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5 Best Ways to Integrate Google My Business Chatbot in your Marketing

Undoubtedly, people who prefer to reach brands, organizations, and businesses have shifted from personal communication to virtual. This means that people, nowadays, are becoming more fund of reaching businesses through instant messaging. In a recent study conducted by Google, it is revealed that customers no longer want to phone the dealership, send emails, or fill…

Undoubtedly, people who prefer to reach brands, organizations, and businesses have shifted from personal communication to virtual. This means that people, nowadays, are becoming more fund of reaching businesses through instant messaging. In a recent study conducted by Google, it is revealed that customers no longer want to phone the dealership, send emails, or fill out a form to make their purchase. Instead, people primarily rely on instant messaging, like Facebook messenger and Google My Business Messaging, as their preferred contact mode between purchasers and brands.

This could be the primary driver of Google groups to introduce a new feature: Google My Business Messaging. This tool will allow consumers to communicate with brands that interest them. On the brand owner’s part, this tool enables you to communicate with clients who have found your company listing on Google Search directly via a chat window.

Many firms construct a Google business listing, which is also known as a Google Business Profile, as part of their efforts to improve their exposure on Google. As a business owner or someone in charge of marketing operations for a company’s website, you should be aware that just establishing a Business Profile does not provide you the entire control over that profile’s content. In order to make your Business Profile a successful SEO and lead-generating channel for your company, you must improve your administration of it and your understanding of its features and functions.

The question is: How can you take total control of your Google Business Profile? That is, in addition to establishing a free Business Profile, you must also register a second free Google My Business account in order for your Business profile to be visible to the public.

In this post, we will walk you through the important things about Google My Business and Google My Business Chatbot. Read on to learn more. 

What is Google My Business

Google My Business

Through Google My Business, you will have access to tools that will allow you to maintain and improve your Business Profile on Google, among other things. To better understand what Google My Business is and how it works, let’s first define what a Business Profile is for the sake of this explanation.

When someone searches for your company on Google, the Business Profile is the search phrase that Google uses to find you. Google Maps and Google Search local results may also display business profiles if they are optimized for search engine optimization (SEO).

Creating a Company Profile is a simple process that anybody with legitimate business information may complete. Simply providing Google with your company name, location, and category is sufficient, and after Google has confirmed the information, they will establish a profile for that specific area. Consumers will then be able to leave reviews, photographs, and other comments on the company page, as well as ask questions.

Having learned that your company profile may exist independently of a Google My Business account, you can go on to the next step. It should also be mentioned that regardless of whether you made your own company profile or not, you do not have the ability to change the information shown or the reviews collected by the site.

This is when having a Google My Business account comes in handy. The free Google My Business account enables you to maintain and improve your company’s online presence by allowing you to modify it and add new features.

Why Businesses Should Have Google My Business Profile

Google My Business Profile

Nowadays, you can market your product or service more quickly and easily than ever before, thanks to advancements in technology. As reported by Seek Engine Watch, 50 percent of customers who use their mobile phones to search for local businesses wind up visiting one of their establishments. When you consider that practically everyone today has a smartphone, can you fathom the amount of potential sales you might generate just from organic search and Google My Business?

It is critical to understand that setting up, authenticating, and correctly optimizing your Google My Business account is a significant opportunity. You should make use of this tool to the best degree possible.

What more does GMB have to offer you? Here are two of the additional advantages of Google My Business.

1. It helps your business to show up on maps.

Whenever you search for a location on Google, do you take notice of the highly visible map and a list of company names that display right at the top of the page? Local Pack is the name of this feature, and there are two important reasons why you should pay attention to it.

First and foremost, it is very visible. When people search for a business using the Google search engine, a significant amount of businesses are taken up by the Local Pack on page one of Google search results. It is the first thing that every Google user will view after typing in their query.

Without listing on Google My Business, it will be quite impossible for your brand to show up on the first page. This, of course, impacts your leads as a significant portion of your potential clients are searching for a business of your niche through Google. 

Second, it provides users with the ability to see the information they need at a glance.

The Local Pack is a section of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that lists the relevant locations to your search. A slew of other pertinent details is also provided, including the location of the place on a map, its phone number in case prospective customers have any queries or want to make a fast reservation, shop hours, and even the company’s star rating if one is available for public display. It is a handy item for both the company and the consumers.

According to Moz, the Google My Business page is the most important element in deciding local pack results. So, if you want to interact with your target audience — in this example, the individuals who live in your service area — making sure that your web information is accurate, up to date, and optimized via Google My Business might be beneficial.

2. It allows users to review your business

The importance of client feedback should never be underestimated, particularly when it comes to search engine results. Consequently, if you want your business to appear prominently in search results, adopting Google My Business to make it simple for your clients to write positive comments about your company is a need. Here are some other reasons you need customers to submit reviews on your website.

When making purchasing choices, many people depend on customer feedback. Online customer evaluations can impact as many as 93 percent of buyers. These little blocks of text are true customer testimonials; the corporation did not pay these individuals to advertise its product or service. They are seen as more credible, and many people trust what they say.

People are becoming more and more used to reading customer evaluations before deciding on a local company. Because consumers like reading reviews, search engines rely on them to rank search results. If you can effectively use this Google My Business tool, it has the potential to have a significant influence on your company.

It is important to have positive reviews. Additionally, they function as free and trustworthy advertisements for your goods or services, in addition to improving your search engine rating. According to research, a product with numerous favorable evaluations is more likely to be tried out by buyers than a product with many negative ones.

Internet reviews are trusted in the same way that personal recommendations are trusted. The greater the number of good customer evaluations you get, the greater your prospects of generating leads and boosting sales are. The evidence supports this assertion: there is a favorable relationship between customer reviews and sales.

Even the finest firms receive bad feedback. If it occurs to you, deal with it professionally. Don’t take these critiques too seriously. Instead, put them to use to make your product or service even better. When used appropriately, negative reviews may give valuable information that can be used to promote your company’s goals.

Customer reviews provide company owners an insight into how their consumers perceive their brand. Consumer perception surveys help you see how your goods or services are being received by customers, which methods should be maintained, which things need to be changed, and which areas need improvement.

Whether positive or negative, reviews may assist you in better understanding what your customers think. Consider them from a logical standpoint and take them into account.

Google My Business is Cost-Effective

As previously said, Google My Business (GMB) is a free business listing on one of the most popular search engines on the internet, bringing your company in front of many prospective clients. In addition to GMB, several additional well-known directories are available online for other sectors. On the other hand, these ads often come with a cost, whether a monthly fixed charge or a yearly premium.

Your Google My Business page provides prospective customers with quick and simple access to your business hours, phone number, website, and directions with the touch of a button—all at no cost to you. Your free Google My Business page also provides clients with an inside peek at your company by providing information on your busiest hours as well as customer reviews. Every dollar matters if you are just starting or have a restricted budget. Having access to such a useful resource for free may free up your time and resources to devote to other endeavors and initiatives.

Google My Business Messaging: What it is and How does it Work

Google My Business Messaging

Having a Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) may be a terrific method for companies of all sizes to increase their brand exposure and attract more people to their establishment.

This free marketing tool from Google may be used to boost your search engine optimization while also presenting consumers with important information about your company. On the other hand, Google My Business may communicate with consumers directly.

Customers can easily reach out to your company and ask questions or express a problem with Google Business Profile’s messaging function, similar to Facebook Messenger. Furthermore, as shown by research, engaging with a company quickly increases consumers’ confidence in the brand.

What is Google My Business Messaging? To put it simply, it is a free messaging technology that allows clients to contact you in real-time, directly from your Google Business Profile profile.

In other words, clients will be able to contact your company straight from search results, rather than having to go to your website and seek an email address or phone number.

How does Google My Business Messaging Works?

Consider GMB Messaging to be a kind of instant messaging service.

Customers will be able to see a Message button on your Google My Business listing after you have enabled the Messaging function. It appears when your profile appears in Google Search and Google Maps, and it may be clicked to reveal further information.

Customers may directly communicate with your company and send you a message at any time of day or night with Google My Business Messaging.

If you haven’t already done so, see our guide to getting started with Google Company Profile to learn how to set up your profile and verify your business.

Follow the instructions in the following section to learn how to enable the Messaging function and manage messages on both desktop and mobile devices.

How to Set Up Google My Business Messaging

Let’s take a look at how to set up Google My Business Messaging now that you’re familiar with the concept. You will not have to spend a lot of time setting up this system since it is simple.

Opening your Google My Business listing is the first step in the process. Then choose Messaging from the drop-down menu. You will now be required to confirm the mobile phone number receiving the messages. And don’t worry, no one will be able to trace your phone number. No one else will be able to access it except for you.

After that, you must follow the instructions that will appear on your computer screen to complete the process. Also, don’t forget to include a question in your description. For example, consider the following question:

The communications from customers will display in your Google Business Profile under the heading “Messages from Customers.” In addition, you can create a personalized automatic welcome message that your clients will receive as they open the message bubble on their computer screen. This will assist you in making your consumers feel more welcome.

Another nice feature is the ability to exchange images with your customers and vice versa.

Benefits of Using Google My Business

Benefits of Using Google My Business

Yes, the setup is simple, and the features are completely free. All of the stuff is wonderful and everything. However, do you believe that these are the only advantages you will get from utilizing Google My Business? No, not at all. There are several advantages to utilizing Google My Business, as w andMy Business messaging that you can take advantage of. Let us have a look at some of them right now!

It Improves the Quality of Customer Service

It is critical to your company’s success to provide excellent customer service. If your consumers perceive you as helpful and nice, they are more likely to return and repurchase your goods and services. The higher the quality of customer service, the greater the number of repeat consumers.

The method through which Google My Business messages may improve customer service is straightforward. People now demand immediate responses. When they contact you, they expect to get a response as soon as possible. Google My Business message, on the other hand, has your back. If Google detects that you have not responded to the message bubble within 24 hours, it will erase the message bubble from your Google profile. It will also alert you that you must prioritize customer service and respond to communications as promptly as possible.

Increased Brand Awareness 

Google My Business messaging enables you to communicate with consumers more personally. As previously stated, you have the option of including an automatic welcoming message in your conversation. Customers may get a sense of your brand via this statement, which might represent your business’s look.

Consider the following scenario: if your messaging should also reflect that our brand is more pleasant and casual. Alternatively, you could want people to see you as a more serious brand. The tone of your letter should be more official and direct in this situation.

All of these will help to make your company’s brand more distinctive and distinct.

It enables you to expand your business.

More Google My Business messaging tools are on the way, so keep an eye out for them! Google is attempting to make improvements to its messaging service even further. It intends to add two additional message buttons to its website. “Request a quotation” and “Request a booking” are the buttons you’ll want to click on.

Customers will be sent to a form when they click on these buttons. These links allow them to obtain a price or make a reservation straight from the website. As a result, these features will save your consumers time and make their experience more convenient.

Another fantastic advantage you may get from the Google My Business messaging function is increased customer loyalty. CleverClicks has created a comprehensive essay on how Google My Business messaging may help to increase customer retention. As a result, increasing brand loyalty is another significant advantage you may have from using this technique.

Google My Business Messaging Best Practices

Google My Business Messaging Best Practices

If you’re new to all of this, you may be asking how you might utilize Google My Business messaging to communicate with your customers and prospects. If you continue with us, you’ll learn some fantastic new methods to use this resource. Let’s get this party started!

Have a Welcome Message

For companies, first impressions are vital to their success. As a result, creating a welcome message is critical for both you and your company. When consumers contact you, they will receive this message as the first thing they see on their screen.

You might take advantage of this occasion to express your appreciation for their decision to work with your firm or for reaching out. You may also inquire as to how you can assist them. Furthermore, you may tell them to contact you if they need to reach you outside of work hours.

Respond within 24 hours

As previously indicated, if you do not answer messages within 24 hours, Google will deactivate your message bubble. As a result, you should make every effort to react to communications as promptly as possible. A tragedy would be losing all of the wonderful advantages that Google My Business messaging offers because of a discrepancy in a message.

To prevent consumers from associating the message bubble with a negative customer experience, Google has disabled the function entirely. But don’t be concerned. You may reactivate the messaging function at any moment by simply turning it back on once again.

Additionally, when consumers look for your company, they will see how responsive you are to their needs. Your response time will be shown to them as one of the following options: a few minutes, a few hours, a day, or many days.

Turn On Notifications

If you have your notifications turned on, you will be notified whenever you get a new message. It is possible that being alerted will assist you in reaching the 24-hour response time requirement. As a bonus, it will assist you in maintaining your message bubble on your Google My Business page.

As a result, not only will you have your message bubble, but you will also be able to please your clients.

Keep Your Response Timely and Relevant

When consumers inquire about a refund, they want a transparent response. It is not appropriate to provide information about your new items or promotions in this situation. As a result, it would be great if you made a point of answering their queries straight and without deviating from the subject matter.

Keep the Message Short but Meaningful

When sending communications to consumers, avoid sending too lengthy or ambiguous messages. A fifty-word response when all they’ve requested is if you have a certain product in stock isn’t anything anybody wants to read. Your responses should be as concise and simple as possible.

As a bonus, if the consumer has any other questions, they may ask them at any moment after you have done addressing their initial query. Messages sent with Google My Business texting are completely free!

Share Graphics

Using graphics in your talks may make them even more entertaining. You may, for example, display images of your items or the colors that you have available. That may prove to be a more efficient and successful method of assisting clients and answering some of their queries in the future.

Continue Conversation Outside Google My Business

You may be required to ask clients for their personal information at some point. Furthermore, you are unable to do so using Google My Business communications. This breaches Google’s message rules, which prohibit such behavior.

If this occurs, you might notify your consumer that you will continue your chat on another platform. Customers’ trust in your brand will grow due to this, and they will feel more secure due to the process. Consequently, it is a win-win situation.

Utilize a Chatbot

Chatbots are a powerful technology that can help you optimize your customer service and engagement through Google My Business.

Google My Business chatbot can assist you in many ways, leading you to generate more leads for higher revenue. Besides that it can benefit your brand, the Google My Business chatbot also provides a positive experience to your customers, leaving a good perception of your business. This, in the long run, impacts the loyalty of your consumers to your brand. If consumers are satisfied with your customer service, they are more likely to repeat their purchase from you. 

In the following section, we will walk you through important things you should know about the Google My Business chatbot. Continue reading to discover more.

Google My Business Chatbot

What is Google My Business Chatbot

Now that Google Business Messages is integrated with Google My Business Chatbot, you may use it to answer all of your incoming messages. When you use this channel, it will be much simpler for you to get in touch with prospective consumers early on – even before they visit your website.

To top it all off, you can employ a chatbot to interact through Google Business Messages even quicker than you already are. With the help of a chatbot, you can enhance accessibility, timeliness, and overall client satisfaction levels.

But first and foremost, let’s get this straight. In this post, we will discuss the advantages of employing a Google My Business Chatbot and getting started with them.

What is Google My Business Chatbot

A Google My Business chatbot is software that mimics and processes human interactions at the most basic level. When a person interacts with a Google My Business chatbot, the experience is virtually identical to dealing with a human agent. A Google My Business chatbot uses a broad variety of written and spoken input approaches to offer a precise and appropriate answer to the consumer.

Google My Business Chatbot is designed to automatically respond to typical and regular inquiries and questions, allowing users to avoid waiting for a response. This technique uses information stored in a database to assess user input and find the most appropriate pre-programmed answer. A specific chatbot integrates artificial intelligence algorithms that allow the chatbot service to become more effective over time.

When it comes to the functionality and intelligence of chatbot technology, it will differ depending on how sophisticated the program is and what context it is used in.

The use of Google My Business chatbot has typically been reserved for customer service to accelerate support discussions, but their range of uses is rapidly expanding. Small businesses and organizations are increasingly turning to chatbots to enhance customer service and create a more productive workplace.

It is because they are so widespread in the digital business sector that they have acquired many other names, including virtual assistants, digital assistants, virtual agents, conversational agents, and various variations on the theme of “assistants.”

Benefits of Using Google My Business Chatbot

Should You Use Google Business Chatbot

Having a chatbot is useful for your business and your customers. It provides a variety of beneficial advantages that may assist you in making your company work simpler and more pleasant. Here are some of the most significant advantages of using a chatbot.


It is becoming more important to have a well-developed customer service department in today’s highly competitive corporate world. Businesses can answer a high number of consumer inquiries quickly because of the available robust chatbot implementation.

Implementing a chatbot involves some upfront capital expenditure. Still, it is substantially less expensive than the conventional customer service approach, which includes infrastructure, payroll, training, and a variety of other resources.

An industry analysis found that businesses spend over $ 1.3 trillion per year responding to inquiries from approximately 265 billion consumers. Chatbots have shown that businesses may save as much as 35% of this cost by using them. Chatbots assist organizations in reducing expenses without sacrificing the level of service they provide to customers. Here are a few more examples of how chatbots may assist organizations in cutting expenses.

Chatbots simplify routine corporate operations, allowing customer service representatives to devote their time to more difficult demands.

Boost chat help during peak hours in a systematic manner to deliver high-quality service and increase customer satisfaction.

Allow certain innovative customer service approaches to increase brand value and trust.

Allow businesses to provide context-sensitive, AI-driven assistance.

Contrary to the widely held idea that the primary advantage of chatbots is to answer queries and give customer service, chatbots may also provide value-based contextual help that can be very beneficial to your company.

The artificial intelligence chatbot uses data to present consumers with a more customized experience. These chatbots don’t only respond to pre-programmed inquiries that all clients encounter in the same manner. They also provide personalized assistance.


Chatbot analysis enables businesses to assess how effectively their bots can generate profitable business outcomes and revenue. It also provides detailed information on how customers engage with your company and their desire.

A flexible approach is used by chatbots, allowing companies to serve their clients on almost any platform. Making chatbots compatible with numerous platforms and integrating them into your current IT infrastructure is a simple process.

Enhances Customer Engagement and Increases Sales

Customer loyalty is critical for increasing sales and maintaining customers, and chatbots are an excellent tool for achieving this goal.

According to studies, organizations that effectively communicate with their consumers might see an increase in their spending of about 20% to 40%. Customer loyalty is increased due to the flexible structure of these chatbots, which makes it extremely simple to incorporate them into other systems.

An excellent illustration of this is internet booking. Following any communication with the chatbot during which the client indicates an interest in the booking, the chatbot will direct the consumer to the booking page to complete the transaction.

Your consumers will be delighted again and over again by this fast and simple experience. Furthermore, since chatbots are pre-programmed, they sound more realistic and human, resulting in a more delightful client experience overall.

Lead Generation 

Chatbots can ask required and relevant questions, persuade clients and produce leads in a short period. This will assist in directing the discussion in the appropriate direction and increasing conversion rates.

Aside from producing leads, another benefit of chatbots is that they certify leads based on pre-defined KPIs, such as timeframes, budgets, relevancy, resources, and so on. They eliminate the time-consuming process of manually processing each lead.

5 Ways Your Brand Can Leverage Google My Business Chatbot

Google My Business Chatbot

It is crucial to be aware that the way you integrate a tool into your mission-critical processes impacts the success and benefits you might get using a specific tool. The success of a tool will always depend on how you use it. Even the most useful and accurate tool, without proper implementation, will be useless in achieving your goal. 

When using Google My Business chatbot, there are several practices that you should consider. Here are some of them.

 1. Use Google my Chatbot to Answer Common Inquiries

Answering common and easy inquiries is the main function of the Google My Business chatbot. And so, it is best to let your Google My Business chatbot handle these inquiries. Doing this will help you save time and resources since your human agent, or you can focus on more complicated inquiries. 

You can include frequently asked questions in your Google My Business chatbot, so you don’t have to answer these questions repetitively. You can also include keywords that will trigger your chatbot to answer certain inquiries to work more efficiently. Moreso, you may also use your chatbot to start a conversational flow to your consumers.

2. Do Not Disregard Human Agent

While it is true that chatbot excels in imitating human conversation and providing excellent customer service, it does not mean that human agent is no more needed. There will be times when the chatbot will not provide an accurate response to the consumers. This is when intervention from a human agent is crucial. 

There are still parts of customer service where a Google My Business chatbot cannot help and which human intervention is valuable. For instance, if the consumer complains about their previous purchase, it is best to charge the human agent. For sure, the consumer who has a complaint is highly emotional. In that case, it is best to answer these types of queries with empathy, which Google My Business Chatot lacks. 

3. Register Leads Using Google My Business Chatbot

You can also use the Google My Business chatbot to gather your clients’ information. You may ask your users to key in their non-confidential details, including name, address, email address, and phone number. 

If you ask why it is good to register customers’ information, you can use these details to know whom to target specifically. And, of course, these details will allow you to retarget an audience that has already shown interest in your brand. 

In addition, you may also use this information to build your contact list for your subscription programs, such as email subscriptions and SMS subscriptions. 

4. Set clear limits

When your customers message your Google My Business chatbot, it should be readily clear (either by notifying them directly or making it incredibly plain) that they are messaging a chatbot and not a real person. Customers should also understand what they may expect the bot to execute and what they should not anticipate the bot to achieve.

According to a study, when users have clear and acceptable expectations going in, they tolerate a failed chatbot engagement. Customers are more likely to feel irritated when a chatbot fails to understand simple requests or inquiries if it is impossible to discriminate between them and a real customer service agent.

5. Have a fail-safe plan in place.

Adapt a range of polite rejections and error messages to your needs. A better option than having the chatbot and the user go around in circles is to be upfront and explain that it doesn’t understand or can’t assist with a certain problem.

Along with fail-safe features, it is easy for customers to communicate with a real person when a chatbot cannot help them. Even if it cannot comprehend the nature of the customer’s problem, a well-programmed chatbot can typically direct the customer to the most appropriate customer service agent. Avoid making the customer listen to a long list of options, which wastes critical time, as with many automated phone answering systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Google My Business Chatbot and their corresponding answer. 

What happens to the messages from Google My Business?

Messages will display on your Google Business Profile if you have one set up. You’ll be notified when new messages are received. You can personalize the automatic welcome message consumers will get when contacting you. Having many persons own or administer your Business Profile allows them to engage in customer service.

What is the procedure for sending messages on Google My Business?

What is the Google My Business messaging system, and how does it work? Consider GMB Messaging to be a kind of instant messaging service. Customers will be able to see a Message button on your Google My Business listing after you have enabled the Messaging function. It appears when your profile appears in Google Search and Google Maps, and it may be clicked to reveal further information.

Is it possible to send RCS messages from Google?

As of November 2020, Google has finished its deployment and announced that RCS 
was now accessible in all nations worldwide. It is possible to use any of the greatest Android phones thanks to RCS being accessible via Google Messages, so you are not restricted to just utilizing a Pixel.

Is it possible to utilize a chatbot for Google Chat?

To connect to services in Google Chat and look up information, plan meetings, or complete tasks, you may use Chatbots in spaces or direct messages to connect to services in Google Chat and look up information, organize meetings, or complete tasks. Users inside your business, Google, or third parties may establish bot accounts for you to utilize.

Additionally, webhooks may be used to connect Chat with your business’s current operations. If there are server problems or adding a new employee to your corporate directory, webhooks might be used to send an alarm.

How does Google My Business Chatbot work?

A Google My Business chatbot is a system that responds to customer messages available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and, depending on how they’re set up, may even answer inquiries while you’re not there. Smart automation, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning technologies are used to build a text message in the manner of a normal human answer. The bot responds as if it were a genuine human response.

The chatbot will either direct the query to a human operator or divert the conversation by responding with a different answer if a concept unfamiliar is brought into the conversation. All of this is reliant on how the system is designed. The complexity of the bot’s responses is dictated by the software on which it operates and the data it has access to, among other factors. However, regardless matter how the bot is built, it will preserve information from a debate for later reference regardless of the configuration.

What is the best way to utilize a Google My Business chatbot?

Consider the following scenarios to illustrate what you can do with a Google My Business chatbot:

Qualify leads
Increase revenue
Respond to queries
Provide fast and efficient customer service

What is a rule-based Google My Business chatbot?

A rule-based Google my Business chatbot, as opposed to an artificial intelligence-based chatbot, utilizes a tree-like flow to help visitors with their inquiries. Essentially, this means that the chatbot will guide the visitor through a series of follow-up questions to arrive at the appropriate answer. It is possible to keep control of the discourse since the structures and answers have all been pre-determined.

Rule-based chatbots are most suited for smaller groups of people and straightforward inquiries, such as booking a table at a restaurant or enquiring about the hours of operation. There are several benefits to using this kind of chatbot, including the following:

-Because the chatbot does not need extensive training, the installation procedure is less time-consuming and less complicated.
-A lower price is often associated with simpler technology and execution. –
-By pre-defining the structures and replies, you may better regulate the chatbot’s behavior and responses.

How long does it take to create a Google My Business chatbot system?

The length of time it takes to construct a chatbot is determined by the intricacy of the client’s requirements. Creating and executing a basic SMS chatbot, on the other hand, typically takes 4-6 days. However, in more difficult circumstances, such as those in which the client’s requirements are unclear, or many building stages are required, it may take up to two months.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, Google is a great avenue for businesses to expand their reach and be visible virtually. The internet giant leads the way to provide great opportunities for businesses. There is no wonder why many successful organizations, entities, and brands chose to be present on Google. 

Besides already being an exceptional platform for businesses, Google is still introducing tons of handy features valuable to many brands, including yours. Among these features is the Google My Business Messaging, which allows consumers and businesses to communicate without leaving the platform. It will pave the way for instant engagement between your brand and consumers. 

Despite Google my Business Messaging being already a great tool for businesses to expand their reach and generate more leads, it still has some room for improvement. Among which is the automation using Google My Business chatbot. With a Google My Business chatbot running on your Google profile, you can ensure that your customer service is always available and efficiently respond to consumers’ inquiries. As a result, you generate more leads and higher revenue. 

Suppose you need a chatbot solution to integrate your customer service on Google my Business; there is no need to look further than nerDigital’s chatbot solution. They offer an omnichannel automation tool. This means you can automate your customer services on several platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, and more. Contact us today to learn more. 

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