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Our Accomplishments
  • Page 1 ranking for a variety of keywords categories in less than 1 year
  • Top ranking for thousands of keywords in a variety of different categories
  • 600% growth in organic traffic in less than 1 year
  • 420% growth in affiliate commissions via organic channels
  • Improved overall domain authority and global rankings for the website
  • 120% increase in social media engagement metrics

Helping an Online Publisher Gets Half a million Online Visitors Per Month!


“We have experienced unreal growth with nerDigital and they’ve helped us in many different areas with ideas and solutions that have abeled us grow tremendously. The growth for our online visitors is astonishing and we’ve seen a huge improvement due to efforts of search engine optimization, leading to  organic traffic.”

GreenvilleOnline is a well-stablished news publisher and online magazine covering a variety of different verticals such as: news, sports, life, business and legal. 

The Results

The search engine optimization efforts specifically the combination of on-site and off-site SEO optimizations drove a lot of traffic sales to the website. By providing the company with the latest technologies and tools to improve and optimize their website, plus cutting-edge web design and web development process we have managed to properly perform technical on-site SEO optimization. Also, we are performing a variety of successful offsite SEO campaigns to achieve tremendous organic traffic results. We could effectively increase the growth in affiliate commission via organic channels.

600%increase in monthly organic sessions

400%increase in monthly organic conversions

+120%Increase in social media engagement

+260%Growth in affiliate commissions

Before nerDigital
The Challenge

This is well-established news publisher and online magazine with a very good reputation and talented team. The website was not optimized well for SEO and underperforming, there were lots of technical on-site SEO problems damaging the performance of their marketing efforts.
There was a clear need for a better search engine optimization strategy to begin with plus improving on-site and off-site SEO to get better search engine visibility for standing out from their completions.

With nerDigital
The Solution

The client was seeing poor organic rankings and underperforming search engine results and that’s the 1st thing we changed. We implemented a complete search engine optimization strategy that brings fast results and an increase in organic traffic for them.
Page one rankings for the most important search terms were a necessity. A significant organic traffic growth was accompanied by content marketing and proper SEO optimization. Over the period of a year, we successfully exploded their organic traffic. lead to increase their affiliate commissions. We helped the company to get a lot more online visitors and users. We also worked on social media strategies to bring more visibility and brand awareness to their business.

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