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college plagiarism checker

Ensuring Your Career: Searching for the Best College Plagiarism Checker

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The never-ending discoveries, plus the boost and upgrade in the field of technology does not just result in a significant breakthrough but also required higher demands in data and information. Professionals are not the only one who needs accurate and statistic based data. Even students nowadays are required to have the most accurate, factual and original pieces of information whether it’s a part of their homework, research or projects.

college plagiarism checker

The internet trend definitely made a massive leap in the field of academe. We could not deny the fact that when the internet was first introduced to the world, everyone literally took advantage of it. Data are shared and used all over the world. Consequently, some people commit “plagiarism” without even being aware of it. The etymology of the term has been in history since the first century AD. However, it was not just recently when it has become a hot issue again. And just like the old times, the most affected ones are the people from the academic world. Students nowadays certainly need a tool to make sure that they would not suffer from the conflict. Thus, the search for the best college plagiarism checker had started. But how would you really know if it’s the best one?

Comprehensive History of Plagiarism

To commit plagiarism in the academic world is a taboo. Firstly, as the definition of the word goes, plagiarism in any way is stealing. To avoid any confusion, the act is nothing but a crime. Unlike robbery where a person takes an object from another when it comes to plagiarism, you are stealing their intellectual value. And who wants that? However, it is also not a hidden fact that at times, a person only commits this accidentally. This happens because up until today, many are still confused about the issues regarding the topic. So let’s clear things up.

The moment you copy and use someone else’s work and claim it as yours, you are already committing plagiarism. These kinds of works do not just involve writings, literary works, and documents. Plagiarism also occurs in artworks, songs, music, and a lot more. As long as someone has the intention of copying or using someone else’s idea for their own good, then it is also without a doubt, plagiarism.

Artists and Plagiarism

Plagiarism often involves artists. It was way back 104 or 102 AD when it was first recorded. It happened with Martial, a Roman poet back in the days. He became well known in the 80 AD. And as he slowly reached fame, his works also become accessible to several people who wanted to take credit of his works. One day, he just learned that others were duplicating his works. However, there are really no legal actions and copyright laws regarding the issue. But Martial used his own weapon to fight these plagiarists. With the power of his words, he fought for the right of his works and his intellectual property.

Martial wrote another poem, and there, he used the term “plagiarus.” Plagiarus is the etymology of the word plagiarism and originally means “kidnap.” Since then, the word has been used by other artists to express and define the people who shamelessly try to steal their works. Also, Ben Jonson used the term in 1601 to call someone a copycat. Not so long after, when came 1755, the term “plagiarism” was made and entered the English dictionary.

Understanding the Act Bit by Bit

Plagiarism is not only restricted to poets nor written means. Intellectually, people may also commit plagiarism by stealing others doing, acts, proposals and ideas. No matter in which manner does plagiarism goes, it always will be a crime. There are different kinds of sanction for various conditions of plagiarism. Students, for example, who have committed plagiarism, are subjected to suspension or even worse, expulsion from the university. Business associates may also execute plagiarism without them noticing, copying or imitating different propagandas can result in some severe issue if not taken seriously.

The term had been present in the past for a long time, but up until now, people still get confused with it. There are several types of plagiarism, and there are just times that it becomes really inevitable. If in the past, it was roughly experienced by artists; students commonly experience it these days. The internet is indeed a great help, but still, since many are unaware, plagiarism became a severe conflict. Luckily, teachers, professors, instructors and other people from the academe tried to open the eyes of the people regarding the issue. Instructors became much stricter about the researches and projects they ask for the students, requiring them to run their works on several online tools like college plagiarism checker.

 Since people become more and more aware of the issue, experts tried to create tools to avoid and lessen the cases. And after years of development and innovation, we now finally have college plagiarism checker. However, one click in Google and it will lead you to hundreds of free and paid plagiarism tools online. So how do you really know if it will help you?

Avoiding the Crime

Students who are still very unaware of the act may suffer from severe consequences especially if they are at the peak of their college years. If you are one of them, you might want to check out the situations you may face if you will not be careful.

As a student, you will regret that you committed such crime, most especially if you get caught. College institutions are especially strict nowadays when it comes to plagiarism. Well, it is because it’s not only your reputation as a student which will be ruined. Once people discovered that an institution let a specific crime happen, there’s no doubt that they will lose their credibility.  And of course, at the same time, students will not be able to learn if they would just let themselves let the others work for them.

If a student like you is caught in the act of plagiarizing you will more likely face a suspension or based the degree of plagiarism, you might end up getting expelled.  Committing this crime might get your academic record ruined. It’s a dramatic sight to see. Thus, you must certainly never think of committing the crime intentionally. However, research and projects need references. Therefore, there are some things which you can try to avoid this case.

•    Quote and Unquote

Well, this is probably one of the most basic ways to avoid plagiarism. A technical document that needs a specific factor a statement can be enclosed in quotation marks. These marks may be simple, but they indicate respect to the owner of the document or the one who said the statement. It means that that specific statement is copied verbatim without any alteration.

•    Contextualizing

Learning is understanding. Knowledge will not grow with just one idea. Whether you are a student that requires research or an assignment for school, you must never think that it is not right to look for the ideas of others in order to come up with your own. We all need inspiration after all. Understanding a concept to make one for your own is not plagiarism. An act only becomes plagiarism if you failed to acknowledge all of the references that inspire you with your work.

•    Paraphrasing

Understanding the context and paraphrasing is interconnected but definitely not the same story. With paraphrasing, you must be able to deliver the same message without using the same set of words. This is another critical skill that must be certainly learned in the field of researching. In the end, after you paraphrase, you must not forget to acknowledge the references for the information you used.

•    Citations

This step will save you from plagiarism. All of the steps literally boil down to citations. We all know that this step means writing down all references and sources. However, did you know that there are also certain complications in this phase? Citing your references vary from the kind of document you are writing. Certain materials such as thesis, school paper, and even projects require a particular format of the set of references. Whatever school document you might be doing, its best to research what kind of citation format it needs. 

•    Plagiarism Tool

Using a plagiarism tool is the last and the best way to really confirm if you did not commit any sort of plagiarism. It must be able to identify any malicious content or sentence in your work that seems to be encouraging plagiarism. This step is essential especially if you are at the peak of your college years. A little conflict with your research paper might trigger an end to your academic reputation. There’s certainly no harm on using a college plagiarism checker especially when it is free and legit.

college plagiarism checker

If you happened to be searching for the Best college plagiarism checker to help you, you can visit Web Analyx Website Analyzer and secure that your work is a hundred percent, genuinely and truthfully yours.

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