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Free SEO Site Checker

How to Make the Most Out Of Your Website with the Use of a Free SEO Site Checker

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Nowadays, having a physical store is not enough for businesses to withstand the competition and the congested market. Certainly, every business person must learn how to utilize the technology to his own advantage. Thus, since the internet became a necessity for everyone today, it is not a hidden fact that sometimes, businesses prosper more online. And so, a website and an online store is now a requirement for every company. However, merely having a site would not do it. But of course, a business cannot be victorious over just one night. After creating your website, do you know that it is a must to use a Free SEO Site Checker? But why? What is it in the first place?

Defining SEO

SEO by the definition of the acronym means Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the process of practicing several web efforts to drive traffic and help a website rank higher on search engines. This is considered as one of the most vital online marketing strategies. Firstly, utilizing a Free SEO Site Checker will help you to become aware of the current status of your site. A useful site checker will be able to check each and every single area of the website that needs improvement or needs to be fixed. Plus, it will also raise recommendations and instructions for you to decide how to answer each issue accurately. Once you get the idea of how SEO works you will absolutely realize how every little thing can create a significant impact on your business status.

Free SEO Site Checker

Basic Facts You Need to Know About SEO

For the record, in order to make the most out of your website SEO campaigns, you must first know the primary SEO process. Well, the process starts with what we have just discussed before, using a Free SEO site checker. After the site checker released the results of your website scan, you will have what SEO experts called as an SEO Audit Report. Everything will start in this report and after you analyzed all of it you can proceed to the next steps to answer all of the lapses that your site has. This process also includes Technical SEO, Keyword Research, On-page optimization, Off-page Optimization, Content Building, and Social Media Management.

1.    Technical SEO

There are actually a lot of things to consider especially in technical SEO. Some of these things include Internal Links, Sitemaps, Crawl Errors, Index Status, Redirects, AMP, HTTPS, Broken Links, Crawl Budget and lastly, page speed.

As for the site speed, you might think that page speed is just a little nuance to your business. Well, think again. Page speed does not just make your potential consumers irritated to the point that they will never try to visit your site anymore, but it also affects your ranking in Google and in the end, your website might not even have even a single visit in the first place. The harsh truth, yes, but this is how SEO works, not because you use low competition but high volume keywords, you will be spared from bankruptcy. Take note that there are not just millions but certainly countless competitors out there.

Most importantly, make sure that you stand out from all aspects. Thus, to answer this dilemma, you must first use a site checker to check the status of the page speed of your website. If you, unfortunately, have some bad results, the site checker will provide some recommendations and suggestions in which you can try.

As of today, page speed has really become a huge issue. Since websites must also be available on smartphones and tablets, it is also just a must that the page speed is fast even on Android. According to statistics, a page load time must only range from 2 to 3 seconds or otherwise, it might affect your rankings. At the same time, it’s not only Google who will appreciate your efforts, but eventually, your site visitors will absolutely love it too.

2.    Keyword Research

The basic thing to understand and be successful in keyword researching is to think like a customer. Just be yourself. How do you buy and search for your needs on Google? After finally realizing how to do it, Google is offering several choices which you can use to get the best and the perfect keywords to your website. The best thing is that all of it is according to statistics and careful studies.

The most widely used online tool for keyword researching is the Google Adwords Keyword tool and Uber Suggest. These tools are very user-friendly to every site visitor. However, if you are looking for other tools to make sure that it is effective to your site, you can try and visit Web Analyx Website Analyzer. Aside from offering an effective Free SEO Site Checker, this site also offers a lot of SEO and keyword tools such as Keyword Density Checker, Keyword Suggestion Tool, and Keyword Position Checker.

3.    On-Page Optimization

When it comes to SEO optimization, every beginner must have heard the term, off-page and on-page optimization. These two are the key factors to succeed in your SEO efforts. However, the first one to do so in these two should be on-page optimization. This process includes the creation of Metadata from the initial keyword lists. After you have successfully done the keyword research for all of your site pages, you can start creating the Meta title tags, and the Meta descriptions for each page. The Metadata are the ones that you see first thing in the Google results after searching for a certain keyword. In information technology, the term “Meta” means “an underlying definition or description.” In short, they have to discuss the summary of that specific page using a minimal number of words. However, aside from the metadata, you should also integrate the keywords in the header tags (H1 and H2, etc.), inside the site content itself, captions, alt images, and URL. However, you must remember that you do not really need to focus on one certain keyword. There’s also a limit on using the words based on the number of words that your content has. Plus, it is also highly-recommendable to use related keywords and phrases so that you are sure enough that you have properly discussed your site pages’ topics,

4.    Off-page Optimization

Of course, after successfully optimizing your site’s pages with keywords, it’s time to let them out to the world. Do you know that 75% of SEO involves off-page optimization? Link-building and creating connections to other sites are very important to reach a high ranking. According to Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist, Andrey Lipattseve, inbound links, and contents are the proven critical factors in the SEO process. If you are a local business, you should definitely submit your site to Google My Business and Yelp. If you need help with this on, better check Web Analyx Website Analyzer and try out their backlinking tools for a surely effective off-page optimization.

5.    Content Creation

Just like what has been mentioned before, Google itself declared that contents and links are two of the most important things to succeed in SEO. These contents will become the foundation of your site, and thus, you would definitely need tons of it. However, you just also need to make sure that they will be helpful not just on your site but also to potential readers, or most importantly, to your target audience. Needless to say, these topics need to discuss first everything about your niche. You can add as many blogs as you can and of course, the faster that you create these contents, the better. You can start the blogs from creating topics through your keywords. Just a little note, it would be best if you would naturally place the keywords on the title, the first paragraph and to the content headings. Also, according to the studies, it is best to create a blog article with at least 1,000-1,200 word count.

6.    Social Media Management

Firstly, getting your site rank on Google and creating a presence in different social media sites are different but interconnected stories. With the wide variety of popular social media platforms today, you should also definitely be aware of how to make the most out of it for your own benefit. Being famous on social media, also, a high rank on Google, doesn’t it sound so promising?

Google has explained that Twitter and Facebook links are not included in their algorithm when it comes to getting the rankings. But think about it, many online entrepreneurs nowadays use social media sites to create profit. Some of them do not even have a website in the first place. Whatever business you may have, it is certainly important to drive online popularity through those social media platforms. In a way, it still helps your site to get more visits. But of course, sharing your contents in social media is not simple. Consequently, you have to create a plan and sometimes even use several social ads that that certain platform offers.

Free SEO Site Checker

Points to Ponder

These steps are still just the most basic ones that you need to consider in order to make the most of your website. Consequently, use the necessary tools as possible to make sure that your website is being effective to your business. Thus, it is highly recommended to visit Web Analyx and check the status of your site through their Free SEO Site Checker. Plus, this site also offers a wide range of SEO and other online tools which can help you with all of your website needs. From an authentic plagiarism and article checker to keyword and Meta tags generator, up to backlink maker and a lot more. If you are interested, you can certainly just click here for more information.

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