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How to Sell Products with the Webshop?

Webshop allows your customers to easily place orders online. The webshop works on all channels. No matter if your customers use Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram … they will be able to buy from your business. in this guide we demonstrate how to sell products with the webshop easily.

Sell Products with the Webshop

Setup your Webshop for Ecommerce #

Set up a webshop is very easy. First, go to Ecommerce and add your products. After that follow the instructions below.

To let your customers access your webshop, use the system field {{shop_link}} as a button URL for channels that support buttons like Messenger or Telegram.

Sell Products with the Chatbot Webshop

For channels that don’t support buttons like SMS or WhatsApp, you can use the {{shop_link}} inside a text block like the image below.

Sell with the Websho

Change the product view #

We provide many ways to display your products on the webshop. You can navigate to Ecommerce > Settings

Sell with the Websho

See the end results on your shop:

Sell with the Websho
Sell with the Websho
Sell with the Websho

Load webshot on a specific category #


To get a category ID, go to the list of categories, click the 3 dots, and click “Get ID”.

Example: If your CATEGORY ID is 2000, your webchat link will be {{shop_link}}&t=2000

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Updated on September 11, 2021


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