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Our digital marketing company is on a mission to support small and mid-sized businesses and allow them the equal chance as big corporations to digitize their efforts, compete and win.


Discover the Opportunities Digital Marketing Strategies Can Bring to Your Business

Beautiful Website that Sells for You

Tap into the best Search Engine Optimization practices and let our digital marketing company show you how to leverage this highly effective and unavoidable tactic to be found on the internet, again and again, no matter the niche your serve. Leave on and off-page and technical SEO to us and watch web traffic rush your way.

An illustration depicts a digital marketing company manager standing on big chunky letters spelling SEO and arranging analytics on the oversized smartphone screen.

SEO for Every Business and Industry

Tap into the best Search Engine Optimization practices and let our digital marketing company show you how to leverage this highly effective and unavoidable tactic to be found on the internet, again and again, no matter the niche your serve. Leave on and off-page and technical SEO to us and watch web traffic rush your way.

An illustrated image shows the conversion rate optimization concept with funnels, landing pages and lead generation marketing.

Optimized Conversions for Better ROI

Build upon the expectations of the prospects who sign up for your offer and create well-thought-out landing pages filled with content they will value and calls to action they will be inclined to take. Rely on our landing pages builder to wow your newly acquired traffic and convert them into fans, hot leads and customers.

An illustration describes the abstract concept of digital ads and PPC campaigns.

Google and Facebook Ads with More Clicks

Trust us to craft the winning ad campaigns for your business just as Google and Facebook trusted us, certifying us as their official partners. We know how to optimize advertising dollars and make sure you get the most clicks for your buck, delivering not just any prospects but the ones who can’t wait to hear more from you.

An abstract illustration presents automated marketing software and customer relationship management as a web solution.

All-In-One Marketing Automation

Achieve more with automated marketing processes and serve your base better by keeping in touch consistently and nurturing their needs with valuable content that goes out to them in pre-scheduled sequences. Plan, create and automate your email marketing and social media publishing with our easy-to-use CRM tool.

Advertising reports and website analytics provided by the digital marketing company presented in an abstract illustration.

Reports & Analytics that Tell it All

Get all the analytics you need with our digital solutions as they are integrated with our website and landing pages builders, and our CRM tool. Without engaging a third party, you can analyze the traffic that your website gets, score your content pages, monitor email performance and see the engagement your social media posts earn.

Not Your Average Digital Marketing Company

We at nerDigital are marketers, advertisers, and brand managers. We are also artificial intelligence worshipers and crafters of digital solutions anyone can use to create wonderful operations on the Internet. Some say we are game chargers because we are devoted to empowering every entrepreneurial dream and every small business to get the same freedom as large companies to compete and prosper. Our view is that digital tactics are half useful without a good foundation. That’s why we developed our own AI-powered website builder and other unique digital tools to help businesses rip even more benefits when they start investing in acquiring and converting online traffic.

Significant consumer satisfaction as a result of omnichannel marketing efforts presented in an abstract illustration.

Modern Consumers Expect Omnichannel Experience from Every Business

It’s not easy to satisfy today’s consumers; they seek instant gratification no matter where they interact with your business. They certainly expect the same great experience across channels, prompting small businesses to urgently transform and invest in the creation of advanced digital connections. If you feel stuck between modern marketing and responsibility to please your customers, move forward with our digital marketing company and don’t be overwhelmed any longer by trying to be everywhere and do everything. We’ll turn your already established business or business idea into a smooth omnichannel exposure your customers will appreciate.

How can a Digital Marketing Company Help Small Businesses Compete Even Among the Largest Corporations?

Four different devices show a responsive web design on their screens and words that describe a digital marketing company.

A digital marketing company can help small businesses compete even among the largest corporations by establishing or polishing digital business assets, defining what the business stands for and why the customers should care. Rely on their expertise to create the entire customer experience that delivers on the company’s goals. Unlike traditional, digital marketing is more cost-effective and highly measurable and can closely target the desired prospects. By utilizing affordable online tactics, small operations have the power to outrank major competitors in their industry. This is great news for Canadian small businesses coming out of the pandemic and continuing to fuel the country’s economy while taking care of their communities.

Partner with a Digital Marketing Company and Rescue Your Small Business

You know everybody’s online. You know everybody is even more online since the Covid-19 pandemic ruthlessly imposed itself. You are trying to be part of this digital world because you are clear that your business can no longer survive without it. But what the heck are those “funnels,” and why your website doesn’t bring sales, and what on earth does one needs to do to get a bigger following on social media? And this “SEO” that everyone’s talking about; it’s driving you crazy! Why is it so important anyway?

You may be struggling with similar questions while working hard, trying to start or advance your small business. You may even have a marketer or two on your team, but the feedback you keep hearing is that a lot more needs to be accomplished, so more support is needed. All of it is very understandable as all things online are continuously evolving, including the ever-changing customer behaviour hungry for instant fulfilments on demand. While things on the world wide web and social media platforms are becoming increasingly saturated and consumers are getting more choices and ways to engage, small businesses need to bring their marketing up to speed to be able to compete. Coming to the rescue is modern marketing and its digital tactics, which allow small and mid-sized businesses to stand out even among the big brands and companies. It takes an expert by your side to determine which particular digital strategies would work for your business, so make sure you hire a digital marketing company and erase all your worries.

Top view of a digital marketing company team having a meeting at their office.

Good Brand Positioning is a Cornerstone of Your Online Presence

No matter where you are with your business operation, whether just starting out or already making a difference in this world, having strong online assets for your business is no longer optional – it’s a must-have. According to Google, over 50% of shoppers do their research on Google when planning to make a purchase online. And did you know that such search traffic resulted in 65% of all e-commerce sessions? It’s true; roughly half of those sessions came organically through content marketing and the other half through paid search ads. In fact, that was true for 2019, just before the pandemic happened. As we very well know, the world health crisis closed people in their homes, so they turned to the Internet for all their needs. As a result, all these measures skyrocketed, preventing the e-commerce revolution from developing, and instead delivering its early arrival. It’s here, so don’t be left behind; build a quality online presence for your brand urgently. Brand assets, such as your logo, your business name, the brand colours, yes, are the primary components of great importance, but they are not nearly enough for a successful brand positioning. People would want to know what your story is and expect compelling reasons to connect with your brand. 

A close-up of an old typewriter with words “what’s your story?” typed on a white paper.

Marketing Plans Deliver Clarity on Digital Strategies

Extensive research and insightful business review can help small businesses start working on their marketing plans, without which, all your efforts are nothing more than shooting in the dark. Working with a digital marketing company on your marketing plans can secure the right strategies you will be confident investing in. Most small businesses are confined by modest budgets and not enough time due to smaller teams, so the fleshed-out marketing plans can help maintain the focus and define the scaling path when the time comes. Trying to catch up with every trend and be on every online channel may not be the smartest move for your business. Maybe you don’t need that huge social media following after all, but you definitely need to know your SEO game no matter what industry you’re in. To invest randomly in online tactics is more of an expense than an investment, but engaging a digital marketing company to provide clarity and expert advice is an investment that comes with a return.

A notebook filled with different icons shows what it takes to build a marketing plan.

Managing Customer Expectations

To dive deeper into brand positioning, let’s first review some consumer expectations in today’s online environment. More than anything, they want to be treated like a human and not a customer defined by a number. This means they are not seeking a business connection but a human one instead when coming across your brand. They want to know what your business is all about, your core beliefs and missions, and how your offers relate to their passions and pains. They appreciate transparency and look for a brand they can trust. Your customers will engage with you if you provide them with a value; informational, inspirational, social value, or value of convenience. And let’s not forget that everybody goes online for some entertainment, so providing them also with this value goes a long way. To answer all these expectations, you really need to know your audience before considering any digital investment.

Find Your Niche and Set Your Business for Success

Not everyone is your customer! Be very specific in painting the picture of your buyer personas and define the niche your business serves. Deciding to go broad, you lost already! So, do some research, analyze the customers you already have, put on your thinking hat and answer some questions. What problems do your ideal customers have, what circumstances trigger them, what would drive them to make a purchase, how would they feel if they solved what’s bothering them? When you know how they live and breathe, you have the power of creating a compelling story in which your solution is problem-solving. This knowledge will also help you understand the value proposition that sets you apart from the competition. Translated into convincing messaging, you can describe your value proposition as a good reason people should buy from you and not someone else.

A close-up of a dartboard with a red dart stabbed in its centre holds a message on a piece of paper asking what makes you unique.

Building Your Digital Marketing Assets

Now that you are clearer on who your audience is, what your brand stands for and how it differs from the competitors, it’s so much easier to build your online assets the right way. There are plenty of digital tools and platforms that you can utilize for your business to serve as touchpoints when connecting with your customers. Your website would be the most critical asset, and along with it, all the video, photo and written content. From educational videos, blog posts and eBooks, to product images and descriptions, all those business assets need to convey your story that provides appealing solutions. And then replicate the same agenda across your social media channels and email marketing, for example. Invite customers to leave you reviews or testimonials. Get closer to them by facilitating online quizzes and engage them more with assessments, calculators and other interactive tools. Serve them better by installing chatbots and augmented reality try-on features. Everything we mentioned and more you can employ to work for you as the most passionate sales team 24/7! Navigating through all of this may seem like a nightmare to a busy business owner. Therefore, signing up with a digital marketing company is the best way to build some of these pieces into a well-oiled machine that brings happy customers over and over again.

An attractive website design that sells peach juice describes its content as an important digital marketing asset.

Canadians Give Advantage to Small Local Businesses, but…

We already mentioned that digital marketing is affordable to even the smallest of enterprises. Still, there is another great reason Canadian small businesses should venture out in the digital world and have the confidence to compete against companies regardless of their size. Canadians prefer small, local businesses, but your brand better be online. And not only that; you need to strive to employ modern technology to work for you and help you provide choices and a great experience to your customers. A pre-pandemic RBC study examined Canadian Millennials, holders of a significant purchasing power, a generation that will represent about 75% of the country’s workforce in less than 15 years. Being more interested in unique experiences and valuing the beliefs aligned to theirs, 70 percent of them said that they are willing to pay extra dollars for products or services if a local, small company sells them. They would happily give a shoutout to those businesses on social media too! But they are not willing to make a compromise over the technology they like. They’d expect online and mobile options even if your main business operates from a physical location.

A young woman is browsing personal hygiene products in a small specialty store.

Shopping Near Home is a Trend to Stay!

A fresh, post-pandemic survey conducted by Interac confirmed these inclines not only among Millennials but across generations of Canadians. 75% of them stated that the pandemic events prompted them to value local businesses more, shifting their shopping in their support. But also, 66% of them believe that businesses that don’t invest in digital payments across channels will have a hard time making those sales numbers. These trends are here to stay and if you’re planning to capitalize on them but not sure where to start, look for a digital marketing company. And if you are searching for a marketing agency Toronto, check out our list of what to look for to get the best support for your business.

Mapping Out Your Digital Strategies

We hope you’ve recognized the opportunity, but also the urgency of investing in digital marketing to build brand awareness and allow your small business to thrive. Support is here; customers are waiting, but are you ready to serve them in today’s digital climate? Random posts on social media, an occasional company email with a big offer banner, or a website that looks decent on desktop but loads improperly on mobile are not digital marketing tactics. In fact, such appearance and communication will only deter your prospects. If you found yourself in any of these examples, abort those actions and take a moment to consolidate your goals and, with the expert help, map out the strategies that you can commit to, and that will be fruitful. We’ve reviewed above the customer expectations, which imply that businesses need to provide them with relevant, meaningful content to build trust versus hammering them with pushy sales tactics. They seek human connection, so establishing personalized interaction with your customer is the best response. Omnichannel experience is what they expect from every brand; to see the consistency across your website, your social media channels and your physical store if you have one – they want to be able to satisfy their needs wherever they land. And if they ask questions and send inquiries to your team, they count on prompt answers. 

A hand holding a pen and populating big paper with the words “digital strategy” is finishing a marketing plan.

It seems like a lot of responsibilities, and without proper guidance and marketing tools, it can keep any small business on its toes. Choose an easier, cost-effective, ROI-driven way and trust a digital marketing company to set you up for success.

Your Website Must be Your Best Salesperson!

Do you know what has the highest impact on conversions on your website pages; what will make visitors stay and take action? You’ll want to know this: the very first five little seconds to load your page fully is the necessary load time for optimum conversion rates. All of the content on the page, including images and videos, must become visible during this short time. Every additional second required to show the entire page content drops the conversion rate by 4.42% on average. This simply means that if your website is not optimized for speed (website load time), you are losing the audience before they even get to know you! This metric also points to a fraction of a time during which you have to make a good first impression. You have to show and tell your visitors why they should hang out longer in those five seconds. And that’s just the start of what a solid, productive website should be. Think of it as your storefront and your virtual sales team. It has to be carefully crafted to serve much more than just an online brochure of your business.

Website-In-A-Box is a Go-To Option for Small Businesses

Understanding that a website needs to be a living, breathing foundation of any operation, our digital marketing company made it easy for small businesses to launch great websites and e-commerce stores with our website-in-a-box solution. To be clear, offering homemade hosting and website platform is not common for a typical marketing agency, but we simply couldn’t provide digital marketing services without giving everyone a chance to have a solid foundation. There are other user-friendly website builders with pre-made templates, just like our nerDigital is, but we went much further knowing that a beautiful website alone will not deliver results. The AI-powered system that runs behind our website builder not only makes it intuitive with its user-facing interface and drag-and-drop building blocks, but it also comes with many built-in features. Any website built on our platform is speedy by default, and that SEO that everyone talks about, well, we pre-installed those features too! We’ll talk about SEO in a minute, but hopefully, you get a good grasp of what your website needs to be, no matter which platform you use to build it on

A big white desktop screen shows a beautifully designed e-commerce website.

Winning Strategies a Digital Marketing Company Can Use to Support Your Business

There are many ways to promote your brand and build connections with your audience, and as a result, get a growing business. After you lay down the groundwork we talked about, centred around your desired target group, finding and engaging your ideal customers should be a clear path. It is unnecessary to employ all digital strategies, but you’ll know which ones would be essential for your business goals. Entrepreneurs and owners of small and mid-sized businesses usually have so much on their everyday schedule that learning about modern marketing and trying to make it work for them may seem a daunting task. Choosing a digital marketing company to lead the way can bring you much-needed peace of mind and ensure that your business is on the right track. Some of the digital strategies they can recommend and put to good work include items on the following list.

1. Yes, SEO topped the list!

Different industries and business models may benefit from different digital tactics, but SEO is universally important no matter what your business does. You know this yourself; whenever looking for something, whether it be a product, a store near you, a recipe or how-to instructions, you first search for it on Google, right? And likely, you’ll check the first few results. Well, that’s the same way your prospects will find your business, or not if it’s not optimized to show up high on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). And while some may think that posting on social media can reach their tribes and spread the word, well, they’ll want to rethink that because only around 2% of their followers (or less!) will actually get to see their organic posts! If we compare that to SEO, according to BrightEdge, it drives over 1000 % more free traffic than your organic posts on Facebook and Instagram! Since 94% of all internet searches end up on Google, you’ll want your website to rank high on this property.

A young woman sitting in an armchair uses her smartphone to search for information on the Internet while an abstract search box stretches across the image.

Because of an abundance of Internet content, this task can be tricky and requires specific knowledge that a digital marketing company can offer. The expert team will know how to optimize on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO. The great thing is that Google doesn’t see the difference between a small business or a big corporation; they only care about their users, so they push to the top the best, SEO-optimized content that answers the user query. If your business gets to be listed on top of search results, you can’t ask for anything better!

2. Use Content Marketing as Your Best Sales Tool

To not repeat what we already discussed regarding the importance of digital brand assets, we do need to point out the great power that content marketing has to drive traffic, leads, and sales. When you know your customers well, you can create content that will make them recognize themselves in your stories, which they’ll find so valuable that they’ll get hooked for more. Your brand becomes their go-to resource, and with that trust, they’ll buy from you too. Content marketing, in the form of blog posts, or e-books, whitepapers, infographics and videos, go hand in hand with search engine optimization. Not only do those titles, taglines, description summaries, calls to action and the main content itself need to sound irresistible and relatable, but it also has to be well-optimized for search queries. Good copy can either capture your audience or send them away, so give your content special attention and rely on pros to help you build your brand online and connect with the right people.

A close-up view of a person writing content is king in the opened notebook.

3. Boost Your ROI with Email Marketing

It will sound like we have something against social media if we pull another comparison that values something else over what they have to offer, but that is not true. Being active on social media is good for your business, and we’ll get to that in a minute, but there are other core digital activates that precede any nice-to-have tactics. We wish that every business owner takes more seriously building their email lists and engage in developing relationships with their base through email marketing rather than social media. Why would you build your business on a rented property? Social media platforms don’t belong to you; they can be gone tomorrow! They’ve already cut down the organic reach, forcing you to pay to get in front of the people who want to hear from you. The email list on the other side is yours! You can always rely on your own channel to make the connections and sell. Even for e-commerce brands, email marketing is important.

A laptop shows a screen with a sign-up option as the first step of the email marketing process.

Still not convinced? Well, let us tell you some more. It was Episerver that ran a study and concluded that 98% of visitors that land on your website don’t buy the first time. So now what, you’re just going to let them leave? No! Capture their email addresses so you can talk to them and entice them to come back for a second and third look. Did you know that if brands invest $1 into their email marketing efforts, they get $42 in return? Yes, email marketing brings a median ROI of 122%, which is four times higher than your social media efforts and some other tactics! It’s a no-brainer that investing in email marketing all day long is a good strategy. A digital marketing company can get you started and equip you with the necessary tools.

4. Set Your Tactics on Autopilot with Marketing Automation Tools

Managing all your online efforts, communicating with your prospects and buyers through different channels with the right message and at the right time is not a sustainable task if done manually. Automating your marketing operations is a way to capture your audience timely and effectively while minimizing the chances of anyone falling through the cracks. For example, whether you are running an online ad or catching emails from your website, it’s crucial to guide that traffic through a full customer journey. We are talking about the funnels you questioned at the beginning. Envision the shape of the funnel and its wide top part that gradually ends in a small opening on the other side. It passes through a way smaller substance than what can be poured from the top. Just the same, all that pouring traffic coming your way needs to go through the learning stages of your business, and in the end, influence them to make a decision and convert.

A young man is drawing paths on a whiteboard website visitors will take base on their decisions and be served with emails via marketing automation tools.

You can set so many different conversion targets depending on what your goal is; build brand awareness, generate leads, drive customer loyalty, learn about fans, and of course, make them purchase from you and drive sales. Your email marketing plays a significant role here, but marketing automation can also involve software for pre-scheduled social media posts and marketing analytics. In addition to providing a website-in-a-box for beautiful and productive online stores and websites for our clients and their small businesses, our digital marketing company went on to create an easy-to-use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software as well. With this solution, they can effectively update and manage their websites, create and automate their email campaigns and schedule social media posts. All their traffic, customer actions and behaviours, can be tracked through our website analysis and campaign reporting tools that come with. Our desire to simplify digital marketing for any small business produced a convenient one-stop-shop that nerDigital platform is today and evolving. Typical digital marketing agencies will sign you up for s third-party providers, but either way, make marketing automation your best friend.

5. Get Bigger Reach with Google Ads

Also known as PPC (Pay Per Click), Google ads can jumpstart your digital journey and get in front of your prospects as fast as possible. SEO takes time to build, so investing in short-term tactics, especially if you know what your audience is searching for on Google, is a great choice. The experienced digital marketing company can research the keywords your targeted prospects are typing in Google queries and then target them with Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads and even Remarketing Ads. The goal is to show your business at the top of the search results and pay only when someone clicks on your ads. Keeping a close eye on the performance and optimizing the running ads takes specific expertise. Even Google is vetting advertisers and emphasizes those who know what they are doing by making them their partners. Our agency went through this process, and we know how much it means to our clients that we are an official Google Partner because they know that their ad campaigns are in reliable hands.

A close-up view of the black keyboard button with pay per click text on it.

6. Invest in Paid Reach on Social Media

That time when we could just publish a post on Facebook and have it automatically appear in the newsfeeds of all our followers, it was short-lived. Given that organic reach is just 2% or lower, we now have to pay to get in front of our own followers, let alone a new audience! This is a perfect time to reiterate that focusing on your online real-estate over rented is the best and safest way to build your business. Facebook, and Instagram along with it, primarily care about their own business, naturally, as any business would. Be smart and run ads on their platforms but divert traffic to your own. Social media ads are a great tool to start building your email list and build brand awareness. Like Google, Facebook also has its own fleet of certified advertisers, which help small businesses identify who to trust with their marketing budgets. We at nerDigital know what that means firsthand, as our clients value the fact that we are also a Facebook Partner, so they feel relieved when investing in Facebook and Instagram ads through our agency.

Of course, it would be wise to investigate the same opportunities with other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok, and search platforms like Pinterest and YouTube. Get advice from a digital marketing company on best practices and which platform would be best for your business and industry.

7. Drive More Sales with Conversion Rate Optimization

What if you don’t need more traffic to your website or more clicks to your advertising? What if you focus instead on getting more of those website visitors or ad clicks or even folks who opened your emails to convert into leads and buying customers? Optimizing the pages where this audience lands can bring much better conversions, meaning more sales. In fact, landing pages have the highest conversion rate of 23% of any other sign-up option. Our agency took this very seriously, and in parallel with creating the most intuitive website builder, we also built a landing pages builder. We want our small businesses to get the most opt-ins from all their online campaigns. So, when looking for a digital marketing company, make sure they offer the creation of landing pages, content optimization, the best-performing CTAs (Calls to Action), and arrangement of A/B testing for both your ads and landing pages.

A laptop screen shows the doodle design of a landing page with the big title “Setup Campaign” optimized for a better conversion rate.

8. Expand Your Online Footprint with Social Media Marketing

We may have taken a stab at social media organic reach more than once in this article. It’s not because we think that social media marketing is dead; it certainly is not. We simply know that there are other channels worth your attention for all the reasons we just listed above. To answer one of the questions from the beginning, you don’t actually need a massive following on social media to start benefiting from posting every day. For one, be sure that any new prospect who happened to land on your website will check all your social media channels (and some other resources such as reviews) for proof that you are a viable business before making a purchasing decision. For this reason alone, it’s worth your time, but it can have the power to find and attract new followers, develop strong relationships, and build customer loyalty when done right. Suppose you can come up with genuine, relatable, saveable and entertaining content consistently and give them a reason to engage longer with your posts. In that case, you are sending a signal to a social media algorithm to push your posts more as they seem valuable to viewers. If you get the hang of sharing your humanized story every day and drive interest, you will even end up growing your following, which will be composed of your truest believers, and that is the only following you want to have.

A close view of three young people laughing and discussing something they see in one’s smartphone while social media marketing engagement icons fly across the image.

Embrace Digital Marketing and Never Fear Your Biggest Competitor

While listing some of the most important digital strategies, we need you to be aware of many more options you can utilize to grow your start-up or small business you always dreamed of. There are also Affiliate Marketing, Native Marketing, Sponsored Content, Online PR and other effective tactics you can try. But remember, getting clear on your niche and customers, identifying your short and long-term goals expressed in a marketing plan is the source of your future success. With a bounty of online tools that can help you build your digital assets and ignite the performing campaigns, there have never been better circumstances for your small business to grow exponentially. And don’t forget that you also have Canadians rooting for you, eager to point their digital payments towards you and your story before even considering any big brand.

Leave the modern marketing to a qualified digital marketing company and don’t stress about it anymore; you only have your entire business to run. Use what you learned here to interview prospect agencies and find the best fit for your business. Our team at nerDigital, based in Toronto, is also available to help you out, from reviving or setting up your website to facilitating your ad campaigns. We know how to create best-converting landing pages, and with our CRM system for all your scheduled emails and social media posts, and very telling analytics, we are confident we can assist you in your next business phase. Contact us today and tell us about your business.


Our customer always happy with our services

Kevin Samir — “nerDigital rose to that challenge in helping SocialPOP create effective Paid and Organic digital marketing campaigns that have led to game changing results in our ability to attract a very specific target audience in a niche market.”
— CEO of SocialPOP
Emily Hudson — “nerDigital team is true experts in their fields. They hit the ground running, onboarding during an extremely busy time for the Foundation. They completed a full overhaul of our AdWords account and implemented new tracking all within a two-month period. ”
— Founder of TechArt
Sam Diba
Sam Diba — “We have had an amazing journey with nerDigital. To compare where we began to where we are now is sensational, and truthfully, we couldn't have done it without the help and guidance from our team at nerDigital. ”
— CTO of Pace Law

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