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Website Maintenance Rates

What You Need To Know About Website Maintenance Rates

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Many web design agencies offer site maintenance plans that keep clients’ websites up to date with the latest security measures. Some agencies also offer plans that include updates to design and/or site functionality that aid in ongoing optimization of customer conversion. Either way, website maintenance rates around the industry are something web professionals should be aware of… 

If you run a digital marketing agency that offers sites, it’s important to understand what your competitors’ monthly website maintenance rates are and price your sites accordingly. Ideally, you want to offer something that keeps up with industry averages, but is competitive enough to give you an edge. And this makes your choice of site-building and hosting platforms very important. Certain CMS platforms, like WordPress, require significant maintenance compared to website builders like nerDigital, and can become quite costly. 

If you run an agency, it’s critical you choose to work with tools that keep your own website maintenance and production costs as low as possible. This way you have the bandwidth to price yourself into the market while keeping revenue as high as possible.


Website maintenance rates can run anywhere from $30 per month for basic websites to $1,500 per month for custom eCommerce sites, according to the Designs Desk. Additionally, the internet marketing company WebFX estimates general website maintenance rates along the following lines:

  • $25-$75 per month for professional blogs
  • $35-$100 per month for small business websites
  • $125-$500 per month for small to medium business websites
  • $200-$3,500 per month for corporate websites

Plans on the low-end of these price ranges include things like basic WordPress updates and site backups. Plans on the high-end include things like upgrades to content/design and keeping complicated eCommerce sites secure and functional.

Hosting companies tend to offer less-inclusive plans or à la carte options with steep prices for each add-on. For instance, GoDaddy charges $63.99 a year for an SSL certificate — if the client manages it. The price jumps to $149.99 if GoDaddy manages it. GoDaddy also offers numerous additional upgrades:

  • Their security plans run from $5.59 per month to $25 per month
  • Regular backups of the website run $2.99 per month
  • Basic SEO analytics average $6.99/month

Need a website builder that requires you to charge minimal website maintenance rates? Start a 14-day nerDigital free trial today!


For agencies, calculating time spent on maintaining client websites is critical to profitability. For WordPress, these time commitments can quickly add up.

Canada-based Conscious Commerce CEO Brandon Klayman found this out the hard way. “There is just too much baggage that comes with WordPress. Performance is an issue, getting the hosting right is a pain, and there are way too many security problems,” Klayman explained.

Klayman’s predicament meant the agency was sinking significant time into making customers’ websites work, and not on the integrated marketing solutions that comprise the Conscious Commerce’s core work. Now, using nerDigital, the agency is able to keep site maintenance costs low so customers can invest in outbound and inbound marketing efforts, which is where Conscious Commerce provides the bulk of its value.


Web design agencies typically provide the most-inclusive plans with the types of services that GoDaddy with additional upgrade and update offers. Basic site maintenance plans can include images, text, and layout changes, according to Divi Cake, a premium WordPress theme developer. The website maintenance rates for these plans can run up to $150 an hour in packages starting at 2 to 5 hours a month.

Some web design agencies outsource maintenance tasks related to security, plug-in updates, backups and analytics because these types of site maintenance require so much developer time. In fact, there’s a whole industry dedicated solely to WordPress maintenance, with companies like WP Buffs making all revenue this way.


If an agency goes with a solution like nerDigital that requires very little maintenance, the company can pass on those savings to clients and offer more competitive pricing. This is what web design agency Superdental does. nerDigital is secure and simple enough to use that clients can engage the platform’s drag-and-drop editor to make basic updates to the site on their own, allowing Superdental to charge less and put the time savings from would-be site maintenance hours into taking on new clients.


Other agencies take the time they save to expand service offerings and offer more robust retainer plans to clients. When agencies moved to nerDigital, company leaders used the time saved to offer a variety of new products and services to clients, such as website personalization, HTTPS encryption, eCommerce, and more. Those additional offerings and maintenance plans mean more money goes to Olive Street’s bottom line and customers are more satisfied with their websites.

When it comes to website maintenance rates, there is no hard and fast rule for pricing your services. The most important aspect of maintenance pricing to remember is to price your services competitively without undercutting your value. The most effective way to do this is to work with a website builder and/or hosting platform that provides you with built-in security benefits and uniform platform-wide updates that don’t require monitoring by your team. This frees up your team to build new sites, lowers overall websites maintenance costs, and ensures more revenue for you and your customers.

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