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Plagiarism Checker Tool: Why Is It Important to Your Online Business?

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According to Statistics, within just the United States alone, there already a total of over 28 million businesses and nowadays, almost all of them are now all present on the internet. True enough, building a website to create a platform that can connect to people around the globe would be the best way to market your products and your services. However, with lots of businesses lurking around every corner of the web, how would you make your business original and noticeable? Of course, while building your website, you would need a lot of contents to introduce your business. However, it is not that easy to produce contents, most especially make it original and purely unique. One careless act might create a negative impact on you and your business. Thus, this is when the use of a plagiarism checker tool comes in handy.

Why Plagiarism is a Big Deal to Businesses

Plagiarism is a frequent topic in the academic world. However, since the web and online business continue to prosper through the years, this kind of issue became a significant topic in the professional world as well. It may sound simple, with just using the basic, CTRL + C and CTRL + V, but the impact it can make to your business will never be simple. Using a particular image, phrase or any content without any permission can be considered plagiarism. It can even become a more serious issue if you intentionally use them and claim it as your own later on. Consequently, you may end up facing severe legalities once you are discovered doing such acts. If you are still not convinced about the severe impact plagiarism can do to your business, here are some points to ponder for you.

plagiarism checker tool

1.    Damage to Reputation

Wherever angle or point of view you look at it, plagiarism has always been and will still be another form of stealing. Before you intentionally do the act, you must remember that it can create a massive scar to your credibility and reputation as a professional. You might have reasons for doing such a thing but always think that there’s a simple way to avoid this incident from happening. You can create your own content and to make sure that your work is well-written and purely original, you can try and use a plagiarism checker tool. If you would not be careful about your works, especially to the contents that you put up online, you will not just get your credibility and professionalism tainted, but you might even face severe legal actions.

2.    Lawful Punishments

Just like what has been mentioned before, you will be facing great constitutional and lawful punishments if you have been proven for doing such an act of content stealing. The legal actions that you will be facing will depend upon the type of act of plagiarism you have practiced. Severe lawful punishments might dawn upon you especially if you violated copyright infringements. However, you must remember that plagiarism involves not just written contents but images, videos, audio, and blogs too. Plus, plagiarism applies not only on a word-for-word copy but also to slightly rearranged sentences and phrases. Different fields have different bases when it comes to judging the amount of plagiarism committed. Thus, you must always be meticulous and careful enough before publishing your works.

3.    Business Credibility

If you are working under a company, is accused of plagiarism would undoubtedly create an impact not just on you but on your company too. You will be not just the only one to get hurt, but your business’ credibility will be tainted at the same time. If proven of committing such a crime, it can even cost a considerable amount of money. Plus, of course, your company would not be able to escape the shame. However, sometimes these kinds of acts are not intentional. There are just some circumstances when some employees are not well rounded when it comes to researching. Thus, it is really a must to use a useful plagiarism checker tool to make sure that all of your contents are original before it is published.

Common Practices to Lessen the Probability of Plagiarism to Your Business Documents

We have already learned a lot that plagiarism can cost a lot, not just on your personal integrity, credibility but even to your business. Thus, you must avoid getting involved in such crime at all cost. There are a variety of ways in order to prevent plagiarism especially on writing blogs and online articles. Some of these simple practices include:

Plagiarism Checker Tool

1.    Learn the Basics of Writing and Researching

Whenever you write, try to be yourself. At first, you might find it really hard to get those thoughts aligned and write a piece of your own work. However, just like how the old notion goes, “practice makes perfect.” Well, it may not be purely perfect, but as time pass by, and you continue to write you will eventually learn the whole thing. Also, remember that the basis of writing is conducting great research. Real research does not just include one reference but tons of them. These will not just give you a broader idea of the topic, but it will also give fewer chances of an unintentional act of plagiarism. Once you have learned the real essence of writing and putting your thoughts to words, you are a thousand steps away from committing plagiarism.

2.    Utilizing Google

You might not know it, but Google’s search bar can serve as an instant article checker. Running your blog or article on Google will give you an idea if your content has already been discussed on different sites. This time, you can legitimately use the CTRL + C and CTRL + V button without getting into any trouble. Once you have pasted your blog in the search bar, Google will reveal if there’s any kind of “matches” or “hit.” Google will also provide the numbers of the hit, and if the numbers are too high, then there’s really no other choice but to rephrase or worse, rewrite your blog.

3.    Read and Write

On the other hand, when it comes to the contents that you will publish on your site, make sure that you will practice read and write rather than copy and paste. Your references are supposed to be a root of your idea and not making them your idea. So before and after you write your article, make sure to read it all over again. This will not just give you a chance to see grammar lapses, but you will also be able to find some errors about some suspicious information that you might have unconsciously included in your article. Most of the time, it becomes the source of malicious aka plagiarized contents.

4.    Checking Out an Effective Plagiarism Checker Tool

The above tips are given to lessen the probability of plagiarism to your written works whether they are a bunch of business documents, website blogs or articles. However, this last and final step is the most critical one since it will serve as the judge to know of the above steps are indeed useful. Run your documents on a plagiarism checker tool. An effective plagiarism tool will let you know if you accidentally committed the act. Therefore, it will provide you with detailed information about the report on the status of your blog.  Whether it revealed that you had committed specific plagiarized contents, the most important is you are now aware of it, and you can try to edit your articles for a much more effective, original and useful content.

Reasons to Utilize an Effective Plagiarism Checker Tool

We are now very knowledgeable about plagiarism and how to avoid it. However, how about the tool that will assure us that our written document is unique and original? What are the real reasons to utilize a useful plagiarism checker tool especially for businesses?

Plagiarism Checker Tool

1. Firstly, useful plagiarism checker has access to some of the most massive databases on the web. These databases like ProQuest and EBSCOhost are filled with thousands of documents and periodicals which are sometimes not even available in books. Thus, a useful plagiarism tool will be able to present you a lot more sources and assure you that after several scans from all of those data, your document is either purely original or happened to have a specific plagiarized content.

2.    It provides an accurate report and scan result. If ever that you have copied a specific phrase verbatim, a plagiarism checker, will either list or highlight those phrases for you to consider rewriting it again.

3.   Lastly, it gives you written proof that you really did not plagiarize and your content is 100% authentic and unique. Since some of your clients need evidence, then you can definitely use this as one.

 A website like Web Analyx offers a certainly effective plagiarism tool that provides all of these features. This website developed their plagiarism checker tool with the help of experts and professionals, and thus, you can expect that all of your content needs and plagiarism concerns are adequately addressed. Also, Web Analyx offers several more tools that can surely help you when it comes to online marketing and increasing your website revenue.

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