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Simetry Sport Apparel

Our Accomplishments
  • +180% Increase in Organic Traffic (1 year)
  • +120% Increase in Sales annually
  • +100% increase in customers using Chatbot marketing
  • 20% Reduction in CPA on Google ads (over a 3 month period)
  • 250% ROI for the brand

Helping Sports Apparel Retail to start selling online via our E-commerce platform, get many more customers online and grow their brand & business


“Over the years, we’ve seen a significant growth in online revenues with a great website, digital marketing and SEO strategy from nerDigital. While we get a lot more customers from their Google ads campaigns.  We’ve also seen tremendous amount of customer engaging with our brand & brand awareness.” Murillo — Founder

Here’s a case study on how our Growth Solution helped an E-commerce retail business acquire more clients through effective Chatbot marketing Facebook ads, SEO & Google ads strategies.

Simetry Ropa Deportiva has been servicing Costa Rica and surrounding areas for over 15 years. They are well known and established retail businesses producing women’s sportware and sports apparel in Costa Rica

The Results

User engagement on the website increased to an all-time high, with users actually engaging with the products and signing up for newsletters. This was accomplished by new digital marketing strategies such as Chatbot marketing also another approach was ranking the most important search terms for their products on the top of the search engine. The client has also acquired clients from markets that were previously untapped owing to an increased visibility on the search engine. Retargeting and display campaigns did help the campaigns with some leads, and social media marketing ads proved to be an incremental source for sales. With a significant increase in the content on the website and the social media following, the website now has a much better presence online. The brand is more popular now & this was proven by the comments and the interactions on the website.

180%Annual Increase in Organic Traffic

40%Reduction in CPA on Google ads

+80%Annual Increase in Leads with a better SEO

+250%ROI for the brand after one year

Before nerDigital
The Challenge

Simetry Ropa Deportiva is a leading brand in women’s sportware and sports apparel in Costa Rica and authority in their field. They cater to all audiences and specialize in manufacturing, product supply, and retail. They have an excellent reputation and have serviced clients across Costa Rica.

The website’s search engine visibility wasn’t at par with the company’s reputation & the same can be said about their social media presence too. The competition had all upgraded their online presence by switching their online store to nerDigital’s E-commerce platform, and it was time to take action.

With nerDigital
The Solution

The branding was letting them down and not really reflecting their reputation and professionalism. It was time that they used smarter web copy and a new design on their campaign landing pages. Clearly, there was a need for a superior presence on the search engine. There was a concern with the organic traffic and the presence of the brand on Google maps. A lot of competing entities were posing threats to the business and were making inroads into the market, so it was imperative that there was a sound SEO strategy. Once the important keywords were identified, we began a program with on-page optimization and link acquisition strategies. An organized approach to content creation and social media management was needed too.

Then we utilized one of our strongest digital marketing strategies witch is Chatbot marketing. We were able to increase their sales by up to 200% using chatbot marketing and Facebook ads.

Customers are better informed than ever, and this is why we recommended an improved social media and content marketing strategy. Google ads were important to the success, and tactical campaigns needed to be laid out. Lead acquisition costs required to be managed as the high CPA from Google and Social media was unacceptable. Some creative design edits were also recommended to improve the website’s engagement levels. New landed pages were created for higher conversions, and the pages were created for different products and different locations, thus delivering higher conversion rates.

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