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The Use of Plagiarism Tool For Writers

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Writers and bloggers not just suffer from writer’s block. Another inevitable thing that writers wanted to avoid is plagiarism. After studying and learning about the definition of the term, some might say that it’s just really simple. However, just how like the old notion goes, “It is easier said than done.”, Most especially for technical writers and researchers. With lots of information today you can found mainly on the web, publishing a work can be sometimes risky. Yes, you did your best, but one single quotation mark or set of familiar words could bring you into a lot of trouble more than you ever expected. Fortunately, a so-called Plagiarism Tool came into life to help all writers. Some people say that someone who uses a plagiarism tool is a plagiarist. Well, for their information writing and plagiarism are not so simple as they seemed to be.

plagiarism tool

A Little Look Back on the History of Plagiarism

The very first use of the root of the word plagiarism happened way back in the 1500s.  According to the old books, the man who first used the term was a Roman poet. He used the term “plagarius” to describe the man who kept “kidnapping” his writings. However, along with the development of the word was the constant stealing of works not just in the literary world but on other artistic fields too. When the 17th century came, it’s almost as if writers do not even have a right to their original works. Instead of having their works as a part of their very own intellectual property, the community claimed it as everyone’s equity. Thus, writers made a way to protect and fight for their work, and the definition and the word plagiarism was born.

Facts You Might Want to Know About Plagiarism

As of today, many had developed a lot of specialized terms and definition of the topic. Most people are now even confused about how to judge if work involves plagiarism or not. Thus, here are some simple facts you might want to know about plagiarism.

Plagiarism Tool

1.    Same Ideas but Different Thoughts

Many people had been asking if using someone else’s idea can be considered as plagiarism. Well, to answer those curious minds, it is a solid, “no.” We are all humans, and we tend to need inspiration and research to come up with our own masterpiece. However, as a courtesy, especially if you are a writer by profession, researcher, artist or just someone who found inspiration in somebody else’s works, it would not hurt to cite them as part of your references. It would not be considered as plagiarism once you created your own masterpiece with your point of view. Many of us can come up with an idea, but there’s only a few of us who can make them come true into life. There, we are creators, writers, and artists, but certainly not plagiarists.

2.    Frequently Used English Terms

Some writers are scared of writing because of plagiarism. However, you must know that you can only be called as a plagiarist if you exactly used the same wording or text of a person. You are not just merely stealing words but you are taking other else’s personality. Our works reveal our character and who we are, and that’s what everyone should realize. But of course, there are some exemptions. We could not deny the fact that as time pass by, there are a lot of English phrases that becomes too common that it has become a general thought. Keep in mind that, as long as you do not steal someone else’s phrase and their personality, it is not plagiarism.

3.    Quote, Quote, Quote!

There are times that the perfect statement needs to be copied to point a proof, especially for news articles and researches. However, you must remember that they needed to be inside quotation marks. Automatically, a statement enclosed with this symbol is known to express courtesy from its source. But of course, another fact to remember especially if you often copied a statement is to do not forget putting these two little commas on the beginning and end of each speech.

4.    Using a Plagiarism Tool to Ease your Burden

As a writer, it is only a must for us to create our very own masterpieces. Not to raise doubts but to make sure. Thus, using a plagiarism tool is the easiest way to assure you and your clients that every single part of it is genuine and 100% sincerely yours. But of course, make sure that you would use an effective and authentic one at that too.

An Effective Plagiarism Tool

Using a plagiarism tool can be a lot of work for some writers. After finishing the article, they will proofread it to double check their work. But it doesn’t stop in proofreading. They will check if there are any signs of plagiarism. They do this to prevent showcasing an article that may have been done already by another writer.

Plagiarism checker is vital for article writers. This is because of stealing entails serious problems. Not only does it help in averting a writer from creating a similar work, but it also enhances their writing skills.

Plagiarism is a big no-no in all types of writing. It is a form of theft that must be taken seriously at all cost. Stealing someone else’s ideas or words is never a good idea. A person who claims to be a writer should be able to produce high-quality work, and any copied write-ups are already considered as plagiarized.

Plagiarism Tool

So, there are several reasons why using a tool for plagiarism is vital for writers. Here are some of it:

1.    This tool can specify which part needs to be changed

If you are to check your work for plagiarism hits manually, it will be hard for you to recognize them. Thus, sing this unique tool can save you some time. It highlights the part that requires changing or rephrasing. Also, you will not be stressed out if your work has copied work or not.

2.    There are more sources available in this software

While others search for the copied content over the internet, this software can be more beneficial. It has multiple large databases which have different books and periodicals as sources. No need to do manual searching. Moreover, offline sources are also available in this software.

3.    The paraphrasing capabilities will be enhanced

Frequently changing the thought of the phrase is hard. Although it is essential to create a unique impression, you can make things easy by just paraphrasing it. It is a lot easier because you do not need to create another thought for the content.

However, paraphrasing requires accurate measures. So, to avoid paraphrasing over and over again, you must be sure of the terms you are using. Instead of using the same words and phrases, you can look for their synonyms to make the thought, less complicated and create the sentences in your own way.

4.    The percentage of plagiarized content can be detected

When you write something, you always want to make sure that you have no copied content. Thus, using a tool for checking plagiarism is a big help for your writing needs. You can see if your output is already a hundred percent unique or not. Also, it gives you an idea if you must change some part of the text. It also tells you if your work is safe for submission already.

5.    Most of the software is user-friendly

If you think that this plagiarism tool is hard to use, then you are wrong. They are easy to comprehend for the users. It doesn’t require several installations. Also, you need not to click a lot of buttons to have your work checked. Certainly, just copy the part of the content you want to check and paste it on the text window. It will automatically show the results below.

Firstly, technically speaking, if you are a real writer and you have a passion for writing, you won’t have any problem dealing with plagiarism. However, it would also not hurt if you would try to follow some precautionary measures to make sure that your works are 100% authentic and original. And just like what has been mentioned before, one of the best things to do to make sure that your work is utterly devoid of plagiarism is through using a competent and efficient plagiarism tool.

However, remember that a useful plagiarism tool should have the following qualities above and, fortunately, Web Analyx has it. Web Analyx offers a variety of SEO Tools to help websites reach their maximum capabilities. And also, build their brand name on the web. So, one of the tools they are offering is an advanced plagiarism checker. Developed by professionals, their plagiarism checker has access through several databases. Advanced plagiarism checker from Web Analyx will compare your work to all of them to make sure that you are provided with nothing but the most accurate results of your plagiarism scan. So, if you want to know more about this useful plagiarism tool, you can visit Web Analyx for more information.

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