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Legit Plagiarism Checker: Who is True and Who is Not?

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As much as we are gaining a lot through the internet, whether it is knowledge or revenue still, we could not deny the fact that at times, it also poses adverse effects on us. With a lot of data on the web, it is inevitable that some people use the information of another without permission — all of these results to plagiarism.

legit plagiarism checker

Everyone knows most especially writers and authors that such an act is a crime. However, since the demand for data and information continue to increase, although unintentionally and unconsciously, we end up having the same work as the others. But what does this crime mean? What is plagiarism? What are the punishments for such an offense? Are there any tools we can use to avoid it? Is there really a useful Legit Plagiarism Checker out there that will save you? Read more to find out!

The Exact Definition of Plagiarism

Truth to be told, plagiarism is absolutely a broad and a confusing topic. Artists, writers and even people in business are the ones who are often involved in this kind of issues. And most of the time, they are not also aware that they did such a thing.

According to the Merriam Webster, plagiarize can be defined as. “to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own : use (another’s production) without crediting the source”, “to commit literary theft : present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source”. In the purest form, we can say that the act of plagiarism equals fraud. Thus, you are considered to be committing plagiarism if you steal other’s words and denying it eventually.

Legit Plagiarism Checker

The word “plagiarize” derived its roots from the Latin word “plaga” which is defined as “a net used by hunters to catch the game” and then later on associated with “plagiarius” which means “kidnapper.” Not long after, the first use of the word “plagiar(y)” was recorded in early 1615.

Consequences of Plagiarism

Since we are already living in a modern and “highly-digitalized” world, data and research can now be conducted with just several clicks, plagiarism is not new anymore. With the peak of certain search engines such as Google and Yahoo, the act of stealing other’s works become more common and common. The term “cut,” “copy,” and “paste” also become prominent most especially for students. Thus, students might find it easy to get their research and assignments done with the use of the internet. However, more than we realize it, we are already putting our own knowledge, intellect, and creativity at risk. Unfortunate and sad as it may sound, but it made people really lazy. But of course, this is not the only consequence of the “cut, copy and paste” method.

Just like what has been mentioned above, an act of plagiarism is a weighty crime, and you may end up on a really dreadful situation once you do not take this issue seriously. An act of piracy can be judged with legal consequences based on the nature of the act. So, you can either force to face a criminal action or get sued. If you are a student, you may receive severe punishment from your school, but if you are in the business and the professional world, you can be fired from your work, or worse, it may have your career ruined. Thus, here are some possible legal consequences you might face if you are proven to commit such an act.

Copyright Issues

The most common legal issue regarding plagiarism is copyright infringement. According to Merriam Webster, copyright can be defined as the “the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute the matter and form of something (such as a literary, musical, or artistic work).” Most commonly, these things happen when a person uses specific work for his own purposes without even citing or crediting the source. Dealing with this crime will seriously cost a lot if you get caught. If you think that a simple CTRL + C and CTRL + V will not affect your life and career, think again. You may end up paying for monetary damages or worse you might even get jailed.

Legit Plagiarism Checker

Most Simple but Effective Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

Since you are researching and gathering facts, it cannot be helped that there are times that you unintentionally end up with plagiarizing. However, there are a lot of several ways to avoid this issue. Check this out.

1.    Get into the Context

You do not have to copy everything from your research verbatim to make sure that your project is good. After all, they are all just works of another person. Read your research and understand the context. Putting your research into your own words will result in you in having a genuinely original work. If it cannot be helped that you need to copy or use the same technical terms, you can practice paraphrasing and such.

2.    The Real Use of Quotations

It is sometimes inevitable same statements at times, most especially if you are writing a blog or a news article. When it comes to issues like this, using quotations are highly recommendable. Using quotes means that you have taken that certain words from another’s works.

3.    Cite References

Whenever you do your research, make sure that you do not forget to record your references. And of course, do not just be contented with one source. There’s a lot of information on the internet, make use of it. It will not only save you from plagiarism, but it will also give you better results in your research.

4.    Use a Legit Plagiarism Checker

Nowadays, since this issue is all over the internet, some experts were able to develop a certain kind of plagiarism checker. However, ever since that it was launched there are already lots of these tools from the internet, and you might find it really hard to find the legitimate and useful one. Thus, here are some tips in finding a legitimate plagiarism checker for you.

Choosing a Legit Plagiarism Checker

Just like mentioned before, there are already lots of online plagiarism checkers you can find on the internet. Some of them are free, and some are not. Now, the decision is yours to discover the plagiarism that would best work for you and your needs. However, how would you really know if it’s best for you? Here are the top qualities of a real and legit plagiarism checker.

1.    Provides Security

Firstly, here are a lot of online tools and websites that offer plagiarism checks services; however, how can you be so sure that they help you. Unfortunately, some plagiarism checkers will put you in trouble rather than save you. Since plagiarism tools either require you to upload or paste your contents on their site, it also means that you are letting them have a copy of your work. Consequently, they end up plagiarizing your own work. To avoid this kind of situations, make it a point to read the privacy policy, terms and conditions, and agreement terms before using a specific plagiarism tool.

2.    Provides A Detailed Report

Secondly, a great plagiarism checker offers a detailed report of results. They must prove that they are really checked thoroughly and that, it has undergone multiple checks. Therefore, a real plagiarism checker not just provides a percentage of originality and similarity but also gives the sources where it was copied or plagiarized right at hand. You need not to visit other sites in order to have a copy of the report. It should be presented all at once.

3.    Supports Almost All File Formats

Texts and projects are often written in word document format, but still, a good plagiarism checker must be able to provide several file formats. These formats may include docx, txt, pdf, odt, rtf, or html file. If a plagiarism checker offers this kind of feature, it did not just prove that its capable of being an excellent Legit Plagiarism Checker but it is also very user-friendly.

4.    Smart and Free

Lastly, a plagiarism checker must be able to comply with features such as proper citation of references and a complete and comprehensive format of each plagiarism report based on the user’s preferred setting.

All of these are just the basic features, settings, and qualities of a great and legit plagiarism checker. Consequently, as a user who seeks help on a serious matter, it is only a must that you’ll have a real tool to answer your needs. However, if you want to find all of these qualities in one, you can visit Web Analyx.

Web Analyx’s Plagiarism Checker

Legit Plagiarism Checker

Firstly, Web Analyx is a newly launched website that provides several SEO tools to make everything easy and possible for online businesses. Secondly, website offers several online tools such as article rewriter, backlink maker, Meta Tag Generator, Meta Tags Analyzer, Keyword Position Checker, Robots.txt Generator, XML Sitemap Generator and a lot more, but most importantly a useful Plagiarism Checker.

Our plagiarism checker is simple but very efficient. Top professionals and experts create it, thus, rest assured that your needs will be catered and it is indeed legit. Whenever you need a valid and legit plagiarism checker, you can always check out Web Analyx.

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