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Our marketing agency Toronto is devoted to making premium digital marketing services available to persevering entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses.



We Make Your Business Relevant to Today’s Consumer

An illustration describes a functional mobile responsive e-commerce website.

Website & Online Store with Hosting

With deep knowledge of what it takes to have a website or an online store perform in a fast-evolving digital space, we use our own hosting and a platform to create beautiful designs that provide a smooth experience to your customers and an intuitive user-facing interface for easy management on your end.

SEO written in bold letters and decorated with illustrations suggests an advanced search engine optimization process by a specialized person working on her laptop.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Unlike some known web platforms that use successive versions of software and lots of coding, which hinders your Google score by slowing down your website, we pioneered an AI-powered system to integrate SEO features and optimize your website to load much faster and rank higher on Google.

A simple illustration shows a woman pressing the play button on the tablet to present the expert content marketing efforts.

Expert Content Marketing & Design

Our marketing agency Toronto has creative experts to help you tell the story about your brand and your offers - the critical connection modern consumer is searching for. Eye-catching visuals and relatable, valuable, and fun content enable you to draw new prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

Illustrated man holds the upward arrow on the laptop screen pointing at the results in dollars when investing in paid search and social media advertising.

Paid Search and Social Media Advertising

Rely on us to catapult your business growth by investing in paid search and paid ads. We are certified Google and Facebook partners, so rest assured we have vast experience setting up online campaigns for our clients and managing them to deliver high-quality clicks, leads and conversions.

An illustration of a big target, a bag of money, and a man climbing up the ladder and aiming the dart into the centre of the target symbolizes optimized conversions with landing pages and chatbots.

Landing Pages & Chatbot Marketing

Not only did we create our own website platform, but we also created landing pages to assist the clicks from all your paid advertising with better conversions, as well as built-in chatbots to engage your prospects and provide the desired experience. Our agency has an all-in-one digital setup for your better ROI.

A miniature woman standing on the opened laptop and pointing at the screen with the graph describes easy-to-understand analytics in an illustrative way.

Easy-to-Understand Analytics

The websites that we build also come with comprehensive analytic tools allowing you to see how your website performs, where your visitors are coming from, which content they liked and engaged with, and many other metrics that help you manage your business better without seeking third-party analysis.

One-Stop-Shop Marketing Agency Toronto

As a business owner, you have too much on your plate already. Instead of acquiring the website platforms at one place, hosting at another, considering freelancers for content marketing, and trying out digital ads with a friend who promoted a thing or two is just too much hassle. It is simply not enough to succeed today. nerDigital is the agency that solves all your digital marketing problems and a powerhouse you can rely on to bring you up to speed with all the challenges the online world dictates. It’s so much simpler and cost-effective to get it all under one roof and not need to worry about a thing.

An illustrative representation of a marketing agency Toronto that serves as a one-stop-shop for various digital solutions and tools.
An illustration of a man standing in front of the laptop with a pile of money next to him and a rocket flying out of the screen suggests the great benefits small businesses can get by utilizing digital marketing.

Benefits for Small Businesses

Hiring one of the marketing agencies Toronto comes with many benefits but finding the right one can make your business triumphant. Return on your investment can be much higher than hiring new employees. Besides, you’ll need expertise from different digital marketing areas, which is only possible to get by working with a full-service agency. Look no further; you’ve found the business partner you’ve been searching for. You know you need to be online, and we know how to get you there. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back!

How to Search for a Marketing Agency Toronto and Select the Best One for Your Business

Top view of a desk at the marketing agency Toronto, filled with graphs, sticky notes, planning cards, a laptop and team’s hands drafting marketing strategy.

When searching for a marketing agency Toronto, find the best support for your business by scanning the local experts who know what it takes to build a website that delivers frictionless customer experience. Make sure they know how to make your brand stand out among ever-growing internet noise. Also, they should be specialized in finding you the leads and buyers through paid and organic efforts. Give preference to those who know how to make it all look and work flawlessly on mobile.

There’s no Business Without Marketing

Marketing discipline has always been a vital part of the business. Still, in today’s digital climate, we dare to say that marketing IS business. Things have changed. Those changes continue to be supercharged by innovation, new behaviours, and extraordinary events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 was the year of pivot for many businesses that realized the need for expedited and optimized online real estate. E-commerce alone has exploded, shaping up an upward trajectory well into the future with intentions of complete overtake. Canada and Toronto, in particular, which have endured some of the toughest covid restrictions, can certainly testify to these times of change. As a business, you are always looking for customers. To find them and serve them where they are, investing in digital marketing expertise to get your business ready for the present AND the future is an absolute must!

Diverse people thinking about marketing plans to grow their brands and businesses.

Online Purchases Fueled by the Multi-Generational Customers

Okay, let’s address the very evident elephant in the room with our online topic. Yes, the COVID-19 health crisis caused unprecedented trouble globally, and it has also been a cause of the digital education of the masses across generations. Even before the pandemic, shoppers have gravitated towards e-commerce that responds to their busy lifestyles with instant solutions. Predominantly led by Millennials and Gen Z, online shopping was forecasted to reach 95% of all purchases by 2040. And then, the pandemic happened, and everything just fast-forwarded. As the world went into lockdowns and people stayed sheltered at home, internet orders skyrocketed. What was interesting to see in Canada is that the Baby Boomers, who are financially comfortable and prefer in-store shopping, but at the same time, they are the most concerned about the COVID implications, forcibly tried e-commerce. As a result, they liked it. In fact, the accelerated growth in online retail we are experiencing is largely attributed to this group of online shoppers aged 56-74.

The Trend of Buying Everything Online is Here to Stay

Supreme convenience and unbeatable selection make these new behaviours across generations more permanent, leaving businesses in a race to digitalize the entire customer journey. Toronto has felt all these changes quite strongly for its lockdowns and other covid restrictions among the world’s longest. Local businesses have no choice but to adapt to survive. However, if business owners get on the wagon of all these changes promptly, sizeable opportunities can be within reach. So, when you search for a marketing agency Toronto, you really want to look for a local digital marketing company that can start diverting the outstanding online traction your way.

3d rendered image of a yellow smartphone that’s turning into open doors to invite online shopping.

Good News: Marketing Agencies are not Only for Large Companies

As a business owner with hands already full with so many other tasks your operation requires, this new kind of marketing may feel overwhelming. Yet, it is the most critical ingredient for success it has ever been. The good thing is that the changes we mentioned and the demand for digital marketing also created new virtual tools and exciting platforms as well as brilliant marketing agencies for all businesses, not just the big corporations. Canada continues to deliver on the sophisticated taste this market pushes for. With the abundance of options today, there is no reason any business should go without a modern marketing agency, whether they operate with 5 employees or 105! A big and vibrant city like Toronto, beaming with all types of businesses, is a good place to look for marketing agencies and their versatile experience. Among young and smart agencies catering to small and mid-sized businesses, it is possible to find affordable contracts, and it just makes sense for your ROI. Let’s review a few key benefits next.

Marketing Agencies Toronto – The Benefits of Hiring One

Large businesses likely have their in-house marketing team and a marketing agency or two. Or three! Small businesses, defined as businesses with 1 to 99 paid employees by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), traditionally tend to take on marketing responsibilities themselves. Many have achieved great success this way, but what used to work may no longer even move the needle. Amid digitization and people’s habits amazingly responding to it, a well-versed agency in all things digital can be a great asset to any small business. First, it would be a much higher return on investment than paying a full-time salary for a new marketing hire. Second, by engaging an agency to do the work, you are getting experts from several different areas to work on your project, from web developers, SEO specialists, digital ad specialists, increasingly important graphic designers, copywriters, and content creators in general. Imagine hiring all these people instead! Excellence in all of these fields is necessary to run a successful business nowadays, so reviewing marketing agencies Toronto is the best decision for your company.

A group of diverse young people in a modern office space is showing their thumbs up on the idea of hiring their marketing agency Toronto.

Let the Outsiders Give You a New Perspective

The third and perhaps the greatest benefit in hiring an agency lies in gaining an outside perspective. Marketing discipline is all about the customer, and that is the aspect an agency will zoom in on before suggesting any marketing strategies or actions. They’ll want to get a full scoop of your customer insight, which may be hard for you to provide or even see since you are an insider. As a business owner, you are immersed in all parts of your inside operations, and while you may know something about the customer you already serve, you probably don’t know about those you don’t. Getting an outside view of your business may actually discover gold mines you couldn’t see yourself. Along with that, a digital marketing agency will know the latest changes and innovations that rule the digital world, without which it would be hard to get to those customers.

Creative Business Ideas that Thrive in the Online World

When was the last time you googled something that didn’t result in pages of a variety of answers? Even when you expected to find just information, some interesting new products or online services popped out you didn’t even know they existed. It’s true; with more and more user-friendly online platforms and access to global customers, it has never been a better time to start a business. Internet is a place to be. Conducting business online comes with many perks, the main one being the cost savings, but you can’t put the price on the flexibility either. All you need is a website, and you can go on and teach online, be a virtual assistant, a freelance content writer, a photographer, or a nutritionist. Maybe a professional organizer, an interior designer, a personal trainer, or a pet sitter. You can get online bookings and orders for all traditional and out-of-the-box services you can think of. Arts and crafts and handmade goods have also found more deserving attention in the digital space, while the online crowd created phenomena called influencers. With their tribes of followers, influencers became a vital communication vehicle marketers use to promote brands and products.

A young woman showcases her clothing products and gains sales, likes, and comments during the live streaming shopping campaign.

The Internet has allowed entrepreneurs to seize their dreams and translate passions into profitable operations. A marketing agency Toronto of your choice should know all about it and use best practices to position your business idea online.

Embrace the E-commerce Business Formula

As we mentioned initially, e-commerce has made some astounding leaps when the pandemic started and garnered new fans and online shoppers. Their loyalty is making online retail overshadow the traditional ways of buying at physical stores. Here are some stats that will blow your mind: e-commerce growth that would normally happen over 10 years had grown in just 3 months during the raging pandemic in 2020! Year over year (YOY) growth around the globe marked nearly 28% in 2020. Online shopping adopters are swearing by this easy way of shopping, claiming it is now a preferred way. This should be enough to convince anyone who has any product to sell that an online store is a way to go.

Launch an Online Store to Boost Your Brick-and-Mortar Location

A woman’s hands over the laptop keyboard make a purchase online, indicated by the mockup of an e-commerce website on the screen with the bold title “Online Shopping.”

For those already selling at physical locations, adding an e-commerce avenue is an essential step to be considered as consumers are increasingly shopping cross channel. Omnichannel retail is a strategy most brick-and-mortar brands adopt, rushing to create exceptional online stores. They are all after providing a seamless experience to their customers, which gives them the edge needed to compete today. Combining online and in-store selections results in broader reach and amplified sales, a much-needed option in the time of the pandemic. We’ve seen many stores in Toronto, and restaurants for that matter, adapting quickly during lockdowns and doing precisely that. Consumer expectations for e-commerce are higher than ever. Living up to them requires some serious know-how when establishing the online store; therefore, hiring one of the marketing agencies Toronto would pay off without a doubt.

Sell Products Through Dropshipping

Dropshipping is another way to start selling products online, except in this case, you don’t need to buy the inventory ahead of time, and you don’t need to worry about the shipping either. You simply list products while your suppliers provide the product upon sale, shipping it directly to the customer and saving a cut for you. This is really the easiest e-commerce option that, without a need for manufacturing processes and warehousing costs non-existent, allows you to build your brand. One thing is required for both dropshipping and traditional e-commerce, and that is an exceptional website that serves as an online store. This step is not to be overlooked, so it’s best to engage experts to jumpstart your online orders.

Top view of the boxes and a warehouse employee loading some of them to the cart to fulfill online orders and ship them.

Let the Marketing Agency Toronto Help You Get Those Leads

For business models that rely on their sales agents to close deals, getting the prospects even to contact you is an art on its own. Many business owners who invested in big teams of sales representatives to find potential customers have felt the change because the same tactics no longer work. This is particularly true for the B2B industry, where most managers that hold the power of decision-making are likely Millennials. And what do Millennials do? They turn to the Internet for answers rather than listening to a salesperson. When they finally contact the sales agent from the company they are interested in doing business with, they are already sold! They’ve done their research. It’s simple; all the leads of the world are online. It takes innovative systems, online tools, and good copywriting to land quality leads and nurture them until they decide they want to partner with you. Pushy sales actions no longer work. Educational content, genuine interest in helping businesses and their clients go a long way. Before you expand your sales team again, try investing in a digital marketing agency in Toronto to get you a far better return.

You Need a Website, but Website Alone is Not Enough

When discussing an online presence and staying in business in these tech-driven times, no matter the industry you are in or the product or service you offer, having a website is the first step, and it’s unavoidable. From all the business examples we went through here, we’ve hinted your website can have the potential to unlock many opportunities. That is if it’s built right and continues to be upgraded and optimized. With new websites launching every minute across the globe and almost 7 million blog articles being published every day, it takes digital mastery to cut through all that competition and massive amounts of content. It takes professional execution to have your website rank in search engines so that your customers can find you. In addition, online platforms continue to change their algorithms and roll out new features. Companies like Apple and Google are increasingly concern about the privacy of their users, making it harder for businesses and advertisers to target them. This whole online ecosystem has rapidly become a whole new game that simply doesn’t stop evolving.

Close view of a desktop screen with big, bold letters “digital transformation” and many icons representing all the digital ways marketing agencies Toronto can use to support small businesses.

 Almost anyone can build a website today, but not everyone can make it relevant, found and busy. Your business needs an agency to succeed. We’ll make your search for a marketing agency Toronto easier by laying out the key things you should be looking for.

Marketing Agency Toronto Checklist – Do They Have What it Takes?

To hire a marketing agency essentially means extending your team. You’ll share business intelligence with them, and you’ll rely on their input to make business decisions. So do your research, have a conversation, and pick the team that seems trustworthy, exudes good vibes, and specializes in marketing for the business size as yours. To excel in digital marketing, they need to be able to serve you in all of the following areas.

1. They Know Your Website Must Wow Your Visitors

A good agency knows all ins and outs of creating a website that works. The layout, the design, the font, the colours, the buttons – all of that and more needs to be extraordinary to stand out, but at the same time, follow some standard optics online visitors expect to see on every website. A well-versed agency will know the flow that delivers and will create the look and feel of your brand that speaks to your customers. This website needs to get clicks, have people spend time on it, prompt them to take action and come again. It takes a master plan to achieve that and details down to the minutia that can mean the difference between converting a visitor into a customer or having them leave your pages for good. You want to select a marketing agency in Toronto that knows how to deliver the customer-centric journey from the moment they land on your website.

Spread across the wooden table, a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone display the same home design website pointing at the power of responsive web design.

2. They Know Your Website Must Wow You Too!

Let’s say your new website is now launched. Let’s say you want to update offers, products, company information, create new pages or set limited-time promotions. Do you want to go to an agency for every single thing all the time? This scenario may end up being too complicated and too costly for you. What if the back of your website is so easy to navigate that you could do it yourself? Yes! That is exactly what you want your website to be. A user-friendly website builder must be on top of your list. There are several options to consider, so make sure you have that chat with the prospect agency. They may present one or a few platforms that they typically utilize.

For example, our agency has developed our own website platform that we offer to our clients. It comes with the visual builder, endless pre-design block templates, an online store, hosting and many other perks which are rare to find as an all-in-one option. nerDigital platform is so intuitive that even if you introduce new team members to your website project, they will easily figure out how to update existing and create new content in the back end. Not a single line of coding is necessary, and by simply dragging and dropping the content blocks and inserting desired text and images, managing your website becomes a breeze. Our clients like that they can be free from many plugins other platforms require to create a great design. They like the sheer freedom our platform gives them to work on their websites without any web-developing knowledge.

3. They Know Content Marketing Must Be the Root of Every Digital Strategy

We mentioned in the text before; pushy tactics don’t work. So, what do we do instead, you may wonder? Content marketing is the only way to drive traffic organically to your website and have those visitors trust you and buy from you. For content marketing to start fueling your sales growth, your content must be high quality, original, informational and relatable for your visitors. If prepared correctly, they’ll start engaging, hanging out on your website, and wanting to hear from your company regularly. This is how you land on sales and repeat sales. Expertly crafted content, optimized for search engines and communicated with customer insight in focus, will be liked by Google and your visitors, which can only result in more traffic and better conversions. The marketing agency Toronto you decide to partner with should have a team proficient in creating winning content.

Close view of an old-fashioned typewriter machine and words “storytelling is the best marketing” typed on a piece of paper.

4. They Know SEO Inside and Out

There is no website without Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What we mean by that is people will not find you. To extend our previous point about content, we need to address SEO as an integral part of it, which lives on the technical side of things. Search engines, such as Google, YouTube, and Pinterest will use your content to connect to people based on their search queries. Wanting to improve this connection and deliver the best content to people who searched for corresponding keywords, these platforms are constantly changing their algorithms, so expert content is worth the investment. If your content is good, Google, for example, will reward it but also will punish it if it does not perform well. The content of your website needs to shine, needs to deliver day in and day out, it needs to adapt to all search engine changes. Hence, it is best to rely on marketing agencies in Toronto whose expertise easily translate complex task into nothing more than stupid simple SEO.

Two hands holding a tablet and searching on Google platform.

5. They Know How to Execute Paid Reach and Landing Pages

Paid search, social media ads and landing pages responsible for facilitating clicks from your paid reach are equally important as organic reach we covered in previous paragraphs. Without paid ads, your business can only do so much; when you start rolling out some online advertisement, that’s when you can expect a significant boost in prospects and sales. Hand in hand with digital ads go landing pages. You can’t just divert those ad clicks to your homepage; the prospects should land on a well-designed page that specifically addresses the topic of the ad. Landing pages by default deliver much higher conversion rates, turning prospects into hot leads and buyers. Online ads are science on their own, so look for a marketing agency in Toronto that is also a certified Google and Facebook partner. This means that your investment in Google ads, as well as Facebook and Instagram ads, are in reliable hands. Those folks have been vetted by these big platforms, and they know the best practices to deliver desired campaign results. Going after your best customers, combining both the organic and paid activities, is the prime formula.

6. They Know Chatbots and Email Marketing Keep Followers Engaged

An email list is a better asset than any social media following because it’s yours and non-dependant on any social platform’s changes or existence, for that matter. Growing the email list of your followers and customers is a proven way to keep them engaged. Email marketing has been around, and it is still a very much valid digital strategy. New to the game, however, is communication through exciting new online tools such as chatbots. Maybe you’ve noticed a chat box on a website you recently visited. Well, those pop-up boxes are chatbots that are increasingly popular as they improve user experience. Many companies turn to a chatbot and its automated process to assist their customer service team by addressing frequently asked questions with pre-recorded answers. Chatbots can also be employed in messaging apps and carry on a conversation with your prospects there, in which they are pretty efficient. Your agency of choice must be very familiar with this digital tactic and chatbot platforms to help you out. Our marketing agency in Toronto went one step further; nerDigital can now offer a chatbot tool as a part of our website, online store and landing pages building platforms.

A hand holding a smartphone that has a ChatBot on its screen actively serving a customer.

7. They Know the Importance of Analytics and Measuring Results

The great thing about digital marketing is that everything is trackable and all efforts measurable. Choose an agency that will closely monitor the total visits to your website, where all your visitors come from, how many new visitors and how many returning ones, how much they interacted with your website, and how much time they spent on it. Does your website load fast enough, and does your SEO deliver? Those are just some metrics that need a focus on an ongoing basis, so go with the agency that can support you there. Our team at nerDigital knows that there is no progress without website analysis, so we totally geeked out and built it into our website builder. These easy-to-use metric tools help business owners know how their website performs at all times.

8. They Know Mobile View is the Most Important View

Almost everyone has a smartphone, and almost everyone is using it as a computer. People do their mobile banking, check their emails and social media feeds, access the Internet to search for information, shop, and find businesses near them. Rest assured they are checking your website from mobile devices, and if it’s not displaying right, you are losing potential customers in mere seconds! In a recent survey, 91% of respondents stated that if the website doesn’t load properly on mobile, they’ve aborted that mission and went on to check the competitor. Ouch! Don’t be this business. Hire professionals to help you optimize your pages for mobile, so you never lose another customer.

People using digital services optimized for their mobile devices in double colour exposure effect.

No Time to Lose - Get Your Business Online ASAP!

From everything we examined in the article, one message persists–time is running out. The longer you wait to develop your business’ digital footprint, the more you are missing out on the opportunity. The world is moving fast, and it will leave your business behind if you hesitate for too long. Understandably, all of this can seem so complex and hard, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Many marketing agencies in Toronto can help you get there, although they might be specialized in some areas but not all that are necessary to succeed. Use the checklist above to verify the services that they offer.

Hire One-Stop-Shop Marketing Agency Toronto for Expedited Online Transformation

Clients receiving a presentation at the marketing agency Toronto they hired for all digital services.

On the other hand, nerDigital is a full-service marketing agency in Toronto, poised to assist Canada’s hard-working small and mid-sized businesses. That’s why we went as far as creating our own visual builder platform for all your amazing, high-performing modern websites, online stores and landing pages, as well as some of the tools we covered, such as chatbots and analytics tools. Oh, and all of it has a fantastic mobile view by default! If you’d like us to build your website, know that both hosting and SSL certificate are included as well as pre-integrated SEO features. We are Google and Facebook partners, and we know what it takes to make those online advertising campaigns work for you. We are brand specialists and enthusiasts about exciting content your customers will devour.

We want you to succeed, so we thought having all in one place, with one agency, will ease small business owners into venturing online quicker. Digital marketing is the marketing in focus today, so depending on where you are with your company’s journey, pick the right support and press on. For more guidance, we are here to help you. Contact us today.


Our customer always happy with our services

Kevin Samir — “nerDigital rose to that challenge in helping SocialPOP create effective Paid and Organic digital marketing campaigns that have led to game changing results in our ability to attract a very specific target audience in a niche market.”
— CEO of SocialPOP
Emily Hudson — “nerDigital team is true experts in their fields. They hit the ground running, onboarding during an extremely busy time for the Foundation. They completed a full overhaul of our AdWords account and implemented new tracking all within a two-month period. ”
— Founder of TechArt
Sam Diba
Sam Diba — “We have had an amazing journey with nerDigital. To compare where we began to where we are now is sensational, and truthfully, we couldn't have done it without the help and guidance from our team at nerDigital. ”
— CTO of Pace Law

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