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Immigration Lawyer Toronto

Our Accomplishments
  • Page 1 ranking for multiple keywords in less than 1 year
  • 280% growth in organic traffic in 8 months
  • Over 600 request for consultations in 1 year
  • More than 300 new clients acquired
  • 150% growth in leads via organic channels
  • Improved cost per lead acquired via social media and Google ads
  • 60% increase in social media engagement metrics
  • 35% growth in leads via email marketing efforts

Helping an immigration law firms with massive growth


“I saw excellent results with nerDigital’s marketing strategy and improvements. My law firm saw a massive influx of inquiries over the year and it’s been a remarkable experience. I didn’t expect this volume to begin with, but they’ve consistently delivered and we’ve come a long way from when we got started. I’ve been able to attract a lot more clients from across the country and also from other parts of the world too.””

Immigration Lawer Toronto is an immigration law firm operates in GTA and helps their clients with services of immigration &citizenship law. Their clients are based in Canada and other international locations. No surprise that their audience comprises a very broad demographic ranging from young university students who need assistance with their work permits/study permits to senior citizens who need assistance with sponsorship documents.

The Results

We have successfully able to skyrocket client’s business growth and fulfill all the marketing needs. We did everything from digital marketing campaign management to website improvements to ensure that the website was performing at peak levels. Top 5 rankings were secured for the website, and over the year, we saw a rapid growth in web traffic. We also had a sharp increase in the number of inbound queries within three months of the launch. A lot of FAQs and blog articles were created, and this drove a lot more web traffic to the site. Google ad campaigns drove a lot of inbound queries, as shown here, and we helped the law firm acquire clients across different geographical locations.
As shown here, we accomplished a lot of growth in the 1st year & we have continued to do this over three years.

350%increase in monthly organic sessions

320%increase in monthly organic conversions

+60%Increase in social media engagement

+35%Growth in leads via email marketing

Before nerDigital
The Challenge

Being a law firm that solely focuses on immigration and citizenship, there was a clear need to drive a lot of web traffic and related visitors. With more than a dozen top-notch law firms within Toronto to compete with, we had to ensure that there was a plan that drives a consistent level of inbound queries while also improving the brand & its reputation online. Long term sustainable solutions were the need of the hour.

With nerDigital
The Solution

nerDigital identified the most essential channels for traffic generation and the search engine presence was of utmost importance. After identifying the important services and the associated keywords, we laid out a plan that gets the website to the top 3 organic rankings on Page 1. Well performing Google ads campaigns were also implemented to target the respective audiences in the most critical locations. There was a need to add more web content to this site to provide more value to the audience. With a clearly defined keyword strategy, we laid out a routine to create new web content, and we also began a link outreach program to improve the web rankings.
We created a significant presence on social media for the brand to drive more engagement via social media. These campaigns were targeting local & international audiences. Along with campaigns across these locations, we also set up an email automation/marketing campaign to improve engagement. A good volume of personalized emails were sent out to the audiences, and this really helped us convert more queries to client appointments over a calendar year. We also provided a service to help the audience with quick responses while also helping them set up appointments with the lawyers. By displaying more information regarding the services and the expertise, we could engage the audiences better, and there was more trust behind the brand.

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