if you’re making a new catalog.
  3. Tap the + sign, then choose Add Images.
  4. Tap Gallery to upload photos from your computer or camera to capture new photos. You have the option of uploading up to ten photos.
  5. Give the name of a product or service. Optional information for the submitted product includes a price, description, website link, and product or service code.
  6. SAVE the file.

Interactive Business Messages

WhatsApp Business

By using interactive buttons in your communications, you can make them more enticing to your clients while also making their experience more smooth and pleasurable.

WhatsApp Business offers two interactive messaging options:

  • CTA: By clicking this button, the user will be sent to a particular homepage or will be able to make a phone call.
  • Quick reply: This allows users to respond with predetermined alternatives rather than typing in the answer manually.

Interactive buttons in messages make communication easier, faster, more precise, and more comfortable for your customers. They make the trip more accessible and the customer experience better, which leads to increased levels of engagement with your organization.

Please keep in mind that these are paid choices. If you want to use template messages with buttons, you must pay for each message you send. The cost for these messages is available here:

Including interactive buttons in your WhatsApp messaging necessitates coding. You can discover more details here:

 List Messages and Reply Buttons

WhatsApp Benefits

Alongside the CTA and Quick Reply features, WhatsApp also introduces the new formats of interactive messaging: the List Messages and Reply Buttons. 

The new list messages feature allows you to add up to ten options, allowing users to just click on the desired option rather than entering it in. When communicating with a business, this messaging provides a more straightforward and more consistent approach for users to pick. Using list messages is best when you want to present various options to the client, including: 

  • Return requests
  • Appointment booking
  • Seating choices
  • Selecting nearby stores or locations
  • Take-out menus

On the other hand, the reply buttons enable users to quickly select one of up to three possibilities by pressing on the chosen option. This messaging allows users to choose from a menu more quickly when communicating with a company. They are most suited for circumstances where a generic response is insufficient and customer-centric, tailored replies are required, such as:

  • Changing personal information
  • Reordering an earlier order
  • Including extras as options
  • Requiring a refund
  • Making use of loyalty points
  • Selecting a Payment Method

Facebook Shops Integration

Facebook Shops is a service that enables you to build unique shopping experiences for your companies and efficiently connect them throughout the Facebook family of applications. You may interact with potential clients and exhibit your products and services through your shop. It’s a must-have for every expanding business.

When you connect your WhatsApp Business account to your Facebook store, you may have consumers who visit your shop send you a message via the WhatsApp Business app. To integrate your WhatsApp account to your Facebook Shops: 

  • You must have a WhatsApp Business account.
  • Make yourself an administrator on your Facebook Business Manager account.
  • Connect your Facebook Page and Catalog accounts with the same Business Manager account.
  • You must have permissions to manage the page for the Facebook Page and permissions to manage the catalog for the Catalog on Business Manager.

WhatsApp Chatbot

When conversing on an app or website, a chatbot is a conversation system that attempts to simulate natural discourse between a user and a company. Text or voice communication can be used to solve user queries without the need for a human interface.

Chatbots are intended to respond to particular user input and answer common queries. Some chatbots remain quite rudimentary, providing limited (but valuable) replies to simple user requests. Others are even more complex, relying on the brilliance of AI and machine learning to replicate human speech.

They can be designed to answer questions, provide FAQs, run surveys, confirm appointments, or assist customers in resolving issues.

The end result of this technical alchemy is a quick and straightforward automated communication tool that keeps customers happy while reducing staff stress.

Specifically, the WhatsApp chatbot is an automated software that operates on the WhatsApp network and is powered by rules or artificial intelligence (AI). People connect with the WhatsApp chatbot using the chat interface, just like they would with a real person. It’s a collection of automated responses that mimics a human conversation on WhatsApp.

Why Use WhatsApp Chatbot


WhatsApp has exploded in popularity in recent years, with more than 2 billion users worldwide as of the most recent census. It continues to expand at a rate of about half a billion users every two years. WhatsApp is now anticipated to process more than 750,000 messages each second.

Interestingly, studies reveal that WhatsApp is a popular platform for individuals of all ages, ranging from 15 to over 50, with a minimal variation in adoption rate. As a result, WhatsApp is now a viable choice for almost every business.

Given that most of your consumers use the WhatsApp messaging program, it makes sense to incorporate WhatsApp into your business. We’ve been urged over and again to go where the people are. And nearly 5 million firms have already done so.

But besides these numbers that might entice you to leverage WhatsApp Chatbot, there are more reasons why it is highly beneficial to use the technology. Here are some of the other reasons why you should use WhatsApp Chatbot

1. WhatsApp Chatbot is Highly Accessible

WhatsApp is one of, if not the, most popular messaging channels. So it is almost certain that many of your probable customers are already using the platform. Hence, it is an excellent opportunity for businesses to provide the consumers with a service or assistance using the platform they are already utilizing. 

WhatsApp’s popularity also entails that many of your consumers are already familiar with the platform’s functions. Hence, it allows communication to take place without requiring necessary training and arduous setups. It also entails that most consumers already have the application on their smartphones. 

2. WhatsApp ChatBot is Available 24/7

Chatbots are capable of providing round-the-clock customer service. And so it allows you to connect and interact with your consumers even it is already past your business hours. 

By integrating a WhatsApp Chatbot, rest assured that your business can answer frequently asked questions of your consumers intelligently. Hence, you don’t need to have 24/7 customer service, which helps you save money and labor. 

3. WhatsApp Chatbot Improves Customer Service

Integrating WhatsApp Chatbots into CRM and ERP can help you and your business with various customer relationship operations. You may use the chatbot to send notifications and reminders, present product catalogs, give real-time responses to customers’ queries, and gather comments from the customers.

Since the interaction is real-time and is powered by artificial intelligence, it eliminates the scenario that customers have to wait for a response. In cases that the chatbot can not handle the queries of a particular customer, the chatbot will hand over the customer to a human. 

4. WhatsApp Chatbot Increases Engagement

WhatsApp statistics

WhatsApp bots have a high response rate because they enable client involvement on several levels, exchanging messages back and forth. As a result, it is an interactive and visual medium that encourages engagement through active involvement. Customers may have a two-way discussion with the firm to obtain rapid replies. These back-and-forth responses also imply that clients may obtain immediate answers to their questions.

5. WhatsApp Chatbot Optimizes Marketing Campaigns

Since WhatsApp is a well-established marketing tool readily accessible to most people, most businesses use WhatsApp bots for advertising new product arrivals, new services, forthcoming events, and reduced deals to their clients worldwide. The bot supports many formatting styles and the incorporation of multimedia, allowing the marketing team to be more creative in their campaigns. Businesses may analyze consumer data and give customized suggestions on products and services by incorporating them into CRM.

WhatsApp integration enables a company to automate routine marketing chores such as emailing and social media posting, freeing up the marketing and sales teams for more strategic work. The ability of WhatsApp bots to use broadcast lists to deliver outbound and broadcast alerts aids in marketing campaigns. WhatsApp bots also allow clients to sign up for corporate newsletters and promotions.

How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot

If you use the right tool to create your WhatsApp Chatbot, the process is pretty straightforward. Using the best Chatbot platform allows you to accomplish the task without a single line of code. 

The process involves the following: 

  1. Applying for WhatsApp API
  2. Creating a Chatbot
  3. Selecting A Chatbot Application
  4. Testing Your WhatsApp Chatbot
  5. Installing the Chatbot on A Number

Take a look at the in-depth guide on both steps. 

Applying for WhatsApp API

WhatsApp API is necessary to create a WhatsApp chatbot. And there are two ways you can apply for WhatsApp API: 

  • As an end client
  • As a solution provider

Regardless of what you considered, you will need to provide your business’ substantial details, including the name of your company/business, your website’s URL, and the name and information of your company’s representative. 

Building a WhatsApp Chatbot

When building a WhatsApp chatbot, you got two options: code it or use a no-code platform. 

Obviously, it is wiser and more preferable to use a robust no-code platform since it will help you save time. And since time is money for businesses, it will also help you save money.

In addition, using a robust chatbot platform can also ensure that you can implement your WhatsApp chatbot faster since it bypasses coding. Many platforms also offer valuable WhatsApp chatbot features that can truly optimize the customer experience you can provide to your contacts. 

Your WhatsApp chatbot should be built with the following core components regardless of your choice. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are a set of questions commonly asked by your customers along with their respective responses.
  • Flow.  A flow-based chatbot works through the predefined conversational flow, which means the conversation is already mapped. When a consumer initiates a discussion, the chatbot assists them step-by-step through the conversation flow chart.
  • Intents and entities. You can also create FAQs with intents to handle specific system entities, including date and location. It will also enable the chatbot to handle custom entities. 
  • Keywords. The keyword is an essential factor when it comes to providing your clients a default yet accurate response. It will help the AI identify which response should be delivered to the customer.

Selecting a Chatbot Application

WhatsApp Bot

After successfully creating your chatbot, your next step is to select a chatbot application. There are various chatbot applications you can select from, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Additionally, you’ll be requiring a database to host the chatbot.

WhatsApp requires a database to host the WhatsApp business API client. This criterion protects the integrity of end-to-end encryption.

When using a chatbot application, you may construct a sample version of your application before releasing the complete version. This allows you to visualize the modifications you need to make before investing additional time and money in developing your WhatsApp bot.

Testing Your WhatsApp Chatbot

To ensure that your bot is working correctly, you must run a test. This will help you identify and repair any errors. After several changes, it is also crucial to retest the bot. This ensures that the product is of excellent quality and ready to improve the client experience.

The endeavor to build WhatsApp Chatbots does not have to be limited to WhatsApp. You may use a platform like Nerdigital to build a General Bot that can be shown across several channels. This not only saves your consumers time and improves their experience, but it also fosters a sense of trust and loyalty that may carry you far.

Installing the chatbot on a number

Once your chatbot has been constructed, and your number has been approved, you may install it on that number. You simply need to give it a name, an icon (optional), contact information, and connect it to nerDigital Chatbot Solutions.

Remember that chatbots for WhatsApp behave differently from chatbots for Facebook or the Web.

5 Best WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp Marketing

There are a lot of WhatsApp automation services you can use, but to tell you honestly, only a few stand out. Here are 5 of the best WhatsApp Chatbot platform.

nerDigital Chatbot Solutions

nerDigital, one of the leading marketing solutions platforms, also offers chatbot solutions.  nerDigital Chatbot Solutions features an excellent yet user-friendly user interface (UI). It also features flow customization to create an AI-based conversation pattern that the system will use to provide a great customer experience.

nerDigital Chatbot is also a one-stop marketing platform, enabling businesses to do all their mission-critical tasks. The platform enables you to sell products, book appointments, nurture leads, capture contact info, and build relationships, all in a single robust chatbot platform. 

The service also provides other automation alongside WhatsApp automation, including Messenger Marketing Automation, Instagram Automation, Email and SMS Automation, and more. 

Thanks to the nerDigital Chatbot Marketing templates, you can now visually build engaging chatbots within a few seconds using their Visual Chatbot Builder with the simple drag-and-drop interface. 

But, the best thing about nerDigital Chatbot is their extensive list of applications and services you can integrate the solution to. nerDigital offers integration to Zapier, Active Campaign, PayPal, WooCommerce, and more.


Aivo was founded in 2012 with the goal of streamlining customer communication. Agentbot is one of their solutions. Agentbot, like other bots, allows marketers to create conversation flows, but it does it with the assistance of AI.

The attractively designed UI of Agentbot distinguishes it. It’s straightforward, with an easy-to-use design decision tree to assist you in swiftly creating the most efficient conversation flow.

Agentbot also aids in the advancement of conversation flows depending on client engagements. You may train your bot (using AI) to provide better replies to client inquiries and even incorporate cool features like GIFs.

Agentbot excels in reporting and analytics, which is a critical component for building agile businesses. It offers a wealth of analytical data that is directly tied to consumer interactions.

These statistics include the types and amounts of interactions, the average time spent on the chat, and qualitative comments on your exchanges (think successful and incomplete interactions).

You may also integrate with a variety of applications. Custom API integrations are also available; however, their list is not as extensive as most want. Agentbot may now be linked to Zendesk, Salesforce, Zapier, and Genesys.


ChatCompose is a chatbot tool powered with the functionalities that powerful chatbot tools are built with. The platform is equipped with artificial intelligence and natural language processing to help forecast what your audience is looking for and, where their searches may be somewhat wrong, what they meant to say. 

It also has an autocorrect feature, an intelligent tool that complements its natural language function, making it easier to detect user meaning and purpose. But, aside from AI and NLP, these technologies are useless without smart integrations, of which ChatCompose has a plethora. It’s compatible with the most prominent messaging, support, and social networking platforms, so you’ll be able to use it with WhatsApp with ease.

Suppose you need to provide your audience with more methods to interact with your company. In that case, ChatCompose can link with your CMS, CRM, Mailchimp, SendGrid, Slack, and event processing payments, as well as have speech recognition to handle phone calls.

ChatCompose also provides a wealth of tools to assist clients in understanding and implementing their products. The platform also provides access to a variety of use cases, such as answering inquiries, lead generation, customer service, making reservations, constructing surveys, and more.


SnatchBot has established itself as the ideal chatbot option for companies of all sizes. Its front-end and back-end functions make it a strong candidate. This implies that it may be used in a variety of ways, which few bots can.

It also includes an excellent range of features. Sentiment analysis, automated voice recognition, sharing, and collaboration are some of our favorites (allowing you to build your chatbot alongside colleagues). You also have access to a synonym library, the ability to read whole conversation histories, the ability to switch platforms (from website chat to Telegram), and the ability to hand off talks to live agents. 

Last but not least, Snatchbot has comprehensive analytics. You may measure query performance by query type and platform and compare it to your key performance indicators (KPIs).

While our list contains various drag-and-drop chatbot capabilities that make them simple to use, we discovered one more feature to be a godsend for busy marketers. SnatchBot includes a bot shop. It’s packed with template bots that you can buy and use in your ecosystem, saving you hours of conversation flow design time.

While those as mentioned earlier are primarily frontend functionality, as previously said, SnatchBot can also execute backend activities. Reading and writing databases, scraping data from the web, connecting to APIs, copying and pasting, filling forms, transferring files and directories, and logging in and out of online and corporate applications are examples of these. It can also compute, extract documents, read emails and attachments, and collect social media statistics. has a friendly UI and drag-and-drop WhatsApp chatbot creation capability. Large businesses, including Uber, LG, T Systems, Ernst & Young, and L’Oreal, also use it. The utilization of rich media was one component of their product that piqued our interest. Brands can deal with videos, photos, GIFs, and other media, effortlessly incorporating them into scripts to improve consumer experiences., like other bots, allows you to create integrations to help gather data in real-time. Mailchimp, Zapier, Slack, Google Analytics, Sendgrid, and Salesforce are other connectors.

They also take pleasure in their ability to use situations to create hyper-personalized, flowing interactions. While bots are built to take and carry on real-time conversations, also provides humanitarian assistance. You may take over client conversations at any time, which is very useful if you want to deal directly with a hot new lead.

You’ll be hard pushed to find a tool with as many features as this one. has several innovative methods for you to interact with your audience. You may, for example, execute customized ads with complicated criteria to discover the right audience for your product. You can also utilize the feature to acquire extra subscribers for your business account by creating conversational opt-ins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about WhatsApp Chatbot.

Is WhatsApp chatbot free?

You can use nerDigital’s WhatsApp Automation service for free to create a no-code chatbot. However, you have to pay 360Dialog 5 dollars monthly to access WhatsApp API. Your 360Dialog payment already gives you:

-An unlimited number of contacts
– Unlimited Free sessions message (Inbound/outbound)
– No additional cost for sending template messages

360Dialog is an official business partner of WhatsApp Business and the official partner of nerDigital WhatsApp Solution.

Is WhatsApp BOT safe?

WhatsApp bots are pretty safe and secure. WhatsApp bots truly encrypt communications when compared to other services. Messages to the WhatsApp server are transmitted in encrypted form. Check to see WhatsApp Availability and Scaling to learn more about how the service architecture supports this.

Does WhatsApp have bots?

Yes. You can automate your WhatsApp conversations through WhatsApp Chatbot. There are two ways you can automate your WhatsApp. 

The first is by making your own chatbot. It entails an arduous coding process, so you are required to have sufficient knowledge about coding. 

On the other hand, the next option is to use a chatbot platform, like nerDigital. The platform will help you create a WhatsApp chatbot without coding. It will also offer you various features to help you create a chatbot that can provide a better customer experience. 

What are the core functions of a chatbot?

There are various ways you can leverage chatbots, including WhatsApp Chatbot. 

Besides providing customers an immediate response, you can also use a chatbot to: 

-Provide basic product information
-Provide shipping/delivery information
-Provide updates to the latest news stories
-Provide details on ongoing promotions, deals, discounts, and offers
-Make an appointment, and more.

How do I turn on auto-reply on WhatsApp?

You may set ‘away messages’ in the WhatsApp Business app when you are not working. You may configure an auto-reply function to notify contacts that you are unavailable right now. You may also schedule these communications in advance. If the contact attempts to contact you during your ‘away hours,’ messages will be sent to them. To turn on auto-reply: 

1. Go to “Settings.”
2. Click “Send Away Message.”
3. Edit the message. 
4. Set schedule for messages
5. Select recipients.

What can I do with WhatsApp API?

The WhatsApp API is intended for medium to big businesses. There is no app or front-end interface because it is an API. Instead, end clients must connect the WhatsApp API endpoint into their business platform.

What can you do with WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a free application available for download on Android and iPhone designed with the small business owner in mind. WhatsApp Business makes it simple to communicate with clients by giving tools to rapidly automate, categorize, and react to messages. It’s also designed to look and function similarly to WhatsApp Messenger. You may use it for whatever you’re used to, from texting to exchanging images.

Some of the features available in the app are as follows:

Important information, such as a company’s address, email, and website, should be included in a business profile.
Labels help you organize and discover your conversations and messages.
To answer to consumers fast, use messaging tools.

Can I run more than one number in the same WhatsApp Business API client setup?

No. Currently, there’s no way to use multiple numbers in the same WhatsApp Business API client setup. However, as per Facebook’s statement, their developers are looking for a solution to make this possible.

How do I add FAQ to a chatbot?

Suppose you are using nerDigitals Chatbot. To add FAQs:

Login to your account. 
On your dashboard, Click “Automated Response.”
Then, select “Frequently Asked Questions.”
Click the “ Add FAQ” button.
Type the question to the “user Expression” field
Click the “Add Response” button; you can select whether you want to respond with a text, flow, or step.
Enter your response to the designated field. 
Finally, hit the “Save” button.

Final Words

WhatsApp is a network that connects billions of people every day and is now providing companies with limitless opportunities to reach and engage with their large audience. Companies can now communicate with consumers on the platform they want, using WhatsApp chatbots to do it rapidly and at scale, thanks to WhatsApp for Business.

Before developing WhatsApp chatbots, you need to know the platform’s constraints. Building the bot on your own might be difficult and time-consuming.

Many chatbot-building platforms may assist you in developing the WhatsApp bot, including nerDigital Chatbot Solution. Still, you should exercise caution when selecting your vendor since some of these platforms will not assist you in obtaining WhatsApp business clearance. And you won’t be able to deploy your chatbot until WhatsApp authorizes you.