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best website to check plagiarism

The Best Website to Check Plagiarism and Its Real Significance

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You can see everything on the internet. Whatever it is that you may be curious or wanting the answers of, the internet can show it to you. The internet is truly infinite. But that does not mean that everything you see on it is unique on its own. There might be more duplicates and clones out there rather than the original ideas. Intellectual property of someone can be credited to another, a brilliant idea that someone may have thought of endlessly can just be stolen by another. Plagiarism is everywhere, and truth be told, it is continuously spreading its plague on the internet every day.

Best Website to Check Plagiarism

Introduction to Plagiarism

Plagiarism is taking the easy way out. If a student forgot to do his papers on schedule, he or she could easily copy and paste a published article out of the internet into his own writings. If a writer became desperate on finishing his content on time, he could resort to copying someone else’s hard work to be done with his instantly. Something that you are praising for good writing may be created by another person and not by the one who you think did it. It may just be a product of plagiarism.

The internet has tackled with this growing issue in so many ways already. A lot has just failed, but thankfully, some have worked wonders to combat it. The internet has produced numerous online plagiarism checkers where anyone can use to detect and fight plagiarism head on. If you feel doubtful about someone else’s work because it already feels familiar, you may check it online now. If you want to check your work if it sounds exactly like another person’s work, you may check it there as well for verification.

Online Plagiarism Checker: What are they?

Online plagiarism checkers are web applications on the internet that are made in order to check whether an article you pasted on it is subject to plagiarism or not. It gets the phrases or sentences in the item you are trying to check and intensively compares it with the other works that can be found on the internet as well.  By doing so, it can finally determine whether the work is partially copied, ultimately copied, or completely unique.

List of Websites You Can Try

Evidently, there are now countless websites that tackle with this format. A quick search in Google will result in hundreds of sites wherein you can do plagiarism detection. Some are indeed very useful while others are just completely useless and a waste of time. We have compiled the best website to check plagiarism on to save you the time and trouble of finding them out by yourself. Here are the results:

1.    Dupli Checker

At first look, the website may be too simple to be deemed sufficient, but it is one of the most useful and productive free plagiarism detection tools on the internet. It might not look that great, but it certainly does its job very well.

•    It Is Completely Free

Free, as in you don’t even have to pay a single penny in order to use it. It does not matter whether you use it frequently or just for one time, it is free and will always be free. Subscriptions are not required to use this useful tool.

•    Simple and Easy to Use

With its simple web design, you can clearly get what you must do in order to use the website effectively even though you may be new to it. It is very basic but functional just how most want it to be.

•    There Are 2 Ways To Check

You can check the suspicious article in this website traditionally by copy and pasting it in the given field, or you can directly upload the document on it, and the site will check it for any plagiarisms.

•    Unregistered Users can Only Check Once per Day

Those who do not want to create an account for the website can only use the checker once per day.

2.    PaperRater

Multi-purpose but free plagiarism detector website that is very accessible. In fact, it is available in almost 140 countries.

•    It Is Fast But Still Effective

This website boasts accurate and useful results faster than other sites do.

•    It Has 3 Tools In 1, And It Is Still Free

It has Grammar Check, Vocabulary Builder, and Plagiarism Checker. You can do all three in this single website and most of all it is still free. It is indeed a highly flexible online tool that can be used in many ways.

•    It is Developed by Experts

The website has been created by subject matter experts. So whatever you may be looking for, they may have already answered it within this plagiarism checker website.

•    It Cannot Save Documents To Be Revisited

You may only check one document on it one at a time. Meaning, you cannot save or revisit previously reviewed documents on it.

3.    PlagTracker

Free, fast, and effective plagiarism detection website. This tool searches both websites and academic databases alike.

•    Accessible By All User Groups

This free website plagiarism checker can be used by all demographics. Student, teachers, and even publishers can take advantage of it.

•    Supports Up To 6 Languages

It supports English, French, Spanish, German, Romanian and Italian, making it accessible to other users that do not use English as their primary language.

•    It Produces Detailed Reports

The user gets more detailed reports about the documents making it more enticing to use because you get to learn a lot more.

•    It Has No File Upload In Free Version

In its free version, without the subscription, you cannot upload documents directly on it to be checked.

4.    Plagium

Plagium is a necessary and free plagiarism checker tool that has different levels of search to check documents with more depth.

•    Simple And Very Easy To Use

Just basically copy and paste the document to the given field to use this tool correctly.

•    Up To 5000 Characters Each Detection Use On Free Version

In the free version of Plagium, you may insert a document with up to 5000 characters for checking. You may also search in two types: quick and deep search.


•    It Has Limited Features on Free Version

It can feel a bit restricting if you don’t have an account registered on the tool or currently in the free version of it.

5.    Plagiarisma

Simplicity and ease of use is the target of this multipurpose plagiarism detection tool. It is continuously used by a student, teachers, writers, and any individual that has a passion for writing.

•    Over 190+ Languages are Supported

This feature makes this website highly accessible all around the world. It does not matter whether you speak English as your 1st language or not, almost all language is available.

•    It Has Firefox And Chrome Extensions That Can Be Downloaded

You can quickly check your text by integrating the extension add-on corresponding to the web browser you are using.

•    Different Ways On How You Can Check Plagiarism

There are a lot of ways on how you can check if your document or article is plagiarized or subject to it. The tool offers you ways such as the traditional copy and pastes, by providing a URL, by uploading it directly, and many more.

•    It Has Limited Checks per Day

In the case that you may be looking for a tool that you can use multiple of times during one time period then you have to look for another one. This website has a limited number of checks it can do for you in a given day.

Best Website to Check Plagiarism – Web Analyx

Listed above is some of the best website to check plagiarism on. Whether you are trying to find if your work is very similar to others’ or if someone’s seemingly familiar article is just copied, you can use these given websites to get what it is that you are looking for effectively. If used properly, these tools or websites can be a very effective and efficient way to combat the plague of plagiarism. Simple things such as checking if a given document is plagiarized or not can give us a lot of benefits and can ultimately defeat the urge just to copy someone else’s hard work.

Best Website to Check Plagiarism

Web Analyx is a website in which effective incorporation of several tools for article writing can be checked out. It has been developed by language experts and professionals to be used by the public in order to improve their own individual works as well. Everything that you may think of in helping you develop your overall work, article or any worded documents, you can virtually find it here. Web Analyx can help you in a variety of ways with its multiple tools that are ready to use at your disposal. In order to learn more about plagiarism and the process on how it is being checked or detected you may easily visit us at Web Analyx.

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