Plagiarism 101: Finding the Best Plagiarism Checker Online

best plagiarism checker

The Internet is considered as a necessity nowadays. With the rise of technology, everything is now shared, saved and stored on the web. However, along with this innovation is the fact that the need for information and data became more and more in demand. On the first years of the internet, it is not a hidden fact that plagiarism became a big issue. Unfortunately, some students, researchers, bloggers, and everyone who called Google and several search engines for help were still uneducated about the term “plagiarism.”

Best Plagiarism Checker

As the web became more and more congested with information, therefore, the demand increased too. And at the same time, the plagiarism rate also, sadly, increased. However, is it still the situation today?  Thankfully, as people become more knowledgeable about the issue, experts also have successfully developed excellent online tools to avoid and decrease the rates. In no time, plagiarism checkers certainly became a huge trend. But of course, ever since it was invented, lots of innovation had happened. There are not just one or a hundred plagiarism tools today. Thus, how can you be so sure that it’s the best plagiarism checker for you? But first, what does exactly plagiarism means and why did it “flourished” in the past years?

Different Types of Plagiarism

It is now an undeniable fact that plagiarism is still one of the biggest issues in today’s society, not just in writing but also to other forms of arts and creations. But of course, it is more widespread most specifically to the academic world. As we all know, plagiarism is the act of stealing or copying someone else’s work on purpose without citing or asking permission to its original and true owner. However, did you know that there’s a lot more to this issue? So that you know, here are some of the types of plagiarism you might want to be well aware of.

1.    Mix-and-Match Plagiarism

Paraphrasing using different sources can be called as remix plagiarism. In this type of paraphrasing, one still uses the same set of words without even altering them. The texts seemed to be different at first, but the next contents are copied and pasted from the original documents.

2.    Clone Plagiarism

The verb “clone,” according to Merriam Webster Dictionary has the simplest definition of “to make a copy of.” And when it comes to cloning plagiarism, it just really meant nothing but copying someone else’s work, word by word and submitting it as your own. This is the most obvious and most common type of plagiarism that is typically done by students. The first years of the internet are such a breath of fresh air and an incredible discovery, especially for students. Asking several search engines, such as Google and Mozilla Firefox become a trend. Unfortunately, most of these students are not yet that informed about plagiarism.

3.    Self-plagiarism

For students and researchers, it is only reasonable that you will have to look back on your past write-ups. However, did you know that using them again for new research would mean self-plagiarism? If you will copy the very same context from your previous work without even paraphrasing or not altering your words, then you really did self-plagiarized.

4.    Collaboration Plagiarism

This is another one of the most common types of plagiarism, many students and bloggers use different sources to make sure that their works are valid and accurate but failed to properly cite their references and paraphrase that particular part of the content.

5.    Partial Plagiarism

If clone plagiarism means copying the whole statement, partial plagiarism means using or copying a specific part of the text as and adding it to your content as part of your own. The writing is not altered even a bit and just pasted to become a part of new material.

6.    Unfound Source Plagiarism

Well, this type of plagiarism incorporates those types of contexts who successfully integrated the references, however, failed to cite the sources correctly. In short, the information about the sources was all wrong.

7.    Bit-by-bit Plagiarism

When it comes to bit-by-bit plagiarism, it can be defined as an act of plagiarism that does not copy the whole original content but getting or copying certain words and phrases still, word by word. Typically, some commit this plagiarism by only changing the first word or phrase and then eventually just pasting the next passage from other’s work. The content and the idea of the context is the same and have not been altered even a bit too.

These are just the most common types of plagiarism you might encounter along the way. Plagiarism is not simple, and everything about the issue really involves complex and confusing rules. However, just to avoid this conflict from happening, there are some tricks you can certainly try.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Plagiarism

best plagiarism checker

1.    Accurately Cite Your References

Who wants to get their works plagiarized? Well, plagiarism aside, it is only just and right for every one of us to recognize the work of the others. Most importantly if it was used and it helped as a reference to successfully finish your writings. However, you should also be aware to properly cite them because you might end up committing “unfound source” plagiarism if you failed on this part. There are actually the right formats to cite references based on the type of document you are creating. You might have a good intention, but it might still end up wrong without the proper knowledge.

2.    The Purpose of Quotations

Understanding the purpose of quotations is very critical especially for writers and researches. This is one of the most common, simple, and yet the most powerful way to avoid plagiarism. Using quotation marks automatically means that you are paying respect to the real owner of the reference you have been using. But of course, you should know how to use it properly.

3.    The Art of Paraphrasing

Being skillful in writing also means learning the art of paraphrasing. Of course, you still have to cite your references right, but paraphrasing and putting up a sentence in your own words means that you have also exerted an effort to make sure you still deliver the same message without using the words of others. Technical writers who need to deal with lots of technical jargons and technical terms certainly need to be really good with this skill.

4.    Trust Your Own Insights

Of course, aside from learning the art of paraphrasing, trust your own insights. Contents and documents will never be original unless it’s from your own mind. Try to understand your topic first and give your own opinion about each context. Research and study until you get the real goal of your references and your very own document. Writing what’s on your mind will guarantee you a 100% original content.

5.    Proofreading

Second to the last from the list is “proofreading.” Whatever you write, either it is an assignment, research, a blog or a news article you must give ample time for proofreading. It is inevitable to make grammar or typographical mistakes at times. Rechecking your work will not just assure you that you have correctly delivered your message to your audience through your document, but you will also have the chance to see if you have unintentionally forgotten to use quotations or improperly cite your sources.

6.    Use the Best Plagiarism Checker

Just like what has been mentioned before, it is excellent that experts developed a great online tool like plagiarism checker to save us from all of these. However, as there as so many tools out there nowadays, it is really inevitable that you might have a hard time choosing the best plagiarism checker that will work for your needs and wants. Plus, a compelling and authentic plagiarism checker certainly has several characteristics that will prove their usability and user-friendliness. They must not only provide you a percentage of originality, but the possible acts of plagiarism must also be appropriately highlighted. The sources must also be mentioned and provided. A quality plagiarism checker has lots of characteristics that need to be achieved. If you happened to be looking for one, you could visit Web Analyx Website Analyzer.

Introducing Web Analyx

One proven plagiarism checker whom you can use is from the newly-developed Web Analyx. They offer an accurate plagiarism checker for students, researchers, bloggers, and writers. Especially and meticulously created by the experts, this tool has access to several large and private databases. Your project will be scanned and run through in these databases in no time, making sure that your work will receive the most accurate rating of originality.

best plagiarism checker

The results will also be provided within just a few seconds and voila! The tool will present you the “plagiarized” part of your content and help you correct those through providing the original content. With that, you can have the chance to edit your content and make it 100% original. This plagiarism tool is just one of the several online tools you can find in Web Analyx. This website is offering lots of SEO and writing tools which can certainly help you maximize your site and your contents.

Finding the Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tool

Free Plagiarism Checker Tool

True enough, there is definitely a lot of Free Plagiarism Checker Tool nowadays. Students, bloggers, writers, and all of us are fortunate to have them. However, how can we know who’s the best and most effective among them? How can be so sure that they are really helping us and not the other way around?

Free Plagiarism Checker Tool

The “Free” feature now is just typical and common. Many plagiarism checkers are now free and open for everyone. However, do you know that these tools also pose some risks? Most of the time, students are the one who often calls for help from these tools. Students see it as a great opportunity to check their works for any kind of plagiarism all free and without anything in return. But are you really sure about that? Ever heard of the phrase “nothing is ever truly free”? You might be having doubts with your tool now. However, this is not to stop you from using those tools.

Every word from your work is a part of your personal integrity, so there’s no harm to being a little cautious. Your work, may it be research or study can make or break your career, and thus, it is only just for you to have a little knowledge on the potential risks of using a free fake plagiarism checker tool and the ways to avoid it.

Avoiding a Suspicious Plagiarism Checker

As much as there may be a lot of fake plagiarism tools out there, there are still plenty of them who offer an authentic and effective scanner and genuinely want to help. Knowing how to identify a real one will ensure that your work is safe and secured, but how do you really know whose fake and whose authentic?

Must-have Characteristics of a Free Plagiarism Checker Tool

1.    Countless Resources

Google can be used as an alternative plagiarism checker too. However, since it is known that a legit plagiarism checker has a lot and even myriad of resources than Google has, they are highly recommended. Unlike Google, real plagiarism tools have access through private and much larger databases from all over the internet and even from those who are not available on the web. These databases cannot be easily found on Google. Thus, if you think that Google would be enough to back you and your research up, you might want to consider again. But of course, in order to know if a plagiarism checker really has this feature, you can try and upload a random content first to that particular site or tool. After the scan, they must provide you a very detailed report, displayed with the percentage of the originality of the document and even cite the potentially plagiarized part and where it was supposedly “copied.” If your plagiarism tool is legit, you do not have to go through several links, but they will present the whole report to you right away.

2.    Has an Adjustable Setting

A real and legit plagiarism tool is expected to have a great setting and adjustable at that. The software must be user-friendly. Why would you trust something low-quality in the first place? An effective plagiarism checker must provide a setting where every user can adjust the setting base from her own preferences. Commonly, some users want to change the number of search engines, and your chosen plagiarism tool must have that.

3.    Own Library

If it is a software who’s focused on providing plagiarism checking services, it has become a must that they provide a personal library for their users. These libraries will automatically save all of your works for future references. Most likely, if you happened to write several articles with similar topics or style, this will help you check if your texts are really apart from one another. This feature will let you know if you have committed plagiarism against yourself or what we called “self-plagiarism.”

4.    Official Copies of Results

It’s pretty common for teachers to ask for a copy of plagiarism results from their students. Thus, if you are looking for a trusted plagiarism checker, know that it would be the one that you need if they can provide you the official copy your scanned work. This option is a must on every genuine plagiarism checker since it lets you share the results of your work easily.

5.    Available in Different File Formats

It’s only normal for writers, authors, bloggers, researchers, and no one in particular to save their work on their preferred file formats. Thus, expect that if you are going to use a legit plagiarism checker, it must accept several file formats. It is part of their duty to become a user-friendly software after all. Accepting several file formats (txt, doc, pdf, html, odt, rtf or docs) rather than requiring a user to copy-paste his project along with limited world limit is definitely all for the benefits of its users.

6.    Secure Your Work

There are countless numbers of plagiarism checkers all around the web today. You must not only focus on their user-friendliness and usability but also on the protection and security they provide to your work. Remember that before posting or uploading your work on these tools, you must read their “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use” first. Also, to see if they have acquired those features above, make it a point to scan a random file first before uploading your real work. Some illegitimate and fake plagiarism checkers do the opposite of their job. Instead of providing you a factual report to make sure that your work is original, they most likely copy your work. This is the most essential part of all. You might think that these terms and policy of a website are not that important, but why do they have to be there if it’s just for nothing, right? Thus, put out a little more effort to make sure that you get the result that you want without no regrets.

Top Reasons Why You Should Use a Plagiarism Checker

You might think that it would be a little risky to use a plagiarism checker nowadays. However, with the precautionary measures above, we could only hope that it will help you decide on finding the plagiarism tool that will be truly useful and safe for you. After all, it has become a necessity too, especially to students, bloggers, and researchers. But just to give some reminders especially for those people who do not use plagiarism checkers, here are the reasons why.

1.    Originality Percentage

Some clients, schools, and universities accept a certain percentage level of plagiarism. Since these plagiarism checkers usually provide this percentage of originality, most of the time, students just have to make sure that their work is below the required percentage instructed to them.

2.    Points Out the Specifics

Unlike Google, a legit and useful plagiarism checker will let you see the results of the scan right away. It would not just provide you the percentage of your work’s originality, but it will also give you a reference where you have “plagiarized” that specific part of your content. Thus, you will have the chance to see what you can do to edit your work and make it 100% original.

3.    More Effective than Google

Just like what has been mentioned before, plagiarism checkers have a lot more sources than Google. It scans your work to several large databases that even Google does not have access on.

4.    Not to Raise Doubts but to Ensure Quality

It has been a common judgment that people who use plagiarism checkers are plagiarists. However, who would not want proof that their work is hundred-percent originally theirs? Plagiarism tools are used by many to make sure that they do not commit unintentional plagiarism. Real writers and bloggers know how congested the web is, to avoid any kind of writing mistakes and ensure that their work is in the best state, using a plagiarism checker before publishing it is certainly the best thing to do.

Utilizing a Useful Free Plagiarism Checker Tool

These are just a few of the main reasons why it is vital to use a plagiarism checker. Clientele and instructors often use these tools to catch plagiarists. However, as for researchers, bloggers and researchers, it is only a must to use these tools to make sure that their works are all high-quality, not because they have plagiarized but because it is inevitable to commit writing mistakes.

Utilizing these tools would not make you less of a writer or a student, but it just means that you are smart enough to use the necessary tools to enhance your writing skills. Also, with the sea of plagiarism checkers nowadays, it is vitally important to make sure that you choose the most trusted ones. With the list of qualities above, we hoped that they are beneficial to you and that they are indeed legitimate. However, if you are still on the search for this tool, know that Web Analyx Website Analyzer offers a free plagiarism checker tool.

Experts made this tool for experts. It has access to many databases and needless to say; it acquires all the qualities mentioned above. However, aside from that, Web Analyx Website Analyzer also provides several SEO tools which can surely help you to improve your quality of works more. Also, if you happened to have a website, expect that this site has a lot of tools ready for you. If you want to know more about these tools, you can find them here.

The Importance of Online Keyword Ranking Tool and How You Can Rank Higher

Online Keyword Ranking Tool
Online Keyword Ranking Tool

Writing an article isn’t as easy as it looks. Firstly, a writer does not just spurt out a long string of words to each other. An article or blog is not just a compilation of paragraphs and words on top of one another. Just like any creative or technical work of art, writing a compelling and well thought out article also takes a considerable chunk of constant effort from a given writer. And to think that no one will be able to read it is heartbreaking. However, aside from creating highly-relatable and excellent content, another writer’s dilemma is to make people find their works in the ocean of data and information on the web. Thus, this is where Online Keyword Ranking Tool catches the spotlight.

Nowadays, being a writer, more importantly, an online writer, it is not just about making sense anymore. You should also be wise about how to reach your target audience. Certainly, remember that there are thousands of writers out there like you who publish millions of contents in the web every single day. The competition is very tight, and thus, you must learn new and effective ways to cope up. However, with a lot of things to discover, where should we really start?

The Key to Being Searched, Keywords

Firstly, there is a thing called keywords as well. This is where writers are given the word or phrase in which they should be subtly emphasizing throughout the article they are writing. It should feel prominent and endorsed but not to the point that it is begging to be noticed or right in your face. Thus, if you want your hard worked article to receive the clicks on the internet that you rightfully deserve, highly skilled incorporation of your desired keyword is a must. Also, with the help of an effective Online Keyword Ranking Tool, your blog or article will assure you the spot you have been dreaming of.

Not only that, after making the blog post and posting it on your website, you would still need to find a way to make or keep your content visible to the public. Of course, you would like your site to be easily searched, to be on the first page of a searching website. Better yet, to be on top of the searches. And truthfully speaking, that is a tough thing to do. Certainly, it is not easy to make your site the shark of the infinite waters of the internet.

It does not sound easy to do anymore; does it? Thankfully, there is now numerous useful online keyword ranking tool that can keep track of how your website or blog is doing on search engines such as Google.

What is an Online Keyword Ranking Tool?

Online Keyword Ranking Tool

The internet is infinitely vast. Seeing how your website ranks in search engines for a given keyword can be a good indication to know if you are generating internet traffic and getting more clicks than your competitors do. After all, most people click on the first link on their search results.

Site owners would always ask “How is my site doing with regards to search rankings?”, “Does my site appear on the very first page of various search engines?”, and “How does my site rank for the keywords I ‘am currently trying to target?”

Certainly, an online keyword ranking tool is the answer to those questions. Instead of searching your keyword on search engines and manually looking for where your site might end up, you can effectively utilize these tools as mentioned above. The data you will get there will undoubtedly be helpful for you and a good idea for you to know.  Others might also focus on what they can do even to rank higher. On how their websites can beat their competition when it comes to driving more internet traffic. So, here are some of the tips on how you can make your keyword ranking higher.

1.    Know Where You Are Right Now

Before even aiming to go higher with your website, of course, see first where you are right now. Firstly, find out where your page ranks as of today for a specific keyword you would like to improve on. Common sense will tell us that we cannot measure our growth if we do not even have a starting baseline. By setting a benchmark and knowing where you are in currently, consequently, you will be able to see and measure your progress. You can do it manually by searching it by yourself on Google and see where your position is. But of course, you can also perform the much easier way, by utilizing the online keyword ranking tool. Certainly never forget that it is always important to know where you came from.

2.    Proper Title on Your Blogs and Good Description Plays an Important Role

Always remember that not only should your blog titles be enticing for the readers it should also be appropriately titled to maintain ranking on your keywords or even to rank at it all. Consequently, a keyword on your blog’s title should be a must as not having one would make a good search engine ranking next to impossible. Make it short and simple as well as a very long title will also be ineffective. Moreover, descriptions of your blog posts also play a huge role. Your description should be an excellent summary of your blog post while also containing the keywords you desire.

3.    Try Incorporating Longer Keywords

Firstly, a more extended keyword is a more focused one. It will surely be less frequent and may offer some advantages for such search marketers such as you. But of course, remember that a commonly used keyword will no doubt generate more competition. By focusing on longer, more focused ones; your site may have a better chance of ranking higher because it will be less competitive. Also, a more extended keyword shows more intent as well. It may even reveal more about what the searcher is looking for, and that will make them feel that that article or website is indeed targeted just for them. With that, your site could certainly better serve them by being more specific.

4.    If You Want to Improve Your Ranking, Improve Your Content As Well

As they all say, improvement starts within. Ranking good on various search engines is no different. If you want to beat your competitors and earn more clicks and visits to your website, constant improvement to your content is to be expected. One cannot stay at the same place and hope to grow. As plants grow by watering them, as humans become smarter by studying more. If you feel your website deserves more internet traffic, the quality you are catering to the masses should also be deserving of their attention as well. Improve how you write your articles with constant practice and learning more about the matter by using various means. The internet will never run out of something new for you to determine every day. By learning how you can incorporate your desired keywords that you are currently focusing on more effectively, for sure your ranking will show signs of improvement.

5.    Know Your Competitors

Find the competitors related to your keywords. Learn more about them and see what they can offer. You can never be wrong with knowing more about your competition. By analyzing their patterns and techniques on how they run their own sites or on what they might be doing to keep up with the rankings, you can come up with a plan and adjust your own specific ways of handling your content based on what you learned from your competitors. Know what they are doing right while noticing the methods where they are going wrong.

Using Keyword Ranking Tool Effectively

Keeping up with intense competition for internet traffic in the World Wide Web can be a very complicated process. Listed above are just a granule of examples on what should be ton more of ways how you can rank higher with your keyword to make your website or blog post more prominent. If making a great article is hard then enticing the internet to promote it or for the people to even read it can prove to be even harder. Therefore, by utilizing useful and reliable online keyword ranking tool, you can keep on track on how you are currently doing and see where you need improvements to stay in the competition. May it be on your posted contents such as blog posts or even to you, yourself.

Web Analyx is a website in which effective incorporation of several tools for article writing can be checked out. Also, it has a useful online keyword ranking tool wherein you can see your website’s status with regards to its keyword rankings. Keyword Position Checker, Keyword Density Checker, and Keyword Suggestions are some of the tools where Web Analyx Website Analyzer can surely be helpful for you with regards to the proper use of keywords. Created by experts and professionals in this specific field, the ranking of your website may be very close to skyrocketing. So, to learn more and see a more in-depth descriptive view of the tools we offer, you may, therefore, visit us at Web Analyx Website Analyzer.

Plagiarism Checker Tool: Why Is It Important to Your Online Business?

According to Statistics, within just the United States alone, there already a total of over 28 million businesses and nowadays, almost all of them are now all present on the internet. True enough, building a website to create a platform that can connect to people around the globe would be the best way to market your products and your services. However, with lots of businesses lurking around every corner of the web, how would you make your business original and noticeable? Of course, while building your website, you would need a lot of contents to introduce your business. However, it is not that easy to produce contents, most especially make it original and purely unique. One careless act might create a negative impact on you and your business. Thus, this is when the use of a plagiarism checker tool comes in handy.

Why Plagiarism is a Big Deal to Businesses

Plagiarism is a frequent topic in the academic world. However, since the web and online business continue to prosper through the years, this kind of issue became a significant topic in the professional world as well. It may sound simple, with just using the basic, CTRL + C and CTRL + V, but the impact it can make to your business will never be simple. Using a particular image, phrase or any content without any permission can be considered plagiarism. It can even become a more serious issue if you intentionally use them and claim it as your own later on. Consequently, you may end up facing severe legalities once you are discovered doing such acts. If you are still not convinced about the severe impact plagiarism can do to your business, here are some points to ponder for you.

plagiarism checker tool

1.    Damage to Reputation

Wherever angle or point of view you look at it, plagiarism has always been and will still be another form of stealing. Before you intentionally do the act, you must remember that it can create a massive scar to your credibility and reputation as a professional. You might have reasons for doing such a thing but always think that there’s a simple way to avoid this incident from happening. You can create your own content and to make sure that your work is well-written and purely original, you can try and use a plagiarism checker tool. If you would not be careful about your works, especially to the contents that you put up online, you will not just get your credibility and professionalism tainted, but you might even face severe legal actions.

2.    Lawful Punishments

Just like what has been mentioned before, you will be facing great constitutional and lawful punishments if you have been proven for doing such an act of content stealing. The legal actions that you will be facing will depend upon the type of act of plagiarism you have practiced. Severe lawful punishments might dawn upon you especially if you violated copyright infringements. However, you must remember that plagiarism involves not just written contents but images, videos, audio, and blogs too. Plus, plagiarism applies not only on a word-for-word copy but also to slightly rearranged sentences and phrases. Different fields have different bases when it comes to judging the amount of plagiarism committed. Thus, you must always be meticulous and careful enough before publishing your works.

3.    Business Credibility

If you are working under a company, is accused of plagiarism would undoubtedly create an impact not just on you but on your company too. You will be not just the only one to get hurt, but your business’ credibility will be tainted at the same time. If proven of committing such a crime, it can even cost a considerable amount of money. Plus, of course, your company would not be able to escape the shame. However, sometimes these kinds of acts are not intentional. There are just some circumstances when some employees are not well rounded when it comes to researching. Thus, it is really a must to use a useful plagiarism checker tool to make sure that all of your contents are original before it is published.

Common Practices to Lessen the Probability of Plagiarism to Your Business Documents

We have already learned a lot that plagiarism can cost a lot, not just on your personal integrity, credibility but even to your business. Thus, you must avoid getting involved in such crime at all cost. There are a variety of ways in order to prevent plagiarism especially on writing blogs and online articles. Some of these simple practices include:

Plagiarism Checker Tool

1.    Learn the Basics of Writing and Researching

Whenever you write, try to be yourself. At first, you might find it really hard to get those thoughts aligned and write a piece of your own work. However, just like how the old notion goes, “practice makes perfect.” Well, it may not be purely perfect, but as time pass by, and you continue to write you will eventually learn the whole thing. Also, remember that the basis of writing is conducting great research. Real research does not just include one reference but tons of them. These will not just give you a broader idea of the topic, but it will also give fewer chances of an unintentional act of plagiarism. Once you have learned the real essence of writing and putting your thoughts to words, you are a thousand steps away from committing plagiarism.

2.    Utilizing Google

You might not know it, but Google’s search bar can serve as an instant article checker. Running your blog or article on Google will give you an idea if your content has already been discussed on different sites. This time, you can legitimately use the CTRL + C and CTRL + V button without getting into any trouble. Once you have pasted your blog in the search bar, Google will reveal if there’s any kind of “matches” or “hit.” Google will also provide the numbers of the hit, and if the numbers are too high, then there’s really no other choice but to rephrase or worse, rewrite your blog.

3.    Read and Write

On the other hand, when it comes to the contents that you will publish on your site, make sure that you will practice read and write rather than copy and paste. Your references are supposed to be a root of your idea and not making them your idea. So before and after you write your article, make sure to read it all over again. This will not just give you a chance to see grammar lapses, but you will also be able to find some errors about some suspicious information that you might have unconsciously included in your article. Most of the time, it becomes the source of malicious aka plagiarized contents.

4.    Checking Out an Effective Plagiarism Checker Tool

The above tips are given to lessen the probability of plagiarism to your written works whether they are a bunch of business documents, website blogs or articles. However, this last and final step is the most critical one since it will serve as the judge to know of the above steps are indeed useful. Run your documents on a plagiarism checker tool. An effective plagiarism tool will let you know if you accidentally committed the act. Therefore, it will provide you with detailed information about the report on the status of your blog.  Whether it revealed that you had committed specific plagiarized contents, the most important is you are now aware of it, and you can try to edit your articles for a much more effective, original and useful content.

Reasons to Utilize an Effective Plagiarism Checker Tool

We are now very knowledgeable about plagiarism and how to avoid it. However, how about the tool that will assure us that our written document is unique and original? What are the real reasons to utilize a useful plagiarism checker tool especially for businesses?

Plagiarism Checker Tool

1. Firstly, useful plagiarism checker has access to some of the most massive databases on the web. These databases like ProQuest and EBSCOhost are filled with thousands of documents and periodicals which are sometimes not even available in books. Thus, a useful plagiarism tool will be able to present you a lot more sources and assure you that after several scans from all of those data, your document is either purely original or happened to have a specific plagiarized content.

2.    It provides an accurate report and scan result. If ever that you have copied a specific phrase verbatim, a plagiarism checker, will either list or highlight those phrases for you to consider rewriting it again.

3.   Lastly, it gives you written proof that you really did not plagiarize and your content is 100% authentic and unique. Since some of your clients need evidence, then you can definitely use this as one.

 A website like Web Analyx offers a certainly effective plagiarism tool that provides all of these features. This website developed their plagiarism checker tool with the help of experts and professionals, and thus, you can expect that all of your content needs and plagiarism concerns are adequately addressed. Also, Web Analyx offers several more tools that can surely help you when it comes to online marketing and increasing your website revenue.

Legit Plagiarism Checker: Who is True and Who is Not?

As much as we are gaining a lot through the internet, whether it is knowledge or revenue still, we could not deny the fact that at times, it also poses adverse effects on us. With a lot of data on the web, it is inevitable that some people use the information of another without permission — all of these results to plagiarism.

legit plagiarism checker

Everyone knows most especially writers and authors that such an act is a crime. However, since the demand for data and information continue to increase, although unintentionally and unconsciously, we end up having the same work as the others. But what does this crime mean? What is plagiarism? What are the punishments for such an offense? Are there any tools we can use to avoid it? Is there really a useful Legit Plagiarism Checker out there that will save you? Read more to find out!

The Exact Definition of Plagiarism

Truth to be told, plagiarism is absolutely a broad and a confusing topic. Artists, writers and even people in business are the ones who are often involved in this kind of issues. And most of the time, they are not also aware that they did such a thing.

According to the Merriam Webster, plagiarize can be defined as. “to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own : use (another’s production) without crediting the source”, “to commit literary theft : present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source”. In the purest form, we can say that the act of plagiarism equals fraud. Thus, you are considered to be committing plagiarism if you steal other’s words and denying it eventually.

Legit Plagiarism Checker

The word “plagiarize” derived its roots from the Latin word “plaga” which is defined as “a net used by hunters to catch the game” and then later on associated with “plagiarius” which means “kidnapper.” Not long after, the first use of the word “plagiar(y)” was recorded in early 1615.

Consequences of Plagiarism

Since we are already living in a modern and “highly-digitalized” world, data and research can now be conducted with just several clicks, plagiarism is not new anymore. With the peak of certain search engines such as Google and Yahoo, the act of stealing other’s works become more common and common. The term “cut,” “copy,” and “paste” also become prominent most especially for students. Thus, students might find it easy to get their research and assignments done with the use of the internet. However, more than we realize it, we are already putting our own knowledge, intellect, and creativity at risk. Unfortunate and sad as it may sound, but it made people really lazy. But of course, this is not the only consequence of the “cut, copy and paste” method.

Just like what has been mentioned above, an act of plagiarism is a weighty crime, and you may end up on a really dreadful situation once you do not take this issue seriously. An act of piracy can be judged with legal consequences based on the nature of the act. So, you can either force to face a criminal action or get sued. If you are a student, you may receive severe punishment from your school, but if you are in the business and the professional world, you can be fired from your work, or worse, it may have your career ruined. Thus, here are some possible legal consequences you might face if you are proven to commit such an act.

Copyright Issues

The most common legal issue regarding plagiarism is copyright infringement. According to Merriam Webster, copyright can be defined as the “the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute the matter and form of something (such as a literary, musical, or artistic work).” Most commonly, these things happen when a person uses specific work for his own purposes without even citing or crediting the source. Dealing with this crime will seriously cost a lot if you get caught. If you think that a simple CTRL + C and CTRL + V will not affect your life and career, think again. You may end up paying for monetary damages or worse you might even get jailed.

Legit Plagiarism Checker

Most Simple but Effective Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

Since you are researching and gathering facts, it cannot be helped that there are times that you unintentionally end up with plagiarizing. However, there are a lot of several ways to avoid this issue. Check this out.

1.    Get into the Context

You do not have to copy everything from your research verbatim to make sure that your project is good. After all, they are all just works of another person. Read your research and understand the context. Putting your research into your own words will result in you in having a genuinely original work. If it cannot be helped that you need to copy or use the same technical terms, you can practice paraphrasing and such.

2.    The Real Use of Quotations

It is sometimes inevitable same statements at times, most especially if you are writing a blog or a news article. When it comes to issues like this, using quotations are highly recommendable. Using quotes means that you have taken that certain words from another’s works.

3.    Cite References

Whenever you do your research, make sure that you do not forget to record your references. And of course, do not just be contented with one source. There’s a lot of information on the internet, make use of it. It will not only save you from plagiarism, but it will also give you better results in your research.

4.    Use a Legit Plagiarism Checker

Nowadays, since this issue is all over the internet, some experts were able to develop a certain kind of plagiarism checker. However, ever since that it was launched there are already lots of these tools from the internet, and you might find it really hard to find the legitimate and useful one. Thus, here are some tips in finding a legitimate plagiarism checker for you.

Choosing a Legit Plagiarism Checker

Just like mentioned before, there are already lots of online plagiarism checkers you can find on the internet. Some of them are free, and some are not. Now, the decision is yours to discover the plagiarism that would best work for you and your needs. However, how would you really know if it’s best for you? Here are the top qualities of a real and legit plagiarism checker.

1.    Provides Security

Firstly, here are a lot of online tools and websites that offer plagiarism checks services; however, how can you be so sure that they help you. Unfortunately, some plagiarism checkers will put you in trouble rather than save you. Since plagiarism tools either require you to upload or paste your contents on their site, it also means that you are letting them have a copy of your work. Consequently, they end up plagiarizing your own work. To avoid this kind of situations, make it a point to read the privacy policy, terms and conditions, and agreement terms before using a specific plagiarism tool.

2.    Provides A Detailed Report

Secondly, a great plagiarism checker offers a detailed report of results. They must prove that they are really checked thoroughly and that, it has undergone multiple checks. Therefore, a real plagiarism checker not just provides a percentage of originality and similarity but also gives the sources where it was copied or plagiarized right at hand. You need not to visit other sites in order to have a copy of the report. It should be presented all at once.

3.    Supports Almost All File Formats

Texts and projects are often written in word document format, but still, a good plagiarism checker must be able to provide several file formats. These formats may include docx, txt, pdf, odt, rtf, or html file. If a plagiarism checker offers this kind of feature, it did not just prove that its capable of being an excellent Legit Plagiarism Checker but it is also very user-friendly.

4.    Smart and Free

Lastly, a plagiarism checker must be able to comply with features such as proper citation of references and a complete and comprehensive format of each plagiarism report based on the user’s preferred setting.

All of these are just the basic features, settings, and qualities of a great and legit plagiarism checker. Consequently, as a user who seeks help on a serious matter, it is only a must that you’ll have a real tool to answer your needs. However, if you want to find all of these qualities in one, you can visit Web Analyx.

Web Analyx’s Plagiarism Checker

Legit Plagiarism Checker

Firstly, Web Analyx is a newly launched website that provides several SEO tools to make everything easy and possible for online businesses. Secondly, website offers several online tools such as article rewriter, backlink maker, Meta Tag Generator, Meta Tags Analyzer, Keyword Position Checker, Robots.txt Generator, XML Sitemap Generator and a lot more, but most importantly a useful Plagiarism Checker.

Our plagiarism checker is simple but very efficient. Top professionals and experts create it, thus, rest assured that your needs will be catered and it is indeed legit. Whenever you need a valid and legit plagiarism checker, you can always check out Web Analyx.

Small SEO Tools Article Rewriter: How does it Work?

In the modern business era, there are a lot of rules that need to be followed for a business or service to be recognized. With that being said, strategies and SEO tools are being a trend nowadays. The simple fact that it gives easier ways for businesspeople to promote their business on a wider audience is one if the reasons why. Subsequently, it became an essential strategy because most people rely on social media and the Internet nowadays. With just one click all information we need appear on the screen. Due to this reason, more businesses are getting obsessed with these tools and strategies. Therefore, one of the online tools that enjoys the spotlight today is none other than the Small SEO Tools Article Rewriter.

The Basics of Article Rewriting

Certainly, one of the best and most effective strategies to achieve triumph in online business is by writing articles or blogs. This strategy is called content marketing. Content marketing is a type of marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing important, relevant, and consistent content. And one of the most famous examples of it is an article or blog. Firstly, an article or blog is consists of informational texts and images that are then, uploaded on the site.  It is regularly updated and created to give the audience related information about the business a person is running.

Small SEO Tools Article Rewriter

However, there are a wide array of articles available today. Which means there’s a big chance that your topic is already written by other writers and already used by other sites. The question now is, how do you create an article that will be more appealing to your audience? Is it even possible to compete with high-authority sites that already published the content you want to post? Fortunately, the answer to those questions is YES.

What is a Small SEO Tools Article Rewriter ?

The method of article rewriting has a significant impact on the field of content marketing. It is a technique in which the writer takes the general idea of a context and then write it again with the same idea but with a new syntax and words. It may sound easy, but for some writers, rewriting is more difficult than writing original content. Therefore, article rewriter tools are used by some writer to make the process easier and faster. Aside from that, this reliable rewriter tools can rephrase more than one article.

The idea of other businesses having an article that might be similar to yours can be threatening. But there’s still a big chance for you to excel than them. You can create unique and valuable content that is similar to those that are already found on the Internet. Consequently, this method is done by rewriting the existing material. But, rewriting content is indeed a time-consuming task. However, there’s an easy solution to that problem. Using an article rewriter tool became a reliable help for writers for years now. Instead of writing an entirely new article, rewriting can be done to update the site consistently. It also helps writers to create more content in a short time. If you are looking for a solution that will make updating your site faster, perhaps the article rewriter tool is the answer.

Small SEO Tools Article Rewriter

How does Small SEO Tools Article Rewriter Tool Work?

Firstly, article rewriting tools work by focusing on the text of the item you want to rewrite and do the rewriting job. It provides a readable yet unique version of the content. An article rewriter can change phrases and words with more suitable synonyms to produce exclusive content. It is a tool that some writers use to complete their tasks.

Benefits of Using A Small SEO Tools Article Rewriter

It is already proven and tested that article rewriting is useful in creating unique content. An article rewriter is a tool that significantly helps in doing this specific task. It saved a lot of writers who require unique content in a short period of time. The following are the benefits you can get in using an article rewriter tool:

1.    Article Marketing Advantage–content or article marketing is necessary to increase the ranking of the site on search engines. This is one of the keys to win Google’s heart. It is also a tool that is important in building links for the site. A new article can attract more consistent visitors and customers. Aside from that, it allows you to submit original articles of submission sites than presenting the same pieces again and again.  Remember that the more quality articles your website offer to the search engines, the more it will help your business attract traffic. Which leads to the next one.

2.    Getting More Traffic–there is a big chance that you will produce a massive stream of new traffic by rewriting an article. The revised content can be a considerable help by submitting it on different platforms. Just make sure that the platforms are high-authority. It will also help achieve several SEO benefits. Nowadays, the secret for a business to reach more people is by doing SEO.

3.    Time-saver and Increased Efficiency–let’s get real here. Frequently, rewriting an article manually takes hours. Constructing a full informative article and inserting your thoughts in it will take more time than what you’ve expected. But using an article rewriter tool can do the job within just a few minutes and can even produce more articles within a short period of time. This will allow you to more important task for the business.

More Important Things to Remember

Article rewriter tool is indeed a fantastic tool. Though this SEO tool is a helpful tool to many, there are still important things to remember with regards to using it. This tool is easy to use; however, being careful should also be done. You’ll never know if the software you have chosen is reliable. Understanding the tool is essential, but the following points are important too:

1.    Firstly, rewriting an article should begin with a quality content. The content should be readable and valuable to the audience. Make sure that the material that you will revise have information that people can use. Check if the article follows the rule of basic grammar. Keep in mind that if the quality of the article is low, then the article rewriter will make it even worse.

2.    Secondly, after the article rewriter has processed the article, make sure that you read it thoroughly. Usually, some words do not fit a sentence, so it is important to proofread the whole content. This will ensure that the content is well rewritten. It will also allow you to give your personal touch to the article.

3.    Lastly, it is also important to remember that the authentication of the content is vital to the quality of your work. Aside from that, your reputation is at stake. Consequently, if you feel that you are satisfied with the content, make sure to run them on a reliable plagiarism checker.

Content Writing as an Effective Online Marketing Strategy

Writing is indeed an effective way to make more people interested in your business. However, it is not always easy to create content. It takes more time than what most people know about. So, if you are looking for a way to make the job faster, it is best to use an article rewriter. It is always wise to maximize resources in the field of business. Therefore, doing this will be a significant advantage. Aside from that, using tools will also help you save more budget, time and effort. Therefore, you can a lot the saved budget for more important things that are needed for the business. Poorly rewritten articles will drive the audience away from your site. And honestly, that’s one of the worst things that can ever happen.

Where to Find a Small SEO Tools Article Rewriter?

A well-rewritten article can increase the visibility of your site. With the right SEO strategy, success can be achieved within a short amount of time. Because there is a wide array of businesses published on the Internet, it is hard to build a high-ranking website. However, with the help of tools like article rewriting tools, anything is possible. The modern era provided various types of strategies and tools for people to survive. So, if you want to emerge in the business industry, following the rules and using tools is a must. Thus, the information mentioned above is essential if you’re going to use small SEO tools article rewriter for your site.

Firstly, finding the best article rewriter can be confusing. The reason for this is because you’ll never know which ones are reliable or not. But Web Analyx can help you with that. We offer a lot of tools and services that can help you manage and maximize your website’s capabilities. We provide simple, professional-quality SEO analysis and critical SEO monitoring for sites. Consequently, our tools are intuitive and easy to understand. With that being said, we’ve already helped thousands of small-business owners, webmasters, and SEO professionals improve their online presence. Web Analyx is an all in one site wherein you can surely make the most out of your online businesses. For the list of our online tools, you can click here.

How to Effectively Use a Small SEO Tools Keyword Position Checker

Small SEO Tools Keyword Position

Today, businesses cannot live and become successful without creating and providing their very own website. However, as easy as it may sound, this is never simple. You can hire a web developer to build a very user-friendly website with amazing designs and navigations. But of course, it still does not end on that. One of the most important things that you should think about is the site’s contents.

Small SEO Tools Keyword Position

These contents will bring the identity to your site and your business. However, while making sure that you are really delivering your business’ message to your target market; of course, you should also make sure that these contents are effective to your business, but how? Well, in online marketing, SEO is one of the fundamental processes you should certainly be aware of. Firstly, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the key to successful online business if done the right way. So how do you really get successful with this kind of online marketing trick? What is SEO in the first place? How does it work? Also, what tools do you need? What is a Small SEO Tools Keyword Position Checker? Lastly, does it help you and your brand? Hang in there a little, and those questions will be answered.

Understanding the Importance of SEO

In the world of online businesses and websites, SEO and learning about the whole process is a must. If you are about to enter this business, it is only a fair to know every little thing about it to make sure that you really get the best out of its benefits. Firstly, SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing the whole website through its contents. This way, you will be able to let the public and your target audience to discover your site in the pool of websites on the web. SEO involves a lot of processes, but after breaking it down step by step, you will actually realize how this pretty complicated marketing trick easily works.

So, here are some reminders to keep in mind to understand the core of SEO.

1.    Your Own Business Goals

Every business has a certain business goal. In building your website, you must certainly remember that you must be able to show and deliver this to your audience. Successfully proving its business goals is the main thing you need to do to make your target audience realize the effectiveness and also, the relevance of your business to them. Appropriate and relevant contents will make your site relatable, but of course, there’s one thing that you can use to make sure that your contents contain what people needs. This is where the so-called “keywords” enter the scene.

2.    Inbound links

However, another thing that you should put your focus on is about your website’s page authority and domain authority. These means that your site has to be rated based on its “trustworthiness.” This rating will be based on the volume and kinds of the inbound links in your site. So, if the scan reveals a high score, it just means that you are really on the way to success. Also, the authority of the inbound links gives the authority to your site.

3.    On-page Optimization

Above all, on-page and off-page optimization are one of the most common processes in SEO. With on-page optimization, the relevant keywords are used in the Metadata. As much as possible the Meta title needs the perfect keyword at the very beginning of the text. The same process goes with the Meta description, only that it is not necessary to put it at the beginning of the sentence. However, another thing that you need to assure in on-page optimization is keeping those Metadata completely helpful and relevant not just to that specific page but also to every web user. Metadata are the very first thing that people will see on your site page. It will be the one displayed on Google. So, it can either attract your audience or in short, break or make your business.

4.    SEO Optimized Contents

Keywords should not only be implemented in the MetaData, to make sure that your site pages are optimized, it is also a requirement to create contents with the minimum amount of words of 300 with the same keyword. Although 300 words are the minimum requirement, SEO experts say that content will be more effective and relevant if it, can reach up to 1,000 to 1,500-word counts.

5.    Off-page Optimization

After slowly building your site’s contents, it’s time to move on to off-page optimization. Above all, this step is 75% of the SEO process. The on-page optimization might take your time a little, but it would all come to waste if you would not be able to implement off-page optimization. This process includes creating your very own contents on other sites. This will also give you the chance to expand your website in times of exposing your brand to the others. You will have to send all of your created contents, along with its Metadata, link, and keywords to these particular sites.

Small SEO Tools Keyword Position

These are just the necessary things to remember in SEO and the end, did you notice that this online marketing process only involves one thing? “Keywords.” So what’s the big deal about this factor? What’s the use of Small SEO Tools Keyword Position Checker? How important is it to make sure that you will be successful with SEO marketing?

Keyword and Small SEO Tools Keyword Position Checker

Keywords are either a single word or a phrase used by searchers to look for what they need on the web. These keywords are also used by websites to answer the needs of the searchers. In short, keywords make the online business process go round. It has been big news before those keywords were dead. Well, it happened when Google changed the rules in 2010. They gradually removed keyword data in different web analytics platform. However, if you will think about it, whether Google considers keyword or not, it will still always be a critical factor in online business. Why? Because it will always be the one that connects businesses to customers. When it comes to choosing a keyword, you must remember this one basic tip, think as if you are your own customer.

It is not a hidden fact that you have started SEO marketing to land a high rank in the in every search engines and generate more sales. However, with all the steps that need to be done, achieving these goals requires more than just a night. And of course, before using a keyword, you certainly need a tool to assure its usefulness and relevance to the development of your website. Some people are doubtful about using these tools, but contrary to what most people think, these tools are very user-friendly and easy to understand. Using a Small SEO Tools Keyword Position Checker, for example, will allow you to rank the best keywords that would fit your content.

Small SEO Tools Keyword Position Checker

Content would not be useful in your website without a keyword. And a
Small SEO Tools Keyword Position Checker will allow you to analyze the most important keywords and the highly-suggested ones. These keywords will not just be ranked according to its connectivity to your website. This tool will also allow you to be aware of your current site pages’ rankings and its performance.

All you have to do is to enter specific keywords and your domain. This tool will provide you the results whether your pages rank in the first or whatever page of the search engine and as we all know, it will be all for the better if it’s of course, found in the first page. All in all, it is an instant website ranking checker. You need to remember that high-quality content also requires a quality keyword to rank higher and make the most out of its purpose.

Keyword Position Checker at Web Analyx

There is a lot of keyword position checker nowadays. Several tools have become more and more comfortable to use. However, one’s that attracting a lot of attention these days are the keyword position checker tool from Web Analyx Website Analyzer. This tool would only need the keywords that you used in your site’s contents, your website domain and you can choose how many positions you wanted to check out. Within just several minutes, you will be provided with the results.

Small SEO Tools Keyword Position

The experts exceptionally make this tool and thus, you can only expect nothing but the best from them. Aside from that Web Analyx does not only offer this Small SEO Tools Keyword Position Checker, but this site is also filled with a bunch of high-quality SEO and online tools. These tools include article checker, backlink maker, meta tag generator, plagiarism checker, online ping website tool, link analyzer, domain age checker, keyword density checker, and a lot more. Whatever website tool you may need, everything can be found in Web Analyx Website Analyzer. If you are interested in this beautiful site, you can check them out here.

How to Make the Most Out Of Your Website with the Use of a Free SEO Site Checker

Free SEO Site Checker

Nowadays, having a physical store is not enough for businesses to withstand the competition and the congested market. Certainly, every business person must learn how to utilize the technology to his own advantage. Thus, since the internet became a necessity for everyone today, it is not a hidden fact that sometimes, businesses prosper more online. And so, a website and an online store is now a requirement for every company. However, merely having a site would not do it. But of course, a business cannot be victorious over just one night. After creating your website, do you know that it is a must to use a Free SEO Site Checker? But why? What is it in the first place?

Defining SEO

SEO by the definition of the acronym means Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the process of practicing several web efforts to drive traffic and help a website rank higher on search engines. This is considered as one of the most vital online marketing strategies. Firstly, utilizing a Free SEO Site Checker will help you to become aware of the current status of your site. A useful site checker will be able to check each and every single area of the website that needs improvement or needs to be fixed. Plus, it will also raise recommendations and instructions for you to decide how to answer each issue accurately. Once you get the idea of how SEO works you will absolutely realize how every little thing can create a significant impact on your business status.

Free SEO Site Checker

Basic Facts You Need to Know About SEO

For the record, in order to make the most out of your website SEO campaigns, you must first know the primary SEO process. Well, the process starts with what we have just discussed before, using a Free SEO site checker. After the site checker released the results of your website scan, you will have what SEO experts called as an SEO Audit Report. Everything will start in this report and after you analyzed all of it you can proceed to the next steps to answer all of the lapses that your site has. This process also includes Technical SEO, Keyword Research, On-page optimization, Off-page Optimization, Content Building, and Social Media Management.

1.    Technical SEO

There are actually a lot of things to consider especially in technical SEO. Some of these things include Internal Links, Sitemaps, Crawl Errors, Index Status, Redirects, AMP, HTTPS, Broken Links, Crawl Budget and lastly, page speed.

As for the site speed, you might think that page speed is just a little nuance to your business. Well, think again. Page speed does not just make your potential consumers irritated to the point that they will never try to visit your site anymore, but it also affects your ranking in Google and in the end, your website might not even have even a single visit in the first place. The harsh truth, yes, but this is how SEO works, not because you use low competition but high volume keywords, you will be spared from bankruptcy. Take note that there are not just millions but certainly countless competitors out there.

Most importantly, make sure that you stand out from all aspects. Thus, to answer this dilemma, you must first use a site checker to check the status of the page speed of your website. If you, unfortunately, have some bad results, the site checker will provide some recommendations and suggestions in which you can try.

As of today, page speed has really become a huge issue. Since websites must also be available on smartphones and tablets, it is also just a must that the page speed is fast even on Android. According to statistics, a page load time must only range from 2 to 3 seconds or otherwise, it might affect your rankings. At the same time, it’s not only Google who will appreciate your efforts, but eventually, your site visitors will absolutely love it too.

2.    Keyword Research

The basic thing to understand and be successful in keyword researching is to think like a customer. Just be yourself. How do you buy and search for your needs on Google? After finally realizing how to do it, Google is offering several choices which you can use to get the best and the perfect keywords to your website. The best thing is that all of it is according to statistics and careful studies.

The most widely used online tool for keyword researching is the Google Adwords Keyword tool and Uber Suggest. These tools are very user-friendly to every site visitor. However, if you are looking for other tools to make sure that it is effective to your site, you can try and visit Web Analyx Website Analyzer. Aside from offering an effective Free SEO Site Checker, this site also offers a lot of SEO and keyword tools such as Keyword Density Checker, Keyword Suggestion Tool, and Keyword Position Checker.

3.    On-Page Optimization

When it comes to SEO optimization, every beginner must have heard the term, off-page and on-page optimization. These two are the key factors to succeed in your SEO efforts. However, the first one to do so in these two should be on-page optimization. This process includes the creation of Metadata from the initial keyword lists. After you have successfully done the keyword research for all of your site pages, you can start creating the Meta title tags, and the Meta descriptions for each page. The Metadata are the ones that you see first thing in the Google results after searching for a certain keyword. In information technology, the term “Meta” means “an underlying definition or description.” In short, they have to discuss the summary of that specific page using a minimal number of words. However, aside from the metadata, you should also integrate the keywords in the header tags (H1 and H2, etc.), inside the site content itself, captions, alt images, and URL. However, you must remember that you do not really need to focus on one certain keyword. There’s also a limit on using the words based on the number of words that your content has. Plus, it is also highly-recommendable to use related keywords and phrases so that you are sure enough that you have properly discussed your site pages’ topics,

4.    Off-page Optimization

Of course, after successfully optimizing your site’s pages with keywords, it’s time to let them out to the world. Do you know that 75% of SEO involves off-page optimization? Link-building and creating connections to other sites are very important to reach a high ranking. According to Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist, Andrey Lipattseve, inbound links, and contents are the proven critical factors in the SEO process. If you are a local business, you should definitely submit your site to Google My Business and Yelp. If you need help with this on, better check Web Analyx Website Analyzer and try out their backlinking tools for a surely effective off-page optimization.

5.    Content Creation

Just like what has been mentioned before, Google itself declared that contents and links are two of the most important things to succeed in SEO. These contents will become the foundation of your site, and thus, you would definitely need tons of it. However, you just also need to make sure that they will be helpful not just on your site but also to potential readers, or most importantly, to your target audience. Needless to say, these topics need to discuss first everything about your niche. You can add as many blogs as you can and of course, the faster that you create these contents, the better. You can start the blogs from creating topics through your keywords. Just a little note, it would be best if you would naturally place the keywords on the title, the first paragraph and to the content headings. Also, according to the studies, it is best to create a blog article with at least 1,000-1,200 word count.

6.    Social Media Management

Firstly, getting your site rank on Google and creating a presence in different social media sites are different but interconnected stories. With the wide variety of popular social media platforms today, you should also definitely be aware of how to make the most out of it for your own benefit. Being famous on social media, also, a high rank on Google, doesn’t it sound so promising?

Google has explained that Twitter and Facebook links are not included in their algorithm when it comes to getting the rankings. But think about it, many online entrepreneurs nowadays use social media sites to create profit. Some of them do not even have a website in the first place. Whatever business you may have, it is certainly important to drive online popularity through those social media platforms. In a way, it still helps your site to get more visits. But of course, sharing your contents in social media is not simple. Consequently, you have to create a plan and sometimes even use several social ads that that certain platform offers.

Free SEO Site Checker

Points to Ponder

These steps are still just the most basic ones that you need to consider in order to make the most of your website. Consequently, use the necessary tools as possible to make sure that your website is being effective to your business. Thus, it is highly recommended to visit Web Analyx and check the status of your site through their Free SEO Site Checker. Plus, this site also offers a wide range of SEO and other online tools which can help you with all of your website needs. From an authentic plagiarism and article checker to keyword and Meta tags generator, up to backlink maker and a lot more. If you are interested, you can certainly just click here for more information.

Steps on How You Can Do SEO by Yourself with the Help of Free SEO Sites

free seo sites

Firstly, S.E.O. in its basic definition stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s outstanding results. They are often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results. All primary search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have their primary search results; they are the results are therefore on the first page once you search for a phrase or something.  Web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to the searcher.

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Main Goals of SEO

The goal of search engine optimization is to have the search engines not only be able to showcase your website or web page but also to accurately rank the pages’ significance, therefore, it gives the impression at the top of the search engine rankings. Put it just, to put your website or a web page in the first when some searches something that relates to it. However, this process, search optimization, is not a onetime thing. It requires maintenance, tuning, and continuous testing and monitoring.

At first glance, search engine optimization looks pretty intimidating. It is partly true and partly false. Yes, it may be a meticulous process, and it takes a lot of practice and skill to pull off correctly but once you get the hang of it, you may not even feel, but you are already doing it. Not only that, there are now a lot of Free SEO Sites nowadays to help you know more about the ins and outs of search engine optimization so that you may be able to promote your website prominently in search engines.

Can You Do SEO By Yourself with Free SEO Sites?

Yes, you certainly can. Search engine optimization may not be advertising, but it still may cost time and money. If you got money to spend, your best bet is to hire an SEO agency or consultant to help you with your concern. But if what you got is time and have no spare money left to spend, then I have good news for you. You are indeed able to do SEO to improve your website or web page’s search engine ranking significantly all by yourself. It may be a tall order, but it is very doable. Here are some ways on how you can do SEO by yourself to improve your organic rankings and to utilize the Free SEO Sites at your disposal:

•    Learn About Your Competitors and Especially Your Website

Know your site. Since you own it, there should be no one else more knowledgeable on it more than you. Be aware of its weaknesses and emphasize its strengths. Once you can say that you have mastered your product, then that is where you must research your competitors. Compare your website to others which co-relates with your product and know where they made right. Adjust your web page to cover up the lacking aspects in it. Learn from the most prominent websites that offer the same product or services like yours. Study their reviews and tendencies so that you may optimize yours to be like them or better yet, to ultimately beat them.

•    Plan and Optimize Your Site with an Understanding of What the Consumers May Want

By understanding what your future consumers want, you can now plan your website. How you can make it more appealing or how to better promote your services and products. List the things that are in demand and the things that are currently lacking in attention. Rank them accordingly so that you may know which you will be giving more importance and effort on strategically. The next step is to create the pages which are following your planned strategy. This part is the hardest. Depending on your e-commerce platform and your access to developers and designers, you may need to outsource some of this work. Every website nowadays should be mobile responsive because there is no doubt anymore that almost all of us have smartphones now. And most likely, we will be doing our searches there more than ever before. By doing this step, you can make your website cater to a broader audience, thus, making your product and services more visible.

•    Be Consistent With the Production of Your Content

Just like in everything else in this world, consistency is the key. However, it does not mean that your website should pump out content every day. Consequently, what you need is to be able to publish your content regularly and consistently. Schedule your updates at your own pace; it does not matter if it is weekly, monthly, or even daily. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you are consistent with it. Publishing content that you have carefully customized to the consumption habits of your target audience is the goal.

•    Get into the Social Media Game

Consequently, social media has taken over our everyday lives. We are so into social media almost to the fact that an individual cannot live a single day without even taking a glance on his or her profile. Since that is the case, it is of your best interest to incorporate social media within your business strategy. Create an account for your website or a web page in the top social media sites of today such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. By doing so, it enables your business to connect with your consumers and future prospects as well as offering an audience for your specific content. Understanding and nurturing these relationships will boost your SEO in the long run surely as it will increase the exposure of your materials.

•    Read a Lot about SEO and Integrate them in Your Strategy

Read some and then read some more. Expand your knowledge as wide as it can be with regards to SEO. Read blogs, definite articles, and other else’s strategy so that you may come up with your own. Familiarize yourself within its every ins-and-out. Mix the steps that you deem right together to come up with your own better method. Learning more about something will never be wrong. You may even ask inquiries on SEO communities and Free SEO Sites for further clarification on something that you may still be confused with. It does not hurt to ask some questions and to acquire more knowledge from the experts.

•    Be an Expert of Keyword Research

Keywords are the heart of SEO. I may have entered it here last, but this is the most integral part of it. Master keyword research and don’t just assume that you already know what your consumers and future prospects want. Know that they cannot understand your industry’s jargon; that is why you must use common or different terms as your keyword. Keyword research can provide you the understanding of the words and phrases that consumers may use to find your product.

Little points

By using the right words in your content or on your website itself, your website or web page will rank higher than ever before. You may also use different tools on the internet that may help you in doing so as the best keyword tools offer a quantitative demand score that helps determine the relative value in targeting each keyword theme. Once you become an expert on keywords, you may be able to incorporate better and more effective keywords in your content to be ready to be prominently showcased by different search engines.

These are just some of the do it by yourself tips that may give you an edge on search engine optimizations. There are a lot of Free SEO Sites out there that can be a huge help for you and your business. It may take a lot of effort and preparation, but as we all say, every success is the fruit of hard work and deep perseverance. Keeping up with the fierce competition for search engine rankings can be a very daunting task and rigorous, continuous process.

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It is true that hiring professionals to do this for you will be the first option, but not everyone has extra cash left to spare. Thankfully, there are ways to do it by yourself while still being productive, profitable, and efficient. Web Analyx is one of the best Free SEO sites you can try to check out. To learn more and to see a more in-depth perspective about Search Engine Optimization and everything about it, you may visit and utilize our online tools at Web Analyx.

SEO Tips for Bloggers Using Blogger SEO Tools

Blogger SEO Tools

Perhaps blogging is one of the most popular types of advertising today. It is usually used by businessmen to promote their business to the public. However, people still get confused as to what is the difference between a blog and a website. Therefore, the reason for this is that businesses use both to create a presence to search engines. So, to avoid confusion, keep in mind that blogs are updated frequently and allow reader engagement. But both are essential in order for a business to get traffic and attract more customers. Thus, to help you understand more what blogging is and the benefit of using Blogger SEO Tools, you can proceed in reading this article.

Blogger SEO Tools

What is a Blog?

Firstly, a blog site is quite similar to a website. It is a channel wherein you can share your thoughts. Basically, it is a public online journal, diary, or even a book. This can also be a place for people to share their thoughts about any topic. Secondly, a blog can be for personal use or business. Lastly, it is a huge magnet that attracts potential clients for business people. Some even consider a blog as the new marketing brochure, the new business card.

Why is Blogging On-Demand?

Search engines love fresh contents. Due to this, blogging became an excellent SEO tool. Which is why creating unique content is essential if you want your business to be known. Below are some of the reasons why blogging is popular nowadays:

  • Blogging is an easy way to keep the audience and clients up-to-date on what’s new, about deals, and often provide tips. Remember that the more a customer visit your blog, the more chances of them to spend money.
  • One of the reasons why blogging is also popular is because it allows you to build trust and connection with your target audience. It allows you to share your expertise and credibility that people can post comments on and interact with you.
  • Blogs can actually help you make money. Aside from the services or products, blogs can also generate profits such as advertising and affiliate products.

Tips in Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Let be honest; writing content for SEO purposes can be difficult and time-consuming. However, doing this is essential in order for the site to rank on search engines. But how do you actually write an SEO-friendly blog post?

Blogger SEO Tools

1. A Well-optimized Post

  • The first step in creating a well-optimized post is to set it for SEO correctly. This process is something that you will probably do only once. However, it does depend on the platform that your website is built on.

2. Keyword Research

  • After setting up your blog, the next thing that needs to be done is conducting keyword research. This method is vital before starting to write a new blog post. By inserting keywords to the blog, the potential organic traffic that the blog will get from search engines can be maximized.

3. Check Competition

  • It is always to check the competition. So after conducting keyword research, make sure to check the top 10 results for them. This will give an idea on who you will be competing with.

4. Informative Content

  • Gathering the information need is one of the first things that needs to be done. Thus, this is essential in creating excellent and unique content. It is advisable to read the top ranking competitors and see if there are any gaps.

5. Outline

  • Outlining the article will help to make writing easier. It also saves time and effort. A proper outline can make the article more readable to the audience. A quick tip about this one is to turn the key points into questions. Just like this article.

6. Writing the Blog

Now, it is time to write the article. So, below are some of the aspects to be considered:

  • Firstly, insert bullets, Bolds, H2, and H3.
  • Use paragraphs to the content.
  • Keep in mind to always use the main keyword in the first paragraph.
  • Using attention grabbers: Phrases like “here’s the deal benefit is effective.
  • Also, use the main keyword in the article body.
  • Keyword density should be of a maximum of 5%.
  • Include related keywords to the content.
  • Make sure to write over 300 words per heading.
  • Make sure to link internally.
  • It is also good to link externally.

7. Optimizing Images

Adding and optimizing images is also important to do. Add at least 2-3 photos in the blog, and optimize them for the search engine.

8. HTML Tags

The HTML title tag is responsible for the headline that is shown on Google, which is why it is essential in making an impact on the Click through Rate. Make sure to use the main keyword in the title tag. Aside from that, be sure that it has a maximum of 70 characters and make it captivating.

9. Meta Data

Meta descriptions are the texts that are seen below the headlines. It should describe the post and should attract people’s attention. It should be around 150-160 characters, and the keyword should also be in there.

10. URL

Lastly, make sure to write a unique URL and make sure that it is easy to understand. In this part, it is also important to insert the keyword or secondary target keywords.

Must-have Blogger SEO Tools

The art of blogging can also get complicated at times. Since Google and other search engines frequently do updates, doing changes for the blogs at once can be a huge hassle. However, since the Internet offers a lot of useful things, blogger SEO tools are available to save the day. The said tools are also often used to make quicker progress and make daily updating easier.

Blogger SEO Tools

If you are looking for a way for your blogs to reach more audience, below are some of the must-have Blogger SEO Tools to check:

WordPress SEO

If you want to optimize your blogs quickly, Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most popular and most recommended by many. This plugin comes with a complete suite of built-in features and more options. It allows the user to take control of the page and site-wide SEO. Aside from that, it can also be used to implement social media optimization, meta-robots, SEO for tags and categories, and many more.

Google Keyword Planner

One of the secrets for a blog to be easily found by the audience; so, it is a must to insert keywords. It is essential for a business for they drive targeted web traffic to the company for free. Google Adwords is convenient in finding new keywords and in monitoring out the competition, search volume, and trends. Therefore, it is a tool that is mainly used for running ad campaigns in Google Adwords. Aside from that, the keyword planner tool can also be used to give some background information on potential keywords to use for future blog posts.

Woo Rank

This tool is a combination of fun and useful. Woorank is beneficial if you want to get a full preview and lowdown of the website’s SEO performance and overall score. Consequently, it usually shows how your site is performing and provides recommendations on how you will fix the issues.


There will be times that you can still make some grammar issues to your blog, especially when you are cramming for the deadline. Grammarly is a tool that will save you from that. It makes the writing better and fixes grammar errors. Lastly, it works by checking different mistakes.


Canva is a simple graphic design tool. This is often used to create excellent and fresh images for the blog. So, the best thing about this tool is that it offers a wide range of different templates for social media posting, website interface, fonts, elements, and more. Unlike the usual Photoshop, this tool is more user-friendly and also allows users to experiment with various designs.


One of the secrets to successful blogging is through email marketing. And MailChimp is one of the best email marketing tools that helps in sending emails to a list of users. This tool also constructs good email campaigns and can manage all of the subscribers of the site. Additionally, MailChimp also shares the emails on social media and integrate them on any web services the user is using. Certainly, with this tool, it is easy to get automated campaigns every day that deliver all the fresh posts.

So, the Blogger SEO Tools mentioned above are just some of the must-haves that can help you with your blog. But if you are looking for more blogger SEO tools, you may want to check Web Analyx.

Why Web Analyx?

We offer free SEO tools to help you improve your blog. We aim to make search engine optimization easier, therefore, which is why we provide simple, professional-quality SEO analysis and critical SEO monitoring for websites. Surely, after making our tools intuitive and easy to understand, we’ve helped thousands of small-business owners, webmasters and SEO professionals improve their online presence.

Hopefully, this article has helped and made you more inspired in writing an excellent blog. Consequently, keep in mind that these tips are just some of the things that you need to know. Also, remember that search engines change from time to time, which is why it is crucial that you check if there are any updates on every platform that you are using. Happy writing!