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Blogger SEO Tools

SEO Tips for Bloggers Using Blogger SEO Tools

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Perhaps blogging is one of the most popular types of advertising today. It is usually used by businessmen to promote their business to the public. However, people still get confused as to what is the difference between a blog and a website. Therefore, the reason for this is that businesses use both to create a presence to search engines. So, to avoid confusion, keep in mind that blogs are updated frequently and allow reader engagement. But both are essential in order for a business to get traffic and attract more customers. Thus, to help you understand more what blogging is and the benefit of using Blogger SEO Tools, you can proceed in reading this article.

Blogger SEO Tools

What is a Blog?

Firstly, a blog site is quite similar to a website. It is a channel wherein you can share your thoughts. Basically, it is a public online journal, diary, or even a book. This can also be a place for people to share their thoughts about any topic. Secondly, a blog can be for personal use or business. Lastly, it is a huge magnet that attracts potential clients for business people. Some even consider a blog as the new marketing brochure, the new business card.

Why is Blogging On-Demand?

Search engines love fresh contents. Due to this, blogging became an excellent SEO tool. Which is why creating unique content is essential if you want your business to be known. Below are some of the reasons why blogging is popular nowadays:

  • Blogging is an easy way to keep the audience and clients up-to-date on what’s new, about deals, and often provide tips. Remember that the more a customer visit your blog, the more chances of them to spend money.
  • One of the reasons why blogging is also popular is because it allows you to build trust and connection with your target audience. It allows you to share your expertise and credibility that people can post comments on and interact with you.
  • Blogs can actually help you make money. Aside from the services or products, blogs can also generate profits such as advertising and affiliate products.

Tips in Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Let be honest; writing content for SEO purposes can be difficult and time-consuming. However, doing this is essential in order for the site to rank on search engines. But how do you actually write an SEO-friendly blog post?

Blogger SEO Tools

1. A Well-optimized Post

  • The first step in creating a well-optimized post is to set it for SEO correctly. This process is something that you will probably do only once. However, it does depend on the platform that your website is built on.

2. Keyword Research

  • After setting up your blog, the next thing that needs to be done is conducting keyword research. This method is vital before starting to write a new blog post. By inserting keywords to the blog, the potential organic traffic that the blog will get from search engines can be maximized.

3. Check Competition

  • It is always to check the competition. So after conducting keyword research, make sure to check the top 10 results for them. This will give an idea on who you will be competing with.

4. Informative Content

  • Gathering the information need is one of the first things that needs to be done. Thus, this is essential in creating excellent and unique content. It is advisable to read the top ranking competitors and see if there are any gaps.

5. Outline

  • Outlining the article will help to make writing easier. It also saves time and effort. A proper outline can make the article more readable to the audience. A quick tip about this one is to turn the key points into questions. Just like this article.

6. Writing the Blog

Now, it is time to write the article. So, below are some of the aspects to be considered:

  • Firstly, insert bullets, Bolds, H2, and H3.
  • Use paragraphs to the content.
  • Keep in mind to always use the main keyword in the first paragraph.
  • Using attention grabbers: Phrases like “here’s the deal benefit is effective.
  • Also, use the main keyword in the article body.
  • Keyword density should be of a maximum of 5%.
  • Include related keywords to the content.
  • Make sure to write over 300 words per heading.
  • Make sure to link internally.
  • It is also good to link externally.

7. Optimizing Images

Adding and optimizing images is also important to do. Add at least 2-3 photos in the blog, and optimize them for the search engine.

8. HTML Tags

The HTML title tag is responsible for the headline that is shown on Google, which is why it is essential in making an impact on the Click through Rate. Make sure to use the main keyword in the title tag. Aside from that, be sure that it has a maximum of 70 characters and make it captivating.

9. Meta Data

Meta descriptions are the texts that are seen below the headlines. It should describe the post and should attract people’s attention. It should be around 150-160 characters, and the keyword should also be in there.

10. URL

Lastly, make sure to write a unique URL and make sure that it is easy to understand. In this part, it is also important to insert the keyword or secondary target keywords.

Must-have Blogger SEO Tools

The art of blogging can also get complicated at times. Since Google and other search engines frequently do updates, doing changes for the blogs at once can be a huge hassle. However, since the Internet offers a lot of useful things, blogger SEO tools are available to save the day. The said tools are also often used to make quicker progress and make daily updating easier.

Blogger SEO Tools

If you are looking for a way for your blogs to reach more audience, below are some of the must-have Blogger SEO Tools to check:

WordPress SEO

If you want to optimize your blogs quickly, Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most popular and most recommended by many. This plugin comes with a complete suite of built-in features and more options. It allows the user to take control of the page and site-wide SEO. Aside from that, it can also be used to implement social media optimization, meta-robots, SEO for tags and categories, and many more.

Google Keyword Planner

One of the secrets for a blog to be easily found by the audience; so, it is a must to insert keywords. It is essential for a business for they drive targeted web traffic to the company for free. Google Adwords is convenient in finding new keywords and in monitoring out the competition, search volume, and trends. Therefore, it is a tool that is mainly used for running ad campaigns in Google Adwords. Aside from that, the keyword planner tool can also be used to give some background information on potential keywords to use for future blog posts.

Woo Rank

This tool is a combination of fun and useful. Woorank is beneficial if you want to get a full preview and lowdown of the website’s SEO performance and overall score. Consequently, it usually shows how your site is performing and provides recommendations on how you will fix the issues.


There will be times that you can still make some grammar issues to your blog, especially when you are cramming for the deadline. Grammarly is a tool that will save you from that. It makes the writing better and fixes grammar errors. Lastly, it works by checking different mistakes.


Canva is a simple graphic design tool. This is often used to create excellent and fresh images for the blog. So, the best thing about this tool is that it offers a wide range of different templates for social media posting, website interface, fonts, elements, and more. Unlike the usual Photoshop, this tool is more user-friendly and also allows users to experiment with various designs.


One of the secrets to successful blogging is through email marketing. And MailChimp is one of the best email marketing tools that helps in sending emails to a list of users. This tool also constructs good email campaigns and can manage all of the subscribers of the site. Additionally, MailChimp also shares the emails on social media and integrate them on any web services the user is using. Certainly, with this tool, it is easy to get automated campaigns every day that deliver all the fresh posts.

So, the Blogger SEO Tools mentioned above are just some of the must-haves that can help you with your blog. But if you are looking for more blogger SEO tools, you may want to check Web Analyx.

Why Web Analyx?

We offer free SEO tools to help you improve your blog. We aim to make search engine optimization easier, therefore, which is why we provide simple, professional-quality SEO analysis and critical SEO monitoring for websites. Surely, after making our tools intuitive and easy to understand, we’ve helped thousands of small-business owners, webmasters and SEO professionals improve their online presence.

Hopefully, this article has helped and made you more inspired in writing an excellent blog. Consequently, keep in mind that these tips are just some of the things that you need to know. Also, remember that search engines change from time to time, which is why it is crucial that you check if there are any updates on every platform that you are using. Happy writing!

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