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Customer Canadian Free Email

Our Accomplishments
  • Page 1 ranking for multiple keywords in many categories 
  • 500% growth in organic traffic in less than 2 years
  • 300% growth in users via organic channels
  • Improved cost per lead acquired via chatbot marketing, social media and Google ads
  • 180% increase in social media engagement metrics

Helping an online communication SaaS platform with a massive user base & sales growth


“We have got amazing results with nerDigital’s overall marketing strategy. Our SaaS company is having a massive influx of new user signups over the last two years, and it has been an unreal experience. We did not expect this volume on users to begin with, but they have consistently delivered. Our company came a long way from when we got started. We have been able to attract a lot more users for our Canadian solutions from across Canada and internationally. Really appreciate it, nerDigital.” Canadian Free Email is a Canadian Free email solution and user communication SaaS platform that provides a very fast & free email service, Temporary email, inbox solution, email marketing platform, and free SMS Inbox that allows users to use our phone numbers for free to receive SMS online and anonymously.

The Results

The efficent search engine optimization efforts and the combination of social media and Google ads drove a lot of traffic sales to the website. With bring the company to our website platform and cutting-edge web design and web development process we have managed to properly perform SEO optimization and convert their visitors into sales. their well-managed Google ads campaign and an efficient remarketing campaign, we could effectively lower the cost per lead. Our design team helped create a new landing page on our platform that greatly helped them increase the conversation rate. We also helped Maiz with email marketing campaigns to engage potential prospects and existing customers.

400%increase in monthly organic unique sessions

280%increase in monthly organic conversions

+180%Increase in social media engagement

+145%Growth in user subscription via Organic Traffic

Before nerDigital
The Challenge

This is a reputable comiunication and email SaaS platform with an interesting background and talented team. The landing and website were not optimized for SEO and generating sales & underperforming despite having a marketing company that was working on their digital marketing, the results were quite poor.
There was a clear need for a better digital marketing strategy to begin with and better search engine visibility for standing out from their completions.

With nerDigital
The Solution

The client was seeing some very poor organic rankings and search engine results and that’s become our number one priority to change. We implemented a complete digital marketing strategy that brings fast results and sales from user subscriptions for them.
Page one rankings for the most important search terms were a necessity. A significant organic traffic growth was accompanied by content marketing and proper SEO optimization. Over the period of a year, we successfully exploded their organic traffic. An extremely effective Google ads campaign that really helped the company to get a lot more sales and customers. We also worked on social media and email marketing strategies to bring more visibility and qualified leads.

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