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Free Plagiarism Checker Tool

Finding the Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tool

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True enough, there is definitely a lot of Free Plagiarism Checker Tool nowadays. Students, bloggers, writers, and all of us are fortunate to have them. However, how can we know who’s the best and most effective among them? How can be so sure that they are really helping us and not the other way around?

Free Plagiarism Checker Tool

The “Free” feature now is just typical and common. Many plagiarism checkers are now free and open for everyone. However, do you know that these tools also pose some risks? Most of the time, students are the one who often calls for help from these tools. Students see it as a great opportunity to check their works for any kind of plagiarism all free and without anything in return. But are you really sure about that? Ever heard of the phrase “nothing is ever truly free”? You might be having doubts with your tool now. However, this is not to stop you from using those tools.

Every word from your work is a part of your personal integrity, so there’s no harm to being a little cautious. Your work, may it be research or study can make or break your career, and thus, it is only just for you to have a little knowledge on the potential risks of using a free fake plagiarism checker tool and the ways to avoid it.

Avoiding a Suspicious Plagiarism Checker

As much as there may be a lot of fake plagiarism tools out there, there are still plenty of them who offer an authentic and effective scanner and genuinely want to help. Knowing how to identify a real one will ensure that your work is safe and secured, but how do you really know whose fake and whose authentic?

Must-have Characteristics of a Free Plagiarism Checker Tool

1.    Countless Resources

Google can be used as an alternative plagiarism checker too. However, since it is known that a legit plagiarism checker has a lot and even myriad of resources than Google has, they are highly recommended. Unlike Google, real plagiarism tools have access through private and much larger databases from all over the internet and even from those who are not available on the web. These databases cannot be easily found on Google. Thus, if you think that Google would be enough to back you and your research up, you might want to consider again. But of course, in order to know if a plagiarism checker really has this feature, you can try and upload a random content first to that particular site or tool. After the scan, they must provide you a very detailed report, displayed with the percentage of the originality of the document and even cite the potentially plagiarized part and where it was supposedly “copied.” If your plagiarism tool is legit, you do not have to go through several links, but they will present the whole report to you right away.

2.    Has an Adjustable Setting

A real and legit plagiarism tool is expected to have a great setting and adjustable at that. The software must be user-friendly. Why would you trust something low-quality in the first place? An effective plagiarism checker must provide a setting where every user can adjust the setting base from her own preferences. Commonly, some users want to change the number of search engines, and your chosen plagiarism tool must have that.

3.    Own Library

If it is a software who’s focused on providing plagiarism checking services, it has become a must that they provide a personal library for their users. These libraries will automatically save all of your works for future references. Most likely, if you happened to write several articles with similar topics or style, this will help you check if your texts are really apart from one another. This feature will let you know if you have committed plagiarism against yourself or what we called “self-plagiarism.”

4.    Official Copies of Results

It’s pretty common for teachers to ask for a copy of plagiarism results from their students. Thus, if you are looking for a trusted plagiarism checker, know that it would be the one that you need if they can provide you the official copy your scanned work. This option is a must on every genuine plagiarism checker since it lets you share the results of your work easily.

5.    Available in Different File Formats

It’s only normal for writers, authors, bloggers, researchers, and no one in particular to save their work on their preferred file formats. Thus, expect that if you are going to use a legit plagiarism checker, it must accept several file formats. It is part of their duty to become a user-friendly software after all. Accepting several file formats (txt, doc, pdf, html, odt, rtf or docs) rather than requiring a user to copy-paste his project along with limited world limit is definitely all for the benefits of its users.

6.    Secure Your Work

There are countless numbers of plagiarism checkers all around the web today. You must not only focus on their user-friendliness and usability but also on the protection and security they provide to your work. Remember that before posting or uploading your work on these tools, you must read their “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use” first. Also, to see if they have acquired those features above, make it a point to scan a random file first before uploading your real work. Some illegitimate and fake plagiarism checkers do the opposite of their job. Instead of providing you a factual report to make sure that your work is original, they most likely copy your work. This is the most essential part of all. You might think that these terms and policy of a website are not that important, but why do they have to be there if it’s just for nothing, right? Thus, put out a little more effort to make sure that you get the result that you want without no regrets.

Top Reasons Why You Should Use a Plagiarism Checker

You might think that it would be a little risky to use a plagiarism checker nowadays. However, with the precautionary measures above, we could only hope that it will help you decide on finding the plagiarism tool that will be truly useful and safe for you. After all, it has become a necessity too, especially to students, bloggers, and researchers. But just to give some reminders especially for those people who do not use plagiarism checkers, here are the reasons why.

1.    Originality Percentage

Some clients, schools, and universities accept a certain percentage level of plagiarism. Since these plagiarism checkers usually provide this percentage of originality, most of the time, students just have to make sure that their work is below the required percentage instructed to them.

2.    Points Out the Specifics

Unlike Google, a legit and useful plagiarism checker will let you see the results of the scan right away. It would not just provide you the percentage of your work’s originality, but it will also give you a reference where you have “plagiarized” that specific part of your content. Thus, you will have the chance to see what you can do to edit your work and make it 100% original.

3.    More Effective than Google

Just like what has been mentioned before, plagiarism checkers have a lot more sources than Google. It scans your work to several large databases that even Google does not have access on.

4.    Not to Raise Doubts but to Ensure Quality

It has been a common judgment that people who use plagiarism checkers are plagiarists. However, who would not want proof that their work is hundred-percent originally theirs? Plagiarism tools are used by many to make sure that they do not commit unintentional plagiarism. Real writers and bloggers know how congested the web is, to avoid any kind of writing mistakes and ensure that their work is in the best state, using a plagiarism checker before publishing it is certainly the best thing to do.

Utilizing a Useful Free Plagiarism Checker Tool

These are just a few of the main reasons why it is vital to use a plagiarism checker. Clientele and instructors often use these tools to catch plagiarists. However, as for researchers, bloggers and researchers, it is only a must to use these tools to make sure that their works are all high-quality, not because they have plagiarized but because it is inevitable to commit writing mistakes.

Utilizing these tools would not make you less of a writer or a student, but it just means that you are smart enough to use the necessary tools to enhance your writing skills. Also, with the sea of plagiarism checkers nowadays, it is vitally important to make sure that you choose the most trusted ones. With the list of qualities above, we hoped that they are beneficial to you and that they are indeed legitimate. However, if you are still on the search for this tool, know that Web Analyx Website Analyzer offers a free plagiarism checker tool.

Experts made this tool for experts. It has access to many databases and needless to say; it acquires all the qualities mentioned above. However, aside from that, Web Analyx Website Analyzer also provides several SEO tools which can surely help you to improve your quality of works more. Also, if you happened to have a website, expect that this site has a lot of tools ready for you. If you want to know more about these tools, you can find them here.

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