All-in-One Business Growth Platform

Get ready to skyrocket your business growth with nerDigital’s cutting-edge platform, brilliantly designed for companies, local businesses, coaches, course creators, and digital entrepreneurs alike. Prepare to be dazzled as we fuel your success with our innovative and trailblazing solution that’s simply out of this world!

Skyrocket Your Leads and Sales while Cutting Costs and Automating Your Business Like Never Before!

Get More Leads & Sales​
Get More Leads & Sales​

Supercharge your business by getting more leads and sales on autopilot, leveraging your existing channels without any added expenses or marketing gimmicks. Experience the thrill of unstoppable growth and success with our cutting-edge solutions.

Automate Your Business
Automate Your Business

Revolutionize your business and marketing efforts with AI-driven automation, liberating your time to focus on what truly matters. Unleash the potential of intelligent technology and witness your business soar to unprecedented heights and growth!

Reduce Business Costs
Reduce Business Costs

Slash your business and marketing costs with our All-in-One Business Growth CRM! Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms and tools. Embrace the streamlined efficiency of having everything you need for success in one powerful, user-friendly solution!

nerDigital All Cutting-Edge Marketing Tools

All Cutting-Edge Marketing Tools 

In One Platform 

Discover the game-changing power of nerDigital’s All-in-One Business Growth CRM! Packed with features like sales pipelines, dashboards, omnichannel CRM, funnels, websites, membership portals, smart contacts, email campaigns, social media campaigns, SMS and voice calls, appointment scheduling, forms & surveys, and an AI Assistant – All-in-One remarkably intuitive platform. Elevate your business success with the ultimate, user-friendly solution that has everything you need, all in one place!


Increase in Leads


Increase in Sales

Sales Pipelines & Opportunity Follow-ups that bring you

More Focus & More Deals Won

Discover the power of a unified sales pipeline with nerDigital’s intuitive drag-and-drop workflow, effortless customization, and insightful revenue analytics that empower you to focus, gain visibility, and win more deals. Enhance your precision with multiple pipelines for superior sales forecasting and goal alignment. Instantly transform your sales pipeline into a dynamic, action-driven landscape and propel your business forward!

nerDigital AI Assistant Built on nerD Ai and GPT-4

nerDigital Breakthrough AI Assistant Built on  

nerD Ai® & GPT-4 

Step into the mesmerizing realm of AI assistance, where booking customer appointments, responding to prospects, and crafting marketing content are all magically automated! With nerDigital AI assistant powered by our cutting-edge nerD Ai® and GPT-4 technology, you’ll effortlessly engage in authentic conversations and dazzle your customers with bespoke, user-centric experiences. Forge lasting connections with immersive, tailor-made content and watch your lead nurturing, sales, and conversions soar to unprecedented heights!

Brilliant Websites & Funnels

Tailored to Your Business!

Embrace the power of nerDigital’s All-in-One Business Growth Websites & Funnels to effortlessly bring your distinctive vision to life—no design or coding skills needed! Select from our pre-built websites & funnels tailored for your business or craft a fully customizable, mobile-optimized site in just minutes. All it takes is a domain name and a dream for your website and sales funnel to kickstart your journey to success!

Discover the ultimate marketing powerhouse with nerDigital’s all-in-one, easy-to-use platform, loaded with cutting-edge tools designed to

Skyrocket Your Business

nerDigital All-in-One Business Growth CRM Business Dashboard

Behold the ultimate business sales dashboard, empowering you to monitor your leads, sales, and digital marketing campaign performance (aka your cash flow) in real time! This all-encompassing dashboard offers you the insights you need to make data-driven decisions and take your business to the next level with confidence and ease. Stay ahead of the game with nerDigital All-in-One Business Growth CRM Business Dashboard!

nerDigital All-in-One Business Growth CRM Omnichannel Inbox

Transform your customer communication with nerDigital’s All-in-One Business Growth CRM, featuring a built-in Omnichannel Inbox that consolidates all your business messages from Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, Google Business Messages, SMS Text Messages, WhatsApp, Voice calls, emails, and Chatbots in one unified location. Harness the power of our native AI and automated workflows to craft lightning-fast, personalized responses, driving sales and efficiency for your business. Say goodbye to scattered inboxes and hello to streamlined communication that delights customers and supercharges your growth!

nerDigital All-in-One Business Growth CRM Appointment Booking System

Revolutionize your scheduling process with nerDigital’s fully equipped Appointment Booking System, featuring an intelligent AI booking bot that streamlines both paid and unpaid booking options. Our intuitive Appointment Scheduler simplifies appointment setting, while our automated reminders ensure that prospects never leave you hanging. Embrace the benefits of a seamless, efficient booking experience that not only delights your customers but also drives productivity and growth for your business. Choose nerDigital and watch your calendar fill up with ease!

nerDigital All-in-One Business Growth CRM Smart Contacts

Transform your customer relationship management with nerDigital’s All-in-One Business Growth CRM featuring a smart contact and list system with unlimited contact cards. Effortlessly track the history, conversations, tags, and other attributes of every contact, ensuring seamless interactions and fostering strong connections. No more awkward silences, just meaningful conversations that deepen relationships, boost customer loyalty and drive business growth. Choose nerDigital and experience the ultimate in CRM sophistication and efficiency!

nerDigital All-in-One Business Growth CRM Opportunities Management

Revolutionize your sales process with nerDigital’s intelligent Business Opportunities Management and unlimited sales pipelines. Gain crystal-clear visibility of every prospect in your sales cycle, effortlessly determine their value, and seamlessly move them between stages as required. Empower your team with the insights they need to nurture leads and close deals like never before! Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to a new era of sales excellence, all thanks to nerDigital’s All-in-One Business Growth CRM.

nerDigital All-in-One Business Growth CRM Email SMS Marketing

Unleash the power of nerDigital’s email campaigns with triggers and automations, effortlessly nurturing leads and converting them into sales on autopilot. Wake up to new prospects daily and maintain top-of-mind awareness with your audience. Boost engagement and open new communication channels using SMS and voicemail drops, ensuring you’ll never have to wait for your phone to ring again. Transform your marketing strategy with nerDigital and experience the unparalleled benefits of an always-connected, always-converting approach to lead generation and customer engagement!

nerDigital All-in-One Business Growth CRM Automation and Workflows

Revolutionize your business efficiency with nerDigital’s Automated Workflows, keeping your operations running smoothly 24/7 on autopilot. Dive into our library of pre-written, tested, and proven workflow templates, including email and SMS sequences for registration confirmation, pre-challenge and post-challenge nurtures, live training sessions, homework reminders, and much more. Empower your business with nerDigital chatbots that effortlessly automate lead engagement, freeing up your time and energy to focus on what truly matters. Experience the ultimate benefits of automation and watch your business thrive like never before!

nerDigital All-in-One Business Growth CRM Funnels and Websites

Unleash your creativity with nerDigital’s limitless funnels, opt-in pages, and sales pages, featuring pre-built templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop builder that puts the power of design in your hands. Enjoy boundless freedom with unlimited websites, domains, and URL forwarding – all without any hosting fees! Forget about complex programming; our user-friendly drag-and-drop system lets you build captivating websites effortlessly, transforming your imagination into reality. Elevate your online presence and boost your sales with nerDigital – where the possibilities are endless!

nerDigital All-in-One Business Growth CRM Reputation Management

Dominate Google search results and elevate your online reputation with nerDigital Reviews and Reputation Management! Our simple yet powerful Review Management App transforms your online presence, positioning you at the top when customers search for your products or services. Experience the thrill of attracting more leads as you climb higher in local Google search rankings! With our tailored strategies, you can effortlessly generate a wealth of positive reviews, showcasing your excellence and drawing in even more customers. Trust nerDigital to guide your business to the summit of success, where a vibrant reputation and thriving leads await you.

nerDigital All-in-One Business Growth CRM Advanced Reporting

Unlock the power of real-time analytics with our advanced reporting dashboard, encompassing data from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics. Experience the sheer convenience of consolidated conversion and attribution reports, call reporting, agent reporting, and appointment reporting – all at your fingertips! Our comprehensive dashboard equips you with the crucial insights needed to make informed, data-driven decisions, propelling your business to new heights with confidence and ease. Embrace the future of performance monitoring and let nerDigital be your guiding light toward unparalleled success!


Introducing nerD AI – your personal AI assistant and content generator, powered by nerDigital’s cutting-edge proprietary AI model and GPT-4 technology, plus other robust AI models. Embrace the simplest, most efficient way to achieve consistent and engaging social media and content creation. Generate high-converting social media posts, captivating blog posts, persuasive sales emails, and so much more in just seconds. Dive deeper into specific topics using our interactive chat feature, plug your creative masterpieces directly into your scheduler, and banish the stress of crafting the perfect content forever! Say hello to nerD AI, and unlock the ultimate content generation solution for your business.

#1 Omnichannel CRM Inbox

Embrace the unparalleled power of nerDigital chatbots, combining Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, Emails, SMS text messages, Voice calls, Viber, and Webchat into a unified, omnichannel chatbot platform. Experience the future of customer engagement with a single, comprehensive solution that streamlines communication and drives business growth like never before.

Facebook Messenger

nerDigital messenger chatbots are your quintessential Facebook Messenger ally! Our top-tier chatbot platform is crafted to captivate your customers while saving you valuable time by creating super-capable chatbots for Messenger to automate delightful, personalized experiences. With our platform’s intuitive analytics and seamless integration, you’ll keep customers satisfied while making room in your schedule for other crucial tasks. Join forces with nerDigital chatbot marketing and witness your business elevate to extraordinary new heights!

nerDigital Chatbot Marketing messenger bot Channel

Instagram Direct Messages

Transform your Instagram messaging and marketing with nerDigital chatbot marketing’s groundbreaking Instagram Direct Messages automation. Our innovative platform delivers unmatched ease and potency, taking your sales and customer support to extraordinary heights. Create Instagram chatbots easily in a few minutes and unleash the potential of next-gen Instagram engagement and witness your business flourish beyond your wildest dreams!

nerDigital Chatbot Marketing Instagram Direct Messages bot Channel

Google Business Messages

Tap into the incredible potential of Google’s Business Messages with nerDigital chatbot marketing, and seamlessly engage with your audience exactly where they are! Make your brand instantly accessible, enabling real-time chats through Google Search and Maps. Set up Google’s Business Messages chatbots for your business in just minutes, and supercharge your growth with our state-of-the-art marketing chatbots customized for Business Messages. Partner with nerDigital and see your business thrive like never before!

nerDigital Chatbot Marketing Google Business Messages bot Channel

SMS Text Messages

Experience the sheer force of lightning-fast communication with nerDigital’s omnichannel capabilities utilizing SMS chatbots! With an astounding 90% of text messages read within a mere 3 minutes, integrating SMS alongside Instagram DMs and Facebook Messenger guarantees seamless cross-platform conversations. Effortlessly set up SMS Text Message chatbots in just minutes and unleash the full potential of nerDigital to revolutionize your customer engagement like you’ve never seen before!

nerDigital Chatbot Marketing SMS Text Messages bot Channel


Skyrocket your business with enthralling, interactive dialogues on WhatsApp, the world’s fastest-growing messaging app, using nerDigital’s WhatsApp chatbots. Effortlessly craft WhatsApp chatbots in just minutes and tap into the power of dynamic engagement, revolutionizing the way you connect with customers. Unleash boundless opportunities for growth and triumph with nerDigital by your side!

nerDigital Chatbot Marketing whatsapp bot Channel

Voice calls

Step into the future of communication with nerDigital’s voice chatbots – the pinnacle of conversational AI designed to comprehend your every word. Easily craft voice call chatbots within minutes and marvel at the seamless, natural language interactions accompanied by contextually appropriate responses tailored just for you. Join the voice AI movement with nerDigital and witness next-level customer engagement like never before!

nerDigital Chatbot Marketing phone voice bot Channel


Revolutionize your sales and marketing strategies with nerDigital’s Email chatbots and email automation wizardry! As a leading and reliable communication channel, email presents endless opportunities for growth. Tap into the power of engaging interactions and leverage nerDigital’s cutting-edge Email chatbot automation to skyrocket your business and enthrall your audience like never before!

nerDigital Chatbot Marketing Email bot Channel


Transform your customer journey with nerDigital’s intuitive, code-free Webchat chatbots! In just minutes, effortlessly create Webchat chatbots that amplify your team’s capabilities, turning website visits into conversions, slashing resolution times, and offering boundless customization options. Powered by advanced machine learning, our Webchat chatbots proficiently handle up to 60% of common inquiries, ensuring customer delight even when your team is busy or offline. Embrace nerDigital and unlock a new dimension of seamless user interactions and exceptional customer care!

nerDigital Chatbot Marketing webchat bot Channel

Choose a nerDigital Plan that’s Right for You

No matter if you’re a seasoned marketing expert or just beginning your journey, nerDigital has the perfect solution for you



Best for Individuals

Unlimited Contacts
Omnichannel CRM Inbox
Opportunity Management
Call Recording & Tracking​
Email & SMS Marketing​
Forms & Triggers
Automation & Workflows​


Best for Businesses

Everything in Basic +
Appointments Booking
Funnels and Websites
Products & Payments​
Membership & Courses
Reputation Management
Social Planner


Best for Companies

Everything in Pro +
AI Booking Bot
nerDigital Chatbots
nerD AI Assistant​
Business Growth Assets​
Advanced Reporting​
Dedicated Support​

Inspire from other Happy Business Owners

Join the ranks of countless thriving business owners who experience exponential growth daily with nerDigital Chatbots!

Ryan Edmonds

nerDigital absolutely blew us away by slashing our Facebook Ads costs by a staggering 80%, delivering an insane ROAS through Messenger ads! They’re incredibly reliable, a breeze to work with, and integrate seamlessly with an array of marketing tools that make life so much easier. We couldn’t be happier with the exceptional results!

Betty Corden​

Ever since we started using nerDigital a couple of years ago, it’s been nothing short of a game-changer! It has effortlessly replaced our reliance on 3rd party marketing platforms, allowing us to capture a plethora of additional leads and prospects. Thanks to their outstanding chatbot system, we’ve been able to convert these prospects into loyal customers.

Chris Cullen​

nerDigital has been an absolute game-changer for us! As an incredibly cost-effective chatbot marketing tool, it delivers massive value and an impressive ROI for our business. It’s packed with everything you need right out of the box to generate more contacts and effectively engage with your audience.

Be part of the elite group of innovative companies and marketers who rely on nerDigital All-in-One Business Growth CRM to revolutionize their customer interactions!

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